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Senior Cat Food

Nutriment’s Senior Cat Food is made with human-grade ingredients sourced right here in the UK. Fresh raw meat, offal and superfoods are mixed together in formulas that closely follow the BARF principles All of our raw cat food are grain-free, high-nutritious meals designed to maintain optimum health for your cat.

When your cat reaches a certain age, it is time for it to start taking things slow. While the exact age at which a cat becomes a senior can vary a little, approximate age is about ten years old. Around this time, you will start seeing signs that it might be time to start feeding your cat a little differently.

This is because senior cats need special care, much like kittens do when they are still growing. Senior cats' bones and joints may be stiffer and require certain vitamins, minerals and nutrients to give them the support they need to stay healthy and happy. Issues like slower metabolisms can add weight issues if left unchecked and less exercise and playing in these senior years means weight loss is far tougher.

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What are some signs of an ageing or senior cat?

The truth is, cats tend to age rather gracefully. This means that their insides may be acting as a senior cat far before their outsides show signs. Since you want to make sure you are helping to give your best friend the nutrition and support she needs through these changing times, here are some signs that you may have an ageing cat.

  • Your cat will be less active and sleep more often.
  • There may be less jumping and climbing involved.
  • Weight issues can show up, mostly commonly weight gain.

What are some senior cat health concerns?

Animals are very similar to humans in many ways. As we both get older, our bodies are prone to many of the same health concerns. Physical ailments like arthritis, stiff muscles, and sore joints can cause some cats to stop playing and jumping around like they used to. Hearing loss and eye problems can be common as cats age. Mental issues can start affecting their brains causing things like dementia in the later years.

Not all of these things are easy to spot. Luckily, there are ways you can tell what your cat is going through and if they are suffering from one of these senior cat issues.

  • Explores surroundings less
  • Doesn't respond as well
  • Meows or vocalizes more often
  • Seems to get lost in familiar areas
  • Doesn't use the litter box anymore

Feeding Senior Cats

Nutriment cat food for senior cats not only have a lower fat content to help with maintaining healthy weight, but we also include ground bone. Ground bone is rich in calcium, glucosamine and chondroitin; essential for supporting the bones and joints.

Are there any other benefits to raw feeding my cat?

Following the BARF guidelines, we’ve put together a range of senior cat food that not only gives them what they need in these later years but also gives them what they need to keep up much of their daily routines.

Less Poop

Issues with stools can prominent in older cats. When you give your feline friend a raw food diet like Nutriment, you are giving their bodies the best chance to absorb and process more nutrients. This produces less waste and makes the waste that is produced more comfortable for your cat and yourself.

Fewer Vet Visits

Even in later years, the best form of medicine is preventive care. When you ensure your cat is properly fed using high-grade fresh ingredients, you may see a drop in the amount of regular and emergency vet visits. This can cause less stress on the mental and emotional well-being of your cat.

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