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Natural Dog Food

Nutriment's range of natural dog food is created from the highest quality raw ingredients to ensure it provides a healthy, nutritious and balanced source of energy for your pet. All of our raw foods are produced from carefully selected, natural ingredients and are free from any artificial flavour enhancers, colours or bulking agents. There is a wide variety of recipes to choose from including venison, beef, turkey, offal and vegetables. And all of our raw dog food is created from 100% natural ingredients.

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  1. Lamb formula - Adult
    Lamb formula - Adult
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    Just Tripe
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  3. Duck formula - Adult
    Duck formula - Adult
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A healthy, balanced food source is one of the most important factors to maintaining vitality and well being in dogs. Our natural dog food is suitable for canines of all ages and can be enjoyed by every breed and size of dog. Rich in proteins, essential fats and fibre, each pack contains everything your pet needs to live a full and active life. With no artificial flavour enhancers or additional colouring agents, Nutriment's natural range is free from most common allergens and has a high content of quality raw meat and vegetables to ensure maximum nutritional value.

Nutriment's Natural Dog Food Difference

No artificial bulking agents

In many commercially produced dog foods, it is common to find additional, less nutritious ingredients that are added to increase the volume of the product. Though this results in potentially larger portions, it means the actual nutritional value of each meal is significantly reduced. Nutriment only uses raw meat, fish, vegetables, offal and natural superfoods to make sure that each portion of food is packed with high quality protein, vitamins and essential fats so that your pet can get the best from every meal.

Carefully Selected, High Quality Raw Ingredients

Selecting choice raw ingredients that includes cuts of quality meat or poultry means that Nutriment's natural range is rich, tasty and full of essential nutrition that will maintain your dog’s energy throughout the day. The quality of an animal's diet is far more important than the sheer quantity of food and switching to a raw diet can potentially help with problems such as unwanted weight gain or poor energy levels.

Health Benefits

What dogs eat can make a massive difference to their overall health, and in some cheaper alternatives it is not uncommon to find flavour enhancers, preservatives and other unnatural elements that can be potentially unhealthy for your pet. Natural dog food promotes good overall health as every mouthful is bursting with vitamins and minerals. Problems such as allergies, digestive issues and low energy levels can be significantly improved with a healthy diet.

Great Taste, Smell and Texture

Raw natural ingredients will always taste and smell better, with a more pleasing texture than elements that have been heavily processed. The way food tastes matter to dogs and can make a big difference to how much they eat, or how much relish they eat with. Offering a good quality raw diet, rather than meals that are full of artificial preservatives and unnatural ingredients is one of the best ways to ensure that your pet is able to enjoy what they eat every day.

Free from additives and preservatives

Food for dogs that uses low quality ingredients often includes flavour enhancing chemical additives or preservatives that can be potentially unhealthy when consumed in large quantities. Our natural dog food is free from these ‘nasties’ and is made from good quality meats, fats and vegetables to ensure every meal provides a good source of energy and nutrition.

Higher nutrient content

As the primary ingredient in natural dog food is raw, unprocessed meat, fish or vegetables, the body can extract more nutrients from this kind of food source. Nutrients are easily absorbed into the body, for example the ground bone is a great source of calcium and absorbs into the body at a better rate when compared to synthetic alternatives. This makes it easier for canines to digest and process their meals and means their body is effectively utilising the vitamins, fats and essential proteins they need to stay healthy.

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