Salmon & Chicken formula – Adult

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Sold in 500g trays or 1.4kg chubbs (click above to select the correct size for your dog).

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Feed 2-3% of the dog’s ideal body weight per day, ideally spread over two meals.


Contains 85% fresh fish, meat and bone.

Scottish Farmed Atlantic Salmon, British chicken with Bone, Fresh Carrots, Fresh Butternut Squash, Fresh Broccoli, Fresh Green Curly Kale, Scottish Cold Water Salmon Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Raw Sea Kelp Powder (Laminaria japonica), Bilberry Powder (Vaccinium Myrtillus),  Spirulina Powder (Spirulina platensis), Whole Milled Sesame Seeds, Wheat Germ Oil (natural vitamin E)

Why do we use these ingredients? Click here for more information.

Typical analysis as fed:
  • Moisture: 62.30%
  • Protein: 12.60%,
  • Fat:17.8%,
  • Ash (inorganic matter): 3.00%,
  • Fibre: 0.8%
  • Calcium: 1.27%
  • Phosphorus: 1.64%
  • Sodium: 0.08%
Useful Information
  • Moisture – the natural presence found in the ingredients
  • Protein – are biological molecules consisting of one or more chains of amino acids
  • Fat – includes all fats: saturated fats, trans fats, and the unsaturated fats, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated
  • Ash (inorganic matter) – is the inorganic residue remaining after the water and organic matter have been removed
  • Fibre – the term given to the indigestible part of food

Minimum guidelines by F.E.D.I.A.F. Adult 1/1, Early Growth and Reproduction 1/1, Late Growth 1/1

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85 reviews for Salmon & Chicken formula – Adult

  1. Laura J.

  2. Barbara Carter

  3. Hannah MacLeod

  4. Anna S.

  5. ludmila

    I have Rhodesian ridgeback ,when he was little he wasn’t keen on Salmon, 10 month later its one of his favorite from Nutriment.

  6. Ian M.

  7. Anna S.

    Our doggo loves the salmon – wolfs it down!!

  8. James Wyatt

  9. Sonya C.

    My dog didn’t like this so I mixed it with other flavours!

  10. Sophie cherry

    Always buy the chubbs.. they save money, packaging and mean I don’t have to defrost daily! No matter what the flavour our dog eats it in seconds! What I love about the salmon one is the oils you can see and how good that must be for him! (His coat and teeth are amazing!)

  11. Ann

    The dog likes it fine. I wonder how much salmon is actually in it or the salmon in it is cooked? It’s not pink. Maybe just oxidisation? I wish your products weren’t in black trays – they’re not recyclable (at least not in my area).

  12. Anonymous

    My Westie loves this, it is one of her favourite flavours and is gobbled up in no time..

  13. Anonymous

    Food is always gobbled up very quickly

  14. Anonymous

    This is one of the dogs favourite flavours, and the fact they spend a good half hour after feeding licking the bowls, tells me all I need to know.

  15. Anonymous

    I was so frustrated with my very fussy eater, Eddie. I do think he has a ‘sensitive digestive system’ whatever that means, so think this is not really his fault. But so much (quite expensive) dog food was tried and wasted or given to friends with ‘normal’ dogs. When the Nutriment Raw arrived Eddie tried to get into the box, he was so excited. Hasn’t missed a meal. Ear fungus cleared up immediately, as did a weepy eye. Amazing. Happy dog. Happy owner.

  16. Anonymous

    My miniature dachshund never leaves a speck of this or any other flavour in her bowl. She has a beautiful coat and is very bright eyed and I put this down to this food – she also doesn’t suffer any stomach problems and even her doggy breath isn’t bad! Her breeder recommended this and I can see why. I’d highly recommend it.

  17. Anonymous

    This smells so fishy that I can’t stand it. Dog loves it. Who wins?

  18. Anonymous

    Most if my dogs like this, one isn’t too keen. Slightly looser consistency

  19. Anonymous

    Easy to order, delivered very quickly and loved by my Westie whose allergy skin condition has improved to normal since I started feeding Nutriment since May 2016.

  20. Anonymous

    Dogs love it ! It’s got all the best things they need in it and they look great !

  21. Anonymous

    I like this food as it gives much needed oil to the dogs and helps their coats. 😀

  22. Anonymous

    My 3 dogs can’t get enough of this they love it

  23. Anonymous

    Decided on a raw diet after our 3 yr old chocolate lab just couldn’t stop scratching (not fleas) – into the 3rd week and the involuntary scratching has all but stopped so will continue feeding and hopefully reap some more benefits.
    P.s. She was being fed on high quality dried food apparently with no additives – just shows you??

  24. Anonymous

    This product is always quickly devoured by my dogs who can sometimes turn up their noses to other foods. They enjoy all the Nutriment range but salmon is a special favourite.

  25. Anonymous

    I actually ordered the dog salmon but you sent me the cat version which my cat won’t eat but my dog enjoys so there was no complaints!

  26. Anonymous

    A bit sloppy but another winner with the dogs

  27. Anonymous

    Out boy adores the salmon! (And we live that it’s not as smelly as some of the others!)
    Really fab product and reccomend it all the time!

  28. Anonymous

    Recently started feeding my dogs raw and they LOVE it!
    The completes are so easy, just defrost and feed!
    My dogs like all the flavours but the beef one seems to be the favourite (maybe something to do with the smelly tripe!!)
    Seeing the benefits already. If you haven’t switched yet – what are you waiting for?

  29. Anonymous

    Nutriment is outstanding. I recommend to every friend with a dog! The salmon variant is lovely, as I know that my Dobermann is getting plenty of Omega oils, which help keep his coat shiny.

  30. Anonymous

    My dogs absolutely love this flavour

  31. Anonymous

    Good nutritious food. My dog loves and is thriving on this food, licking the bowl and in a permanent sit position . Im sure she is excited now at feeding times with the variety she is now getting.

  32. Anonymous

    My pugs love fish so this had to be a winner.
    Brilliant food and packaging is great.

  33. Anonymous

    Unfortunately my GSD does not enjoy the salmon. I add a little to his other ingredients as I feel it is an important component. He has had an itchy skin for some time & although he has been on Nutriment for over a year, he still scratches. Now off beef and will see how he does. Is on chicken, turkey and duck which he loves. If no improvement with itch, will remove chicken – trial and error. Will stress that he is in excellent health and great shine to his coat.

  34. Anonymous

    My GSD loves this food. Bowl is always sparkling clean after a meal. Has really helped with her sensitive stomach and itchy skin, and much more manageable poos now too… Would recommend this to anyone, wouldn’t dream of changing her diet now!!

  35. Anonymous

    My dogs love this

  36. Anonymous

    My dogs tried all the different flavours and this was by far their favourite. The only one they would not go near was the beef and I had to agree with them. However nourishing it may be, it smelled of only one thing beginning with s and ending with t.

    They love the chicken and turkey but the salmon is best in their book. My 12 year old Samoyed took to the Senior stuff straightaway and cleans the bowl every time.

    I have seen an amazing transformation in their coats – they were always long and soft but are now so silky. I am certain this is as a result of the food. My little black Romanian rescue dog looks like someone has polished him!

    Am very pleased with all the nutriment products.

  37. Anonymous

    Good quality food. However, the tub is impossible to open without a struggle / sore fingers. And shame I did not read more carefully the content, my Staffie is allergic to chicken, I expected this formula to be Salmon only (like duck or lamb). The top label on the boxes I have ordered doesn’t show this information (like the one here on the product page). I am really pleased with the duck formula though and Mina loves it 🙂 I hope we will manage her condition on this diet and she will feel better soon.

  38. Anonymous

    Ordered this as an ‘extra’ with my usual order as my 2 love their fish and this is one of their favourites. The bowls go around the kitchen …. what more can you ask for !

  39. Anonymous

    Slightly sloppier mixture but dogs absolutely love it

  40. Anonymous

    Our dogs have always loved fish so I was really pleased salmin nutriment was available. It also just smells of normal salmon – unlike the beef which is really stinky.
    Since going on nutriment our dogs coats have improved and their weight is going down (they put on a bit at my parents’ house over the summer). Their stools are tiny, which is an added bonus – I guess most of the nutrients are absorbed as they are natural, a bit like breastfed human babies.

  41. Anonymous

    This food is great. My malamute us serval health issues but one being IBD with years of changing food all the time and worries about changing to raw, we finally got the courage to change over best thing we’ve ever done. Healthy coat, happy dog loves all the flavours no problems with any of them very happy

  42. Anonymous

    My Pugs love this! It’s there favourite

  43. Anonymous

    My 2 chihuahuas love this, which is really good because I like to make sure they get a balanced diet which includes oily fish. Both my boys are thriving on Nutriment. Plenty of energy, shiny costs & poo’s that don’t smell!

  44. Anonymous

    My little one is a fan of the salmon. Always wolfs it down…however…it doesn’t tell you the percentage of salmon to chicken.

  45. Anonymous

    As a very satisfied customer of all the Nutriment products I just have to say that my most recent order for the Salmon seems really sloppy…… much more so than the previous orders of the same item. I am sure the high nutritional value is the same…. just wondering if there is any changes with it ?

  46. Anonymous

    My 2 little boys love this & good to know they are getting a good portion of fish in their diet to keep the joints in their legs up to speed.

  47. Anonymous

    He loves nutriment never has a poorly stomach anymore best decision I ever made to feed my Boris on a nutriment diet

  48. Anonymous

    My young English Springer Spaniel has a very sensitive stomach and we have to watch what we give him. Having been to the vets on many occasions with regards to his stomach issues and trying many different types, brands of dog food, nothing seemed to agree with him. We were recommended Nutriment through by our dog walker and she even give us a weeks worth of tubs to try. Snoop (our Springer) was not too convinced at first (he can be funny about food too) but I did instantly notice an different with his bowl movements.
    I thought I would get Snoop to try a few different flavors to see if he would take to it but would often leave half in his bowl. I ended up having to mix a little chicken with it which of course encouraged him to finish to bowel. Over time I have gradually reduced the chicken and now he eat this on his own and has grown to love it (providing it is chopped up completely).
    I would now not use any other food for Snoop and I would recommend it for any dogs who have a similar issue to Snoop.
    One thing I would say is that this product is not readily available in shops (near me anyway) and I can only order it online through the website. Luckily though delivery is very quick but can be a little inconvenient. I have also found that this product is not widely advertised. Inf act my vet had not known about this product and was keen to try it with his own dogs.

  49. Anonymous

    Our 4 dogs love this. Since feeding the nutriment (been fed RAW since puppies) their coats are softer, their poops are smaller and the have become even more cuddly, what more can you ask for?????

  50. Anonymous

    This and the Beef are our favourites! Our trusted breeder Sue recommended we give Nutriment a go and we love it, although Brambles is on a diet she cant get enough of it and she is looking good, we have noticed a change in her bowl movements for the better. Brambles also loves the different flavours its good for her to have a variety, we to would get fed up with the same old food day in day out, so this is highly recommended.

  51. Anonymous

    This is such a favourite with my two Alaskan Malamutes. They love it so much, they don’t wait for it to be defrosted!!! It’s lasts only minutes in their bowls!!!
    So pleased when you read the ingredients and see what’s there. I will be recommending Nutriment to the new owners of my 9 puppies!! They couldn’t go wrong with this food

  52. Anonymous

    of all the food I buy this seems to hit the spot for my gsd, changed to raw because of skin problems and itching and although that hasn’t gone completely it is much more under control since feeding your products
    have tried most of the products now but have to say this def is the “tonks” favourite

  53. Anonymous

    The salmon is Eric’s favourite meal, his dish is licked all round the kitchen floor, then he decides to lick the other dogs dishes just to check that all the salmon has been cleaned from the dishes

  54. Anonymous

    My 10 year old rescue greyhound is a fussy eater. When we got her she was skin and bone and we successfully fattened her up on good quality kibble and added bits of meat, veg and assorted human leftovers. But the process was fairly complicated to get the right balance that she would “take to”. Even feeding Nutriment took a while.

    She even walked out of the kitchen the fist time she smelled it.

    With a bit of good advice from Nutriment we introduced it slowly, microwaved it to start with so it was semi-cooked and then lessened the cooking time and increased the quantities as we went along. Now she doesn’t have to “test” it. She knows it’s good and eats it straight away if I add a bit of hot water from the kettle. I still give her other chew treats and some kibble at night – mainly to give her something to do – she now loves eating at night and she is looking great.

    The salmon is our favourite – less offal smell.

  55. Anonymous

    Tess likes this one best- pure greed when this is on her plate.

  56. Anonymous

    I have to say that my dog, Molly, loves all the nutriment flavours but I think Salmon is probably her favourite closely followed by beef. Her tail is always that little bit more waggily and the speed with which she wolfs it down is a bit quicker when compared with the other flavours!

  57. Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure I’m feeding my dogs with the best I can, they love the salmon flavour and the packaging is good.

  58. Anonymous

    I have two dogs which up until early 2014 had not had raw food, I tried various companies but Nutriment raw wins on service and advice. My two tried a variety but due to the beef tripe in them can only have the salmon due to allergies. The food doesn’t last long in the bowls and both dogs are at my feet when food is around. They are both looking good. I wish they could do a middle size like 1KG and more eco friendly packaging for the tubs as I use 1 a day.

  59. Anonymous

    Gsd x malamute Dakota can be a bit fussy with fish- however she dived straight into this and didn’t come up for air until it had all gone!!

  60. Anonymous

    Mig’s was an extremely fussy eater till we gave him Nutriment and now he eats all of his dinners and especially no coaxing with the Salmon

  61. Anonymous

    I think that the salmon is the favourite with my dogs which really surprised me. I have handled the chubb and had difficulty getting the smell off my hands so I now use plastic gloves,(just for the salmon).

  62. Anonymous

    I was expecting my dogs to need some persuading with this as they normally only like Chicken or turkey! However they loved it and walloped it down! Great I’ve found an alternative they like! They have turned salmon kibble and wet food down in the past!

  63. Anonymous

    Salmon is my dogs favourite raw,. If they had patterns on their bowls it would be completely licked off

  64. Anonymous

    This was his favourite

  65. Anonymous

    The salmon formula is proving popular with our cockapoo. I tend to vary this with the Chicken Formula and the Just Turkey mix to which I add some home-made vegetable mix. We buy the tubs and would prefer it if the packaging included sleeves as too many of the tubs are open on arrival. Also the tubs can be quite difficult to open at times.

  66. Anonymous

    My 5 dogs love their raw food wherever it comes from. From my point of view this is a quality product with some super nutrient rich additives. But like other comments HATE the packaging. Will therefore only buy small add variety to their diet.

  67. Anonymous

    This has got to be the best on the market! Will certainly be buying again! Dogs loved it and it’s quality food!

  68. Anonymous

    love the salmon they sit and wait in kitchen when they are having this one

  69. Anonymous

    I have been using the Nutriment food for approx. 3 months now and my dogs just love it.
    I have 2 terriers, one of which was incredibly fussy and would often go for days not eating. She now eats every meal and comes running when she hears the bowl go down.
    My other dog just looks fantastic on it and her coat colour is incredible and a lot richer. She has lost the bloated look she often had on previous dried dog foods.
    So far they have loved all the meats and really enjoyed the Baa tubes as well!!

  70. Anonymous

    I like the sound of this salmon formula but my fussy eater Rose can turn her nose up at the salmon, on the odd occasion, and she seems to prefer the chicken formula.

  71. Anonymous

    A raw diet that has ingredients other than rice. We have tried for a long time to look for something our Akita can have, he has IBD and is allergic to a lot of food. He was unsure at first with the texture but I would say persevere if your dog isn’t sure it took our boy four days and now loves it.
    Like a lot of customers hate the packaging of the chubs they are slippery and take up a lot of room in the fridge while defrosting.
    When the salmon comes there is usually some juice on the outside of the Chubb that I have to clean off before it goes in the dog freezer this was not the case with the turkey etc.
    on the upside I think the way it arrives and is kept frozen is fantastic.
    You should sell non slip bowls which I had to buy to stop Lou chasing his bowl around the garden also some FAQs that would help all us new customers.
    Well done with this great product.

  72. Anonymous

    This has to be my dogs favourite though it is hard to tell as she eats all of them with gusto. Have been feeding my dogs raw for 6 months now and I have had so many people remark on their coats and ask what I am feeding them.

  73. Anonymous

    Very impressed with the ingredient list for all Nutriment products. My dogs love it, they are looking well and healthy and their stools are firm and dry. I’m a convert. The only downside is that this is a messy way to feed your dogs – the chubbs are bulky to store, messy to cut and serve and it’s a bind storing part used chubbs. I am going to persevere, however, since I think it’s such a great food.

  74. Anonymous

    I was wary of trying this because of reading that some dogs weren’t keen – but – WOW – my 3 boys absolutely love this one so it’s now a regular at our house!

  75. Anonymous

    they stand in the kitchen noses a twitching while the salmon chubbs are defrosting they love it

  76. Anonymous

    Hi, I have been converted to nutriment!!!
    Seems like balls my Westie loves it!
    It is additive free and totally natural.
    I thought he wouldn’t eat salmon as he usually turns his nose up at fish. However….. He gobbled it up!!!

  77. Anonymous

    first, let me stress that I have been impressed by the quality of ALL the Nutriment products I have tried … however, my only criticism of the Salmon formula would be that the batch I have had has been very sloppy compared to the Turkey, Duck, and Chicken. This makes it more tricky to get out of the chubb wrapper when it is defrosted, and messy to ladle into the dogs’ bowls. Having said all that, the dogs do enjoy it as another variety.

  78. Anonymous

    My 3 go nuts for the Nutriment salmon formula! I was wary at first after seeing some dogs were turning the product down but not so with my boys! A definite favourite!

  79. Anonymous

    My six month-old Ridgeback puppy loves this flavour. The only thing I would say is that it is a bit mushier than the other flavours, but that doesn’t seem to bother her at all.

  80. Anonymous

    I wrote a review on 10th September saying that my boy was none too keen on the salmon (though enjoying the chicken). I felt I really should update as, having left it for 7 / 10 days, I tried again and the salmon is doing down VERY well indeed!! Maybe it was the texture he wasn’t used to?? Who knows, but my fussy eater is now licking the bowl clean and looking for more!! Well done Nutriment!

  81. Anonymous

    I ordered several salmon chubbs to add variety to our usual chicken diet, and fresh poached salmon has always been a favourite!

    On opening the chubb (hate the packaging)there was no strong fishy smell, which was great, and the dish was licked clean within seconds. Second meal the same! By the time we offered the 3rd meal, however, (a chubb does us 5 meals) it was well and truly refused! Offered it again in the evening, wouldn’t even sniff it! Same the next morning! So over half of that chubb was thrown away! The chicken is going down very well however, so will hold off on the salmon and offer again in a few weeks to see what the reaction is then. It looks good quality, so am sure it is just my fussy eater!!!

  82. Anonymous

    All 6 of my dogs absolutely love this. Our latest, a pup of 7 months, can be quite the fussy little eater but she just dived in and lift her head till her bowl was completely clean. Will definitely recommend this to all my friends who feed raw.

  83. Anonymous

    My 2 border collies loved this. Our female will eat anything so not surprised and our boy (a very fussy so and so) couldn’t get it down quick enough. Compared to the other similar raw frozen food this is more substantial and definitely more popular with the hounds. Well done!

  84. Anonymous

    I purchased only 2 chubbs along with my order. My 5 dogs loved it.

  85. Anonymous

    I bought the salmon with some trepidation as I don’t like strong fishy smells and my dogs hadn’t enjoyed this in my old brand. Well first off no horrid small and my dogs hoovered it up in now time at all and then cleaned their bowls and everyone else’s too. Definitely on my next order.

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