Grain Free & Gluten Free Dog Food

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Showing 17–32 of 40 results

Why Choose Grain-Free & Gluten-Free Dog Food?

Find out what your dog is allergic to

Before making the switch to a special kind of food, the first step is to consult your vet. Some dogs can be allergic or intolerant to several elements found in mass produced food, whereas others may show symptoms to just one ingredient. Ensuring they are being given the right kind of diet can make a significant difference to their energy levels, temperament and overall health. Things like rice, corn and other grains are very common bulking materials, especially in cheaper foods. Nutriment’s range replaces these elements with more energy-dense and nutrient ingredients that provide your dog with everything they need to stay healthy.

Simple and Natural

Many of nutriment’s gluten and grain free products are made from just a few ingredients. All of our product ranges offer delicious protein sources including beef, tripe, chicken, duck and more, but without any of the usual bulking agents or preservatives that can cause dogs with allergies ongoing health problems. This means your pet will still get the great taste of their favourite meat as well as all the essential vitamins and minerals they need without experiencing any of the issues associated with grain intolerances or allergies.

Luxurious and Great Tasting

Avoiding grain and gluten doesn’t have to boring! All of Nutriment’s products are created to exacting quality standards to ensure flavours and textures are exciting and something your pet will look forward to each day. This means you can spoil your best friend every day while still looking after their health. Choosing from novel flavours like venison, lamb, rabbit and much more means you can provide a variety of great tastes and textures that your pet will love. As any canine owner will tell you, a healthy dog is a happy dog and the right kind of diet is essential to protecting against unnecessary health issues.

Longer, happier life.

Though most allergies and intolerances are not life threatening, in some cases, they can have severe consequences for the long-term health of your dog. Animals that suffer with poor digestion, reduced mobility, feelings of lethargy and sluggishness will generally enjoy a reduced quality of life when compared to those who aren’t affected by these problems. Using grain-free and gluten-free dog food can drastically improve the overall well-being of your pet as it reduces the chances of unpleasant problems such as bowel inflammation, gas or cramps. Just like humans, dogs are at their happiest when they are happy and free from health issues, so choosing the right kind of food for your canine companion should be a priority. Using great tasting, natural raw food instead of mass produced, cheaper alternatives is one of the best ways to start improving the quality of life that you and your dog enjoy.