Seasons Greetings from Team Nutriment!!

Seasons Greetings from Team Nutriment!!

After the year we've all had it's almost time to relax and enjoy the Christmas break with our gorgeous cats and dogs! But before you do please take a read through our newsletter for Christmas delivery dates, our Christmas Charity Scheme, top tips and how to get by if you do find yourself short over the Christmas break.


Help a dog or cat in Rescue this winter: Our Christmas Charity Scheme...Is BACK!!!

Every year our extremely kind customers donate a tub or chubb to less fortunate animals in rescue centres across the country. Every single donation made by our wonderful customers is then matched by us, doubling the donation to help even more dogs and cats throughout the year.

Last year we had our biggest and best ever total - raising over 1200kg of nutritious raw food! This meant we could send monthly deliveries for the whole year to Pupcakes Rescue, Love Underdogs and Boxer Rescue.

We are so fortunate to be able to run this Charity Scheme throughout December because of your generosity, so everyone who donates will be entered in to a raffle to win a Nutriment Hamper!

Not ready to place an order? You can still donate to our Charity Scheme without placing an order. Simply add your donation to your basket and head through the checkout.

Not ready to place an order? You can still donate to our Charity Scheme without placing an order. Simply add your donation to your basket and head through the checkout.





Meet some of the dogs you've helped...

Liz from Pupcakes and Karine from Love Underdogs tell us some stories of dogs who have benefited from your donations last year...

This is Thumper who came to Pupcakes very stressed and underweight. He came on a very poor diet and being an Isabella Doberman he is prone to bad skin. You could see how thin his coat is and he looked very underweight here even though his owners were feeding him copious amounts of food. It just wasn’t giving him anything he needed. Fast forward 3 months on Nutriment and he is a picture of health. His coat has come in and he’s gone up to 35kg.

This is Hero, an elderly Dachshund, who had very bad food allergies and an incredibly poor diet that was not set up to support him. He had a mouth full of rotting teeth from years of bad nutrition which we had removed and he thrives on Nutriment. So if anyone is worried your dog can’t eat it without teeth, think again. :) Hero looked like a different dog on his adoption day photo and we are so happy for him and many others.

Liz says "Thank you for continuing to support us, as you can imagine nutrition is incredibly important to us and we invest heavily into making sure we put the best possible food into our dogs and advise our adopters to do the same. Where many rescues rely on donated food and cheaper brands to feed their residents, we are so lucky to receive a high quality food that supports allergies, sensitive stomachs and calm temperaments. We are so happy with the results your food provides. We have a lot of dogs on site, all shapes, sizes, ages and temperaments and your food supports all of them so thank you so much for that. It’s really great to be on a set food as well so that we can advise our adopters to continue on your food to set them up to succeed in their new homes."

Karine from Love Underdogs says "Bella (left) loves the donations from Nutriment, she is a young girl who has come into the rescue at Love Underdogs for behaviour rehabilitation and having wholesome and clean nutrition is very important to support her progress and well-being.
Bjorn (right) is a gorgeous boy from Romania who has come to us as he suffers with skin issues. One of the most important aspects of keeping his skin healthy is a grain free diet. Thank you to Nutriment and their customers for your ongoing support, Nutriment is a game changer for some of our residents!"


Christmas Deliveries - Be prepared!

When organising your pet's food for over Christmas please refer to our Christmas delivery schedule to find out when your order is due for delivery.

Order before 2pm on 21st December for delivery on 22nd December, or for delivery on 23rd December for 2 day delivery areas

Order before 2pm on 22nd December for delivery on 23rd December – next day areas only

Order after 2pm on 22nd December through to 2pm on 29th December for delivery on 30th December

Order after 2pm on 29th December for delivery on 5th January onwards.

Our normal shipping schedule returns from 5th January, however we are expecting more delays than usual during this week.

If you are a trade partner we are also shipping pallet orders on 23rd December and 30th December for next day delivery.

Just like every year our couriers operate longer hours with more drivers to facilitate the larger number of parcels through the network. Please keep an eye on the tracking for your order and do not worry if you’re given an estimated delivery time later in the day. Our polyboxes keep our products frozen for a minimum of 3 days in colder weather.


Find your local stockist and support local businesses

If you require food at short notice then why not check out your local stockist? We have a fantastic network of pet shops, groomers and kennels that will be happy to welcome you to their store.

Our stockists work hard to keep our products in stock and have many other items like beds, toys and grooming products available so you can do all of your Christmas shopping for your pets in one place.

Not only will you save on shipping, but supporting local business is now more important than ever - and you can pick up some free recipe cards too!

Still stuck? Then contact our nutritionists for how to get by with DIY! Our team is available through our online web chat or telephone line during office hours.


NEW Leo & Wolf Meatballs - to make your pet's Christmas Dinner even more exciting!

Have your dogs and cats tried our BRAND NEW Leo & Wolf Meatballs yet? If not then why not order some to give your dogs and cats a Christmas dinner eating experience?

Available in completes for every day feeding, or complementary as part of a DIY raw diet or to add texture to mealtimes.

Click here for more information



Competition Time: Does your pet have what it takes to star in our new Advert?


Does your dog or cat have what it takes to star in a new Nutriment advert? We are on the search for videos of your pets to feature in a new video, highlighting the benefits of feeding our products.

Whether it’s during mealtimes, showing your dog’s favourite tricks, your cat cuddled up, playtime, a before/after of your pet on raw etc we would love to hear from you! You could even film yourself talking about the benefits of feeding Nutriment. If you wish to take part please Whatsapp your video to 07549120426 with your name and dog's/cat's name(s).

What would a competition be without a prize? If we select your video to be included in our advert, then not only will your dog or cat be on our website, but you will also win a delicious treat hamper! We will also be selecting 1 overall winner to receive a month’s worth of free food!

Entries are open now, until 20th December 2020.


Enrichment Present!

It's easy to spend a lot on your pets around this time of year, however, some good presents can be made much cheaper than you think!

What you'll need for the present to beat ALL presents, and to give your dog some Enrichment fun is:

  • A cardboard box
  • brown packing paper and wrapping paper,
  • Treats like Liver Chews and/or Little Fish - basically your dog's favourite
  • An antler - if you require a relaxed dog who is occupied whilst you are entertaining your guests or preparing Christmas dinner
  • The main present

Wrap up the bigger items in layers of brown packing paper, pop this in the box, then stuff the gaps in the box with more paper so they require "unwrapping". Break up the treats so they are small and require a big nose to find and then place them between the items.

Close the box, wrap in some Christmas wrapping paper and pop under the tree. Once you've had the big opening of presents, let your dog figure out their own present - he/she will love you for it!


Important Info:
Seasonal Dangers

Keep your pets safe from these seasonal, and often forgotten, dangers

  • vine fruits such as grapes, raisins, sultanas, currants
  • chocolate
  • alcohol
  • coffee, tea (the caffeine in both is a toxin)
  • cooked bones
  • macadamia nuts
  • onions
  • drawing pins
  • tinsel
  • ribbon
  • packaging, wrapping & sellotape
  • glass baubles
  • batteries
  • plants such as lilies, poinsettia & mistletoe

If your pet has ingested any of the above then do contact a vet


Looking for little gifts for your cat or dog? Check out our range of natural, dried treats. The perfect pet stocking filler!


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