Boneless Beef formula – Adult

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Sold in 500g trays or 1.4kg chubbs (click above to select the correct size for your dog).

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Feed 2-3% of the dog’s ideal body weight per day, ideally spread over two meals.


Contains 85% fresh meat and offal*.

British Beef Heart, British Beef Green Tripe, British Beef Kidney, British Beef Liver, Fresh Carrots, Fresh Butternut Squash, Fresh Broccoli, Fresh Green Curly Kale, Scottish Cold Water Salmon Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Raw Sea Kelp Powder (Laminaria japonica), Bilberry Powder (Vaccinium Myrtillus),  Spirulina Powder (Spirulina platensis), Whole Milled Sesame Seeds, Wheat Germ Oil (natural vitamin E)

Why do we use these ingredients?  Click here for more information.

Typical analysis as fed:
  • Moisture: 70.20%
  • Protein: 13.00%,
  • Fat: 14.80%,
  • Ash (inorganic matter): 1.60%,
  • Fibre: 0.60%
  • Calcium: 0.25%
  • Phosphorus: 0.40%
  • Sodium: 0.09%
Useful Information
  • Moisture – the natural presence found in the ingredients
  • Protein – are biological molecules consisting of one or more chains of amino acids
  • Fat – includes all fats: saturated fats, trans fats, and the unsaturated fats, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated
  • Ash (inorganic matter) – is the inorganic residue remaining after the water and organic matter have been removed
  • Fibre – the term given to the indigestible part of food

*Please note: this product does not contain bone.

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143 reviews for Boneless Beef formula – Adult

  1. Michael Pleasants

  2. Naomi Pleasants

  3. Hannah MacLeod

  4. Michelle

  5. Tristan

  6. Juliette Warren

  7. Juliette Warren

  8. Kate Drake

  9. Anonymous

  10. Sonya C.

    Great product, good value.

  11. Anonymous

    I am over the Moon to have both of them on it now. After only 1 week their fur has become so soft and even more shiny than it was before.

  12. Anonymous

    All three dogs seem to prefer this flavour over the others.

  13. Anonymous

    Our boxer has had a rough time over the past 3 years, we finally discovered that he is allergic to many things in every day life. He has also had a sensitive tummy and had to be encouraged to eat. All of this changed when we changed him to nutriment. He loves Beef and chicken but not too keen on salmon!
    He has now got the healthiest shiny coat and finally has gained weight.

  14. Anonymous

    I like to incorporate this formula into the range as one of my dogs appears to have slight problems with constipation with the bone content in some of the others. She does also get offal.

  15. Anonymous

    I have been buying this product for a few years now and my dog never gets bored of it. Would recommend to everyone.

  16. Anonymous

    Sorry today that, on the recommendation of a customer service person at Nutriment, I swopped from the puppy formula to the adult dog food – I have a six-month old cockapoo – but my dog just doesn’t like it! He liked all of the puppy formula flavours so I though he would be OK with adult.

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with this food, although it does smell a lot more than the puppy formula , unfortunately I ordered a months worth with this and other varieties – which he also won’t eat except for the turkey.

    Now I have a lot still in the freezer that is just not going to get used. An expensive mistake.

    My suggestion would be that if you swop from puppy to adult then only order one of each to see if your dog will eat it.

  17. Anonymous

    I have two Jack Russells. One of them has a very easily upset tummy and I was recommended this food as it is raw. Since we have put her on this she has not had an upset tummy at all. They both love the food and clear it every time. Highly recommend it.

  18. Anonymous

    Lovely product dogs love it , firm in texture , smell good .

  19. Anonymous

    4 clean plates everything. They love it

  20. Anonymous

    Our dogs love this. I wish it had bone in it but they do have regular bones. It is a bit wiffy when you open (smells more of tripe?!).
    The tubs are great. They are tricky to open sometimes but I would rather this than have leaking.

  21. Anonymous

    Since I started my dog on niutriment she has never left a mouthful eats every bit of food

  22. Anonymous

    Prior to using Nutriment Raw my cockapoo had constant ear infections and toilet problems. Almost immediately on moving to Nutriment Raw all his problems stopped and hes never been healthier. The staff on the phone are amazingly helpful and knowledgeable. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend

  23. Anonymous

    My dog (GSD) is not very keen, will reluctantly eat, and always leaves about a third to be thrown away. She has been raw fed for the last three years and normally loves it But this is very mushy and can be quite smelly when defrosted. This seems to put her off. I have even lightly cooked it (defeating the object of raw food!) but she is still not keen!
    As she has half a Chubb a day I bought some but The Chubbs explode when you open them.
    The tubs seem to be a little better, but she needs one and a half and the half doesn’t keep well The big problem is that they are extremely difficult, if not impossible to open. Need to use a knife then it becomes dangerous!!

  24. Anonymous

    Ordered food and it came 4 day late and had clearly been sitting in a van all weekend. Complained and got a fresh order and was told they would look into it so was happy. Ordered again and same thing food came 2 days late and completely thawed and starting to smell, complained and wz told same.again but that was 2 weeks ago and no food and no one will reply to my emails about a refund. Very disappointed with the company as have uses the product for a year or some and tho expensive was of a great quality untill my late to orders

  25. Anonymous

    My Bernese Mountain Dog loves this product which I often mix with chuck steak and tripe. I’m confident that Nutriment gives him the protein etc he needs to live a healthy life.

  26. Anonymous

    My dogs are back on this again, not for any detrimental reasons did I stop the food the first time, they are spoiled rotten and went of it for a while. As you can see, its their favourite again. I have not worries with this food at all, only the best ingredients go into it and its so good for them, I used the low purine and phosphorus a couple of years ago for my dog who had developed bladder stones, a while on this and problem solved. Beef is their favourite and it is gone in seconds, talking of seconds, they dont nag for treats anymore.

  27. Anonymous

    Good textured complete. Find this product it has no bone. Use this when my Goldie has had raw meaty bones as an extra. She loves the taste.

  28. Anonymous

    Love this, easy to portion out & doesn’t smell like it used to!

  29. Anonymous

    The dog adores it but it does pong – unlike the other products but as it is the dogs dinner Id take his viewpoint

  30. Anonymous

    My dog eats any raw meat but he refuses to eat the beef. I had to open the windows when I opened it because of the smell.

  31. Anonymous

    I recently switched to Nutriment after winning a free starter pack.

    I have always fed raw but was so impressed with Nutriment and the range and delivery that I have ordered again and my dogs are thriving on it.

  32. Anonymous

    It’s dry with little moisture, but my boy loves it. In fact it’s his favourite. The only concern I have is that the boxes that the food is delivered in come stuffed with non-environmentally friendly polystyrene fillers instead of the more friendly recyclable air bags or paper filler.

  33. Anonymous

    My dog is quite a fussy eater. I tried various raw diets with no joy. Since trying Nutriment I have not looked back. His skin allergy has gone and my boy is now one very happy dog.

  34. Anonymous

    I have tried my dog with all the different flavours but she prefers the Beef and its it all up. She is a very fussy eater though 🙂 So she has Beef all the time.

  35. Anonymous

    The title says it all!

  36. Anonymous

    Gilbert our 11month old Berger Picard cannot get enough of this smelly delight. He looks a picture of health all gleaming white (huge) teeth,strong nails and glossy coat. He also loves the duck formula which he usually gives a bark to before he starts eating it.

  37. Anonymous

    Dogs favourite

  38. Anonymous

    I like to feed beef formula to the dogs, they like it and poo not too hard.
    It would help if the packaging was a different colour for beef and duck formula as I find it difficult to tell the difference in my chest freezer.

  39. Anonymous

    fabtastic product, all 5 of my dogs devioured their meals even my fussy one whom often’fasts’ herself .
    The food also firmed up one of my dogs who previously always had stools that were of a ‘mr whippy’ consistency, therefore the knock on effect of clearing the garden is much easier

  40. Anonymous

    This dog food is excellent my dog loves it i would recommend it to all dog owners.

  41. Anonymous

    Nutriment Beef is one of the favourite flavours of our four dogs; gets eaten with few distractions.

  42. Anonymous

    Monique is a very fussy eater but she wolfs down your beef product, which is amazing. Thank you

  43. Anonymous

    This is a brilliant all in one raw food for my dogs. However I would like to see the Chubb packaging changed to something that’s not so messy.

    I only give my dog half at a time and it becomes very awkward.

    The tubs are fine.

  44. Anonymous

    This is very good dogs love it

  45. Anonymous

    Not one-off my favourites but the dogs love it. A lot firmer than the chicken, Turkey etc

  46. Anonymous

    Our 12 year old black lab is thriving on the raw meat diet. This flavour gives him a change from his usual senior formula. We continue to see a happy dog with glossy coat and itch free skin.

  47. Anonymous

    It is first time i have fed my 15 month ridgeback raw and she loved it. She is a fussy girl but seems to love the nutriment beef formula. Will try the chicken and turkey next.

  48. Anonymous

    I feed my dog different flavours beforer and was not that keen . Had to mix a little pedigree chum with it for him to eat it.

    This time brought beef and some new tripe and offal.
    He loves it.
    works out so much cheaper than tinned food. He hardly ever eats his biscuits which I always leave out for him.
    Happy days

  49. Anonymous

    My dog has been fed raw foods since she was a pup. She loves the beef the best! I feel good knowing that she is getting high quality food that is as close to a natural diet as I can get for her. It’s not packed full of preservatives and cereals (which can cause skin problems for jack russels) and is always eaten with gusto! She is a very healthy girl full of energy and I believe that is down to her excellent diet!

  50. Anonymous

    This is my two dogs absolutely most favourite flavour! I had reservations about raw until my dog groomer recommended Nutriment to me and it is the only food my dogs have loved consistently from day one.

  51. Anonymous

    This smells worse than tripe on its own. However, my dogs make this vanish rather fast. Good mix of protein and fat. When I place my order, the bulk of it is made up of this as the dogs seem to like this best. Who am I to argue with them?lol.

    Yet again, Nutriment hit it out of the park. Top notch product.

    My only grumble about this and all other flavours is that the chub could be 100g heavier. One of mine gets 225g twice a day and the other gets 275g twice a day so the extra 100g would give me bang on 3 feeds and not nearly 3. It’s not a deal breaker for me though. It just means I have to scratch my head more when I’m working out how many chubs to order.

  52. Anonymous

    Charlie loves the beef formula, think he likes the strong smell, and high proportion of tripe, clean bowl every time, definitely his favourite so far.

    We are relatively new to ‘raw feeding’, find the complete meals really good, as you know they are correctly balanced.
    Conveniently packed, and deep frozen, one pack lasts 4 meals. Very happy, with all aspects, ordering and delivery.

  53. Anonymous

    My dog loves this flavour.

  54. Anonymous

    I was told about Nutriment by a friend who feeds her cats the raw food. She knew i was having trouble with my Shiranian, she has been on all different foods and was still having the runs with every type. I settled on Lilys Kitchen and supplemented her with Pro Kolin paste. I decided to give this a go, for both my dogs and im so glad i did. Within 48 hours my Shiranian was having hard poos. First time since we have had her. Both my dogs enjoy all the flavors (except the fish one). I put it down and its gone. Shame i haven’t got a huge freezer, so have to do an order every 2 weeks as i dont have a local stockist near me. Would recommend anyone to give it a go.

  55. Anonymous

    Recently started to feed our dogs Nutriment, but they seem to be loving it!
    The beef is by far the smelliest (due to the tripe in it I think!) but the dogs like it the best!
    My frenchies lick the bowl long after it’s clean!!

  56. Anonymous

    We’ve only just begun our dogs on this, but so far we are very happy with it and the dogs LOVE it! We are bigs fans….so far, so good!

  57. Anonymous

    My fussy pooch wolfs this and bowl is licked clean.
    The food is very nutricious, and packaged well.
    Delivery is prompt, and it is ver good value for money.

  58. Anonymous

    Prompt delivery and nice item

  59. Anonymous

    Can be sloppy and very smelly but dogs still love it.

  60. Anonymous

    i think was defrosted and re defrosted.horible smell like is out of date.

  61. Anonymous

    The beef is the one our dog likes best.

  62. Anonymous

    My 3 dogs seem to love it but it is very “bloody” when thawed out so tends to leak out of the packaging (1.4g chub) making it messy to handle. It is also quite smelly. At first I had to question whether it was “off” but it clearly isn’t. I order it regularly along with 3 other varieties and they love them all

  63. Anonymous

    Great texture, smells a bit but our dogs love it. Clean bowls all round even the fussy one!

  64. Anonymous

    My golden retriever loved it, but I have to say this smelt off. Not sure if it should smell this strong, none of the other varieties of raw smells this bad. All the other varieties seem fine, but when the delivery came, although well frozen I could smell something, seems to be the beef.

  65. Anonymous

    Very smelly but I have to say I think this is my pugs favourite.
    Thought it might be too rich for them but it’s been fine.
    They both still lick the bowl when it’s empty.

  66. Anonymous

    Great food, Mya is quite fussy, but the beef variety always disappears and the bowl is licked clean!
    I like that the food is good and nutritious, I would however prefer it available in smaller packs as my dog is small, and it takes her 3 days to eat it, so it is at the limit of freshness for last meal.

  67. Anonymous

    I must admit I had reservations about this variety of Nutriment, mainly due to it’s smell, but my two vizslas absolutely love it. I must just resign myself to holding my nose as it goes in their bowls. It disappears so fast that I needn’t worry.

  68. Anonymous

    My dog LOVES this. She was so fussy when she was being fed kibble and wet food, and it was hard to keep weight on her. Now she’s got a thin layer of fat over her ribs and has built muscle wonderfully, too.

    Only downside is the chubb is a bit awkward to get open without getting covered in raw meat, and the latest batch we got smells exactly like cow poo. Also, I have to make sure she gets enough bone in her diet with this variety, else she gets a bit of a runny bum. OK, that’s a few downsides, but it’s still the best diet that we’ve found for her!

    Still, she eats it so quickly I don’t have to smell it for long and a teeth cleaning lamb rib for desert means she doesn’t get stinky either.

  69. Anonymous

    My dogs all like this, but I do need to add extra offal in order to keep motions moving.
    Also having small dogs I would like to see the containers compartmentalised in some way as I have to defrost to cut up and separate into chunks and then refreeze. This goes for all flavours as even with two dogs eating it, it does go off before they can eat it when kept defrosted in the fridge. I know the company sell smaller packs but these would not be economically viable.

  70. Anonymous

    My fussy Havanese leaves a clean bowl every time!
    I know it’s good for her, but she doesn’t care about that, so long as it’s tasty, which it obviously is.

  71. Anonymous

    My dog can’t wait for her Nutriment dinner !!! I feel it’s the best I can give her . She looks great and feeling great . Thank you !

  72. Anonymous

    My GSD loves this food. Bowl is always sparkling clean after a meal. Has really helped with her sensitive stomach and itchy skin, and much more manageable poos now too… Would recommend this to anyone, wouldn’t dream of changing her diet now!!
    Only reason hasn’t got 5* is because it smells just vile, but my girl doesn’t seem to care!

  73. Anonymous

    whatever food i give him from nutriment he scoffs down quicker than anything,my dog use to be so fussy until i gave him nutriment.

  74. Anonymous

    I was very very disappointed when I revived my 1.4kg of beef. I presumed it would be in a container like the 500 g. It is impossible to keep the remainder stored in fridge?? I opened it and it sprayed in my face because of pressure! Hygiene wise is awful I goes everywhere!! Why do you not sell it in a container?? I need to by a 1kg plus size portion as both my dog need more food now. I will no longer buy this product as I food another raw food outlet that sells 1kg in a container and not in a sausage meat type package!!

  75. Anonymous

    The services of delivered were great and my dog absolutely love the raw ingredients.

  76. Anonymous

    Another good product from Nutriment, slightly firmer texture.

  77. Anonymous

    I agree that this is normally stinky, but the last couple of batches we had were so smelly that we threw them away. (They were beyond unpleasant). So much so, that we’ve only just come back to ordering from Nutriment, having tried to find alternatives that would suit the dogs as wel, but discovering that they lost weight rapidly with some competitors’ rangesl. Hopefully, the other lines won’t suffer the same issue, but I’ll be steering clear of the beef from now on. Maybe there was an issue with tripe proportions?

  78. Anonymous

    This one smells the worst but it’s really nice and juicy for the dogs. I pop it outside for them at suppertime to keep the pong to a minimum.

  79. Anonymous

    We have two rescue Jackahuahuas who are incredibly fussy. After weeks of trying different types of food I did some research into it. I was shocked to find out how 99% of the food available at supermarkets contained extremely poor quality food (especially the meat). Eventually I found a website that gave Nutriment 5 out of 5 for quality of ingredients. Although I was a bit unsure about the raw diet, the more research I did the more I realised this was the best food I could get for my dogs. Whilst they happily devour the other flavours, especially the chicken one, they absolutely adore the beef one! We’ve had to use slow-bowls to stop them from eating it too quickly! Anyway, thank you Nutriment for creating such high quality food!!!

  80. Anonymous

    This food is great. My malamute us serval health issues but one being IBD with years of changing food all the time and worries about changing to raw, we finally got the courage to change over best thing we’ve ever done. Healthy coat, happy dog loves all the flavours no problems with any of them very happy

  81. Anonymous

    Teddy suffered terrible problems on dry food, from itching, weight loss and vomiting to seizures related to food allergies. Since changing her on to the Nutriment she has put 4 kg on in weight in just 8 weeks now. She has no allergic reactions, no itching and is a much happier and healthier dog. She eats her food without fuss and enjoys watching me fill her bowl! Very pleased and happy to finally see her well fed, content and playful.

  82. Anonymous

    Have 2 dogs, 1 being a fussy eater. When we switched to raw she was quite reluctant and showed very little enthusiasm despite eating the food. Day 4 we tried the beef and she loved it, clearing her bowl before our other dog, something she has never done before. It does have a slightly stronger smell, but to be honest, it doesn’t stay around long enough to be a problem!

  83. Anonymous

    my 2 ridgebacks are very happy with the beef, one is a little fussy, but i have never had any issues with this.

  84. Anonymous

    I have 3 fussy dogs, but they all absolutely love this formula. They prefer this flavour to turkey and chicken, but I insist on them eating the other flavour’s also.

  85. Anonymous

    Have bought this food for a 17 month old boxer that I have adopted from a rescue centre. His ribs where showing and after a few weeks he is starting to put some weight on and he loves the food and likes the bowl clean every time.

  86. Anonymous

    I’d tried frozen raw blocks some time back, buying products from pet stores. i found in some cases, various dogs would refuse them, or I had to throw them away because the meal was foul and diseased, or comprised mainly of fats. Coming across Nutriment was a blessing for me. I’ve tried most of the working dog meals. It is striking that from outputting tons of waste, the dog now only had tiny stools. Obviously what is going in, is staying in the animal. When these is a large amount of waste coming out, it has to be stuff that is indigestible. I don’t know why this didn’t dawn on me years ago.

  87. Anonymous

    This is the only food my dogs will eat and I’ve tried hundreds of different brands. Such a relief to be recommended this by a Facebook friend.

  88. Anonymous

    My boxer Oscar was on a good quality dry food but at least once a fortnight had a bad stomach and his enthusiasm for meal times lessened over time. Read a lot about raw feeding and decidided to give it a go. Placed our first ever order with nutriment in July and he hasn’t had a bad stomach since and gets excited at every meal. Roxy our other rescue was very thin when we got her and has flourished on raw and is looking so healthy. We collected a foster girl two weeks ago and she was not in very good condition but two weeks later her coat is greatly improved and her eyes are sparkling. The great thing about nutriment is the ease of it. no mess., no waste, great quality, next day delivery and friendly polite staff. Would highly recommend.

  89. Anonymous

    I’ve been feeding raw for the last 6 months , both dogs had skin problems and very sensitive stomachs , I thought I would give Nutriment a go , they have been on It for a week and It’s fantastic ,their coats are glossy no more skin problems , my vet commented on my latest lurcher how healthy she is considering she was seriously emaciated 5 weeks ago.
    Customer service is first rate, food is top quality very happy dogs.

  90. Anonymous

    To be honest my dogs love all varieties, especially the beef , tripe ,duck and lamb and chicken. It’s very easy and convenient to handle ,not smelly or messy.
    When my three dogs ,two lurchers and a collie, had dried food, I had to pick up loads of poo now I guess as a result of eating totally nutritious food , the job is minimal!
    I break up the food into bite size pieces with a fork and if it’s not fully defrosted add a dash of hot water and it’s gone in a few minutes.

  91. Anonymous

    My young English Springer Spaniel has a very sensitive stomach and we have to watch what we give him. Having been to the vets on many occasions with regards to his stomach issues and trying many different types, brands of dog food, nothing seemed to agree with him. We were recommended Nutriment through by our dog walker and she even give us a weeks worth of tubs to try. Snoop (our Springer) was not too convinced at first (he can be funny about food too) but I did instantly notice an different with his bowl movements.
    I thought I would get Snoop to try a few different flavors to see if he would take to it but would often leave half in his bowl. I ended up having to mix a little chicken with it which of course encouraged him to finish to bowel. Over time I have gradually reduced the chicken and now he eat this on his own and has grown to love it (providing it is chopped up completely).
    I would now not use any other food for Snoop and I would recommend it for any dogs who have a similar issue to Snoop.
    One thing I would say is that this product is not readily available in shops (near me anyway) and I can only order it online through the website. Luckily though delivery is very quick but can be a little inconvenient. I have also found that this product is not widely advertised. Inf act my vet had not known about this product and was keen to try it with his own dogs.

  92. Anonymous

    I have been feeding raw food to my dogs ever since one of them died of stomach cancer probably due to feeding prepared dried foods. I would not go back

  93. Anonymous

    This and the Salmon are our favourites! Our trusted breeder Sue recommended we give Nutriment a go and we love it, although Brambles is on a diet she cant get enough of it and she is looking good, we have noticed a change in her bowl movements for the better. Brambles also loves the different flavours its good for her to have a variety, we to would get fed up with the same old food day in day out, so this is highly recommended.

  94. Anonymous

    I have the fussiest Ridgeback , Frank . I almost gave up trying to find any food he would eat . In fact , he could go for days without eating . I tried him on Nutriment ( chicken ) and he loved it . This beef is his absolute favourite . He licks his lips and drools as he sits and waits for me to say ” go on then !”
    I’m so glad I bought Nutriment . He looks so much better . His coat is glossy . He loves his food now .

  95. Anonymous

    Our very active Sprocker loves all products and her dish is empty in seconds.
    Before I fed her Nutriment I checked out the ingredients and the recommended amount with my vet and got a good response.
    Because of its high nutritional content it appears to be a very small portion compared with the (now personally frowned upon) tinned food and mixer she used to have and always seemed hungry.
    We weaned her portions down by giving her some extra dry food for breakfast.
    As a company, I find their customer service second to none. Over Christmas I had an issue with my order disappearing twice via the courier and the Nutriment team pulled out all the stops, instantly re-sending it without hesitation.
    Nutriment has gained a lifelong customer from me.

  96. Anonymous

    This is brilliant, so much easier than trying to create a raw feeding plan by yourself with the correct mix of meat, bone, offal etc. My dog loves this flavour and can’t get enough of it.

  97. Anonymous

    It’s really good, I just wish it came in the ‘Just’ range too though

  98. Anonymous

    I have six whippets that I show, race and lure course so they need to look and perform their best. The chubbs represent good value for money and the quality ingredients give my dogs the ideal condition. I would like easier packaging for the chubb.

  99. Anonymous

    My lurcher loves this beef dinner, and he loves all the other ones too!! I had to order the bowl to slow down his dinnertime so that he could savour the experience for a bit longer otherwise he just ate it in two gulps!

  100. Anonymous

    Apart from the homemade liver & cheese biscuits which Missy loves and has as an after walk treat she is now on a completely raw diet. Thanks to this & the other Nutriment meals the changeover from kibble has been both easy & enjoyable for her. Smaller firm stools though I can’t say I’ve noticed them being less smelly, and a dog who runs to her feeding area with excitement as soon as I pick up her food bowl.
    Our only disappointment is the lack of a local stockist.

  101. Anonymous

    brilliant product, has certainly helped with weight growth, the ingredients are all top notch and after 1 month he has gained weight, coat looks amazing and he just sits by his bowl waiting for the next meal.

  102. Anonymous

    My 2 year old boxer boy loves this food so much. I was feeding my dog Royal Canin from the time I brought him home, he liked the food but it gave him soft stools and he had allergies. I made the switch to Nutriment and it is brilliant. My dog literally begs me to feed him because he enjoys this food so much. I started with the beef flavour but unfortunately I have a very sensitive sense of smell and could not reorder this product. It is a wonderful product, but it stinks to high heaven lol. I do however, feed him the chicken, duck, salmon, and turkey formula daily and they are fabulous. If you can handle strong smells, then definitely buy this product. My dog loves it and it has helped him with his skin and his stool.

  103. Anonymous

    Bought this on the recommendation of a breeder who had just sold a Bassett Griffon puppy to my sister. My 2 year old German Pointer wouldn’t touch it.

  104. Anonymous

    Although I haven’t tasted this myself , my Ten month old Cockapoo tells me it’s fantastic … Best food she has ever devoured

  105. Anonymous

    Both my dogs loves this, I’m happy as I know I’m feeding them the best I can. Good packaging too.

  106. Anonymous

    I just left a review for the chicken formula which was not favourable purely because my GSD doesn’t like it. However the beef flavour has been received very well. I like the fact that I believe that everything my dog needs is included, and every little bit is hoovered up. It is all done for me which I like. I would feed a bone or two a couple of times a week with this food. Keeps teeth clean and white. I do feed chicken necks too purely for the bone and my dog loves crunching them up.

  107. Anonymous

    Since coming home as a puppy, our chocolate labrador, now 15 months old, has had regular bouts of colitis. We have tried all kinds of dried hypoallergenic, organic dried food but he soon had the colitis coming back on each one. The only food which had not caused this was the prescription diet he had for a short time from the vet, accompanied by medication. We were getting to the point where the vet thought he might need regular medication for life and we did not want that. Two weeks ago I discovered nutriment and, having decided that any grains were probably part of the cause of the colitis, decided to give it a try. Within 48 hours his poo was normal and substantially reduced. We have also noticed that his red runny eyes (vet thought pollen allergy) had also cleared up and he is like an ADHD child that suddenly has lost the ADHD. I cannot thank this company enough for developing this all natural diet for dogs. When we get a second puppy in the near future, it will go immediately onto Nutriment and Nutriment natural snacks.

  108. Anonymous

    We have two lovely Lhasa Apsos named Suki & Gravy aged 4 year old sisters over that period we have had a lot of problems finding the right food for them. they also had a lot of anal gland problems which we had to have treated on a regular basis needless to say the cost, we were advised by vet to give them bran for anal glands which had a small effect then one of them developed Pancreatitis and was very poorly but pulled through ok.Then she was put on a low fat diet of kibble but both our girls were never happy on this diet For 4 years we have had to watch them all the while as they were eating their own poo which was very difficult to control then while we were on holiday we met someone who told us about Nutriment so we thought we would give it a try when we got home. One is on Low Purine because of her pancreatitis and the other eats any of the other flavours. Now feeding time is a pleasure one sits crying for the food and the other trembles with excitement and it is gone in no time at all but best of all to our amazement they no longer find any interest in eating their own poo its a great relief and they seem more contented thanks to Nutriment. 10 out of 10

  109. Anonymous

    They love the beef

  110. Anonymous

    My dogs seem to favour chicken and turkey! They were not used to beef and did not seem impressed! However, I added a little tripe to get them going and now they are fine with it! They still seem to enjoy the chicken and turkey more though!

  111. Anonymous

    You know when a product’s right when your dogs lick the bowl clean, and then don’t really want you to pick it up! This is a great product, which smells reassuringly tripey and healthy. All three of my poodle girls go mad for it, as they do all Nutriment products. Buy with confidence.

  112. Anonymous

    I’ve been using Nutriment for my dogs for some time now and they all love it and it suits them very well. It is a lot easier than the do it yourself raw diet I was using previously. I would recommend anyone who is dubious about raw feeding to give Nutriment a go.

  113. Anonymous

    My balls aka snowie loves all nutriment products.
    He was suffering a skin problem that was totally out of hand…. Now… One happy contented cured pooch.

  114. Anonymous

    It stinks!!!!!! The dog loves it but the smell is horrendous….

  115. Anonymous

    My dog is a lot calmer on this food, he is not flatulent any more! Most dog foods make him hyper and unmanageable, so after much research I plumped for Nutriment with great success. He can’t wait till I put his food in front of him, squeaking, barking and jumping around until I do!

  116. Anonymous

    Just like say that the nutrient dog food range is absolutely fantastic! Would recommend to anyone that wants to feed their dogs the best!

  117. Anonymous

    Great meaty texture. The dogs favourite!

  118. Anonymous

    My guys love it they just can’t get enough of it.

  119. Anonymous

    Our Mum thinks that this is quite strong smelling, but we would just like to say the smellier the better.

  120. Anonymous

    My dogs have been on nutriment for a couple of months now, and love the chicken formula, however, now beef is catching up; I alternate between each food. Beef, they love it, happier dogs, healthier dogs, what more can you ask.

  121. Anonymous

    I started feeding my 17 month old cocker spaniel on this a month ago and he absolutely loves it. Before Nutriment I was feeding him on a dried dog food which he just wasn’t interested in and it was a real struggle to get him to eat. But after being recommended Nutriment he has completely changed … he can’t wait for me to get it out of the fridge to feed him and it’s gone in seconds with a squeeky clean bowl. Thank you Nutriment for providing such wonderful products and excellent customer service.

  122. Anonymous

    Bertha, a Basset Hound, adores this new food – it is gone in a flash and then she looks for more (she doesn’t get it). We are going to try the chicken next.

  123. Anonymous

    I alternate the chicken with this beef every couple of days to give Barnie variety. People say why does a dog need variety in it’s food – I ask them if they would like to eat the same food every day!

  124. Anonymous

    they just inhale this they don’t poop as much either, ther breath doesnot smell either, coats have improved as well can’t fault this food best on the market

  125. Anonymous

    As we’ve come to expect from nutriment the food agreed with the dogs tummy, and he absolutely adores eating it!
    I will say that the beef one is notably firmer than the other available flavours, meaning its a little more difficult to split a meal into portions.

  126. Anonymous

    I swear they are saying mmmmmm when they are eating this one, in fact our borzoi girls goes around all the bowls in case the red dogs have left any

  127. Anonymous

    Hurley (The Cavapoo) would eat this ’till the cows come home’ It is his absolute favorite and ‘wolfs’ it down, licks the bowl clean and then asks for more.

  128. Anonymous

    Having recently had doubts over the quality of another brand of raw food, I was recommended Nutriment raw food. Our boy isn’t usually fussy – being a Springador his Labrador side makes all food interesting! However, he was often reluctant to eat the other brand and often had an upset stomach. Nutriment raw feed has made so much difference. The Beef is especially his favourite. The quality is amazing. You can see that far more thought as gone into the balance of the recipe than other brands. The texture is perfect and even looks good enough for us to eat. We’re converted.

  129. Anonymous

    I’ve been feeding the Turkey formula for a while now so decided to try the beef for more variety. The dogs love it, no upset tums couldn’t be happier.

  130. Anonymous

    Wow! I was worried that this would have a strong raw meet smell but how wrong I was. Wiggins loves this and I think it’s his favourite. It has a nice firm texture and you can actually see the vegetables in it and so I know he is getting a good healthy, varied diet. Well done on a fab product x

  131. Anonymous

    My 1year old Weimaraner can’t get enough

  132. Anonymous

    My two year old loves this beef variety. The ingredient list looks good enough for humans to eat and I like the idea of the supplements added – I wanted to stay with BARF feeding and this gives me reassurance that my girl is getting everything that she needs…. Great packaging – the smaller cartons cover a day and make portion sizing easy. Good customer service. A very happy Customer

  133. Anonymous

    My two Golden Retriever girls love all the varieties. Food polished off with glee and then just as long spent licking the bowls to get all the flavour! Seem very content on the food and it suits them well. Use the Chubbs which last them approx 1 1/2 days between them so stays fresh in the fridge once defrosted until needed. Always one on the go and one defrosting.

  134. Anonymous

    Only problem is that it is a bit too solid for the small dogs, i find it needs chopping up a little more than the other flavours, but once done the dogs love it and they look very healthy too

  135. Anonymous

    I have just moved over to Nutriment from a similar company who I lost faith in when they couldnt answer some simple questions regarding moving my boy over to adult food, after speaking with one of the founders on the phone from Nutriment I was sold, she was extremely helpful and knew her stuff!
    Norman has been fed raw since day one, his breeder made her own raw diet but I dont have the time so had to buy ready made.
    Norman has tried all the flavours and beef he just scoffs down which any fussy dog owners will know is a lovely site to see. The beef seems a thicker consistency to the others which I think he prefers.

  136. Anonymous

    My six month-old Ridgeback puppy loves all the different Nutriment flavours, but for me, this has the best texture. Not sure she is remotely bothered though – it goes down as fast as all the others!

  137. Anonymous

    Our 2 ridgebacks love it! We’ve always fed raw, as advised, but Nutriment seems to have cleared up a niggly skin problem in our puppy and improved both their coats. Always eaten with relish it doesn’t smell half as much as the other raw food we used. Chubs are a good size but slippery and very cold to handle. I like the reduced packaging though and if it keeps the price down….!

  138. Anonymous

    My dog loves all the Nutriment flavours and is looking great on it. Having the Beef option as bone free is a great way to be able to feed a bone free day if needed.

  139. Anonymous

    My dogs love all the Nutriment adult food and if they could would personally visit the factory to do a pre-shipping check on the shipments! Unlike NI, this food is not sloppy – which makes it much easier to handle.

  140. Anonymous

    My Ridgeback loves the beef, absolutely no problem with that. My only comment is the size of the chub and packaging, she is eating 0.5 kg each meal time, so 1.4 doesn’t work well for us. Although I was concerned with the amount of packaging I used to recycle with a previous supplier, I am not sure about the chub packaging. However the product is great, and the delivery is excellent .

  141. Anonymous

    Again the dogs really love it! The texture is really nice not ‘sloppy’ like I have found with other raw foods.
    Packaging Nutriment… Please make bigger tubs!
    The Chubbs are just messy and being raw food the mess makes me paranoid hygiene wise!

  142. Anonymous

    My dogs seem to love this food its gone in a flash, I personally love all the ingredients it has feeding time is so much quicker when I dont have to add all my supplements because this food has it all!

  143. Anonymous

    I am new to raw feeding so have chosen a complete food to get me started and for ease. I was very surprised by the excellent texture of this food as I have used other minced which can be quite sloppy. My dogs where delighted and wolfed it down licking their bowls spotless even my incredibly fussy diva poodle. Customer service was excellent also swiftly rectifying a problem I had with delivery. Thank you very much! I would recommend this food.

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