Puppy Sales Ban: Nutriment being part of history
On 22nd August the Government announced that it will ban the sale of puppies by pet shops, online dealers and third party sellers. Michael Gove declared, at a speech at Number 10 Downing Street that “we will eliminate puppy farming”. Nutriment has been strong supporters of Lucy’s Law campaign to end the horrors of puppy farming, since it’s inception. Peter and Ryan represented the company by supporting the campaign on the Primeminister’s doorstep. Peter Nicholas, Director of Nutriment said: “This is a transformational and historic day for the UK and for animal welfare. Our values as a business extend far beyond keeping our dogs as healthy as possible through scientifically researched nutrition. What utterly drives us is our fundamental love of dogs. We have given our full support from the start to vet Marc Abraham who founded Lucy’s Law and saw a way to prevent this abhorrent practice.” Ryan Winwright, Trade Manager at Nutriment said: “To be here today is fantastic and to know that along with our customers, we’ve played a part in getting this campaign turned into an actual result, makes everything worthwhile”. As Nutriment continues to invest in further innovation and grow, it is also making sure that the company’s ethics hold steadfast. Managing Director Suzanne Brock wants Nutriment to be known as one of the UK’s most trusted brands. “The company has been the main sponsor of PupAid (also started by Marc Abraham) for the past 2 years and we’ve been raising awareness of the effects of puppy farming on pups and their mums. Helping affect change in an area we are so passionate about is vital to us, not just as an organisation, but as importantly, as individuals. ” Nutriment: The company started in 2013 and are now based in Surrey and Hampshire and sell throughout the UK via their own website, Ocado and a network of independent shops. You can find out more about their innovative products at www.nutriment.co.uk