7 Steps for Healthy & Long Lives
The idea that our pets are with us for a short time will no doubt fly through everyone’s mind… “are there any ‘recipes’ to longer and healthier lives, what can I do to make sure they live to the fullest, how do I keep my older pet healthy as long as possible etc.”… there are no recipes as such but there is a lot to consider and do to make sure your pet has every odd stacked in his/her favour to be with you for the longest time possible. Here are our 7 Steps for Healthy and Long lives. 1.Nourish the body Diet is one of the cornerstones of good health, making sure that regardless of the age your pet is, eating what they were built for is essential. You only need to look at the top 10 Insurance claims for veterinary care to realise that diet, more importantly, an appropriate diet has its long-term benefits. Both cats and dogs need meat-based diets, which include things like a carcass, muscle meats and offal, as well as some well-chosen veg for dogs. Besides a fresh and nourishing diet, it’s important to include antioxidants, omegas 3 & 6 and other essential micronutrients. This is where supplements and plant materials come in if you are feeding just a meat-based diet. Our soils, and subsequently our meats, no longer provide all the minerals pets need. This is also the reason Nutriment complete formulas have a range of supplements. 2. Nourish the mind Mental stimulation is essential to keep healthy, not just young animals but older pets also. Keeping the mind active is essential to health… this can include taking your dog to new places or for both cats and dogs feeding foods in objects such as stuff-able toys, hiding treats for pets to seek out, getting new toys, learning new tricks etc to all aid staying healthy for longer. Life should be about a variety of experiences; enjoyment can come from explorations and discoveries- it works the grey matter! 3. Exercise Exercise, getting the heart pumping, running through fields, walking and sniffing everywhere helps our pets staying young. Dogs need daily exercise; it keeps joints and muscles supple, it works the lungs, it improves circulation and supports organs and the immune system. It also keeps the dog fit and keeps obesity at bay. 4. Teeth Periodontal disease affects dogs and cats of all ages. It’s so important to keep checking teeth and remove the build-up of plaque, as the periodontal disease affects our pets throughout their bodies; from the heart to kidneys and many organs in between. Whilst a raw diet is no magic wand it greatly aids healthy teeth and gums; provide regular and natural toothbrushes such as lamb ribs, turkey and duck necks. And if your pet needs it… brush. Read more about dental health. 5. Limit vaccines Don’t over-vaccinate as with vaccines comes risk and serious side effects for your pet. Consider vaccines carefully, in particular with young, ill and old pets. We have the recommended World Small Animal Veterinary Association’s guidelines here: cats/dogs. Make your decision an informed one. 6. Parasite treatments As with vaccines, there are many products that can also have side effects, besides, there are so many natural alternatives that can do the job in particular with fleas and ticks. With ticks the thing, as always, is to check, check, check again and check some more – make it a regular activity you do with your dog or cat followed of course with a nice massage and treat. Worms can affect dogs of any age.Whilst the best defence against any parasites is an optimal immune system, with pregnancy and youngsters it’s important to not risk anything. Read more about Worms, Fleas & Ticks. 7. Nourish the heart… This is perhaps the most important one, love your who he or she is…. Your pet is a very special individual, totally unique and is your pet’s best (sensible) friend and guardian is also crucial to keeping them healthy. Whilst your dog or cat might wish to persuade you that all loving should include endless pampering, cuddles and all important treats, spending‘1 to 1 time’ with no distractions and just being together gives your pet that all important feeling of safety and love. It’s that precious time together which counts.