Nutriment Launches Dinner For Dogs (Feb 15)

Perfectly proportioned, single portions of premium ‘raw’ style pet food sits at the very heart of what makes this latest Nutriment range so special.

Although the phrase ‘dogs of leisure’ might be preferable to ‘non-working’ dogs, when describing the UK’s growing love affair with smaller, less active breeds; the fact remains that there’s a growing community of discerning, (some might say finicky) smaller dogs out there who crave the many taste and nutritional benefits associated with top-notch raw recipes made from human-grade meats and veg.

Available in: duck, turkey, rabbit, venison, salmon & lamb PLUS a ‘light’ and a premium offal mix, Nutriment’s challenge was to take their top quality/small batch mindset into a new portfolio of ‘all singing’ recipes that came in generous yet convenient, single-portion trays.

Indeed, in an age when ‘healthier living’ is the ‘hot trend’ among UK humans, it seems farcical that so many UK dogs are still confined to consuming, bland, over-processed corporate-style offerings made from low-grade meat scraps, cheap grain fillers and artificial additives.

According to co-founder Suzanne Brock,

Although our reputation was forged in the ‘working dog’ arena, Nutriment seemed better placed than anyone else to take RAW recipe thinking into the equally demanding smaller dog community.