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One of our original raw dog food products, our Duck Formula is sold in 500g trays or 1.4kg chubbs (click above to select the correct size for your dog).

For help about how much fits in a box, and details about the delivery of your order, please click here.

Feed 2-3% of the dog’s ideal body weight per day, ideally spread over two meals.


Contains 85% fresh meat and bone*.

British Duck with Bone, Fresh Carrots, Fresh Butternut Squash, Fresh Broccoli, Fresh Green Curly Kale, Scottish Cold Water Salmon Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Raw Sea Kelp Powder (Laminaria japonica), Bilberry Powder (Vaccinium Myrtillus),  Spirulina Powder (Spirulina platensis), Whole Milled Sesame Seeds, Wheat Germ Oil (natural vitamin E)

Why do we use these ingredients?  Click here for more information.

Typical analysis as fed:
  • Moisture: 66.00%
  • Protein: 15.70%,
  • Fat: 14.20%,
  • Ash (inorganic matter): 3.20%,
  • Fibre: 0.50%
  • Calcium: 1.00%
  • Phosphorus: 1.30%
  • Sodium: 0.10%
Useful Information
  • Moisture – the natural presence found in the ingredients
  • Protein – are biological molecules consisting of one or more chains of amino acids
  • Fat – includes all fats: saturated fats, trans fats, and the unsaturated fats, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated
  • Ash (inorganic matter) – is the inorganic residue remaining after the water and organic matter have been removed
  • Fibre – the term given to the indigestible part of food

*Please Note: this product does not contain offal.

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60 reviews for Duck formula – Adult

  1. Michael Pleasants

  2. Naomi Pleasants

  3. Laura J.

  4. Anonymous

  5. Irene Abbett

    One of my dogs favourite

  6. Hannah MacLeod

  7. Michelle

    Great price another favourite

  8. Anna S.

  9. ludmila

    My dog loves it

  10. Anna S.

  11. Anonymous

  12. Kirsty Taylor

    My miniature labradoodle has been a nightmare to feed. He always turned his nose up at whatever I offered him. Nutriment was the turning point and he began to enjoy food and gobble up his meals!

    10/10 from Mr Brodie!

  13. Larna

    Ethel my frenchie has skin allergies.

  14. Angie

    I’ve been using Nutriment since the company started, I’ve recently started to use only the duck as I have a dog suffering from a yeast infection. After some investigation it was beef and beef offal which was triggering it, so it hasn’t left me many options in what to feed him. So far he’s doing well and it looks like we’re on the road to recovery.

    Please please please can we have more products without offal, beef tripe and also fruit and veg?

  15. Lou

    No complaints from dogs (one of them is featured on the box so we like that). I would say that it is slightly sloppy but they really don’t mind.

  16. Belinda

    Every last morsel is eaten ; no wastage.

  17. Pauline Laneking Please

    Used this recipie to give my Goldie some variety. Texture slightly pasty and more runny but certainly was enjoyed and eat with gusto. Certainly did not upset Maizey in anyway.

  18. Heather Stuart

    My 7 month Boston Terrier loved it!

  19. Mozzy

    This is our third large order and praise be our Borzoi loves the duck. No more smelly beef in our house 🙂

    Quality is beyond outstanding. Buy in th eknowledge this is the best!

  20. Name Not Provided

    Definitely a winner

  21. Colin

    My dog will not eat this product it is too sloppy. Too much water in the meat.

  22. Name Not Provided

    Slightly more greasy than others but the dogs do love it

  23. Hattie

    She has had duck formula since being a puppy but now she will not eat it unless I mix half and half with “Just Chicken”. I can’t believe its due to the flavour of the duck so it has to be different constituents, however the product information would suggest that chicken formula and duck formula are the same. I’m baffled but then again she’s a dog so she can do whatever she likes.

  24. Lisa

    Changed my dogs food as one was too skinny needed to sort his sensitive stomach out.
    Now he loves his meals and is putting on weight. My older dog 10 years loves it too and agrees with her. So glad I started them on this food. Very happy.

  25. Name Not Provided

    My two GBGV are on the duck chubb’s and have been looking so healthy on this food

  26. Susan

    Used to use Nutriment all the time. Stopped for a while because standards were slipping. Thought we’d give it another go as DIY is a bit of a faff. Bought three different formulae – Chicken, Turkey and Duck. Shipment came slightly defrosted as another reviewer has mentioned. The freezer became very smelly with the new chubbs installed. Defrosted the chubbs in the fridge as per recommendations, but the smell is overpowering and both dogs refuse to eat it. Defrosted some of my DIY to compare (and make sure they weren’t just off their food for some reason), and they immediately wolfed it down. Wont’ be returning for another batch, obviously the issues from earlier in the year have not been resolved.

  27. Name Not Provided

    A little sloppy but the dogs don’t care!

  28. Jo

    I was told about Nutriment by a friend who feeds her cats the raw food. She knew i was having trouble with my Shiranian, she has been on all different foods and was still having the runs with every type. I settled on Lilys Kitchen and supplemented her with Pro Kolin paste. I decided to give this a go, for both my dogs and im so glad i did. Within 48 hours my Shiranian was having hard poos. First time since we have had her. Both my dogs enjoy all the flavors (except the fish one). I put it down and its gone. Shame i haven’t got a huge freezer, so have to do an order every 2 weeks as i dont have a local stockist near me. Would recommend anyone to give it a go.

  29. Dragonborn

    Recently started feeding my dogs raw and they LOVE it!
    The completes are so easy, just defrost and feed!
    My dogs like all the flavours but the beef one seems to be the favourite (maybe something to do with the smelly tripe!!)
    Seeing the benefits already. If you haven’t switched yet – what are you waiting for?

  30. Carol

    Tried the duck as my dog has skin allergies he also has had the turkey he hasn’t had any trouble clearing his bowl with either.
    I did have fish twists on my order but the wrong fish item was sent so I didnt use them

  31. Gill

    Clean bowls all round. Not as messy to handle as the beef and they seem to clean their bowls within seconds

  32. Alison Snow

    Brilliant food, nutritional ingredients . Dog is thriving looking lean and beautiful coat. Good quality .

  33. Name Not Provided

    My GSD loves this food. Bowl is always sparkling clean after a meal. Has really helped with her sensitive stomach and itchy skin, and much more manageable poos now too… Would recommend this to anyone, wouldn’t dream of changing her diet now!!

  34. Name Not Provided

    Nutriment is just incredible the best food.

  35. Barry Howard

    Our two young Westie’s have occasionally seemed a bit bored with their previous food (James Wellbeloved – a very good dog food), but since switching to Nutriment (initially as a trial) mealtimes have become quite frantic as they bark impatiently for me to serve it up. Once I’ve put it down, it’s gone in less than 15 seconds – I’ve timed it.
    Their poos are now less – obviously digesting a greater %age of what they eat – are pretty dry and solid, and much less smelly. So far then, a great success.

  36. Stefanie

    My young English Springer Spaniel has a very sensitive stomach and we have to watch what we give him. Having been to the vets on many occasions with regards to his stomach issues and trying many different types, brands of dog food, nothing seemed to agree with him. We were recommended Nutriment through by our dog walker and she even give us a weeks worth of tubs to try. Snoop (our Springer) was not too convinced at first (he can be funny about food too) but I did instantly notice an different with his bowl movements.
    I thought I would get Snoop to try a few different flavors to see if he would take to it but would often leave half in his bowl. I ended up having to mix a little chicken with it which of course encouraged him to finish to bowel. Over time I have gradually reduced the chicken and now he eat this on his own and has grown to love it (providing it is chopped up completely).
    I would now not use any other food for Snoop and I would recommend it for any dogs who have a similar issue to Snoop.
    One thing I would say is that this product is not readily available in shops (near me anyway) and I can only order it online through the website. Luckily though delivery is very quick but can be a little inconvenient. I have also found that this product is not widely advertised. Inf act my vet had not known about this product and was keen to try it with his own dogs.

  37. Name Not Provided

    Our 4 dogs love this. Since feeding them nutriment (been fed RAW since puppies) their coats are softer, their poops are smaller and the have become even more cuddly, what more can you ask for?????

  38. Name Not Provided

    As with all the products it is fabulous, however this flavour seems to make her sick, although she will eat the lot, it comes straight back, I have been mixing it with another flavour a little at a time and it seems to be ok, but not as a meal on its own.

  39. Name Not Provided

    This is brilliant, so much easier than trying to create a raw feeding plan by yourself with the correct mix of meat, bone, offal etc. The only reason I’ve given it 4 stars is because my dog won’t touch this flavour.

  40. Caroline Farrell

    My westie has allergies to lots of food and he also has environmental allergies. His skin was in a dreadful mess. After being on an exclusion diet and medicine I was trying to make his food and it was pretty stressful getting it right. I am so relieved now he is using Nutriment. Firstly I know it’s a good balanced food and he is also a much happier and energetic dog He licks his plate clean. He has been eating the duck as he’s not allergic to that. Although there is salmon oil in it and he’s allergic to salmon(!) so far there has been no reaction. It is so distressing seeing your dog suffer so I am very grateful that Nutriment exists!

  41. Name Not Provided

    My boxer dog LOVES this food. He enjoys all of the varieties of Nutriment but the Duck is one of his favourites. He eats the entire bowl and never leaves anything behind. I love this product because he loves this product. It makes me happy to see him so excited for his meals. He has much less gas and his poo is much more solid. His allergies are much better and his coat looks fabulous.

  42. Name Not Provided

    Whilst my dogs loved this, so no arguements there, I thought it very mushy, would of like a bit more form to it, it was more like baby food.

  43. Karen Simmons

    All 7 of my dogs LOVE the Nutriment Raw food, especially the duck flavour! From my 32kg boy, down to my tiny 3kg girl (Toy) the plates are polished at EVERY mealtime!

  44. Alice And Ted

    I have been feeding various flavours of nutriment complete to my dogs for about three months now. I have noticed that my dogs absolutely love all of the varieties, their coats are glossy and soft, and they are full of energy. This is a truly excellent product and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Your sales and service is also terrific, very quick delivery and plenty of information about, what goes into the product.

  45. Donna

    My Dogs seem to love this, and I’m pleased with the quality of the food and the packaging.

  46. Veronica Brown

    Changed to Nutriment after its very good reviews, and I am really pleased with the results, all gone in a second, much less waste products (!), and fingers crossed a huge improvement in one dog’s itchy skin. Brought other varieties too, plus the chicken carcasses which are a huge hit. Service very efficient, will definately be back to order more.

    Thank you Nutriment

  47. Linipoos

    My dogs turned their noses up at the duck, left it, but did eventually eat it. I wont be buying it again, but they absolutely loved the beef, salmon, turkey and chicken.

  48. Name Not Provided

    Out of all the adult flavours this us the one my dogs are not so keen on! Neither dog will eat it unless I mix one if the other flavours with it! Don’t know why this is – as they have eaten duck in the past! I’ll persevere though so that they get more variety in protein sources!

  49. Name Not Provided

    Swapped from tinned food and biscuit / dry food fussy dog would go of his food daily since being on this and all the other flavours always a clean bowl seems so much better wish I had changed years ago

  50. Erika

    My greyhound loves every one of the foods I have given him from Nutriment. He licks the bowl clean every time – can’t say better than that!

    The fresh marrow bones are also a huge hit with him.

    So well done and thanks for providing such high quality products.

  51. Janet

    Eats it all up , yum yum!!!
    Helped his skin no end he is cured touch wood .

  52. Angie Chrisp

    they also love this as does my pup

  53. Sarah

    All my dogs love the duck variety, makes a tasty alternative flavour to the turkey. Would like to see more varieties – perhaps rabbit or game – that are not mixed with chicken. Overall a fantastic food, my dogs are happy, energetic and their coats gleam with health!

  54. Michele

    I’m not usually one for writing reviews but was so impressed with this I felt I had to! I had used nutriment for my 11 month old from when we got him until I felt comfortable in preparing the barf diet myself and was always so pleased with the food and customer service. I also now have a 4 month old shih tzu who we also wanted to put into raw from when we got him. Unfortunately he seemed to be allergic to many of the things we had tried and was about to put him back onto the dreaded kibble. I then read others review of the duck formula and decide to try him on it. He has had no problems at, it loving every mouthful and is super excited at food time. His poo is possibly the best it has ever been and he is looking fantastic. So pleased we tried it!

  55. Sharon

    My little dog loves it, cleans the plate in one sitting, which he never used to do. And particularly pleased to be able to give my pets a complete raw diet without having to prepare it myself and contend with bloody meat and offal and bones, etc. Being a veggie with a busy career I would find that rather difficult and unpleasant! So nice to see him enjoying his food so much, and for the first time there is NOTHING left sat in his bowl drying up when I wake up next morning!

  56. Carol Cooper

    This raw diet is definitely a big hit with my papillons. They are really eager eaters, when they see us reach to the fridge for their meal, it is chaos. Lol!. It doesn’t give upset tums and so easy to feed. Thank you Nutriment, I have happy healthy dogs with a diet that really suits them.

  57. Name Not Provided

    My 2.5 year old English Bulldog has thrived on this food. She shakes with excitement at every mealtime. Her coat is shiny, she’s less itchy & the dark red tear stains around the folds on her face have gone since making the switch from one of the more expensive 80% meat 20% veg kibbles.
    I find buying her raw food this way is easiest for our lifestyle & it ensures that we are giving her all the nutriments she requires from a raw diet. I’m very impressed with the delivery & how frozen it stays in transit.

  58. Rhod Ridgies’ Mom

    My 14 week old Rhodesian Ridgeback pup was skin and bone despite being fed appropriate weight of dry dog food. A friend recommended Nutriment and I am so pleased as 3 weeks on she has gained 3kg and is looking healthy and wolfs it down. My 3 year old dog looked a me as if I was mad when I first gave it to him, sniffed, looked at me again, licked it, looked at me again, ate a bit, ate a bit more then suddenly it was all gone and would not stop licking his empty bowl. 3 weeks on he is more alert and energetic.

  59. Karen Barker

    I have a 5 month old sheltie and from the moment I had him he was having loose stools, my two other shelties are both fed raw but I was struggling with Brodie in the end we came to the conclusion it was chicken causing the problems. I called Nutriment and with their help and advice I tried him on the duck and turkey and hey presto he is absolutely fine loves it, he is filling out and his coat is coming through, and last Thursday at our ringcraft club he won best pup under six months. So thank you Nutiment especially the lovely Moddie who has spent sooo much time helping me sort him out.

  60. Bert’S Mum

    Berties favourite
    Love the Chubbs
    Great delivery
    Fantastic poo
    Anal gland problem solved
    Meal time getting earlier day by day!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Has taken up position in front of freezer in kitchen night times!!!!!

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