Raw Kitten Food

For cats to thrive, a nutrient-dense diet is required. Here at Nutriment, our raw cat food is a suitable choice for your kitten, making it one of the professionally recommended raw kitten foods on the market. Your kitten will have some specific dietary requirements to give her everything she needs to grow big and strong.

As a kitten, your new family member is going to be requiring a nationally dense food. This is to help her through these young, formative years as her body and bones grow. Nutriment’s high-quality kitten food follows the BARF guidelines and contains omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids to help brain and eyesight development among other key functions.

Our products in our raw kitten food category are specially geared towards providing the right nutrients needed for healthy development. All of our products are made with biologically appropriate ingredients like meat and offal that are free of grains, processed ingredients, additives and preservatives.

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Showing all 5 results

Why do kittens require special raw food diets?

As a kitten grows, they will be undergoing many changes in the body and mind. To help facilitate these changes, a kitten’s body needs to absorb and utilise food that can directly aid in this growth.

The most important thing kittens need over adult cats is an increase in portion. Kittens require 4-6% of the current ideal bodyweight, whereas adults need 2-3%. The additional food is used as the fuel behind all of the changes that are about to come for your little feline friend. Nutritional dense foods offer enough energy in kittens’ bodies, not only to help fuel their growth but to also give them vitality and stamina that young cats are so well-known for.

Our raw cat food is made with ingredients that are easy to digest, and therefore nutrients are easily absorbed. Amino acids and fatty acids will provide your kitten with essential nutrients, while our Nutriment raw kitten food is designed to be gentle on little stomachs and make digestion easier.

How to switch to raw kitten foods

The first thing you want to remember is that feeding a kitten is similar to feeding a baby human. You want to introduce them to new textures and foods early on to avoid the dreaded picky-eater label. When using Nutriment Raw Kitten Food, play around with different flavours and textures to give your kitten a variety early on- you can also include Chicken Hearts and Wing Tips to the diet.

Are there added benefits to using a raw kitten diet?

Nutriment raw feeding formulas follow the BARF guidelines, which have been set in place to help give your domestic cat optimum nutrients in an easily utilised form. This means you are actually nourishing your kitten’s whole body instead of simply filling her belly with cheap feed.

  • Healthy, shiny and soft coat
  • Increased bone support
  • More effective use of nutrients

These years are the foundation for your kitten’s entire life. Start her off right with Nutriment kitten raw feeding formulas and enjoy a long life together.