Seasonal Dangers to Cats & Dogs

The festive season means for many of us frantic activity! Lots to do and often also lots to forget unfortunately. In particular keeping your cats and dogs safe from these seasonal, and often forgotten, dangers;

  • vine fruits such as grapes, raisins, sultanas, currants (in any shape; breads, wine etc)
  • chocolate
  • alcohol
  • coffee & tea (the caffeine in both is a toxin)
  • cooked bones
  • macadamia nuts
  • onions
  • drawing pins
  • tinsel
  • ribbon
  • packaging, wrapping & sellotape
  • glass baubles
  • batteries
  • plants such as lilies, poinsettia & mistletoe
  • antifreeze
  • mushrooms (most mushrooms are generally non-toxic, certain types can be very dangerous)
  • chewing gum (xylitol – do note xylitol is also in other products)
  • asthma inhalers
  • (e) cigarettes
  • liquid potpourris
  • human medications; eg paracetamol

Keep things away from your pet and out of reach. If your pet has ingested any of the above then do contact a vet, do not, please, seek advice online on eg social media or assume making your pet throw up is the best policy – contact a professional; your vet.

This list is not exhaustive, if your pet has eaten something and you don’t know if there could be a danger, please do not take any risk and contact your vet.

For visit Pet Poison Helpline (US) for an extensive archive of things which are toxic to your pet.