Turkey formula – Adult

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Sold in 500g trays or 1.4kg chubbs (click above to select the correct size for your dog).

For help about how much fits in a box, and details about the delivery of your order, please click here.

Feed 2-3% of the dog’s ideal body weight per day, ideally spread over two meals.


Contains 85% fresh meat, offal and bone.

British Turkey with Bone, British Beef Green Tripe, British Beef Kidney, British Beef Liver, Fresh Carrots, Fresh Butternut Squash, Fresh Broccoli, Fresh Green Curly Kale, Scottish Cold Water Salmon Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Raw Sea Kelp Powder (Laminaria japonica), Bilberry Powder (Vaccinium Myrtillus),  Spirulina Powder (Spirulina platensis), Whole Milled Sesame Seeds, Wheat Germ Oil (natural vitamin E)

Why do we use these ingredients? Click here for more information.

Typical analysis as fed:
  • Moisture: 64.20%
  • Protein: 14.70%,
  • Fat: 10.40%,
  • Ash (inorganic matter): 5.90%,
  • Fibre: 0.60%
  • Calcium: 1.20%
  • Phosphorus: 1.90%
  • Sodium: 0.10%
Useful Information
  • Moisture – the natural presence found in the ingredients
  • Protein – are biological molecules consisting of one or more chains of amino acids
  • Fat – includes all fats: saturated fats, trans fats, and the unsaturated fats, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated
  • Ash (inorganic matter) – is the inorganic residue remaining after the water and organic matter have been removed
  • Fibre – the term given to the indigestible part of food


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105 reviews for Turkey formula – Adult

  1. Michael Pleasants

  2. Naomi Pleasants

  3. sharon skinner

    Both dogs love this

  4. Anonymous

  5. Barbara Carter

  6. Hannah MacLeod

  7. Michelle

  8. Cheryl

  9. Anna S.

  10. ludmila

    my dog loves it

  11. Anna S.

  12. Anonymous

  13. James Wyatt

  14. Sonya C.

    Great product, good value.

  15. Anonymous

    3 of my 4 dogs get the turkey and they love it, one of them has always been fussy and a struggle to feed but, he now dances for his food, he gets so excited about feed times, he has filled out and they all look great

  16. Anonymous

    Ethel enjoyed this and no sickness. We did have a hotspot appear but I think this was environmental not food. I will try again to be sure.

  17. Anonymous

    All my dogs love this food but, my very fussy eater loves it, he has put on 2kg since changing him, he needed to put on, feed times are exciting now

  18. Anonymous

    Teddy loves his feed never leaves a scrap

  19. Anonymous

    My cocker loves this food. It’s gone in 2 seconds flat. She has a lovely shiny coat. She’s chilled out, but has plenty of energy for walks

  20. Anonymous

    just started using this as my wee boy has suspected colitis and both he and his sister are fussy but 2 mins on the dish is all it gets as they scoff it right down and lick the colour off their bowls. would recommend this highly

  21. Anonymous

    Turkey is best for my dog’s skin condition (yeast infections, allergies) and colitis. After many years of trying different foods (dry, wet , tins, kibble, raw), different brands, Nutriment Turkey suits her best (also Origin Six Fish which is good quality kibble). Her health is much better now but it’s taken four years of experimenting.

  22. Anonymous

    Having introduced him to the puppy formula he is now changing to the adult. He loves this food to the extent that you turn your back and it’s gone. 21weeks old, developing and gaining weight at a very good rate. We look forward to see his reaction to the other adult flavours we have waiting for him in the freezer.

  23. Anonymous

    THe last few batches sent have been very liquidy

  24. Anonymous

    Prior to using Nutriment Raw my cockapoo had constant ear infections and toilet problems. Almost immediately on moving to Nutriment Raw all his problems stopped and hes never been healthier. The staff on the phone are amazingly helpful and knowledgeable. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend

  25. Anonymous

    my pooch Mhila loves this

  26. Anonymous

    There are some chubs which have far too much water/blood when they defrost,
    a good percentage of the weight must be this liquid. not in all of them but in some.

  27. Anonymous

    My dogs love this but again have to finger the larger bits of bone out. I find the cost of delivery very high

  28. Anonymous

    My dogs love this. Good consistency too

  29. Anonymous

    This is the first raw food I’ve fed our pooch and she’s nearly eight now. She’s normally quite fussy but she loves this (only bought turkey). Been feeding it for a couple months now and she seems to be doing great.
    Looks and smells like good quality food so everyone’s happy!

  30. Anonymous

    We have a Ridgeback puppy so we decant the chubbs into three empty tubs and pop it in the fridge – the tubs do melt pretty easily if you use hot water to dfrost them (and you careful how hot the water is to wash them out if you reuse them the way we do. Product is great goes down a treat .

  31. Anonymous

    The food is good quality and the dogs seem to like it. The only negative aspect is the packaging. Despite repeated requests not to pack in polynuts and put as many chubbs in the boxes as possible, it was only my last order that this was adhered to I have bought these products for over 18 months and am concerned with the amount of polystyrene going to landfill.

  32. Anonymous

    Changed my boxer to this because of serious stomach problems he loves it and his stomach is a lot better for it

  33. Anonymous

    I started my jrt on raw about 6 months ago, I’ve tried 3 different types and have found nutriment to suit us the best, not only does Archie love it but I like the fact that it’s in a tub which stops things getting messy. I would recommend nutriment.

  34. Anonymous

    My puppy loves this . No tummy upset , no digestive issues . I’ll keep her on this for life

  35. Anonymous

    Another favourite, clean bowls every time

  36. Anonymous

    I cannot speak from personal experience but my dog Bee says that it’s delicious, so I’ve no reason to doubt her.

  37. Anonymous

    Another winner from Nutriment

  38. Anonymous

    It’s woofable as far as my dogs are concerned. Keeping all my dogs bright eyed and bushy tailed.

  39. Anonymous

    All good so far except he wasn’t so keen on the Duck variety. His coat is shiny and he’s slimming down and very happy and chilled

  40. Anonymous

    Dodger loves all food but since changing him to Nutriment he’s more “chilled” and no more nasty flatulence!

  41. Anonymous

    I have been feeding my two GBGV on the Turkey they both look very healthy.

  42. Anonymous

    Food is great but as a former NI customer who switched to Nutriment due to the change in quality of 500g tubs I am disappointed. I used to be able to put the NI 500g tubs in the dishwasher and reuse for many things round the kitchen. Then they just started to get warped in the heat and Nutriments are no different.

    If you are going to have a holistic rationale for creating a healthy and enjoyed product why not think of the environment as well? At least when the heat moulded tubs were slightly thicker they could be washed and reused. Now is all going to landfill/biomass burning.

  43. Anonymous

    Used to use Nutriment all the time. Stopped for a while because standards were slipping. Thought we’d give it another go as DIY is a bit of a faff. Bought three different formulae – Chicken, Turkey and Duck. Shipment came slightly defrosted as another reviewer has mentioned. The freezer became very smelly with the new chubbs installed. Defrosted the chubbs in the fridge as per recommendations, but the smell is overpowering and both dogs refuse to eat it. Defrosted some of my DIY to compare (and make sure they weren’t just off their food for some reason), and they immediately wolfed it down. Wont’ be returning for another batch, obviously the issues from earlier in the year have not been resolved.

  44. Anonymous

    Great food for our Bernese mountain dog puupy as it has really helped her grow into a very healthy dog with good teeth bones and coat.

  45. Anonymous

    Great product, June & firm. Eye to divide for portions

  46. Anonymous

    I had two very poorly dogs. I needed to change their food. My dog lost 3 kilos in weight. They are now thriving and my boy is slowly putting weight back on. His coat is shiny again Changing their food is the best thing I could have done.

  47. Anonymous

    Our Golden Retriever is doing very well on Nutriment Food, he loves this turkey product. His digestive system initially was not strong and we worked our way from dried food to raw and raw food suits him and his digestion has become stronger. From the time of online order to delivery is the fastest I have ever experienced. The courier turns up exactly when they say and are helpful and courteous, so great service.

  48. Anonymous

    Our dog loves this food! Her fur is super nice, her stomach is always healthy, poo not smelly (unless she finds anything fubky during our walks in the park) price is good and the nutrition value is great! We love this product and would recommend to everyone!

  49. Anonymous

    My dogs love this food.Put it down its gone.Turkey proffered over Chicken.Better consistency.1

  50. Anonymous

    I was told about Nutriment by a friend who feeds her cats the raw food. She knew i was having trouble with my Shiranian, she has been on all different foods and was still having the runs with every type. I settled on Lilys Kitchen and supplemented her with Pro Kolin paste. I decided to give this a go, for both my dogs and im so glad i did. Within 48 hours my Shiranian was having hard poos. First time since we have had her. Both my dogs enjoy all the flavors (except the fish one). I put it down and its gone. Shame i haven’t got a huge freezer, so have to do an order every 2 weeks as i dont have a local stockist near me. Would recommend anyone to give it a go.

  51. Anonymous

    Merlin recently started raw food and I wanted a complete food so I didn’t need to worry.
    My dog Merlin loves it, it’s easily kept in the fridge after defrosting , will definitely be buying it again

  52. Anonymous

    My dogs really like the turkey formula, it’s a bit more firm than the chicken

  53. Anonymous

    Really enjoyed by my lot – looks good & smells good

  54. Anonymous

    I have never seen my two terrors eat so well and so quickly, we have no standing guard till one or the other has eaten first. The dishes are left clean every time.
    They have lost weight and now weigh their true weight, their skin, eyes and teeth all look good
    All in all I have two healthy doggies my westie Ollie is 12 and Pheobe is 9 she is a little cross breed, they walk at least two miles a day and seem like young dogs which before nutriment they did not
    Service and delivery first class.
    Well done Nutriment .

  55. Anonymous

    I have been feeding my Old Tyme Bulldog on nutriment for over two years now. I noticed from the start she was enjoying her meal a lot better and not leaving it, like she has done on other foods in the past, her coat is so much brighter and all in all she is very healthy. Thanks to you all at nutriment for great product, excellent customer service and next day delivery saves me strolling to shops.

    Many thanks

  56. Anonymous

    Zorro loves this. Looking good on it.

  57. Anonymous

    My GSD loves this food. Bowl is always sparkling clean after a meal. Has really helped with her sensitive stomach and itchy skin, and much more manageable poos now too… Would recommend this to anyone, wouldn’t dream of changing her diet now!!

  58. Anonymous

    My GSD loves this food. Bowl is always sparkling clean after a meal. Has really helped with her sensitive stomach and itchy skin, and much more manageable poos now too… Would recommend this to anyone, wouldn’t dream of changing her diet now!!

  59. Anonymous

    My 2 dogs love this

  60. Anonymous

    My 7 month pup has been raw fed since weaning but has suddenly gone off my normal brand so I thought I would try this. It is very sloppy and she has refused to eat it, preferring to go without.

  61. Anonymous

    This food is great. My malamute us serval health issues but one being IBD with years of changing food all the time and worries about changing to raw, we finally got the courage to change over best thing we’ve ever done. Healthy coat, happy dog loves all the flavours no problems with any of them very happy

  62. Anonymous

    My 18 month miniature poodle has been a fussy eater almost since we had him. He has never liked dried food and has had diarrhoea off and on for the last two months followed by problems with his anal glands – very distressing! We were advised to investigate raw food by a convert we met on a dog walk. The people on the phone were incredibly knowledgeable and assured me this would be the solution. They were right! The first meal was gobbled down! Like a normal dog! His next poo was wonderfully firm and easy. He has even put on weight having been skinny before. So happy with this product and so convenient too!

  63. Anonymous

    Superb product, dogs love and keeps them in amazing condition.

  64. Anonymous

    Both my dogs love nutriment, all flavours. Their coats are beautiful, shiny and soft and their teeth are white. My working cocker spaniel who was totally insane and off the wall before is now a little calmer and im sure its down to the raw food. He’s still nuts tho! Love Nutriment and i have recommended it to everyone! !

  65. Anonymous

    Wouldn’t feed my dog anything else since he’s been on this food he’s put weight on and he’s so much happier

  66. Anonymous

    Worth the money

  67. Anonymous

    Love these foods very easy for the dogs to digest

  68. Anonymous

    I’m a recent convert to nutriment. It takes a little getting use to as the portion size is far smaller than that of conventional tinned dog food. I love the fact that nutriment is packed full of vitamins and made from human grade meat. Also the people at nutriment are amazingly friendly and helpful. I really can’t praise this product enough.

  69. Anonymous

    I’d tried a dog on raw turkey, bought from a pet store some years ago. The dog ate it, but with some reluctance. As it happened, a friend who is a major animal farmer was staying with us. We examined the defrosted meat. Then we examined defrosted lamb. This friend has also butchered. He admitted he found it difficult to identify what was meat in these products, and remarked that they both smelled putrid.
    Then sometime later I came across Nutriment. My dog really hoovers up the turkey and chicken meals, and I feel far better knowing I’m doing the best for her.

  70. Anonymous

    This is possibly the best one out of them all which is why its always out of stock. The dogs absolutely loved it

  71. Anonymous

    my mini schnauzer phoebe is 18 months old, she’s always been a fussy eater . When we first got her she was eating a puppy Kibble with some water added to soften it, she would go at it as if she’d never eaten and then one day just refused to eat it. We suspect that she’d got a taste for the cats food (oh yer we’ve got two cats) and so started her on wainwright trays, she ate this but only if we hand fed her it , but a lot of the time we were just throwing it away. My wife asked our schnauzer weakling group for suggestions and were recommended nutrient raw . We’ve tried her on all the flavours available along with the duck necks and sprats and she now is eating without prompting and cleaning her bowl to within a inch of its life….we are now extremely happy owners.

  72. Anonymous

    This is brilliant, so much easier than trying to create a raw feeding plan by yourself with the correct mix of meat, bone, offal etc. The only reason I’ve given it 4 stars is because my dog isn’t keen on this flavour.

  73. Anonymous

    I have started my 6 month old rottie pup on this as he has a sensitive stomach. It was an absolute hit. He loves it and it seems to agree with his stomach.
    For the quality product you get I would say its a bargain

  74. Anonymous

    We have adopted our next door neighbours 8 year old Jack Russell, Mick. Sadly the neighbour developed terminal bowel cancer about 9 months ago and he asked us to look after his dog when the time came. He passed away 3 months ago and Mick has moved in. He has been kennelled outside for the whole of his life and mainly fed on kibble with the occasional tin of Pedigree. He became housetrained and perfectly clean indoors overnight so as he had been so good we decided to make the rest of his life as nice as possible. He really loves the Turkey, likes the chicken and beef but flatly refuses to eat the Salmon. He is nice and quiet inside the house but will run about for hours outside. He has been on Nutriment for almost six weeks now and he is thriving, his coat has improved, his poop is no longer loose and smelly, all in all he is a great advertisement for this excellent food.

  75. Anonymous

    Fantastic product, adored by the dog, low odour, convenient packaging, fast efficient delivery, ….but….an added bonus that since being on this food my Mini Schnauzer has completely lost all the orange staining that was from his eyes and on his beard, it has grown out after a few months to reveal it wasn’t a natural ginger beard at all, just colorants that had been added to his previous dog food. Really pleased.

  76. Anonymous

    My year old border terrier has been on nutriment for about 3 months and he’s getting on really well with it. Initially he lost a bit of weight while he was getting used to the food; now he is back to a good weight, he salivates when I go to the fridge and can’t wait to eat (he was refusing kibble) and he has had none of his old digestive problems. Fantastic. It would be great if the polystyrene packaging could be recycled or returned to the company for re-use.

  77. Anonymous

    You can tell this is a high quality product. The packaging is great and my dogs love the food. I feel like I’m giving them the best I can.

  78. Anonymous

    My arthritic westie literally jumps up and down like he’s on springs when he’s being fed Nutriment. We’ve had real problems finding a food he can keep down but we’ve never had any issues with Nutriment.
    The only thing I’d say is that quite often the lids don’t close properly on the boxes or arrive cracked, so I worry that the food will get freezer burn. Other than that, fab!

  79. Anonymous

    Such a great product, my dog just can not get enough of this! Would recommend to anybody who is thinking of trying it out! Also my dog was having some itching which has stopped

  80. Anonymous

    Words cannot express how much my dogs love this. Every bowl is emptied, followed by a good wander and nose at each other’s bowls just in case there’s a little bit left!

    One of my dogs gets sick when she eats chicken, so the turkey flavour has been a life (and money!) saver for us. No more puke puddles, just content dogs licking their chops and asking for more!

  81. Anonymous

    All dishes licked clean this is the only one I have used so far 10 outta 10

  82. Anonymous

    My 14 month old cairn terrier loved this food she ate it straight away with her past food she’s not really got over excited about feed time but now she can’t wait. Myself I am very impressed with the packaging and how the food looks and no strong smells .

  83. Anonymous

    They love the Turkey

  84. Anonymous

    This and the chicken are my dogs favourites! They cry like puppies for it!

  85. Anonymous

    harvey (flat coated retriever) had problems with his ears and had to be sedated 5 times to have them flushed out .. always had runny eyes in the morning .. since being on nutriment alll that has gone ears are great and eyes aren’t gunky every morning.. his coat doesn’t smell “doggy ” anymore and he doesn’t have wind in the evenings !! so all in all i am VERY pleased with switching him to nutriment

  86. Anonymous

    My poodle ladies have always loved turkey, and now I don’t have to chop it up myself! They eat it eagerly and lick the bowl when they’ve finished. I can thoroughly recommend this product, along with the whole Nutriment range.

  87. Anonymous

    I’ve been using Nutriment for my dogs for some time now and they all love it and it suits them very well. It is a lot easier than the do it yourself raw diet I was using previously. I would recommend anyone who is dubious about raw feeding to give Nutriment a go.

  88. Anonymous

    they also enjoy this one no left overs here then they swap bowls !!!!!

  89. Anonymous

    Both my dogs love this, they look great on it. I’ve been using Nutriment since September last year and although I’ve raw fed both my dogs for a few years I’ve definately noticed a different in their condition since feeding them on it, great coats, clean teeth and loads of energy! I have a local retailer near to me so don’t order online much but when I have the delivery service has been excellent

  90. Anonymous

    All my dogs get stupidly excited when their Nutriment food is prepared, bouncing and singing at the tops of their voices. Turkey is a regular on the menu as my boy is allergic to chicken and it always disappears in a flash. I like the added beef, adds to the variety of proteins fed. The chubbs work well, reduced packaging is always a bonus, they fit perfectly into the Lock and Lock 2 litre containers.

  91. Anonymous

    They love the Turkey and gobble is the correct word its gone in a flash thankyou

  92. Anonymous

    My Westie Minnie has terrible skin problems (like Herbert). I have tried every pill, potion and wonder food on the market and nothing helped. Nutriment was recommended and though i was skeptical I thought ‘why not’. It took a few months for Minnie to get used to the change and for my husband to stop gagging at the raw food. But….for the first time ever, there is an improvement. I am over the moon. Minnie is 15 years old,her immune system has been destroyed by our ex-vet who over prescribing steroids. I know she will never recover from the skin condition and time is not on her side, but, i know i am now feeding her the best and the proof is that she is responding really well. Her fur is growing back, she has a spring in her step and a twinkle in her eye. Her appetite has returned and she gobbles the Turkey formula down. I am happy knowing that for the time she has left with us she is as comfortable as she could possibly be. Minnie’s well being is all down to Nutriment. The staff are brilliant, so helpful and delivery is very 1st class. Well done Nutriment, we love you x

  93. Anonymous

    Another great variety and Hurley (Cavapoo) ‘wolfs’ it down time after time after time. Superb list of ingredients in all the products and you can clearly see how much your dog improves in behaviour and ‘toileting.’ Cannot rate highly enough the products, staff and company – we have one happy dog which = one happy owner. Many thanks x

  94. Anonymous

    My dog was so picky and was in poor condition and thin, now loves mealtimes and this formula especially! I wish it had larger chunks for her to chew on though as it’s gone within seconds.

  95. Anonymous

    I’ve been feeding this for a few months now and am very pleased with it. The dogs are in excellent health and really love their food. Can’t see me going anywhere else.

  96. Anonymous

    Fresh high quality raw feed… however chubbs leak blood unless bagged.

  97. Anonymous

    I have 2 really picky yorkies but they both eat this without a problem, they seem to have more energy especially the older of the 2 and dealing with smaller poops is a bonus

  98. Anonymous

    This is the first time my two Shih Tzu’s have had Turkey and they love it. They are eating so well on Nutriment. I still have some of the other raw food I bought from other suppliers but that isn’t going down as well as Nutriment. They haven’t tried the other flavours I bought as yet so I will review those when they have.

    Will you bringing on Lamb on to the menu sometime?

  99. Anonymous

    My Rideback pup is coming up six months and has been fed on Nutriment for several months now, having switched from another raw food provider. I think the quality is better and the minces less mushy. She devours them in seconds.

  100. Anonymous

    The food is excellent, fresh & the dogs adore it. They produce far less waste, they look healthy & have no tummy or skin problems when eating this diet. As a former N I customer, I must say the packaging needs to change. The Chubbs are messy, do not store well in the freezer & have to be put in other containers to defrost otherwise blood seeps out. I have different dogs on different products & once opened they all look the same! Much prefer the plastic 1 Litre tubs from N I.

  101. Anonymous

    My dogs love all the Nutriment adult food. I love the 500g tubs – but as with the other reviews the packaging needs improving – paper slip cover (to keep lid on in transport) is a must.

  102. Anonymous

    I found This food vary good quality and my Lab cross Golden Retriever guide dog has taken to it well. It is the first time he has eaten raw food and nutriment’s food is lovely and fresh and he seems to be doing vary well on it. His little bit of flakey skin has cleared up and he is much more full of energy. He also seems less interested in what we’re eating or dropped food on the streets which he’d try and get when he ate dry food.
    I am vary happy and have placed another order.

  103. Anonymous

    The ingredient list is superb. The food looks good and smells good. I am converted. However you have GOT to change the 1.4 kg chubb packaging. It is too big for the freezer to store conveniently, and it is a negative point having to transfer the contents to a storage container after opening. The pricing is attractive. Sort the packaging and you have a winner.

  104. Anonymous

    My dogs love it, and I feed both adults and pups on it, will carry on ordering.
    Great customer service
    Thank you

  105. Anonymous

    Great product, Barnie loves it – but I hate the packaging

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