Chicken formula – Adult

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Sold in 500g trays or 1.4kg chubbs (click above to select the correct size for your dog).

For help about how much fits in a box, and details about the delivery of your order, please click here.

Feed 2-3% of the dog’s ideal body weight per day, ideally spread over two meals.


Contains 85% fresh meat, offal and bone.

British Chicken with Bone, British Beef Green Tripe, British Beef Kidney, British Beef Liver, Fresh Carrots, Fresh Butternut Squash, Fresh Broccoli, Fresh Green Curly Kale, Scottish Cold Water Salmon Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Raw Sea Kelp Powder (Laminaria japonica), Bilberry Powder (Vaccinium Myrtillus), Spirulina Powder (Spirulina platensis), Whole Milled Sesame Seeds, Wheat Germ Oil (natural vitamin E)

Why do we use these ingredients? Click here for more information.

Typical analysis as fed:
  • Moisture: 68.80%
  • Protein: 12.70%,
  • Fat: 11.10%,
  • Ash (inorganic matter): 3.70%,
  • Fibre: 0.50%
  • Calcium: 0.70%
  • Phosphorus: 0.60%
  • Sodium: 0.09%
Useful Information
  • Moisture – the natural presence found in the ingredients
  • Protein – are biological molecules consisting of one or more chains of amino acids
  • Fat – includes all fats: saturated fats, trans fats, and the unsaturated fats, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated
  • Ash (inorganic matter) – is the inorganic residue remaining after the water and organic matter have been removed
  • Fibre – the term given to the indigestible part of food

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295 reviews for Chicken formula – Adult

  1. Lyn Dear

    I was advised to feed my Giant Schnauzer Pup on raw food by the breeder. Was a bit dubious at first. He is thriving on it and barks when it is his meal time. This was my second order. Very good product, good service, good value. I will purchase again.

  2. sharon skinner

    Both dogs love this

  3. Anonymous

  4. Irene Abbett

    My two dogs are thriving on raw food, great company and products

  5. Barbara Carter

  6. Hannah MacLeod

  7. Michelle

    My pup really enjoyed this

  8. Ian M.

    Always love to provide these for our digs

  9. Cheryl

  10. Anna S.

  11. Ian M.

  12. Anna S.

  13. Anonymous

  14. Sonya C.

    Great product, good value.

  15. Emily-Jane

    Great product that my long haired chihuahua loves. He always looks great and has a beautiful shiny coat since giving him this. The 500g packs are perfect for him.

  16. Anonymous

    My dogs love the chicken but sometimes it can smell a bit strong..

  17. Anonymous

    Best quality ingredients my dog has never been as healthy since changing to this raw diet. The bowl hardly touches the floor before I’m picking it up to wash

  18. Anonymous

    Started my two miniature poodles on Nutriment nearly 3 weeks ago and this was the first flavour I gave them. They love it and gobble it really fast so I now break into small chunks and spread it around the bowl to slow them down. One of the dogs has the most awful eye discharge which was virtually dried up within three days. The other one took to it straight away and I had been anxious as she has been very unwell in the past when changing diet. Three weeks later she no longer needs her Ranitidine for an acid stomach and is so much more confident that I have stopped the Adaptil plug in. I couldn’t believe a diet change would have such an effect.

  19. Anonymous

    Trying to get my fussy Whippet girl to eat any ready made Raw food is like pulling teeth. She finally decided that she loves Nutriment. My Doberman eats anything and I am over the Moon to have both of them on it now. After only 1 week their fur has become so soft and even more shiny than it was before.

  20. Anonymous

    My dogs are new to raw food having just changed from a complete food they have been on for several years. They were picking up first having gone from crunchy to wet (and a tad slimey) but gradually things are looking up. Already within a week I can tell the difference to a skin problem that one of them has and anal gland issues seem to be improving!!!

  21. Anonymous

    My wee dog loves his Nutriment food never leave a bit

  22. Anonymous

    My boxer loves his food, he used to eat kibble but never ever ate it all, now he has raw food he is so happy, loves chicken, beef and chicken and lamb.

  23. Anonymous

    Raw diet new to dogs but accepted well

  24. Anonymous

    Never had a healthier pup 🙂 he loves it,it is packaged great and bowl is always cleaned with no fuss 🙂

  25. Anonymous

    If you want your dog to scream for their dinner, and bounce around like they are battery operated, then please feed your dogs Nutriment.
    All my dogs are well fed and healthy thanks to Nutriment, and I accept no less from a raw feed.

  26. Anonymous

    From being a fussy eater to one who loves her food is a near miracle. Also keeps her teeth cleaner which was a problem before. Easy to order and quick delivery

  27. Anonymous

    Fantastic service

  28. Anonymous

    Sorry today that I swopped from the puppy formula to the adult dog food – I have a six-month old cockapoo – on the recommendation of a customer service person at Nutriment but fortunate he just doesn’t like it!

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with this food, although it does smell a lot more than the puppy formula , unfortunately I ordered a months worth with this and other varieties – which he also won’t eat except for the turkey. Noe I the a lot for ned still in the freezer that is just not going to get used. An expensive mistake.

    My suggestion would be that if you swop from puppy to adult then only order one of each to see if your dog will eat it.

  29. Anonymous

    We have 4 miniature dachshunds and they absolutely thrive on Nutriment! We weaned out Youngest straight onto Nutriment Puppy formula the day she arrived at 8 weeks old! We highly recommend Nutriment Raw food and the condition of our doxies speaks for itself! Their coats are like gloss and their eyes are always bright!

  30. Anonymous

    Both my huskies are extremely fussy eaters but they really enjoy the chicken meal.

  31. Anonymous

    Chicken is always the perfect choice. Mild enough after an operation or sickness. Our dog loves it.

  32. Anonymous

    Easy site to use. Delivery is quick and most of all the dog loves it.

  33. Anonymous

    Since changing to nutriment my dog’s couldn’t be healthier or happier. Ordering online was easy and delivery was so speedy

  34. Anonymous


  35. Anonymous

    Great Dog Food. My Dog Never been Happier and Healthier
    Prior to using Nutriment Raw my cockapoo had constant ear infections and toilet problems. Almost immediately on moving to Nutriment Raw all his problems stopped and hes never been healthier. The staff on the phone are amazingly helpful and knowledgeable. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend

  36. Anonymous

    My 8 month old puppy used to eat it no bother but recently seems to have gone off it but ime going to persevere with it the only thing I would like to mention is that by the time my delivery arrives they seem to have defrosted at the ends of the chub so don’t know if this is causing the problem because ime refreezing it

  37. Anonymous

    My dog (GSD) is not very keen, will reluctantly eat, and always leaves about a third to be thrown away. It’s very mushy and smelly when defrosted. The Chubb explodes when you open them. The tubs are better but are extremely difficult to open

  38. Anonymous

    my little dog Mhila loves this food it seems to suit her best out of all i have tried

  39. Anonymous

    I am very happy with the food and delivery is exceptional. The reason for only giving 4 stars is that the individual containers the food is in are becoming almost impossible to open without using a knife or scissors. This is a new problem as it’s only in the past month or so that the lids are so stuck on that the lids are almost impossible to separate from the bottoms of the containers which are very much like takeaway food containers.

  40. Anonymous

    I choose Nutriment, because of the 1.4kg Chubb and delivery service is better than other brands. My dogs love all the flavours. Only thing I can say is the chicken smells disgusting once defrosted. Similar to an eggy smell. No idea why. But dogs eat it anyway.

  41. Anonymous

    Would like it to be a bit chunkier but dog likes it.

  42. Anonymous

    I raw feed all three if my dogs. They temsin fit snd healthy from nutriment l. It has all the vitamins and minerals to keepfitdog fit and healthy. Minimal poo’s as well.

  43. Anonymous

    Excellent quality and good value. Af long last we have found a food that our Black Russian likes and meal times have become a pleasure.

  44. Anonymous

    I have 2 gt danes, a 5 yr old and a 7 month old pup. The puppy is forever hungry and i felt wasnt getting enough goodness from his food, so decided to give this a go. He absolutely loved it from the first mouthful. He never leaves a scrap & is always super excited for meal times. So easy to feed (just remember to get it out to defrost!!) Hr eats a whole tub 3 times a day and it has all the goodness he needs. Highly recommended

  45. Anonymous

    My dog loves this food..great food

  46. Anonymous

    My dog loves this food..great food

  47. Anonymous

    Dogs love it. Great service and prompt delivery.

  48. Anonymous

    Dogs really love this, clean bowls every time

  49. Anonymous

    My dog is thriving on this food

  50. Anonymous

    My naughty greedy dog is looking much better, in fact fine, shiny & fit. After stuffing self rigid with first dinner (until we got ratio right) she now enjoys what I think it just the right amount & seems happy & satisfied.

    What puzzles me is how she can tell what’s inside the delivery box even though it is all sealed up. Delivery man not happy.

  51. Anonymous

    My dog seems to love the food she wolf’s it down. I have been very happy with the product, and it has always arrived frozen but the last order arrived defrosted. I contacted nutriment saying I was concerned and not sure if I could refreeze and use it, but have not heard anything. And now I’m frightened to reorder in case the same happens. It’s a shame as she was seemed to be getting on well, she had been generally itchy and has had a bout of pancreatitis so I had changed to raw, and it seemed to be working.

  52. Anonymous

    I cannot of course speak as one who has actually tried this personally (!) but in all respects (including the waste department!) this is an excellent product and I would recommend it.

  53. Anonymous

    My puppy was weaned on to this food by the breeder. I’ve continued to feed her the chicken adult, and she ‘hoovers’ it up each time… loves it!

  54. Anonymous

    Amazing quality food, my dog is thriving on this raw formula diet x

  55. Anonymous

    After some medical issues with our 7 month golden retriever whilst on kibble we were recommended to go on raw, we chose Nutriment a few months ago and would never go back. No more smelly runny poos, shiny coat and such a lovely temperament dog now

  56. Anonymous

    Have fed my now 2yr Labrador on the raw chicken and on the turkey product since he was 4months on advice of Vet to calm his hyperactivity on kibble.He looks good is very active and his excitement levels have decreased markedly.
    orders on line are delivered next day well packed at reasonable price.

  57. Anonymous

    Having used kibbke and bakers fot years I was converted snd have stayed with raw feeding for over 10 years switching to nutriment this last year. My dogs coats skin and general well being is better now than it ever has been. The last couple of litters I have bred new puppy owners are also using it and wouldn’t change a thing. Neither would I.x

  58. Anonymous

    We order this every time & have never been disappointed. The dogs love it

  59. Anonymous

    Though I’ve not tasted it myself, my little klee kai puppy has been gobbling his meals up eagerly since we’ve started feeding him nutriment.
    The packaging makes it very easy to store in the freezer and easy to spoon out portions.
    There is very little smell to the food and what smell there is is actually quite pleasant and not like the pungent tinned dog foods.
    So far so good …
    We’re very happy customers 🙂

  60. Anonymous

    We decided to go raw as my puppy aged 6 months had been having tummy problems since we had her. Despite trying various foods including prescription dog food, nothing worked. However within a couple of days of going raw, the problem is completely resolved and she loves it!

    My only slight issue is that I got the impression from the website that the 1.4kg pack would come in a box with a lid, similar to the smaller packs. Unfortunately it doesn’t. Instead it comes in a frozen sausage shape wrapped in plastic. I therefore have to defrost and transfer into an ice cream tub which is a bit of a messy job and a bit time consuming. Other than that, I am very happy!

  61. Anonymous

    I’m not keen to try it personally – no insult intended – but our dog Bee LOVES IT

  62. Anonymous

    18 month old been on raw since puppy. She has become a bit more fussy, since the texture changed but that might be my imagination. She lets me know when she has had enough and pushes it around the floor to hide her bowl behind the bin. However she still eats the chicken but will not eat the duck or turkey unless they are mixed with “Just Chicken”.

  63. Anonymous

    My fur baby loves his meals now. The only criticism I have are the packets are so difficult to open.

  64. Anonymous

    Day 1 —-Yummy
    Day 2—Yum
    Day 3–11 year old collie looked at me with big brown eyes and said, ‘I really don’t want to eat this,’ and walked away…. Oh dear!
    Day 4–Yum still coming from 4 year old collie
    Day 5- 4 year old collie left a lumpy sinew at lunchtime, then, in the evening left half his dinner and looked longingly at what my 11 year old collie was eating, the usual Nature Diet and Frolic — YUMMY
    Sorry, but my dogs have decided that this product is not for them.

  65. Anonymous

    My 8 month old boxer absolutely loves this food…wide variety of flavours available…always order from here definitely recommend.

  66. Anonymous

    The dogs thrive on this chicken meal. Even better the trays do not leak

  67. Anonymous

    The Chicken Formula is a well made food which all my dogs love. The chubbs are easy to unwrap and it defrosts to leave a nice firm food. Smell good

  68. Anonymous

    Cannes enjoy it and plates licked clean10300

  69. Anonymous

    Owning a husky has always come with complications with digestion and loose poo! Well not anymore, since feeding her raw diet (we alternate between all the flavours available) she has NEVER had loose poo, smelly poo or smelly wind! She absolutely loves it and gets very excited at meal times. One very happy, healthy husky since buying this food, would highly recommend.

  70. Anonymous

    Have 2 Belgian shepherds and they love Nutriment – best thing I ever did. Great products best quality for my dogs

  71. Anonymous

    I have bought other raw foods for my dogs, but none are enjoyed more than Nutriment. They look amazing, have glossy coats and lots of energy. The product does not smell awful, as some raw meats do. I would thoroughly recommend Nutriment.

  72. Anonymous

    My dog absolutely loves your raw food. He had gone off his kibble and was refusing to eat. So tried Nutriment as an alternative. They advised me to give him a little food to see if he liked it as the heat of the summer my have put him off his food. Well he almost bite my hand off!! Since then he absolutely loves it. He literally likes the his bowl clean. Great product!!!

  73. Anonymous

    Much loved by our dog

  74. Anonymous

    Ive not used Raw before and having had dogs before I now wonder why not! It’s a great product which our dog LOVES , would recommend.

  75. Anonymous

    I wasnt sure how misty would take to raw chicken and i wasnt disappointed with it at all. She loves it raw or cooked next day , a minute in the m’wave and its perfect for next day. All the foods i buy are top quality so will be back for more.

  76. Anonymous

    Have a very fussy rottweiler/husky who turned his nose up at any kibble and even raw food from Pet shops. This is the only food he loves and licks the bowl clean. And it’s good to know that hes getting all the nutrients that he needs. Very happy and was delivered all completely still frozen even though it was a very big order that I placed.

  77. Anonymous

    Really good product dog loves it

  78. Anonymous

    Really good product dog loves it

  79. Anonymous

    Great healthy food

  80. Anonymous

    Would be good if Ms Brock would respond to those who say standards are slipping. I am keen to try these products (and I was impressed by the article about the business in the Times) – but of course if something has gone wrong recently (a result of the move to bigger premises and bigger production?) then we as customers would like to know…..

    (I was forced to select a rating, though of course I have not yet tried the product. I therefore entered 3 stars, but only because “the computer said no” to leaving it off)

  81. Anonymous

    My dog likes chicken formula as his favourite

  82. Anonymous

    Used to use Nutriment all the time. Stopped for a while because standards were slipping. Thought we’d give it another go as DIY is a bit of a faff. Shipment came slightly defrosted as another reviewer has mentioned. The freezer became very smelly with the new chubbs installed. Defrosted the chubbs in the fridge as per recommendations, but the smell is overpowering and both dogs refuse to eat it. Defrosted some of my DIY to compare (and make sure they weren’t just off their food for some reason), and they immediately wolfed it down. Wont’ be returning for another batch, obviously the issues from earlier in the year have not been resolved.

  83. Anonymous

    This product lately has not been as good as it was . Firstly, it came half defrosted and then it was really over powering smelly. My dog has always loved this food but even he is turning his nose up at this and is no longer eating it all. After complaining we were shrugged off but at the end of the day the fact he isn’t liking it at the moment speaks volumes.

  84. Anonymous

    Our bernese mountain dog loves this chicken Nutriment

  85. Anonymous

    Dogs really like it, clean bowls all round.

  86. Anonymous

    Ordered a chicken chubb for my two. They love chicken! Easy to manage.. well when you’re not being watching by two Nutriment crazy pooches. Thank you Nutriment.

  87. Anonymous

    My three rescue dogs all love their Nutriment and watch every move while I am dishing it up!

  88. Anonymous

    Great food, my dogs love and I can rest assured that my girls are getting what they need.

  89. Anonymous

    Great easy to use

  90. Anonymous

    I have 3 rescue dogs who all love the chicken Nutriment , bowls are always licked clean!

  91. Anonymous

    We had fed our puppy Doberman on Royal Canin Large Breed Puppy food since we got him and he was doing well until he started to have chronic diarrhoea. We believe he had grown an intolerance to his food. It was our vet that pointed us in the direction of Although the product is a more expensive than generic brands it’s well worth it. He turned his nose up at it at first although this was most likely as he had no idea what it was. A week in and he’s loving it and his stool is as it should be. We know also that this food will be much more beneficial in the long run for his health and well being. The only reason I haven’t given 5* is because we have nothing to compare it too.

  92. Anonymous

    My dog enjoys this product..

  93. Anonymous

    I was told about Nutriment by a friend who feeds her cats the raw food. She knew i was having trouble with my Shiranian, she has been on all different foods and was still having the runs with every type. I settled on Lilys Kitchen and supplemented her with Pro Kolin paste. I decided to give this a go, for both my dogs and im so glad i did. Within 48 hours my Shiranian was having hard poos. First time since we have had her. Both my dogs enjoy all the flavors (except the fish one). I put it down and its gone. Shame i haven’t got a huge freezer, so have to do an order every 2 weeks as i dont have a local stockist near me. Would recommend anyone to give it a go.

  94. Anonymous

    Very pleased with all products I have tried from Nutriment, after years of my dog being on dry food for dogs for a sensitive stomach, I found that my Staffie kept giving off foul smells.

    Through research on the Internet, I found Nutriment. My Staffie is really enjoying her food and know more foul smells. Her coat and health are in great condition.

  95. Anonymous

    My dog would not go near this food, in fact he growled at it. As I had purchased 4 Chrissie bobs I decided to give it to the foxes rather than waste it …. They would not go near it either !!!!! In my case a total waste of money

  96. Anonymous

    Recently started feeding my dogs raw and they LOVE it!
    The completes are so easy, just defrost and feed!
    My dogs like all the flavours but the beef one seems to be the favourite (maybe something to do with the smelly tripe!!)
    Seeing the benefits already. If you haven’t switched yet – what are you waiting for?

  97. Anonymous

    My dogs are absolutely thrilled that I made the decision to feed them this raw diet , happy dogs happy me , haven’t found a flavour they haven’t devoured, also thrilled with the purine one aswell for my oldest dog but would be nice for him if it came in a couple of different flavours , but that’s me speaking not him , he gobbles it up

  98. Anonymous

    Prompt delivery, nice product.,

  99. Anonymous

    After whelping my bitch crashed downhill. with 9 Labrador puppies at a day old she was in a very bad way at the vet hospital. I begged to bring her home and nurse her here and thank god id just had my delivery of nutriment. She lapped it at first liquidised, and slowly slowly improved day by day. The vets insisted on Science diet critical care. She wouldn’t touch it… Thanks to Nutriment we are now ten days on with fat thriving puppies and a blooming hungry happy bitch. Thank you, your product is outstanding.

  100. Anonymous

    All nutriment completes are so easy, perfect for me as I’m new to raw feeding.

  101. Anonymous

    My dog loves the taste but not the texture which when thawed is rather sloppy. The quality and ingredients are great including the ground bone. I also feed my dog frozen raw complete meal nuggets which because they are nuggets can easily be partially thawed and fed without them becoming too soft…they are also easier to portion out should your dog not eat 500gms in a day…unfortunately the ingredients are inferior to yours but my dog is happier eating the slightly more solid food…I have found this with all three of my dogs and unfortunately have had to move to the frozen raw nuggets instead…too much food wastage.
    I have a new puppy who has been eating your puppy mix happily….the texture of the puppy mix does appear to be more fibrous and solid.

  102. Anonymous

    a complete food that gives you confidence that the ingredients are the best. My dogs love it. Excellent consistency and actually smells great.

  103. Anonymous

    Being feeding my 2 spaniels nutriment for a year now. Their coats are glossy, they maintain an ideal weight and have no anal gland problems any more.

  104. Anonymous

    Dogs love this !

  105. Anonymous

    i’ve bought from all the usual online raw providers, and i found this sloppy compared to most. The dog still loved it, but i prefer other consistency’s. can you introduce a chunkier range soon please…

  106. Anonymous

    Our dog is very happy with the chicken flavour.

  107. Anonymous

    All your dog could ask for. That goes for all the meats besides just chicken. Healthy coast and healthy digestion. I’ve tried other raw digests and switched to Nutriment after I moved house. I was pleased with the last food but nutriment is even better. 5 very happy stars. Cheers 🙂

  108. Anonymous

    After trying different kibbles with our adopted Bernese, at last we saw the light and tried Nutriment, he absolutely loves it. No more adding various bits and pieces to the kibble to tempt him to eat it. Clean bowl every time. Just wish it was easier to portion out the meals.

  109. Anonymous

    Good nutritious food. My dog loves and is thriving on this food, licking the bowl and in a permanent sit position . Im sure she is excited now at feeding times with the variety she is now getting.

  110. Anonymous

    Changed my rescue pup from a skinny, shy little creature into a bouncing healthy young dog! His coat is also wonderful and he gets comments from everybody on how healthy he looks. He’s in great shape and the perfect weight. Thank you for such well balanced food in a good price range.

  111. Anonymous

    she came malnourished and skinny, she is now well fed and loved, thank you for the free charity pack and I will continue to order with you. Thank you..

  112. Anonymous

    My golden retriever loved it, but messy to divide up.

  113. Anonymous

    Excellent food my two pugs love it.
    Their poo is never runny and smelly their coats are shiny and healthy.
    Wish I had of put them on this food a long time ago.
    Easy to defrost and comes in good packaging.
    Excellent delivery service so far, always packed well.

  114. Anonymous

    Have tried other raw brands but this is the best. My 3 Cavaliers are now so excited at meal times, food guarding is no longer a problem as they eat it so fast. Delivery was extremely quick and cost reasonable. All food arrived still frozen in a polystyrene box, inside a cardboard box.
    Even in 2 weeks I have noticed a difference in my dogs, especially my wee rescue who has severe problems with her skin, eyes and feet. Her eyes are much clearer and her constant itching has almost diminished.
    I wish I had a bigger freezer to order in more, or a local retailer.

  115. Anonymous

    I feed this to my two Vizslas. The younger one vacuums it up in seconds, but the other older lady is much more fussy. I have to mix in a rougher variety for her as she seems to find this rather slimy. Both dogs are the picture of health since I changed to Nutriment.

  116. Anonymous

    For those who say that the Chubbs are messy and difficult to handle, I find if the sleeve is removed whilst still frozen and placed in a container, then it’s no problem at all…
    The best complete raw food on the market..

  117. Anonymous

    I purchased 31 chubbs for a month of food as 1.4kg is the precise weight I need per day. The chubbs are economic but they make a huge mess when you defrost them and open. However, the product is great, moved over from another brand and quite happy with it. Dog stools are fine and the bowls are licked clean. We will probably put up with the mess the chubbs make to save money. 4 stars just because the packaging is difficult to deal with. 5 stars for the product inside.

  118. Anonymous

    No more loose stools, the dogs love and it seems to love the dogs and judging by the content it should be very good for them

  119. Anonymous

    Great product and prompt service if you order Monday – Thursday, but chubbs are really difficult to handle.

  120. Anonymous

    Everything needed to keep your dog healthy and fit

  121. Anonymous

    My CKCS loves Nutriment. It keeps him healthy and his coat is super shiny. He gobbles it up !

  122. Anonymous

    My dogs love this

  123. Anonymous

    My two small dogs think this food is great.. Excellent service too.

  124. Anonymous

    Fast and furious, gone in 60seconds and now gone in 20seconds. Our dog loves this dish more than any other.

  125. Anonymous

    Loves it, always fresh. Delivery spot on. Price ok. Think the checkout procedure could be improved though.

  126. Anonymous

    Have been feeding Nutriment to our two 18-month-old Westies for about 6 months now. As the headline says, their bowls are literally cleared in seven seconds – I’ve timed them. Half an hour before feeding time they start to get restless, and once I’m in the kitchen I’m beseiged by barking and bouncing from the moment I take the tub out of the fridge. Bowls and spoons are always licked clean. We’ve used all the Nutriment varieties, and their appetite for them all is just the same.
    Additional benefits are smaller and totally dry and odour-free poos. Have also noticed that the dogs drink less.
    Service, delivery and packing is always good. Just wish I could buy it locally (Edinburgh) to save on p&p.

  127. Anonymous

    Fantastic product, great packaging. My dallie loves this and other flavours and she is in the best condition she’s ever been in on Nutriment. Delivery always extremely prompt.

  128. Anonymous

    Used Nutriment for some time now. Delivery is excellent, product us fantastic & the very Fussy Norfolk Terrier loves it!

  129. Anonymous

    Threw it away as almost completely thawed and unfit for my dog to eat

  130. Anonymous

    I have been feeding this food to my dogs for nearly a year along with other varieties. The dogs love it, they have never been better – inside and out! Quality and sevice first class.

  131. Anonymous

    One of our dogs was never fussed about meals sometimes not bothering to eat. Now he asks for it.

  132. Anonymous

    I have not personally tried this product but the indications are that my dog loves it. It doesn’t stay in the bowl long and there is never any left over. I assume from this that it is hitting the right spot. She seems to prefer the chicken to the turkey but hey what do I know.

  133. Anonymous

    Cally loves this food and never leaves a scrap!
    It is tasty and nutritious, reasonably priced, well packaged and reliably delivered.
    Happy dog, happy owner!

  134. Anonymous

    The dogs like this, they sit & wait for me to serve it up. Tub can be difficult for me to open though so sometimes they have a wait while I struggle!

  135. Anonymous

    Our two Geeman Shepherds and out Golden Retriever have only ever eaten a raw diet. They are fit healthy and raring to go at all times. Used to mix my own but changed to Nutriment and have absolutely no complaints.

  136. Anonymous

    Perfect for my dogs, they love it.

  137. Anonymous

    My dogs love this it’s my first time using raw and they love it and look better for it already.

  138. Anonymous

    I have been using Nutrient raw for a while now all my dogs love it and their stools are perfect with much less waste I would highly recommend this

  139. Anonymous

    My girl enjoys this but salmon is still her favourite. So far deliveries have been good, well packed and arrived on time. I would have given 5 stars but for a few missing sleeves which makes it difficult to ascertain the contacts of the box.

  140. Anonymous

    my dog absolutely loves this food, her poo is much better and shows she is absorbing all the goodness rather than food passing straight thru as it was before the switch to this, she loves all flavours, i like that you can actually see what’s in it too, and her coat has become amazingly soft and silky, like velvet. The service is excellant too, order one day, delivered 2 days later, all fresh & well packaged. At first i thought it would be too expensive to feed this way but it actually isn’t. I am so pleased with this make, and i recommend t to everyone i know!

  141. Anonymous

    My elderly dog seems to enjoy this food, finally found something she will eat, very good?

  142. Anonymous

    My 8 year old Yorkie, 11 month old and 5 month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniels were new to raw feeding. This was a great start for them and they absolutely loved it. I am really pleased to see them all enjoying their food so much

  143. Anonymous

    We have been using Nutriment for a few months now and cannot be more happy with the quality of the product. My 7 month old Boxer loves both the chicken and turkey chubbs and can’t get enough! He is a healthy weight and his coat is super glossy and he has very little eye discharge that is common with the breed, we look forward to future benefits.
    I am however very dissappointed with the lack of care in the packaging of the products of late, split boxes, containers and no styrofoam which resulted in my last but one order being defrosted! I notified customer services via email who informed me that they would ensure this was looked into and if I supplied my postcode they would ensure that the 3 defrosted chubbs would be replaced. I did this and have not heard from them, I was not reimbursed on my last order and have emailed again with no response and have again placed another order and the chubbs have not been refunded..Not acceptable, however we will continue as the food is so good.

  144. Anonymous

    just started feeding this to my westie, so going through the flavours, have to say the Salmon one is at the top of the list, need no encouragement to clear his bowl. Will definitely order more of that one. Have yet to try the duck so thats next on the list.

  145. Anonymous

    After years of struggling to find the right food this finally hits the spot!

  146. Anonymous

    Whilst he took some settling down onto his new food , he now loves it.
    He appears more content, his coat is shinny and lush and he is more playful.
    He’s a typical Black Labrador, he would always eat more but he is very happy and we are glad we switched.

  147. Anonymous

    after having a break of a month from raw we decided to try out Nutriment, and I must admit I didn’t think the dogs would take to it so well but they completely clean their bowls and are always looking for more
    Prompt service with prompt delivery Thanks

  148. Anonymous

    I chose to change my 2 shar peis to nutriment after one of them was making himself bald through itching and chewing. I tried most decent dry biscuit brands and even tried creating the raw food diet but I could never get it right and skin was no better so I searched and found nutriment. Not only is it cheaper but my dogs skin is now perfect and his fur has completely grown back. There bowls are gleaming after every meal time which is a review in itself! Thank you nutriment for making my dogs happy again x

  149. Anonymous

    My Northern Inuit girl is full of health problem’s and last year nutriment was our one hope, she’s been on this for just under 6 months and the change in her is amazing.
    Will always recommend

  150. Anonymous

    This is the only food my dogs will eat. I have tried hundreds of dog foods so didn’t hold out much hope they’d be different with this one but they wolfed it down. So pleased.

  151. Anonymous

    My cavalier bitch is thriving on this while feeding a litter of 4
    Excellent product and delivery

  152. Anonymous

    Since putting my two labradors on this food, they look so much better, with nice shiny coats. Their digestion has improved massively, with no intestinal upsets they were getting with the kibble they were on

  153. Anonymous

    Since putting my two dogs on this good, they are a lot more settled with big improvement in the coats
    Seem satusfied digestion much improved

  154. Anonymous

    My boy loves his food,he seems to feel better and definitely looking better, his coat is thicker and shinier, his teeth had plaque on them but after starting his raw meals just over month ago it started disappearing 🙂

  155. Anonymous

    This has been devoured by my dog, who is a working cocker spaniel. He loves it and is much easier for him to eat this type of food. I get the 500g tubs which are easy to defrost and last 2 days for him. His digestion has really improved, which was my main reason for changing him from dried biscuits to raw. I think it’s safe to say we both love it!

  156. Anonymous

    I like the way this food is packaged (I buy the tubs as chubbs are a bit too big for my freezer. BTW it is really great that their description and dimensions are given on the site!).
    The price is great too in comparison with other companies offering similar products.

    My dog does really well on raw and it has helped me to keep her weight down too.

    One thing that would make the food even better was if the tubs could be recycled and reused. Maybe for regular clients they could be avoided all together and the meat could be packed differently using less materials…

    Just a thought….

  157. Anonymous

    My GSD loves this product and looks fab on it BUT to say that I am disappointed in the stock management of this product is an understatement. Twice now i have placed an order only to be contacted to say it cannot be fulfilled as they don’t have stock. I was even told on the phone that the Company just cannot keep up with demand and have to accept that they lose customer due to this!! So as I say, great products, but you need a back up plan for feeding as your product is not always available. Poor and disappointing

  158. Anonymous

    Very easy to fill a kong with to make mealtimes more exciting for your dog. The Chubb roll is good value for money and takes roughly a day and a half to defrost so you must be organised in order to have fresh food.
    I would advise getting a tupperware container to house the food as it is quite bloody.
    Very well packaged when delivered, quick delivery and good management to see order status online within your account.
    Can give my dog quite dry poo, but on a friends’ advice, find that a cube of spinach mixed in does the trick!

  159. Anonymous

    The dogs love it and seem fitter, stronger and happier.

    I would recommend this product but watch out for the nostril hair singeing wind that it produces!!!

  160. Anonymous

    My dog digests this well despite stuggling with cooked chicken

  161. Anonymous

    Quality my girl just goes mad for it she loves it

  162. Anonymous

    Have a very sensitive boxer,put him on nutriment chicken and turkey formulas and within 2 days his skin allergies cleared up,he got his shine back in his coat and oils back on his skin,he now gets so excited when he sees us dishing up his dinner and licks the bowl clean whereas before he wasn’t at all interested in his old food,highly recommend,fast delivery and always notify of a delivery time slot.

  163. Anonymous

    Our 4 dogs love this. Since feeding the nutriment (been fed RAW since puppies) their coats are softer, their poops are smaller and the have become even more cuddly, what more can you ask for?????

  164. Anonymous

    i feed my 4 dogs on Chicken Formula and they love it. Offal is included so makes a good balance.

  165. Anonymous

    Seb loves all the foods but this is his best 🙂

  166. Anonymous

    Having tried the starter pack (brilliant idea), I am now on my 2 purchase. My Miniature Schnauzer absolutely loves it, quite a treat for him after the dry diet he was on. I have had a few issues with ‘Hot Spots’ over the summer and am hoping this change in diet might help with that…..time will tell. Other than that very happy with quality and delivery and have a very happy dog at home.

  167. Anonymous

    I inherited my 4 yr old crossbreed (Cavalier/Sringer Spaniel) and very soon realised that the peas and sweetcorn in the food she was used to didn’t actually agree with her digestive system. I hunted around for an affordable way to feed her while limiting those ingredients and ended up at the Nutriment website.

    She absolutely LOVES all the varieties she’s tried and looks (and smells!) much better than she did before. The Bull Pizzle and Moo Tube went down a treat as well.

  168. Anonymous

    This is brilliant, so much easier than trying to create a raw feeding plan by yourself with the correct mix of meat, bone, offal etc. My dog loves it so much.

  169. Anonymous

    I’ve been giving nutriment working dog food To my border collie since he was six weeks old since he was weaned by the breeder that we got him from on to a raw food diet ,we decided to give it a try and keep the little fella in his routine .
    After some research on the web we decided on Nutriment as it has ingredients which I take and benefit from myself eg coconut oil.
    Well the out come of my now twenty week old pups diet are plane to see he is in regular contact with the rest of his litter two on a complete dry food and one on raw but not Nutriment but a home made raw diet ,my pup has more muscle is leaner has a beautiful shiny soft coat and is larger than his siblings .
    I am always being asked by dog owners who are in regular contact with my dog what the hell am I feeding him ?
    Well the results are plane to see and I can only say the quality of his food is great he never leaves a scrap .
    If I didn’t see the diffrence for my self between him and his siblings I would never have believed how much a good quality dog food makes to the growth and health of your dog.

  170. Anonymous

    This is a great product which my dog loves eating. Not the nicest to handle so I buy it in the tubs rather than the chubbs but once in the dish Stanley just wolfs it down. He is thriving well on it and his poops are much smaller as the food is absorbed better and much firmer! All the better for scooping!

  171. Anonymous

    We are gradually moving to raw feeding my girl loves it. I started with the starter pack to see what she like best – well that was the plan – she loved them all! Binmoved to the chubs which are great. Quality of food excellent.

  172. Anonymous

    Our 5 golden retrievers love all the Nutriment products and wolf the formula chubbs very quickly! Totally recommend the whole range.

  173. Anonymous

    I have a two year old Staffordshire bull terrier who was hyperactive, constantly scratching and itching (but didn’t have fleas or mites) and a very stinky wind problem,he could honestly clear a room in seconds. He used to be fed on Eukanuba which has built him in to a very muscular power house of a dog, so the hyperactivity along with his muscle mass made him quite frankly a pain in the arse. Since changing to Nutriment raw his scratching and itching has stopped almost imediatley and his hyper activity has stopped along with the wind problem. His energy level is still the same, his muscle mass is still amazing, he seems more ripped and his coat seems softer and shinier, over all a much happier more relaxed dog. Probably the best food on the market. I am and he is very grateful for the food change, empty bowl every time. I couldn’t recommend this product highly enough five stars plus.

  174. Anonymous

    My girl has just started raw food. She absolutely loves it. I’ve found it easy to use both in trays and rolls.

  175. Anonymous

    This dog food is thoroughly enjoyed by both my dogs. Nothing is ever left in their bowls! My only reservation is that the food is so finely ground, that my dogs have nothing to chew on, so I have to provide chew sticks, etc., to clean their teeth. Otherwise, I am very pleased with the condition of my dogs.

    Slightly unhappy about the cost of postage, but the welfare of my dogs comes first.

  176. Anonymous

    I tried feeding raw with other suppliers and found the whole business too messy and complicated. Nutriment makes it easy and my dogs are loving it. Storage is also much easier. My Jack Russell has also stopped eating everything on the walk.

  177. Anonymous

    My boxer dog absolutely LOVES this food. I have never in my life had a dog beg for food the way mine does for this. I used to feed him royal canin and he would frequently ignore his food and put off eating it until he was starving. Now, he is so excited to eat in the morning. He practically drags me back in the house after his morning potty time so that he can have his breakfast. It is the same in the evening. He will literally sit in the kitchen in the dark and refuse to leave until I feed him his supper. His coat looks fabulous and it has really helped with his allergies. Also his poo is so solid now and he goes much less frequently. I love to see him so satisfied with his meals and as long as that continues I will continue to purchase this product. Also the next day shipping is a big bonus! Just learn the shipping times because I made the mistake once of ordering after 2 pm on a Thursday and then had to wait until the following Tuesday for the food to arrive.

  178. Anonymous

    Good quality, solid meat which the dogs find very enjoyable – they certainly get more excited at meal times then before! Very little mush , and brilliantly packaged for delivery.

  179. Anonymous

    We met these guys at the pet show in Birmingham, we had a lovely chat! They took the time to explain about the food & why it’s so good. 2 trial boxes were ordered, we have now had 2 orders made & delivered & most importan enjoyed by our 2 families 6 dogs – soft wheaten, border collie, yorky, frenchie, pug-a-poo & husky – all shapes, sizes & ages. Each dog loves meat, moo tubes, fish & duck necks! Such small amount of poo to clean up! NO dog gas to empty a living room, we can all sit as a family again! Thank you for taking the time to talk to us about poo ‘n’ pumps! You must try this food for your 4 legged friends & help bring back ‘white dog poo’! Thanks again n keep up the fantastic work!

  180. Anonymous

    My dogs have never got as excited with any other commercial dog food unless i have made them my own mix i have already after one week noticed a dramatic reduction in their toilet habits which is s big bonus with two dogs

  181. Anonymous

    I have 5 Vizsla’s and they love this food suits their digestive system and overall I am very happy with it .. I feel they are getting a perfectly balanced meal
    everyday.. The convenience of using the website to order has freed up our time and the 24hr delivery has saved time and effort purchasing from the pet store.
    ll I can say is that in my opinion…. The best raw is Nutriment ..

  182. Anonymous

    I have 2 red setter dogs & 1 puppy they are all on nutriment. My oldest whose 7 has always had a bad tummy but no longer & they all absolutely love it.
    I am one very happy dog owner.

  183. Anonymous

    I must say this food, although a little higher priced than if you prepared it all yourself, BUT it’s never off (like I’ve had before from another company) and very well packaged. The dogs love it. You can see all the veg etc minced up.
    I prefer to pay for this than to get yucky trying to cut up raw meat into portions for all of my pooches.
    Excellent delivery service, always frozen and well packaged so stays frozen for quite a long time.
    Excellent staff who are extremely helpful too!

  184. Anonymous

    My dog is a greedy rescue greyhound but she wouldn’t touch any of these foods. They also smelled horrible

  185. Anonymous

    Changed to raw diet for both our King Charles Spaniels after trying various brand name dog foods. Best thing we ever done for the girls. They are more active, much happier, love meal times, their coats changed after 3 days so soft and fluffy with the white parts so white, and more importantly no vet visits. Both had problems with anal glands which is common in this breed, but since the change never been because of the glands. Such a change never had any runnyness in their poo and less waste coming through them. So glad we found Nutriment, excellent service using a very reliable courier for next day delivery.

  186. Anonymous

    My two year old retriever just loves the Nutriment chicken menu. He is not quite so keen on the turkey or beef for some reason. He has nothing else now and has improved in behaviour and health since he has gone onto this raw diet. (Well, he does have the odd bonio!)

    I cannot recommend Nutriment highly enough.

  187. Anonymous

    I will have to sit on the fence. As my dog didnt eat any of order, had to give it away. Sorry.

  188. Anonymous

    I have a 10 year old border collie that I have always fed dry kibble. She has often suffered with sore itchy patches on her skin. It had started to get worse so after a lot of research I decided to try nutriment. This is one of the best things I’ve ever done! She absolutely loves it and just 2 weeks later all her scratching stopped! Can’t rate this product high enough!

  189. Anonymous

    Both my Romanian rescue dogs think it is great, they can’t believe their luck. Their coats are glossy, muscle tone has increased, less obsessive licking, and a bonus is smaller poos! They love all the flavours. My older dog didn’t particularly like the beef variety, I think the liver flavour was stronger, and when I wanted to change the unpopular variety for another, your customer service was superb, nothing was too much trouble. Best thing I ever did was to change over to raw, and this has everything they need.
    I saw someone else said they wanted chunkier bits, but I give the boys half a duck neck each every other day, so they get something to chew, and sometimes some kibble to give the crunch.
    Love love love this product. can’t praise it highly enough.

  190. Anonymous

    Nutriment is easy to feed, I have 3 dogs all different sizes & breeds & they all love nutriment our chihuahua is a really fussy eater & had terrible bad breath, she can’t polish off her food quick enough know & her breath had no smell at all.

    They only poo once a day instead of 3-4 times a day and they aren’t scrounging for food all the time, even though they are fed such a small amount.
    I have recommended this food to all my friends.

  191. Anonymous

    We have just started feeding raw and after much deliberating we chose nutriment for our lab. He loves it, it has all he needs in one meal, good balance of vits and minerals so we are reassured he is getting what he needs. He suffers from allergies and even after just one week we have noticed an improvement. We certainly will be continuing. Thank you Nutriment.

  192. Anonymous

    My dogs love this product, and there is never any left. The reason why I only gave four stars, is because I would prefer the meat to be less processed, in other words, bigger lumps for the dogs to chew.
    Also, the plastic containers often arrive damaged, despite being securely packed in polystyrene boxes, and I have to pick out bits, often tiny splinters, from the food, before feeding it.

  193. Anonymous

    My Working Cocker Spaniel has been a fussy eater until now, this product was recommended by my Vet at a routine vaccination as he had a dry coat and tartar starting to build. Amazing Vet / company arranged a free trail of this food in several varieties, we are converts to raw and he loves all the varieties.

  194. Anonymous

    I am afraid to say that Jazz my GSD is not impressed with this flavour. She takes a bite then gives me that look that says, “Why did you give me this”. Shame but she is going to have to eat it.

  195. Anonymous

    My dogs just love it as soon as i put it down they clean there bowls

  196. Anonymous

    I’m new to raw food, my Rottweiler, Tia, suddenly started being sick and having diarrhoea and the vet couldn’t work out what was wrong with her.. She was on a dry food – Taste of the Wild (which I was very happy with, excellent quality and good ingredients), however, when she started being ill, I switched to boiled chicken and brown rice.. then when she improved I started trying to reintroduce TOTW, but each time, the sickness etc started again. The vet said it could be a food intolerance and recommended Chappie (!!!!)… In desperation I did try Chappie for two weeks, the sickness stopped briefly, but she was very windy and her stomach was bloated, I also didn’t like the huge amounts you needed to feed your dog and the fact it was full of grain!! I decided to investigate alternatives, I wanted a food that was grain free and full of good quality ingredients and I found Nutriment. From the day it arrived, Tia has been back to her normal self.. her coat has always been shiny, but it does actually appear even shinier, her stools are firm and small, she is no longer bloated and windy…… in fact the only complaint, is that she can barely wait for me to get the food in her bowl.. she has gone from patiently sitting at my feet whilst I dish her food up, to jumping up and trying to take the bowl off me…… This review extends to all flavours, she has tried the lot and in her expert opinion they are woof, mmmm, woof woof, mmmm… now I’d just like my local pet store to become stockists!

  197. Anonymous

    I’m new to raw feeding and was recommended Nutriment products. Being new to this I opted to feed complete meals so I was happy knowing that my two dogs were getting everything they needed in a meal, without me worrying about missing bits to give them a varied balanced diet. The food arrives well packaged, it’s good value and made with good ingredients with a good choice of flavours- but most importantly- my two LOVE it!!
    I certainly won’t be going back to feeding kibble, will definitely order again and will be recommending Nutriment to friends!

  198. Anonymous

    Having failed to find a dry food that suited my 6 month old Labrador puppy , I have been feeding her the Chicken Dinner now for a week and the difference in her is amazing. She looks really well, is bouncing around, and loves her food which before she was not bothered about at all (which for a Labrador is very odd!). I shall be staying with Nutriment now. Thank you.

  199. Anonymous

    The chicken flavour Nutriment is amazing value for money. It provides everything they need and still manages to be cheaper than the best quality kibble.

    I no longer feed my dogs chicken as one has an allergy, but I still can’t recommend this product (or any other by Nutriment) highly enough.

  200. Anonymous

    I used this product for the first time this week, my dogs a German Shepherd and Golden Retriever loved it. I chose it too try for the 1.4kg chubbs.
    The only drawback is having to have it delivered as there are no suppliers near me. The current similar food I get locally and can get discount for over 30kg

  201. Anonymous

    Our new puppy has thrived on this food! It stores away nicely in the freezer and is easy to feed. She is a picture of health on it. It’s very good to know that she’s eating quality ingredients, her toilet training has been much easier than our previous kibble fed pups and she is energetic and happy. I store the food I’m using in a sealed container in the fridge and the cost of feeding is reduced because she doesn’t need as much as other types of food. I’m very pleased.

  202. Anonymous

    My 2 cockapoo’s love the food, they are very healthy and the poo is solid easy to clean up.
    Highly recommended

  203. Anonymous

    This is our second order and Eddie, JRT/ Corgi cross likes this food. We didn’t order fish this time as he didn’t like it. He still has a teaspoon of his wet food mixed in with the Nutriment but we are hoping to gradually wean him off it. I find he is a much happier dog on raw food and his stools are much more pleasant to pick up.! The only thing I worry about is that I can’t give him a bone or anything resembling a bone as he buries it. We will keep using Nutriment, good for your dog and good value.

  204. Anonymous

    Rowan, 1yr and Corran, 12yrs are both in superb condition after 2 months on Nutriment. In fact, several people have asked if my old lady is a puppy, too!

  205. Anonymous

    Harvey loves it, good consistency, less waste produced, drinks less. He is way more energetic & it has helped him keep the weight off

    I will admit I was sceptical that the amount I was feeding him each day was enough, I thought it would get lost in a hollow tooth but he is quite content

  206. Anonymous

    Dogs love it if they are happy I am happy

  207. Anonymous

    My Romanian pup dances when she smells any of the flavors, she just loves it can hardly put the bowl down as her face is in it she inhales it, then she checks the other three dogs bowls, just in case they have left any (she should be so lucky) she also enjoys the Baa tubes Moo tubes and the necks turkey and chicken she makes a noise when eating them, its sounds like YUMMMMM to me, cannot go past Nutriment, I recommend the food to all my friends, more so if their dogs have allergies.

  208. Anonymous

    My Jack Russell is 2 years old and has always been a terribly fussy eater. I have tried everything and he has just turned his nose up. A few months ago I saw Nutriment mentioned on Facebook so I thought I would try it. He polished it all off in minutes and wanted more ! Can’t express how relieved I am. Brilliant.

  209. Anonymous

    My dogs love all varieties of nutriment mince. I have happy healthy dogs who love mealtimes now. My only minor criticism is the chubs are hard to just get out what I need for the day. I know you sell smaller portions but it is more expensive. As a product though I can’t fault it. Xx

  210. Anonymous

    Nutriment food is brilliant as the compact size of the chubbs allows you to store large quantities in the freezer (I still had to buy an additional freezer for extra storage but space is used up much more efficiently). My greyhound loves the food and his black coat looks sleek and shiny; since changing him from tinned wet food to a raw diet I’ve also noticed a marked improvement in the consistence of his stools – cleaning-up after him is now much easier…

  211. Anonymous

    My dogs lives have changed for the better since using Nutriment all formula’s – they were on dried food before my labradoodle had lost weight and my small dog had put it on – now they are the perfect weight for their size (unlike their owner perhaps I should try it) really look forward to mealtimes their eyes sparkle – coats shine and they have boundless energy –

  212. Anonymous

    As a dog that has just been moved onto raw I am very happy with the ingredients as it is complete and a no brainer, quality is second to none and delivery and packaging was spot on, should have done this months ago thanks Nutriment !

  213. Anonymous

    I bought the starter pack as I am changing over to Nutriment from NM. My dogs absolutely loved this.

  214. Anonymous

    Since moving dogs to nutriment all are in better condition but more than that we have started having litters again after 2 Barron years in complete

  215. Anonymous

    I have a six month old French bulldog who are known for many food sensitivities, bowel problems, eye problems and breathing problems to mention a few. For this reason I had her on Lilly’s organic formula however switched her to Nutriment as she was still experiencing some bowel discomfort with a lot of wind passing which was not only unpleasant for her but also everyone around her.
    Ever since having her on nutriment her stomach has calmed down, no more gas or runny poo. Her eyes have become clearer and less teary and her coat is shinier than ever. She looks great and is an overall happy puppy. I would recommend nutriment to anyone especially French bulldog owners who are struggling to find the perfect dog food.

  216. Anonymous

    I recently noticed my dogs’ skins were a bit dry and flakey! They were being fed a premium quality grain free kibble which they had been fine on for a couple of years! I decided to switch them to raw in case it was diet related! Their skins seem much healthier now, whether or not this is due to the food I cannot say – but I can categorically say they are wolfing this down and really seem to be enjoying it – especially the chicken!

  217. Anonymous

    We have fed a raw diet to our golden retrievers and german shepherds for many many years. We changed to Nutriment from another well known brand about ten months age, it is far superior to previous brand and much easier than the days when we used to mix our own.

    We have no complaints and the dogs certainly don’t! Our vet who is not a fan of raw always asks which kibble we feed as their teeth are so good and is amazed when we tell them that they have never eaten kibble or any other manufactured food.

  218. Anonymous

    When changing from a highly recommended kibble food to Nutriment, we mixed the raw with the kibble in separate piles during the changeover phase. Result, both our dogs ate the raw first and loved it and even left the kibble. We are refining a system of defrosting and portioning at the moment and handling will be easier as a result. I would happily give the product five stars if the packaging was re-cyclable and not so bulky.

  219. Anonymous

    The food is great, but I don’t like the plastic tubes, they are difficult to store in the fridge for the next meal. I am having to decant the contents into plastic containers

  220. Anonymous

    we love Nutriment. we previousely used a different supplier who claimed the product was a complete food, but as I researched I realised it wasn’t.

    Not only is Nutriment actually a complete food, the ingredients are far better, I like the size options, they are all very knowledgable and lovely people.

    I work in an animal feed and pet shop and often tell people about raw and even send my customers to Nutriment, I even had one make a special trip to come back to thank me for recommending Nutriment!!!

  221. Anonymous

    My 2 lovely pooches and grand pooch love the raw and lick their dishes clean

  222. Anonymous

    We changed our dog onto Raw food and decided to go with nutriment. And wow our dog loves it, she looks better and her coat is in much better condition, we now recommend this to all our friends.

  223. Anonymous

    We have two one year old and one 5 month old labradoodles and they are all fed on Nutriment. We were using a well recommended kibble but used to have to add bits to encourage them to eat it- not with Nutriment – they absolutely adore it! They are happy, healthy, a perfect weight, glossy coats, great teeth… I am completely content that they are having the best.

  224. Anonymous

    I reared my latest puppy on the puppy formula and now she is adult I am changing her over to adult food. The Chicken variety is very similar to puppy so I tried this first and she loves it with no upset tums. This is certainly an excellent food and so much easier than ‘doing it yourself’

  225. Anonymous

    Good quality product, dogs absolutely love it. There are now many “Natural” diets on the market Nutriment is about the best my dogs have tried. Good value for money.

  226. Anonymous

    Fussy and labradors normally don’t go together but we have struggled to get her to eat. We have tried and wasted our money on so many different types of food which she would pick at and often leave. We were recommended this by a friend who is a vet and have not looked back..
    My dog NOW can’t wait to be fed, she eats everything we put down for her and would eat more if she could – she is a normal labrador at last!
    She is also looking healthier and glossier than we have ever seen her.
    Thank you

  227. Anonymous

    Our dogs are happier & healthier than ever!
    We’ve got 5 French Bulldogs and 2 Dobermans, and they absolutely love their food!
    My 1 year old Frenchie girl who suffered from colitis for a while is finally happy and healthy again.
    Thank you so much, we’ll never try anything else!

  228. Anonymous

    Since my dog started having raw food I have noticed a big difference in his energy levels and how shiny his coat has become. He has previously had stomach problems and suffered from reflux however he has been absolutely fine with this food and had no issues, even during the changeover from dry to wet food.
    He has tried a lot of the flavours and enjoys them all but chicken seems to be one of his favourites.

  229. Anonymous

    Dogs have never been happier ! Will certainly be buying again! Best out there!

  230. Anonymous

    My young collie Ben was largely indifferent to to good quality dry extruded food he was getting, often he ignored his breakfast until lunchtime until hunger pangs drove him to eat. Not any more, he loves all the varieties, and waits, tail thumping until it arrives, then clears the plate. Excellent food, highly recommended. After all how many dogs do you know who cook?

  231. Anonymous

    I tried this chicken chubb for my over weight springer= he loves it and it seems to be suiting him very well. I now feed both my boys on this food= my 2 yr old springer also loves the food.I have tried the beef and this time I have bought some salmon.It arrives very promptly and is very well packed. I would recommend this food as an excellent source of nutriment for any dog of any age. Great stuff!

  232. Anonymous

    My dogs are so happy eating this food. Their coats are in fantastic condition and they really can’t wait to eat it. I am a vegetarian, but find it easy to feed this. The packaging is easy to store and I don’t find the smell unpleasant unless it is warm. I would recommend Nutriment to anyone wanting for feed their dogs a raw diet

  233. Anonymous

    this is the Fav they love love love chicky

  234. Anonymous

    By far the best raw food out there
    I’m vegetarian so I’m gagging every time I look or smell it!!!!
    Any thing for my pooch

  235. Anonymous

    I feed this to my greyhound who is almost 9. He loves it! His coat is shining and theres no smells or messy pavement activity. Highly recommended!

  236. Anonymous

    Did lots of research on raw food, this seemed to be universally well reviewed. My dog becomes hyperactive and unmanageable on most dog foods, so tried this. No additives, no cereals and my dogs wolfs it down. He barks and squeaks and paces until slow coach mum manages to serve it up!

  237. Anonymous

    My dog wouldn’t touch any other brand, she absolutely wolfs this down , her coat has improved and her mobility and energy is great, doesn’t matter how old your dog is, I highly recommend it.

  238. Anonymous

    Switched to raw feeding about 5 years ago to try to help my allergy ridden lab. So impressed with the results I moved them all onto raw. Nutriment is the best complete raw food I have found and, believe me, I have tried the lot! My next litter will be weaned onto Nutriment paste then puppy food. I will have no hesitation in recommending it to the pups new owners.

  239. Anonymous

    Both my dogs love this, they look great on it. I’ve been using Nutriment since September last year and although I’ve raw fed both my dogs for a few years I’ve definately noticed a different in their condition since feeding them on it, great coats, clean teeth and loads of energy! I have a local retailer near to me so don’t order online much but when I have the delivery service has been excellent

  240. Anonymous

    Really impressed with the food the dogs absolutely love it. We’ve been feeding raw for a long time but this is the best formula we’ve bought so far. We were last using natural instinct, which they loved but it is definitely more bony than Nutriment. The dogs definitely appreciate the higher meat content!

  241. Anonymous

    My fussy eater just loves this. I have fed my dogs raw food since they were puppies. I recently came to the UK from New Zealand and wanted to continue to feed her. Raw food as she had been used to. But nutriment is better! Rose has been gobbling it down – she loves it especially the chicken formula.

  242. Anonymous

    I have some of the small tubs the chicken formula in the freezer as a treat for my smallest girl as she absolutely loves it! My boy can’t eat chicken and the others don’t show a preference for any one flavour – they just love the lot. But for some reason my little girl wolfs this flavour down faster than any other. Brilliant!

  243. Anonymous

    Nutriment chicken is simply good
    No fuss no mess. All eaten

  244. Anonymous

    After having read so many reviews and seeling guidance as to what to feed my dog, i finally went with Nutriment. This has to be the best dog food ever and my only regret was not having fed my previous dogs this food. My dog has never been better, It works!!

  245. Anonymous

    What more could we ask for. Since transitioning to Nutriment Raw Chicken formula, we have happy content healthy dogs with no more upset tummys & a far lower amount of doggy waste. We’ve even noticed that their teeth are starting to look cleaner!! We also have a happy healthy bank account since changing to Nutriment because we have almost halved our dog food bill, it is phenomenal value for money, really quite hard to believe you can feed your dog a no nonsense non artificial completely balanced fresh raw diet without the hassle of having to source & prepare it from scratch yourself for so little. If our dogs could type they’d certainly be saying it’s yummy & we really look forward to meal times now.

  246. Anonymous

    This is the second batch of raw dog food I’ve purchased, following on from the beef formula. Dog absolutely loves it. For the year leading up to using Nutriment my dog was on Millies Wolfheart and Eden, both dry foods with excellent reviews. Nutriment food beats these hands down. Dog looks stronger, fitter and healthier and the biggest bonus for me are her poops are small and solid. If your freezer can accommodate this food, get it, get as much as you can, it won’t be long before the secrets out and the price starts going up!

  247. Anonymous

    All the nutriment products are fabulous. They are environmentally friendly as there is not excessive packaging to deal with and storage is straightforward.
    We have four Rhodesian ridgebacks which range in age from 1 -13 as well as a VIP terrier mongrel!! All thrive on this food and the fact that it suits young and old, small and large, fussy and frenzied eaters makes our lives just a little easier. Incredibly helpful and polite customer service too.

  248. Anonymous

    Excellent quality my dogs love it and they look great on it. Keep up the good work.

  249. Anonymous

    Having deciding to put Henry on a raw diet I originally tried to do the meals myself and was worried I wasn’t doing it right. So I was recommended nutriment, Henry loves it and eats the lot . I buy the chubs as Henry a boxer and cut them up into portion sizes before it’s defrosted and put into individual tubs into fridge for ease of use

  250. Anonymous

    Struggled for ages to find the right food for my weimaraner but he loves all the flavours, clean bowl everyime. Hes poohs are 100% better too . Would definitely recommend

  251. Anonymous

    I have 3 Border Terriers, 14, 8, and 4. The 14 year old was beginning to show his age and wasn’t as active as he had been (obviously) he couldn’t keep up with the others and lagged behind on walks. Since starting on this new regime he is like a pup again, running and jumping, joining in the games with the others and, more importantly, active and able to keep up with the youngsters.

  252. Anonymous

    We have 2 rescue dogs who have now started on this and it has been brilliant to watch how they have grown, their fur has started growing and no more red eyes. I can’t speak highly enough about nutriment dog food.

  253. Anonymous

    My dog was a very fussy eater until I changed her to nutriment – now she licks the bowl clean at every meal. The food comes ready to serve in its own convenient packaging, ordering is a quick and easy process. The nutritional value of the food is exceptional. I would recommend to anyone considering raw feeding.

  254. Anonymous

    Two little papillon dogs that just adore their raw diet. Fed twice a day, clean bowls each time.

  255. Anonymous

    My 5 yr old husky has always been a very fussy eater & often had diarrhea. Not any more . I researched the idea of giving him a raw food diet & decided on Nutriment. He has been on this now for 2 wks & absolutely loves it. So far so good.

  256. Anonymous

    My wife and I rescued a cross Jack Russell/Staffie mix from the local shelter. She was struggling with hair loss from stress/diet/abuse and was in a bit of a state. Clearly abused, she was a nightmare to get housetrained again, reluctant to ‘work’ and easily distracted. Balding, neurotic and manic.

    I made a decision to invest in the best remedy possible, which included clicker training to shape out the bad and provide the best food/nutrition possible. She’d had a bit of a rough start.

    Any dog owner who has battled with a ‘difficult’ dog will know the frustration of runny poo, frequent wee’s on the carpet (or worse) and hypersensitivity to most foods/treats. This is one of them.

    So we started her on Nutriment. Only the mushed stuff in the morning and a high-grade kibble + mushed stuff at supper time. The difference was startling. She became very much more settled and we noticed the ‘madness’ start to disappear. Her coat began to re-grow in the areas she had been balding. Her ears (which previously could only be described as leathery little bat ears) have been restored with warm, furry softness and her condition is incredible.

    This isn’t a rave from an obsessed dog-person, its from a rational, sensible owner who wanted to improve his dog’s state.
    Within 24 hours her poo had hardened. The quantity of waste in the poo was probably halved. Urination went from 10-12 times per day to 2-3, all predictable. Rather notably her breath went from positively vile to bearable in about 3 days and the smell of ‘dog’ on her has gone almost completely. She’s still a dog under it all but what we have seen is an altogether different animal.

    I put this down to 85% diet and the rest love, quiet affection, consistent message and positive-reinforcement (clicker) training.

    She went from a semi-hairless dog that grovelled, rolled on its back while nervously peeing all over itself when someone walked into the room, to a happy, obedient, healthy dog in a matter of weeks.

    I cannot emphasise quite how valuable good, reliable diet is in the process and for us, Nutriment was the solution.

    Thank you for a good, reliable product that gives us owners the opportunity to change the life of a dog.

  257. Anonymous

    We changed their food to raw about 3 weeks ago and have alternated between buying fresh meat at the market and mixing it, mince, offal, chunks various meats, and also giving them a variety of the Nutriment range. One is a 3 year old Yorkie x shiz tzu and the other a little 18 month toy poodle. They love the raw foods, and although the little poodle prefers the beef one, the other absolutely loves them all, and they are gone in seconds. When we fed them tinned dog food or kibble they only ate enough to take the edge off their hunger and then left it, now their dishes are clean as a whistle! They also love the bones and the tripe sticks. I’m so pleased to see them really enjoying their food. The little poodle has put a bit of weight on too, which he needed as I was always worried about him. Two very happy little dogs and happy owners. Would highly recommend Thank you.

  258. Anonymous

    I am delighted with this product. My dogs absolutely love it and their coats are glossier than ever. My 12 year old black lab was going a little brown but has now gone back to the shinny black of his younger days! Fantastic food!

  259. Anonymous

    they love all the flavours clean bowls every time and they don’t poop as much as they did before feeding them Nuitriment thankyou

  260. Anonymous

    I started feeding my 17 month old cocker spaniel on this a month ago and he absolutely loves it. Before Nutriment I was feeding him on a dried dog food which he just wasn’t interested in and it was a real struggle to get him to eat. But after being recommended Nutriment he has completely changed … he can’t wait for me to get it out of the fridge to feed him and it’s gone in seconds with a squeeky clean bowl. Thank you Nutriment for providing such wonderful products and excellent customer service.

  261. Anonymous

    We adopted a 9 month old female whippet and struggled to find anything she could eat that didn’t give her bloody diarrhoea. That is until we tried Nutriment. She wolfs it down, does small solid poos with no blood in, and her eyes and coat shine. Unfortunately our other whippet prefers kibble so I have to feed them separately! But Our little lady is now on Nutriment for life and we could not be more pleased!

  262. Anonymous

    I have a fussy Beardie but she likes this and is actually putting on a little weight!

  263. Anonymous

    This is a staple in Barnies diet. I cook packs of mixed frozen veg and use to bulk out his meal as he would eat and eat and eat if I’d let him!

  264. Anonymous

    I did a lot of research for the best feed for my little chihuahua and settled on a raw diet. I was unsure about making my own meals for her in case they lacked the proper nutrition. Chihuahua forums and pointed me towards Nutriment and I am so happy with the product. My girl loves the food and licks the bowl so clean I feel like I’m not feeding her enough! Highly recommended.

  265. Anonymous

    Great product my french bulldog loves it eats very fast. The dishes are more manageable than the chubbs but this is my first batch of chubbs so I’m sure there is a nack! Best dog food on the market.

  266. Anonymous

    When I opened my first box I thought oh my god it’s off. But after phoning up and confirming that it was because there is green tripe in it I was happy. Green trip is very good for dogs

  267. Anonymous

    I used to pride the fact that my dogs ate their food slowly; little did I know it was because they were hungry but didnt particularly like the food. How do I know this? When I put nutriment down it is gone in seconds! bowls are squeaky clean. Now they pace around the kitchen till its in the dish and on the floor, and remind me its food time. Thanks Nutriment I am so glad I found you. My dogs coats are beautiful after only 2 weeks on this food; Rudie my Lhasa had grey/black dull fur, now its shiny and getting darker and darker which is lovely to see. Happier healthier dogs, by method of elimination, buying the taster pack first, it was soon discovered that chicken formula is their favourite.

  268. Anonymous

    they all love the chicken lick the bowls clean all 3 of them then they swap bowls to check there is none left

  269. Anonymous

    Nutriment is a fabulous dog food which I can recommend to others with huge confidence! My own dogs are doing so well and are a great advertisement for the company’s products. It’s so easy to encourage others to go for raw when you’re guiding them towards an excellent product, excellently presented and offering constant excellence in its customer service. I’m so proud of Nutriment!

  270. Anonymous

    My 3 just love this clean bowls all round, no more loose poops either thank you, in fact my Borzoi loves it so much she stole 2 rolls which were defrosting !!!!

  271. Anonymous

    Hurley is! (Our Cavapoo) after trying ‘kibble’ of all shapes,sizes and textures – none of which he would eat unless I fed him one bit at a time!!! I was introduced to this amazing product and WOW – what a difference, to see your dog ‘chow down’ and demolish his food after showing no interest what so ever previously is a wonderful feeling. 100% satisfied and one happy dog too !

  272. Anonymous

    I was very interested in BARF, which makes perfect sense, but daunted by DIY and worried that anything I made myself would be nutritionally unbalanced and possibly even do more harm than good. Nutriment came highly recommended by our trainer and I’m so happy we found you. Before that we were feeding another frozen brand, until I actually read the ingredients list on the back.

    No such worries with your product. The quality is evident the moment you open the tub and our eight-month old Wheaten LOVES the food, to the point of standing by the freezer – if he could point and say ‘hurry up’, he would. He is thriving on it, and the poos – let’s just say, much improved. Many congratulations on such a fantastic range. I can’t imagine ever feeding anything else. (PS – my only tiny complaint is that it’s a shame you don’t offer to recycle/re-use the 500g tubs).

  273. Anonymous

    Large Breed Dog Rescue recommended your food for our hyperactive 4.5yo Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Cooper. Since changing to the raw diet (and binning the Dentastix), he’s been a different dog; calmer and better-balanced. We’re hoping a combination of nutriment and training techniques will help him be a happier dog. 🙂

  274. Anonymous

    I was recommended Nutriment foods by a friend. Thank goodness for that! I have a Large Munsterlander, who, following major surgery, developed Pancreatitis. She had several bouts a week of bloating, resulting in her being off her food. I tried many different high quality diets, to no avail. Within minutes (literally) of eating her first meal of Nutriment Chicken formula, her tummy had stopped growling, and since then (we are in our third month) she has not had ANY symptoms.

  275. Anonymous

    Tried my 3 year old retriever on nutriment in a last ditch attempt to get weight on him and boy it has worked a treat. Loves all the flavours and obviously enjoys his food these days. Brilliant!

  276. Anonymous

    I delayed this review because with a previous complete raw dog food my 3 were adversely affected by the natural sugars in the fruit and vegetable content. I was concerned that this product might have a similar effect. After a month on the food all 3 dogs are in great health with no problems – just happy and healthy – so we’re absolutely delighted.

  277. Anonymous

    Wiggins loves this and in fact loves all of the Nutriment varieties. Well done for getting it right and taking the worry out of giving him a well balanced diet. If he’s happy then so am I and he is one very happy Cockapoo! Thank you x

  278. Anonymous

    My two dogs – a fussy Westie and a mini Schnauzer – absolutely love this food. I put them on it 3 weeks ago after reading about it on Facebook. I was a bit concerned at first as the Schnauzer seemed a bit constipated but after a few days, all was well although they both poo less. The bowls are licked clean every meal and I get that “is there any more” look. They have tried all the flavours and the salmon is the least favourite although they did eat it. Have recommended to many of our dog owning friends. Service and delivery is excellent.

  279. Anonymous

    My two Shih Tzu’s have only been having raw for about 3 months and are loving it. We have tried two other suppliers but I can honestly say since being on Nutriment I will certainly be going back for more . They have never eaten so well or so readily.
    customer service and delivery are excellent.

  280. Anonymous

    Pleasant gamey smell, not as bad as I’d expected after reading the ingredients list! Good silky texture. She loves it! And has adapted quickly to it from her previous raw food formula.

  281. Anonymous

    My nearly 6-month old Rhodesian Ridgeback loves all the Nutriment flavours and looks fantastic on them. Get complimented about the shine of her coat at least several times a week.

  282. Anonymous

    My dogs love it, I have 3 adult yorkies 2 are very fussy eaters but they love this….. n less poop to pick up bonus in my book

  283. Anonymous

    I have 3 rescue dogs, 2 irish setters 1 borzoi, the setters all seem to have sensitive tummies, I have taken on rescue setters for many many years, they thrive on this food, no more scitters they don’t poop as much when they do it is solid so not much waste this food seems to suit all dogs thank you

  284. Anonymous

    I am new to raw feeding. However, my 17 month old male rescue Yorkie has been on alternating days of chicken, turkey, beef and salmon for the past four weeks. He is fed twice a day and has a piece of tripe stick for lunch. Previously on another raw food he seemed to develop dry and dandruffy skin. However, this has now almost cleared since feeding him Nutriment. We purchased a chest freezer to buy the food in bulk and use the 500g tubs as he is so small. As he has only 100gms each day, we use a chisel and a hammer to break each tub (whilst frozen) into 5 sections. Each night I place a section in the fridge to defrost overnight and it is ready for the next day. Barney adores this food and licks the bowl clean each time. He also sits by the freezer (which is dedicated to his food) and waits for his food each day. Well done Nutriment, I am confident in the quality of your product and Barney is thriving on it. Thank you.

  285. Anonymous

    I have always wondered about feeding my dogs raw food but never had the time or the knowledge to make it properly and ensure that it was well balanced etc.. to be honest I was scared of trying it, so my dogs have always been fed on the usual, boring, extortionately high priced, crappy dry food. But I have never been happy with the dry food, despite trying many different makes and not being afraid to use the most expensive, over the years I feel that I have never found one that suits all of my dogs, even dry food without grains and such like has not really been too successful. So I was searching on the whichdogfood website one day for grain/soy/gluten free dry foods when I came across Nutriment by accident, and the high scores pricked my ears up. I came straight over to their website, was highly delighted with their choice of flavours, with the ingredients used and the value of the analysis etc.. and the reviews spoke for themselves. The fact that there was also a Just Offal pack, aswell as puppy weaning paste and puppy formula etc.. was a delight as I am a breeder, and I couldn’t wait to try it so I ordered a box full of different formulas straight away. It arrived the very next day, I was able to feed my dogs on it within 24 hours of it arriving once defrosting, and my dogs love it. We have only been feeding it for a few days, but they already get more than usually excited at feeding times and poops are healthy too. I have one pregnant girl who was off her food prior to receiving my nutriment order, but once she got a taste for this raw food her appetite is well and truly back. All the guess work of offering a raw diet is taken away and I now feel confident that I am feeding the best food that is available to my dogs, for the first time in years. I wasn’t really sure how it would look when it arrived, I really didn’t know what to expect, I think I expected to see a tray of bits of chicken and bones and veg in their own forms, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that even the mixing has been done for you, it is so easy to use, just defrost and feed. I have never kept tinned dog food in my fridge, the thought of it turns my stomach, but I don;t have any issues with keeping these trays of nutriment in my fridge amongst my own food. I just keep a melamine tray on my lower shelf for meat in case of spills and I pop the trays onto that, as the outside of the tray can be a bit wet whilst defrosting, but it is not a problem whatsoever. The packaging is also really easy to use, I can fit 20 x 500g trays into one of my freezer drawers, so it isn;t really taking up a great deal of room, and as 20 trays will fit into one delivery box, it works out perfect for postage aswell. I havn’t purchased any of the chubbs as yet but I may give them a go at some point, I dare say that if you unwrap them whilst still frozen and place them into a suitable container for the fridge, there will be no issues there at all. All I need to do now is to keep remembering to take it out of the freezer ready to use, then I can’t really go wrong. My dogs are happy, my pups love the puppy formula also (I have never seen pups so excited at feeding time in all my years of breeding) which means I am happy, after all these years of searching for the right food, I think I have finally found it…

  286. Anonymous

    My dog loves the chicken version and the 500g tubs are easy to defrost in rotation. my family and myself are not so keen on the smell of the beef version, not tried the salmon one yet. My dog has never emptied his bowl with such speed and enjoyment, he has only been having the new food for 1 week but the swop over from his dried food was easy with no tummy upsets.He also seems more content some how. Would it be feasible to return the plastic cartons on delivery of the next order or is this not cost effective. I like the knowledge that I am giving him a quality food product that is all calculated out for me. I will be sticking with Nutriment for my boy.

  287. Anonymous

    I had been using another supplier for raw food for the last two years as Henry’s bowels cant cope with any kibble but raw food always seemed to work for him. However over the last few months Ive noticed he has had a lot of diarrhea and after a particularly pricey vet visit I decided to take another look at Henrys food. One of the main reasons I changed to Nutriment is the high score on and I was really impressed with the ingredients in the food. Henry has greatly improved even in the short time since his food changed and Ill be sticking with Nutriment from now on.

    I really like the Chubbs. A lot less packaging so more environmentally friendly and they are easier to store. I found my old plastic tubs used to crack during delivery and Id have to be picking bits of plastic out of dog food on a morning. 1.4kgs is perfect for me as it splits into 4 easy portions and the chubb fits nicely into an old pop bottle with the top cut off.

    All in all a great product and a very happy customer (4 legged and 2)!

  288. Anonymous

    I started my dog on raw food 6 days ago, since getting my first delivery of Nutriment. She has changed for the better very quickly, seeming much happier and more full of the joys and her coat, which has always been good, is now spectacular.

    1.4 kgs is ideal amount, so the chubbs are perfect for me (and my dog!)

  289. Anonymous

    After converting my GSD over to Nutriment from dry I am so impressed. We always wanted to feed raw but always worried if we would be giving the right balance, Nutriment takes away the guesswork. Good variety of flavours and the texture is good, most importantly he loves it and is looking great!
    Other people are having trouble with the chubbs/ packaging but no issues here. I bought some 2l plastic containers, take out a Chubb, unwrap whilst frozen, pop in the container and then I can just serve up whatever amount I need once defrosted. No mess and no fuss!

  290. Anonymous

    Great quality food, but the chubs are awful – really fiddly, messy and freezing cold to handle. And why such an odd amount? 1kg much more convenient. I would rather pay a little more for better packaging – plus I can’t fit as much food in my freezer with the chubs as I could with NI tubs, which filled the space neatly. Please reconsider your packaging. Have rated the food as only 3 stars purely on this issue!

  291. Anonymous

    We were so excited about this new product. Being faithful Natural Instinct customers, we had to give it a go. Like the ingredients, there is offal in all the mixes. This saves us the headache of adding it. Brilliant.

    The chubs are FREEZING to handle, and once defrosted we were scrambling about for a tub to fit it in. The beauty of NI was that there was no work to do. I know the tubs will add extra to the cost so happy to give the chubs a go. They are just a wee bit more fiddly.

    I found the ordering/shipping a wee bit misleading. You really need to sort this out. Your ‘what is in a box’ page suggests 8 chubs and one bone in one box, but this pushes you onto the higher delivery amount. The delivery is not by box but by weight, so again, the calculator needed to come out. I would prefer to know the shipping per box, it would be easier to calculate.

    Why are the chubs 1.4k ? One kilo chubs would be more helpful. When you know you have to feed 1.2 kilos per day, it is easier to work out from 1kilo tubs.

    The dogs love it, so if we can get to grips with the chubs then we will all be happy.

  292. Anonymous

    My dogs love all the Nutriment adult food. I love the 500g tubs – defrost quicker than the 1 kg NI version and means that each day the dogs can get 2 different flavours.

  293. Anonymous

    Dogs absolutely love it! Have always previously used NI for convenience of it coming in kg tubs.
    To be honest the Chubbs are a bit inconvenient and messy so i have been saving my tubs to put them in, this is my only con. I understand re less packaging etc but would be far easier if you made kg tubs!
    Working dog range would convert me completely!

  294. Anonymous

    Actual content great quality but hate the packaging

  295. Anonymous

    As with the other flavours, great food that I am thrilled with. My dogs wolf it down and then lick the bowls clean. Their digestion has been so much better on the Nutriment.

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