Puppy Sales Ban: Nutriment being part of history

Puppy Sales Ban: Nutriment being part of history

Well it is difficult to know just where to start to sum up the performance of Wicked Flyball Club at this years British Flyball Associations Outdoor Championships (“The Champs”) at Catton Hall between 17th -19th August 2018 as it was, to say the least, pretty outstanding with 3 out of the 4 teams entered returning home as Divisional Winners. Each with a shiny shield to celebrate their success.

To put it into perspective no other club, and there were 100 clubs competing from across the UK, who between them entered approximately 270 teams across 43 divisions, matched this level of success.

Wicked were the winners of Division 41 with Wicked Wobbles, Division 23 with Wicked Elite and Division 2 with Wicked.

Running a dog in a team that achieves a Divisional Win at the Champs is something that every flyballer aspires to yet not many will achieve. It is therefore hard to put into words just what this means to our handlers within these teams as they will all have their individual stories to tell about their journey to this very special moment but below you will find just a few of ours which we hope will give you a real flavour of the event.

Our lovely Wicked Wobblers brought many of us to tears and here is why:

For two of the golden oldies in the team, Lonzo the 12- year old Black Lab and Pepsi the 10- year old Springer, this year might well have been the last opportunity they have to achieve such success and they went and smashed it. Erica, the owner and handler of Lonzo was beyond delighted and Hilary, who owns Pepsi was extremely emotional especially as he was being run by her 14 year- old son. Lots of tears flowed.

Whispa, the lovely trail hound, also exceeded everyone’s expectations as up to this point at prior competitions she had not been completing at all, choosing to sniff and wander off instead. Katie her owner had in fact been on the verge of making the decision to call it a day on her flyballing. What happened on the day we will never know as she suddenly decided she could do this flyballing thing again and ran absolutely paw perfect…..(mmm what`s that saying again …never work with children or animals!)

Storm, the Border Collie, was his consistent, focused and speedy self and little Megs our ginger ninja cocker spaniel ran her paws off in every leg bringing home for their handlers their first every Divisional wins.

Wicked Elite saw first-ever Divisional wins for all of the Dogs Scoobie Doo, the Springer Spaniel, Inkie the Black Lab, Blue the Border Collie and Wool the Border Collie and for 3 out of the four handlers. So great excitement all round. On top of this Wool was run by our youngest team member Lucas aged just 7, talk about making memories!

Wicked was a real family affair with youngster Sabre (just 21 months old) being joined by his Mum Wizz and her sister Wickedy Bu, Border Collies and his Dad Jango, a lurcher. Completing the winning team was Spoof, Cross Breed, who just happens to be Sabres house sister!

To win at this level means so much to all the owners and handlers and is an experience they will never forget, the pressure, the crowds around the ring and this year saw live streaming too! It was especially poignant for this team as it saw Spoof and Wickedy Bu who, having competed at this level for some years gained their first ever Championship Divisional Wins, for Sabre who came out at such a young age and competed as though he had done it for years and for Jango who (as his owner Steve would tell you) is not the most reliable of dogs, but who having been added to the team at the last minute, came out and ran absolutely brilliantly in the Final no less to secure the win for the team.

We know our dogs love Nutriments products and that by feeding this we can keep our wonderful dogs in tip-top condition providing them with the energy and stamina they need to take part in this demanding sport so a big thank you from all of us here at Wicked Flyball Club.

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