Frozen Bones & Treats

Here are our range of raw meaty bones, from meal-replacement bones like our meaty duck necks and chicken carcasses, to recreational marrow bones and . All treats and bones are grain-free, natural, preservative-free, additive-free and British and EU sourced.

Top Tips:

Always supervise your dog when feeding a bone. Accidents however rare can happen.
Never feed cooked or dried bones as these can splinter. One benefit of adopting a Nutriment diet is that you don’t need to supplement their meals with bones as all our adult meals contain bone nutrition.
Bones do provide excellent mental stimulation, as well as providing exercise for their neck, jaws and front paws.
If moving a dog to a raw food diet take a little time before reintroducing bones because it takes a little time for any dog to adopt to its new diet.

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