British Flyball Association Outdoor Championship 2018

The grass is mowed, the sun briefed and the humour ordered by the bucket load because on Friday 17th August 2018 the biggest event of a flyballer’s year will be getting underway with over 100 clubs giving it their all at the British Flyball Associations Outdoor Championship 2018 event at Catton Hall in Derbyshire.

One of these clubs is Wicked Flyball Club who are proudly sponsored by Nutriment.

We will be packing our bags and heading off on Thursday with our four teams. Before we go we thought you might be interested to find out just a little bit about each of our teams and most importantly the lovely dogs in them.

Kicking things off for us then…

On Friday – In Division 41 – Wicked Wobblers

Seeded 4th in the division with a seed time of 23,71 – Top Seed 23.58 and 6th seed 23.98. This team is extra special as each and every one of them is a rescue/rehome dog.
The team is made up of:

  • Storm: Border Collie who just loves his flyball and who adds the speed.
  • Lonzo: Black Labrador. Our oldest competitor still going strong at 12. A lovely reliable chap.
  • Whispa: The Trail Hound. A very uncommon breed in Flyball.
  • Pepsi: The rather large 10- year old Springer Spaniel. Can be easily distracted by his nose.
  • Megs: The Ginger Ninja Cocker Spaniel and the team’s height dog.

Wicked Wobblers

On Saturday In Division 23 – Wicked Elite

Seeded 4th in the division with a seed time of 19.71 – Top Seed 19.65 and 6th seed 19.72.
Elite is made up of:

  • Wool – Border Collie: being run by the youngest member of the team, Lucas, who at the age of 7 takes part in the BFA young handlers scheme.
  • Blue – Border Collie: This will be Blue and his owner Helens, first time at the Champs. He is one to watch.
  • Skye – Border Collie: Steve and Skye are an awesome experienced pairing, who can always be relied on to do a good job.
  • Scoobie Doo – Springer Spaniel: watch that tail go.

Wicked Elite

On Sunday In Division 11 – On the Wicked Side (OTWS)

Seeded 1st in the division with a seed time of 18.30 6th seed 18.37

OTWS is made up of:

  • Ripple: Homebred collie x lurcher. This is Ripple’s first Champs at the age of just 21 months
  • Jango: Ripples Dad and another rescue dog.
  • Dave: Border Collie. This will be Daves first Champs.
  • Inkie: Black Labrador. Inkie is multi-talented as she is a gundog too.
  • Trudy:  Crossbreed (Beagle x Jack Russell…who would do that?). The team’s height dog.

On the Wicked Side

Last and by no means least is Wicked

This team is the Clubs fastest and goes into the Championship seeded 9th overall with a seed time of 16.56.

Whether this team ends up racing in Division 1,2 or 3 title will depend on the time they can achieve in the speed trials that take place for the top 18 teams on Friday. So we will have to just wait and see but whatever the outcome one thing we can count on is that it will be really tight, fast and exciting racing.

The team is made up of:

  • Sabre: Homebred (collie cross lurcher) Mum is Wizz the border collie in this team and Dad is Jango. Like his littermate Ripple, this is Sabres first Champs at just 21 months old.
  • Spoof:  Crossbreed rescued from Many Tears. A really experienced girl.
  • Wizz and Wickedy Bu: Border Collies. Wizz and Wickedy Bu are sisters. The team’s nickname for them is the jelly twins!
 Home bred and completing the teams family affair is Wispa who is the Aunt of Wizz and Wickedy.


We will, of course, be updating our Facebook page regularly throughout the weekend, so why don’t you follow us and see how we get on.