500g Charity Tub Donation

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Add a tub to your order, and we will send it to a rescue charity to ensure a cat or dog is fed a nutritious meal this winter!

Each purchase of a tub will be matched by us, meaning every tub you buy will mean two tubs are donated!

Everyone who donates will also be entered into a raffle to win a Nutriment Hamper

It is our mission this Christmas to help feed less-fortunate dogs and cats in rescue centres with our Enhanced Raw Formulas.

  • Each tub and each chubb will be sent to a rescue in order to ensure many animals are given optimum nutrition this Christmas.
  • Every tub and chubb donated will be matched by us, doubling your donation!
  • Simply add your selection to your order, or order separately, to help us feed as many rescue animals as we can.

Donations are now being collected until 4th January 2022

Thank you for your generosity!

Meet some of the dogs you've helped in past years!



This is Hero, an elderly Dachshund, who had very bad food allergies and an incredibly poor diet that was not set up to support him. He had a mouth full of rotting teeth from years of bad nutrition which we had removed and he thrives on Nutriment. So if anyone is worried your dog can’t eat it without teeth, think again. :) Hero looked like a different dog on his adoption day photo and we are so happy for him and many others.

Liz from Pupcakes says "Thank you for continuing to support us, as you can imagine nutrition is incredibly important to us and we invest heavily into making sure we put the best possible food into our dogs and advise our adopters to do the same. Where many rescues rely on donated food and cheaper brands to feed their residents, we are so lucky to receive a high quality food that supports allergies, sensitive stomachs and calm temperaments. We are so happy with the results your food provides. We have a lot of dogs on site, all shapes, sizes, ages and temperaments and your food supports all of them so thank you so much for that. It’s really great to be on a set food as well so that we can advise our adopters to continue on your food to set them up to succeed in their new homes."


Karine from Love Underdogs says "Bella loves the donations from Nutriment, she is a young girl who has come into the rescue at Love Underdogs for behaviour rehabilitation and having wholesome and clean nutrition is very important to support her progress and well-being... Thank you to Nutriment and their customers for your ongoing support, Nutriment is a game changer for some of our residents!"

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