Bullie Beating the Odds with Diet!
Roger… was diagnosed with the disabling spinal conditions of spina bifida and hemi vertebrea was diagnosed with a kennel cough had a usual bone growth – faecal and urine incontinence which meant continuous leaking was seriously underweight Despite all of these extreme and disabling conditions, which also meant a low immune system, he was like any other pup; joyous, affectionate – he would make a lovely pet for a family if it wasn’t for the almost impossible care he needed. Roger instead of being put to sleep was taken in, against the odds, by the Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming Trust. “…before Nutriment he was like a muck spreader…” …said Jane, one of the rescue volunteers. Turning the corner… The good news is that Roger has turned a corner. Together with Nutriment’s qualified nutritionist, Stef and the rescue Roger has improved so much that he is now up for adoption (click here). Whilst he still has some incontinence this is only when he get’s excited – it’s under control enough for someone to give him a loving home and a sofa to call his own. In the past, Roger’s kennel required almost continuous cleaning as it was covered in waste… the poor dog! But even there Roger is now managing to stay clean, as soon as he was weaned off kibble and onto a more suitable raw diet incontinence got less and is now a healthy weight. Lovely! Roger does still need a special family but it’s all highly doable and the memory of being “helped” out of misery is long gone and far behind him – thank goodness for diet and second chances at life.