New products, competition and more!

Nutriment News - November 2020

All New: Leo & Wolf

We are excited to bring a new raw feeding style to the Nutriment menu, with a brand new product - Leo & Wolf Meatballs!

Our Leo & Wolf meatball products are like no other on the market, providing an ultimate eating experience by locking in the natural moisture and keeping their integrity even when defrosted.

With 3 completes and 2 complementary, these foods can be used either as an every day meal, as part of a DIY diet or to add texture to other meals. Packed in 1kg, resealable bags, individually frozen and each meatball weighing 10g, Leo & Wolf offers a convenient way to feed raw to your dog or cat with easy portion control and no need to store in the fridge - simply take out what you need, defrost and put back in to the freezer.

Leo & Wolf Meatballs are £8.50 each, and are available in:

• Beef & Vegetables

• Tripe, Salmon & Vegetables

• Chicken, Beef, Salmon & Vegetables

• Beef

• Tripe

Nutriment Advert Competition

Nutriment Advert Competition!

Does your dog or cat have what it takes to be star in a new Nutriment advert? We are on the search for videos of your pets to feature in a new video, highlighting the benefits of feeding our products.

Whether it’s during mealtimes, showing your dog’s favourite tricks, your cat cuddled up, playtime, a before/after of your pet on raw etc we would love to hear from you! You could even film yourself talking about the benefits of feeding Nutriment. If you wish to take part please Whatsapp your video to 07549120426 with your name and dog's/cat's name(s).

What would a competition be without a prize? If we select your video to be included in our advert, then not only will your dog or cat be on our website, but you will also win a delicious treat hamper! We will also be selecting 1 overall winner to receive a month’s worth of free food!

Entries are open until 20th December 2020.

Winter Warmers - Lovely Bone Brith Recipes

With autumn arriving, it is an exciting time for your dog – with fallen leaves and lots of puddles it makes walks even more fun! But with the weather taking a turn and days becoming colder and wetter it is a great idea to offer a warm bowl of bone broth when your return home. Bone broth is really easy to make, can be frozen and store, is a fantastic source of calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, magnesium and glucosamine, and can be added to food to warm it through or gently heated after walks (please note: check the temperature isn’t too hot before serving to your dog or cat).

Here are 4 different bone broth recipes that are easy to make and contain different herbs for different benefits. Substitute any bones for our marrow bones for a richer, heartier broth.

Meet Scooter 

"This is Scooter in North Yorkshire. He is 17months old and a Korthals Griffon. Scooter has been fed Nutriment since the day he came home at 8 weeks old. He went straight on to the formulas and we’ve since added bones to the mix.

We order a mix of formulas direct from you, although when in the Lake District we buy from Lake District Raw and when in Kent we buy from One of the Family. Scooters favourite is Beef Formula and he loves your frozen sprats too. Our other dogs, a favourite is the Lamb formula or Lamb's ribs.

We’ve fed raw since before Nutriment was founded and moved to you shortly after your launch so it’s difficult to say any particular differences we have noticed! Scooter’s brother Otis who lives near Aberdeen is also fed Nutriment having switched from kibble at about 6 months old. One of their other litter mates has changed to you in the last month as he’s always been a fussy reluctant eater on kibble.

Scooter has a sense of humour and is also very chatty and demanding. He isn’t a greedy dog at all but does stand by the fridge waiting for his Nutriment when it gets to about 7pm!

He is a big chewer so Antlers are ideal, although he’d happily swap this for a shoe or shredding paperwork! He loves to play with other dogs, enjoys obedience and will be having a go at agility once Covid allows. He can occupy himself for hours chasing house flies, is freaks out if one of his humans sneeze and is scared by the noise of sellotape. Fundamentally he is a big lapdog, and loves nothing more than sitting on or against us at every opportunity."

Click 'N' Collect and Supporting Local

While the national lockdown doesn't mean anything changes with the way we are operating, we would like to remind you that collections can be made from our Factory Outlet despite our shop being closed.

We ask for all collection orders to be placed online, specifying which day you'd like to collect and whether an AM or PM collection time. This is so we can keep our team and collection customers safe and manage how many customers are collecting at a certain time while offering a quick turnaround service.

It is more important now to shop local than it ever has. Please check with your local stockists to see what their opening hours are and the services they're offering during this time.

We thank you all for your cooperation and continued custom during this time.