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Nutriment releases results of its 2019 consumer survey which highlights positive consumer attitudes towards raw feeding

Camberley, Surrey, August 2019 – Nutriment, an award-winning, market leader of premium raw pet food, has released the results of its 2019 consumer survey. Designed to provide insight into the dog food landscape as it stands today, the survey delved into consumer perspectives on dog food, nutrition and health.

The survey, which launched in February of this year, and was promoted during renowned dog show Crufts in March, attracted more than 2,000 responses from dog owners across the UK and Ireland. As an innovator in the raw pet food arena, Nutriment consistently strives to be responsive and proactive to consumer demands and requirements. By inviting consumers to submit their views and experiences of their pet’s health and feeding, Nutriment plan to utilise this knowledge in the development of further raw feeding products and solutions.

Of the dog owners surveyed, 95% who changed their pet’s food to a raw diet felt it had improved their dog’s health. Further to this, 48% felt that a diet change was effective in treating their dog’s health condition, compared to just 14% for vet prescriptions and 14% for homeopathic/holistic remedies. The survey also produced some very interesting feedback on common health complaints for dogs and raw feeding as a solution. For example, 34% of the dog owners surveyed reported diarrhoea and 28% reported itchy skin as common health conditions for their dogs. 85% and 84% felt that a raw diet helped to treat diarrhoea and itchy skin respectively. Click here to see the results.

“Our recent survey has been a fantastic opportunity to publicise the benefits and advantages of raw feeding, which has received unsubstantiated criticism from unreliable sources in the past. With a lack of research into raw feeding, and a tendency for pet food companies to pay for research that suits them, this survey was our way of finding evidence to support the benefits of raw feeding – though we had no knowledge of what the outcome would be,” comments Suzanne Brock, Managing Director of Nutriment. “The Nutriment team has a genuine passion for all things raw and a commitment to making this diet as accessible as possible. As dog owners and canine nutritionists themselves, they’re advocates and promoters of raw feeding and BARF methods and its benefits on canine health.”

Nutriment’s portfolio of innovative, high-quality raw feeding solutions includes: Core – expertly formulated recipes for dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes; Just – one ingredient, complementary meal solutions for supporting at-home meal preparations; Dinner for Cats & Dinner for Dogs – raw feeding solutions for smaller, less physically active breeds; Laverstoke Park Farm – certified organic raw meals for complete nutrition; and Support, specifically designed to provide support for ongoing health concerns. All of Nutriment’s ranges and recipes are expertly formulated with the support of veterinary partners and industry professionals and in response to the demands of consumers.

“We recently announced that we have expanded our production facility at Laverstoke Park Farm in Hampshire, which was necessary to facilitate the increasing demand that we are receiving for our raw food products. With the feedback we have received from our survey, and the chatter that raw feeding continues to generate in the industry, it’s no surprise that dog owners worldwide are making the informed decision to switch their dogs’ diets to raw, biologically appropriate ones.”

Nutriment will be exhibiting at the UK’s number one pet trade event – PATS Telford – next month (22-23rd September) where they have also entered the PetQuip Awards for their exporting successes and Support range of products.

2 thoughts on “Nutriment releases results of its 2019 consumer survey which highlights positive consumer attitudes towards raw feeding

  1. I noticed improvements in so many things when switching to raw feeding with Nutriment. Firstly the poo was much more manageable to pick up, not some rancid sludge. Then over time improvements in my dogs coat and elimination of staining around their eyes and paws caused by unnecessary colouring added in the awful food they were on.

    My dogs are now a lot more energetic, excitable at feeding times and I hope will live a lot longer having been on a good diet from a young age. I wouldn’t feed them anything else and most of my friends have converted to raw feeding too.

    1. pearl our greyhound is loving this new food and within one week the change in her coat and muscle tone etc is marvellous thank u so much

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