Nutriment Brings An Extra Dash of Indulgent To The Party

With Wimbledon and the Ashes series just around the corner, Nutriment decided that the timing was perfect to freshen up the Nutriment portfolio with the arrival of a NEW, 4 strong Summer collection consisting of: Venison & Chicken, Lamb, Salmon & Turkey and Chicken & Lamb.

Sitting resplendently in their new Nutriment sleeves, the four more indulgent flavours are welcome additions to Nutriment’s adult dog, flagship portfolio, providing a new wave of more luxurious protein combinations whilst extending the overall recipe menu to 9.

According to Sales Director Peter Nicholas,

‘Our ongoing pledge to all our customers revolves around never taking their pet’s taste buds for granted, actively embracing innovation and always going the extra yard in terms of offering one of the most deliciously diverse ranges in the premium tier pet food marketplace.

As a fledgling, ‘raw’ brand in a historically ‘play safe’ product sector, we wanted to show an increasingly inquisitive yet discerning marketplace that the benefits of a biologically appropriate diet extends far beyond quality, taste and associated health benefits to also include wider choice and regular innovation.’