Low Fat Dog Food

Nutriment’s low-fat dog food is made from lean cuts of high-quality meat, poultry and offal with added vegetables to ensure it includes nothing but nutritious ingredients. For dogs that may need to lose a little weight or for specific health reasons, switching to low fat raw dog meals can make a significant difference to their overall body mass. With plenty of vitamins and minerals, each portion offers everything your dog needs to stay healthy and live a full of life. Each pack contains enough energy to keep your pet going throughout the day and can help dogs maintain a healthy weight if they are prone to unnecessary weight gain. Good quality food is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle for dogs and a low fat dog food diet can be a great way to maintain energy levels whilst maintaining a healthy body shape.

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Showing all 16 results

When Should I Switch to a Low Fat Dog Food Diet?

Not all animals will benefit from low fat diet and in some cases, especially when the animal is malnourished or recovering from a period of illness, a higher fat alternative may be needed. But for many dogs, it can be extremely beneficial. Here are some of the ways you can identify if you would benefit from switching to food with a lower fat content.

Low energy levels

If your dog is often very tired or lethargic, there could be a problem with their diet. High fat dog foods can provide a lot of energy but just like humans, dogs can also become bloated and fatigued if they are eating more than they need. If your pet is frequently over sleeping or reluctant to exercise, it could be worth switching to a lower fat alternative food source to see if this makes a difference.

Weight gain

Though a certain amount of weight gain is inevitable with age, it’s important to make sure that pets maintain a healthy body mass so they don’t run into health problems. A high body condition score can be a good indicator that you are over feeding your dog. You may also notice added fat around over the ribs. Offering a low fat diet that offers plenty of energy, vitamins and minerals with a low fat content can significantly improve the chances of long term weight loss in obese or overweight canines.

Digestion problems

If your pet is consuming too much food, this can seriously upset their digestive system, which often results in problems such as gas and irregular bowel movements. Loose or smelly stools can be a serious problem for both dogs and their owners. A low fat diet can be beneficial to canines that are prone to over eating or have problems regulating their food intake.

Metabolism and Senior Dogs

A canine’s metabolism determines how effectively they are able to break down and process vital nutrients such as fats and proteins. A dog’s metabolism is prone to slow down as they get older, meaning that it takes longer for them to process what they have eaten. Nutriment’s low fat dog food is a good way of ensuring your pet still gets everything they need from their food source without risking unnecessary weight problems caused by excessive food portions.

Pancreas problems

This specific issue can be quite common but can be properly managed. When the pancreas isn’t functioning correctly, the body struggles to break down and store fat, which leads to severe digestive discomfort and other unpleasant issues such as vomiting, stomach cramps, gas and loose stools. Low fat dog food is easier for animals who are suffering from pancreatitis to process and can be a useful alternative to food with a higher fat content, especially during times of ill health.