10 Top Tips! Holidaying without your dog or cat.

If you are holidaying without dog or cat these are our Top Tips to make it easier!

Whether your pet is staying with family members, friends, in boarding kennels or you have a pet sitter it helps to make things less stressful by being prepared.

  1. Make sure you have agreed in advance that they will raw feed your pet. Don’t assume and, if needed, explain in brief why it’s important to your dog or cat. Approach it as them doing YOU a favour.
  2. Make up the exactmeals as you would feed them noting the Day and AM or PM and the name of your cat or dog; label the meals securely and clearly.
    • Use containers instead of bags – bags can leak and make it messy once defrosted, and people don’t like blood all over their fridge.
    • Equally asking people to include a variety of supplements makes things complex; either include them in your meals or leave it.
    • Make it so the only thing needed is for them to scoop the food in a bowl.
    • Let the carer know when your pets normally get fed, at what times, if you feed once a day – make sure they know this.
  3. Pack some slippery elm – a change of environment can give pets dodgy tummies. Explain that this can happen, and let them know that they can feed normally, but to include some slippery elm to settle an upset stomach.
  4. Make it easy! Avoid tripe unless it’s really needed. People who do not raw feed can be shocked by the smell of tripe and might think it’s gone off.
  5. Don’t pack foods your pet has never had before.. make it easy or your dog or cat – give food they like and know.
    • If their normal diet is different to the holiday meals, then give them some of the holiday food before you go, so they can get used to it.
  6. Forget bone as we raw feeders know, supervision is essential. Don’t expect people to be as clued up as you are about your dog’s capabilities – it’s simply not worth the risk. Even if the carer is a raw feeder, they don’t know your dog or cat like you do.
  7. Pack extra; make up a few extra meals just in case. If you get delayed returning make sure they have enough.
  8. If they are totally new to raw feeding, then explain that the food needs to be kept frozen, and only to defrost those meals they will be feeding the next day. And check they have sufficient freezer and fridge space.
  9. Treats; your dog or cat won’t forgive you if you don’t pack some yummy treats, so include plenty so the carer, if they wish to, can indulge in a little spoiling too!
  10. Be considerate; if all goes well you might even inspire them to consider a fresh raw diet!