Thoughtful Starter Packs Provide Nutriment With Perfect Launch Vehicle (October 14)

It’s been a manic yet hugely rewarding first 6 months for fledgling raw petfood provider Nutriment, the fast-moving family-owned business that not only outmanoeuvred a number of bigger, more established petfood producers to become the official sponsor of three-legged super dog Haatchi, but who also this year became the first super-premium raw dog food producer ever to be awarded an unrivalled 5 out of 5 stars by

According to brand spokesperson/founder Suzanne Brock,

As a young, eager-to-learn business whose team has been well-connected to reputable breeders, trainers vets and dog shows for so many years, we understood only too well that for all the ‘good vibes’ now associated with a quality raw food diet, owners are often reticent to change their pet’s eating habits without their pet’s approval which is why our 5kg starter packs (selection of our most popular Complete Formulas) provide the perfect introductory offer for pet owners gauging which flavours are most popular with their pet.

Thoughtful, hands-on offerings are often what differentiates the big corporate brands from the more ‘in touch’ smaller company approach, which helps explain the equally seismic success of Nutriment’s Just range (available in turkey, chicken, tripe, offal and vegetables) among those more hands-on pet owners who’re simply looking for the best possible base product from which to create their own personalized recipes.