Puppy formula – from 6 weeks

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Sold in 500g trays or 1.4kg chubbs (click above to select the correct size for your dog).

For help about how much fits in a box, and details about the delivery of your order, please click here.

Feed 4-6% of the dog’s ideal body weight per day, ideally spread over two meals.


Contains 90% fresh meat, offal and bone.

British Chicken with Bone, British Beef Heart, British Beef Green Tripe, British Beef Kidney, British Beef Liver, Fresh Carrots, Fresh Butternut Squash, Fresh Broccoli, Fresh Green Curly Kale, Scottish Cold Water Salmon Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Raw Sea Kelp Powder (Laminaria japonica), Bilberry Powder (Vaccinium Myrtillus),  Spirulina Powder (Spirulina platensis), Whole Milled Sesame Seeds, Wheat Germ Oil (natural vitamin E)

Why do we use these ingredients?  Click here for more information.

Typical analysis as fed:
  • Moisture: 65.80%
  • Protein: 12.60%,
  • Fat: 15.20%,
  • Ash (inorganic matter): 2.10%,
  • Fibre: 0.80%
  • Calcium: 1.70%
  • Phosphorus: 1.12%
  • Sodium: 0.08%
Useful Information
  • Moisture – the natural presence found in the ingredients
  • Protein – are biological molecules consisting of one or more chains of amino acids
  • Fat – includes all fats: saturated fats, trans fats, and the unsaturated fats, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated
  • Ash (inorganic matter) – is the inorganic residue remaining after the water and organic matter have been removed
  • Fibre – the term given to the indigestible part of food

Minimum guidelines by F.E.D.I.A.F. Early Growth 1/1

Additional information

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167 reviews for Puppy formula – from 6 weeks

  1. Tina

    Really good puppy food Monty loved it 😋

  2. lb_

    I would highly recommend. We have a extremely fussy cocker spaniel and have also struggled with encouraging her to eat. Since switching we have clean bowls no encouragement needed.

    The delivery arrived the next day and well packed to make sure it was frozen. Best choice that I have made switching our dog to Nutriment, and will remain for the foreseeable future. Wished I’ve of known about it sooner and how easy and convenient it was

  3. Louise

    Timber loves his puppy food! I’ve put a lot of trust in Nutriment that this is supplying the right ratios of nutrition – he seems to be a healthy boy! We’ve had him on this raw since we got him (thanks to breeder) and I’d now I’d never want to feed him anything else. Thanks Nutriment, I wouldn’t have time for DIY raw!

  4. Anonymous

    Initially had my new puppy on dry food as per breeders recommendation but had problems with very loose stools to the point of taking her back to vets. Then took my sister in-laws advice ( breeder and show judge)and switched to Nutriment raw. Digestion problems solved instantly no more loose stools and further more my puppy loves the food always leaving a clean and shiny bowl. The web site is easy to use and delivery is swift. Great service all around

  5. Anonymous

    My boy loves this puppy food tried another well known brand and he wouldn’t touch it he does a little dance when he see’s me putting it in his bowl can’t recommend enough

  6. Anonymous

    One fussy daschund took to it straight away . Cleans plate every time .

  7. Anonymous

    After hearing many great reviews about nutriment in general, and especially the puppy food, I bought this for my four month old puppy.
    He had already transitioned to raw feeding and was enjoying it, however DIY was taking a long time so a complete option seemed a quick and affordable idea.
    However he would not touch the nutriment at all. I had mixed it with his old food, on its own, tried different bowls and even tried hand feeding but he would not so much as sniff it.
    Not only that, but something about this food completely put him off the texture of all raw food including the stuff he had been eatinf before, and so I have had to revert back to feeding dry for fear he would starve otherwise!!

  8. Anonymous

    My pups are doing really well on this food – delivery service is fantastic – puppy backs for Breeders is great – my pups enjoyed the weaning food as well – am carrying on using it – very impressed

  9. Anonymous

    Woof! Woof! Woof!

  10. Anonymous

    My puppy absolutely adores this food and devours every time and know she is getting everything needed to help her grow

  11. Anonymous

    My 5 month old cockerpoo puppy kept going off any kibble food I bought him and I spent money on different ones which I ended up giving away. Since on Nutriment he always clears his dish and is doing really well. The meat looks fresh after defrosting and is easy to feed and is a
    Complete food needing no other additions

  12. Anonymous

    When I got my puppy the breeder told me that she fed all her dogs on Nutriment. Ive contiued with the same puppy food and have to say its easy to use, very reasonably priced and my puppy loves it! I buy it online and the delivery service is reliable.

  13. Anonymous

    My litter of (just) 6 week old mini Schnauzer puppies absolutelky loved this and I know it is good from them because I have used it before.

  14. Anonymous

    My puppy’s breeder weaned her onto this and I’m very happy to continue using it.

  15. Anonymous

    We have recently started to feed our 14 week old puppy on Nutriment raw, and we are astounded at the difference in his appetite. We had got to a point where he was literally walking away from his food and wasn’t at all enthusiastic about meal times.
    We now have the pleasure of watching our boy eat with enjoyment and as one of your previous reviews has said, is showing much less interest in our cooked food……making meal times for us much more of a pleasure!
    Thanks guys! Keep up the good work!

  16. Anonymous

    Thanks to changing from a dry formula to Nutriment, Molly who is now 10 weeks old is thriving because she has food she really likes; doesn’t drink as much and so less wees and better poos that don’t smell … she is now absorbing the food has put on a kilo in a week and has settled very well. Nutriment is a lifesaver!

  17. Anonymous

    The puppy formula is a great product and both our dogs love it and they are very healthy with nice shiny coats

  18. Anonymous

    My miniature schnauzer puppy loves this food and is really doing well on it, I have had to get another freezer, to enable me to buy enough to put my older girls on the adult nutriment. I also weaned my last litter on the weaning paste, it is a really good food. We had lovely solid puppies, lots of bone, very healthy, really pleased with the food in general.

  19. Anonymous

    My vet championed complete dry kibble for my puppy but she just didn’t enjoy any kibble that I tried so after asking members of a cockapoo group for their recommendations many suggested a raw diet, and we haven’t looked back Elsie absolutely loves it , her bowl is licked clean every time !!., I am just in the process of introducing more flavours but do not envisage any problems . It is so lovely to see her enjoying her meals…

  20. Anonymous

    Couldn’t recommend this product and company more! Amazing fast delivery and the dogs love it. It has everything it needs for them. Will keep ordering and now a loyal customer! Just simply brilliant!!!

  21. Anonymous

    It’s the first time I’ve weaned and reared a litter of puppies on raw and they are looking absolutely fantastic. The service is superb and it’s great, as a breeder, to be able to pass the raw advice and some complementary food on to puppy’s new owners so they can keep up what I’ve started. The chubbs are great for feeding at quantity – mine are only terriers but still, six of them get through a chubb a day at the moment! The trays are perfect for a single.

  22. Anonymous

    We’ve tried various types of raw food for our pup but the Nutriment Puppy Formula is her favourite so we have just stayed with it now. It’s so easy to order and just defrost a pack in the fridge overnight. All the ratio’s are worked out for you so there’s no need to worry about getting the correct amount of offal/bone etc. Our pup appears to be happier and we can definitely see a difference in her eating habits when she’s being fed Nutriment – doesn’t try to eat our food or the cat’s food! We just need to buy a bigger freezer now so we can bulk buy :0)

  23. Anonymous

    We’re very happy with the quality of the food from Nutriment but have some issues with the delivery. Our last lot was delivered to the wrong address and only retrieved after getting in contact with Nutriment. I generally wait in for the meat to be delivered but always get an email from the delivery team telling me how sorry they were to miss me and that they’ve left a contact card on the mat. Never have had a contact card and just the food on the front doorstep. It was very annoying last week as visitors waited in all morning with us before we could go out.

  24. Anonymous

    Puppies love it and thrive on it, I won’t feed anything else now

  25. Anonymous

    My puppy loves this, she was not weaned on raw so I had to introduce the Nutriment slowly and there were no problems whatsoever. She loves it and is thriving, my vet commented on how healthy and bright she is and he’s not a fan of raw. Thanks again Nutriment.

  26. Anonymous

    My miniature schnauzer puppy absolutely loves this stuff. She doesn’t just eat it, she inhales it. Gone in 2 seconds flat

  27. Anonymous

    Amazing food our puppy is in exelent shape hes a happy puppy full of energy wouldnt get my food from anywhere else

  28. Anonymous

    We are fairly new to complete as we did diy for our old boy but having 2 pups and no freezer space thought we would give it a go. We tried another brand but the pups suffered loose stools and were continually hungry, nutriment was recommended on Facebook and so far we are very pleased with the food no runny tummys and the pups seem satisfied and are growing well. There is only one downside to this way of feeding and that’s removing the food from the wrapper; as an arthritis sufferer I find removing the wrapper very difficult and messy and wish at least one end didn’t have the metal tag. So if anyone can offer suggestions on how to remove the meat easily I would appreciate it.

  29. Anonymous

    My pup has been on nutriment since weaned. He still looks forward to every meal. Very pleased with food and fast efficient delivery.

  30. Anonymous

    Very pleased with puppy food, great value & faster delivery than expected. Would highly recommend

  31. Anonymous

    Puppy absolutely loves it. Produces a nice clean, smell free coat. Dog is exceptionally fit and full of energy (without being destructive!)

  32. Anonymous

    Puppy loves it, easy to work with

  33. Anonymous

    All our puppies demolish their puppy food

  34. Anonymous

    Have weaned my 8 puppies and all have done great, on the weaning past and then the puppy.

    Have also recommend this to other breeders who have had great results too.

  35. Anonymous

    Lab/retriever puppy had been checked over by vets but clearly the well branded kibble he was on did not agree with him. This was recommended by a friend who has had very fit and healthy dogs for years. We tried him on it and he loves it! His poos were transformed within 48 hours. Now he does maximum 2 x per days and they are great! Plus we have noticed he seems a lot brighter and bouncier in himself. Will not go back to any other food. Can highly recommend.

  36. Anonymous

    What a difference to our two pups one a Bernese and other Irish setter, the poo was sloppy and had traces of blood went to the vet who said they had eaten something yeah dried food, my mate recommended Nutriment what a difference in a day their poo’s were well formed not drinking as much water and not looking bloated. I have had to buy another freezer to store the food in brilliant product cant recommend it enough.

  37. Anonymous

    I used the low phosphorous formula for my 13 year old boxer who had pancreatic and kidney problems and it was fantastic food. There was no question that I would feed my boxer puppy on this food and she absolutely loves it too. She is growing well and her stools are healthy so I will continue purchasing this food.

  38. Anonymous

    Pups really enjoyed it they started on the weaning paste then onto this I would recommend it everyone

  39. Anonymous

    Was referred this product from my puppy breeder and have ordered since i have picked him up. He is an English Bulldog and loves the stuff.

    Product comes in easy to understand tub or chubb.

    Very Prompt delivery.

    And no hassles to order. confirmation email sent to your account and also tracker so you know when to expect your delivery.

    well worth the money

  40. Anonymous

    Kept our puppy on nutriment as that what breeder fed them. He loves it and it’s gone in seconds. Doesn’t look a lot but he’s growing well, and has good shiny fur and no feeding problems. His poos are small and firm and not smelly.

  41. Anonymous

    Ordering is easy delivery is easier. Good communication regarding process of delivery. Product is great my pups love it. Nice looking solid stools that don’t smell to bad either. Would buy for all my puppies in the future.

  42. Anonymous

    None of My dogs turn this down, clean bowls every time

  43. Anonymous

    Does what it says on the pack, full of goodness for a great start in life!

  44. Anonymous

    Don’t normally write reviews but, having been sceptical and thinking we’d probably ween our labrador pup off this with time (our breeder swore by it and had been a reluctant convert too), at 5 months old he’s thriving – there’s no going back. One of the biggest bonuses too, apart from the obvious puppy health benefits, is the almost pleasant poo – well formed, never sloppy and almost odour-free!!

  45. Anonymous

    Excellent product, it’s is gone in less than 30 seconds!!

  46. Anonymous

    Never had a puppy before, the food was recommended and our puppy loves it, it lasts seconds!!

  47. Anonymous

    Keen to eat solid stools

  48. Anonymous

    Puppy growing well, stools hard no wet ones, looks very healthy

  49. Anonymous

    Our 18-week-old standard dachshund puppy absolutely loves this stuff. We swapped to Nutriment Puppy Formula after trying Chief on another quality brand which is also great, but not raw, and it didn’t suit him. I sometimes feel a bit mean, I confess, giving Chief his meals (he’s still on three a day) because 120g a time isn’t loads, and he practically inhales it in one sniff, or he would if I didn’t put some of it in a kong. But he looks beautiful on it: such a shiny coat, beautiful shape and really developing well. Another bonus is that, eating smaller quantities means less pooh, and what he DOES do is very tidy and easy to pick up, and doesn’t smell terrible, either. I would recommend this food to anyone with a new pup. Just remember to defrost it in time 🙂

  50. Anonymous

    Got our new Westie puppy when he was 3 months old & he’d been on kibble since he was weaned. After continuing the kibble for two weeks we decided to change to Nutriment puppy as our 12 year old Westie has been fed Nutriment for over 2 years now with no problems. He absolutely loves it and a bonus for us is he poos less often and much smaller less smelly poos too!

  51. Anonymous

    It’s the first time we have fed a puppy raw food. Huge benefits, firm stools, healthy, lush coat, clean bowls

  52. Anonymous

    My 19 month old Boston Terrier has been on Nutriment since we picked him up from the breeder. He absolutely loves it and has a lovely glossy coat and so healthy. It looks just like a mince mixture so not awful to feed it. Thanks for a fantastic product.

  53. Anonymous

    Ordered 15 chubs, 4 tubs and 4 wing tips. Arrived in the boxes with no other packaging in the boxes which their was space for. Most had defrosted and all the wing tips he to be thrown out next day as had gone off. Disappointing

  54. Anonymous

    Poppy our Weimaraner pup came to us a couple of months ago. The Breader Tina recommend Nutriment to us and we were very pleased to receive a free pack directly from the company. We find the 500 gram dishes easy to store and easy to measure our the right amount. Poppy loves the taste and her bowl is always clean. We would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to feed their dog a healthy diet. Well done Nutriment

  55. Anonymous

    Convenient and healthy way to feed my puppy who seems to love it. Delivery courier another story though! The first time he left it with a neighbour despite my leaving other instructions on the front door – I was 4 door’s away in another house – and it was the wrong order, for someone in another county! Nutriment put it right when I phoned but the same delivery man came, rang the bell and dumped it on my doorstep without giving me a chance to answer. He was about to drive away and I called for him to wait whilst I checked it was correct. He denied it was wrong the last time and drove off! Change your couriers, Nutriment!

  56. Anonymous

    After 40 years I have found a food which is acceptable to all the puppies non turn up there noses…it is quality easy to manage gives very little dirt or upset tums so no smelly pups….fast delivery….. would not be without. The only problem is obtaining it when away from home

  57. Anonymous

    My gorgeous Border Terrier’s breeder introduced me to Raw Feeding with Nutriment Puppy Food and he seems to love it. As a newbie to raw feeding I can’t compare with other products as I’ve only used Nutriment, hence the 4 stars, suffice to say so far, so good!

  58. Anonymous

    We were recommended to use this by the breeder and our pup certainly enjoys it . Good quality and obviously tasty by the way it is devoured so quickly.
    Excellent delivery service

  59. Anonymous

    This probit is fantastic. Great ingredients and top quality for your puppy and does wonders for there coat I’m extremely happy with this product

  60. Anonymous

    Service and product second to none – very pleased with everything!

  61. Anonymous

    We have used this for our last 3 litters of beagle pups and all have taken to it immediately. The pups produce correct stools, never too loose or hard, they have great coats and are a healthy weight. We have not experienced any negatives at all.
    We recommend Nutriment to all our puppy buyers and all have said how helpful the staff at Nutriment have been and many of them have gone on to change their other dogs onto Nutriment too !!!

  62. Anonymous

    When I got my pup he was fed on other foods which gave him bile. He has no problem with this and is thriving on it. He had orthapaedic surgery and was unwell due to painkiller making him sick and lost 1.5 kgs. He is now back to original weight, his coat is good and he is full of energy.

  63. Anonymous

    Would buy this again the pups really enjoyed it and are putting weight on nice

  64. Anonymous

    I have a litter of eleven Cardigan Corgis who were weaned on to Nutriment puppy food. They are putting on weight at an alarming rate (not really but they putting on a kilo every two weeks) and are healthy, bouncy and very shiny coated.

    I will be recommending Nutriment to their new owners.

    Thank you for helping my puppies be the best they can be

  65. Anonymous

    Excellent product

  66. Anonymous

    Runny poo, high vet bills and a near death experience are now thankfully a thing of the past. Puppy growing well, shiny coat and waggy tail (after 6 months of being tucked under 🙁 ) only thing I would say against the product is my pup NEEDS much more than the recommended 5-6% of body weight worth of food.
    Little pup started doing well once we swapped her over, then she had hypoglycaemia and nearly died. Vet revived her and now she is a perfect little pup doing very very well but requires 10–12% of her normal body weight in food each day.

  67. Anonymous

    Puppy absolutely loves this food .

  68. Anonymous

    I feed my adult dog nutriment, and she’s all happy and shiny, so I bought nutriment puppy for our 8 week old mini dachshund pup – happy shiny pup, loves the food, and is growing well, looking very strong and bright. People are asking me what food I’m using for him, and I’m always pleased to recommend Nutriment. And yes, perfect poo!

  69. Anonymous

    Having seen a few recommendations for nutriment I decided to give this a go for my extemely fussy 6 month old. What a difference it has made to meal times! ! She now gets excited for her food and wolf’s it down. Very happy with this food and 1 week in will continue with it for sure. As another reviewer commented-lovely solid motions too which is always a good sign.

  70. Anonymous

    I have been breeding working dogs, spaniels, setters, and Labradors for many years. I have used several dog foods, all well known brands, but having used Nutriment for the adults I naturally decided to do so for the puppies. I am EXTREMELY impressed with the result. From day one they loved it, no problem weaning them!!! And what came out the other end (sorry, but important!) was just as you would want, not at all loose, perfect poo!! The best indicator of a truly balanced, excellent diet.
    They are bright, energetic, lean little machines. I cannot recommend Nutriment Puppy highly enough!!!

  71. Anonymous

    My puppy having gone from loving this will no longer go near. The last 2 batches I have ordered have been a brown colour rather than pinky red and have had a strange putrid smell. As a result I have had to discard the last 2 orders.

  72. Anonymous

    I wanted a natural food for my six month old gsd. He was already on a no grain diet but he didn’t seem to be enjoying it and didn’t seem to be gaining weight . Also his bowel movements were watery. I changed to nutrimemt over two weeks ago and he is great now . Harder stools and is gaining weight properly now , devours it at every meal time . Couldn’t recommend it to people enough it’s fab ,

  73. Anonymous

    Great product and my Bedlington terrier absolutely can’t get enough of it

  74. Anonymous

    Since we got our husky at 8 weeks she was fed on kibble. This seemed plain and boring and half would often get left.
    Since moving onto Nutriment puppy formular at 10 weeks the food is gone within 30 seconds and she has never left any.
    She is 4 months now and will be moving to the adult Nutriment food in 1 month.
    Her coat is so “fresh” and shiny, her stools are firm and regular, she has a great temperament. She is also growing at 1kg per week and right on target of where she would be. I think allot of this is down to the food. With a clean bill of health and lots of energy, I would not move her away from this Product.
    Nutriment has a customer for life with me.

  75. Anonymous

    We where struggling with soft faeces and ever since starting raw he has been fine!

    I’ve never seen him so excited about food but as soon as his bowl is out he can’t wait for me to put it down!

    Really impressed with the quality and results

  76. Anonymous

    Our puppy, Jasper, had a difficult start in life and was severely underweight and malnourished when we got him at 9 weeks old. Now 14 weeks, he is thriving on Nutriment. He is full of energy, growing well and his previously dry scaly skin and lacklustre coat are a thing of the past!

  77. Anonymous

    Everything a puppy needs to thrive

  78. Anonymous

    Fantastic specially formulated raw puppy food which my chihuahua can’t get enough of.

  79. Anonymous

    Fantastic product much better than the stuff available from our pet shop. Pups enjoy it. Little pricey.

  80. Anonymous

    My Beagle puppy has thrived off this wonder food since he was 12 weeks old! Demolishes his meal and salivates when the Nutriment tub comes out.He is healthy and happy with an amazingly glossy coat . Convert the unconverted !

  81. Anonymous

    My miniature schnauzer puppy absolutely loves this. No problems taking him from the kibble he was on to raw and he is simply flourishing.

  82. Anonymous

    Great service, great food, very happy

  83. Anonymous

    Fantastic food and our puppies love it! Got all the vitamins and minerals they still need and it’s special for puppies! Not a lot of waste from toileting and they train very quick

  84. Anonymous

    I use this product with my 10 week old Doberman Pinscher and he loves. It does have a slight smell to all the ground meats, bones and veg but you cant have it all in life! Main thing is that it is more convenient than running to the butchers or supermarket to feed raw and I often defreeze and store in tupperware.

    Gives my pup all the macros and micros he needs in a convenient way, would certainly recommend for those wanting to feed raw.

  85. Anonymous

    My GSP puppy loves this food and looks great on it

  86. Anonymous

    I recently purchased a German Shepherd puppy, hopefully to show in six months time. She was taking a long time to eat the raw puppy food recommended by the breeder. Puppies react differently when they have their own food bowl and are not competing with the rest of the litter!
    I decided to change my puppy over to Raw Nutrient and now she looks forward to her next meal, consuming it in seconds.
    Thank you Nutriment for helping ime discover the right choice of raw food for my much loved puppy.

  87. Anonymous

    This is an ideal way to feed a balanced raw diet. I chose Nutriment Puppy as it seemed to have a broader variety of meats than other brands. The packs are convenient for storing in the freezer and fridge and re-seal very tight so no risk of spills.

    Puppy took to it straight away and she is thriving, no wind (which was a problem before) and her poos are always small and firm. So seems to work for her.

    An unexpected advantage is that minced meat is has slowed her eating down – she could clear her kibble in seconds and sometimes a piece went down the wrong way, with raw meat, unless it was on the bone she could devour quite large chunks very quickly. This has never happened with Nutriment,.

  88. Anonymous

    My boys love this food. They are happy and healthy and I think I am doing the best for them

  89. Anonymous

    My now 15 week ridgeback pup has been on Nutriment food all his short life. The 500g boxes are very conveniently sized re measuring quantities for him at this age. His coat is so glossy and he is growing at 1kg a week. My only criticism is that the containers are quite hard to open.

  90. Anonymous

    Ordered Wednesday
    Told delivery between 230 and 330 Thursday
    Not delivered Thursday
    Left for weekend
    Told delivery Friday.
    Food more than likely defrosted.
    Shocking service

  91. Anonymous

    I did my research and this came out as one of the best complete raw foods. Yes, it is expensive but I feel assured that I am giving my Frenchie pup the best start and the food will be cheaper once she is grown and not eating as much. At that point I shall consider putting my 2yr old lab on it as well.

  92. Anonymous

    My German Short haired Pointer loveds this food and looks really good on it

  93. Anonymous

    My puppy loves this food. He watches eagerly as it is prepared, races to his designated feeding spot, thoroughly enjoys eating it and then licks the bowl clean again and again. The food looks appetising and is well packaged in conveniently-sized tubs. Ordering was so easy with fast and reliable. delivery. We had to contact Nutriment to ask about the quantity to be fed and we received a very prompt, and very friendly reply. In summary, everyone very happy!!

  94. Anonymous

    My now 12 week old ridgeback has been on this since he first started taking solid food and he is absolutely thriving on it. His coat and teeth are great and he is growing at rate of knots . And he loves it!

  95. Anonymous

    Luna loves nutriment good and the service received is great too

  96. Anonymous

    Our puppy loves the puppy meal. It’s a great texture, not too sloppy and doesn’t have a strong smell like other dog foods. Her digestion is brilliant and it has everything she needs for her large breed, with no need for added supliments.

    The only downside is, both me and my husband find the plastic tub on the 500gr really difficult to open.

  97. Anonymous

    Love all the nutriement products
    Used from 6 weeks to 12 years
    No tear stains
    No ear infection
    They all love nutriement

  98. Anonymous

    Our lurcher pup kept going off even good quality kibbles and wet foods, but this has disappeared from the bowl every meal time since changing! Vet congratulated his beautiful condition on a checkup, oh and the “waste” at the end is a heck of a lot more pleasent than what some dogs leave!

  99. Anonymous

    Our miniature poodle puppy really enjoys this natural food and can’t wait for his meal times.

  100. Anonymous

    My puppy loved it to start with, but she has gone off it since placing my second order. I suppose you only have the one choice for puppies, and maybe she wants variety. Will continue to perserve with it.

  101. Anonymous

    I started my litter on weaning paste which they licked keenly off my fingers and have been brought up on nutrient to now 11 weeks of age. They just love the puppy formula scoffing their portion in approx 8-10 seconds! You just can’t beat a clean plate and keen to eat pup as it aids their training. Not one of my 8 pups have had any digestion problems , their coats are beautifully shiny. I have been congratulated on having such a happy healthy looking litter. Miniature Schnauzer breeder. Thank you Nutriment.

  102. Anonymous

    Thor goes crazy for his raw puppy food- seeing him happy, makes me very happy

  103. Anonymous

    Our Rhodesian Ridgeback absolutely loves this food he is now 4 months old and thriving on it, he never leaves any in fact he was eating it so fast we bought a slow feeder bowl to stop him bolting down his food, We once made the mistake of running out of Nutriment and had to get him raw food from a Major Pet Retailer and he wouldn’t touch it …. this is definitely the best, apart from one mistake which was quickly rectified the delivery service is superb too ….
    Thank you nutriment

  104. Anonymous

    Our Lhasa apso puppy was being fed Bakers puppy food when we collected her, so we bought the same thinking this would help with the transition to a new home. She really didn’t want to eat it at all and I really didn’t want to feed it to her. We were recommended nutriment by an experienced RAW retailer and dog breeder and it is fab. We made the change on day 2 and never looked back. She is thriving in every way and it is a really easy way to give the RAW diet I wanted to. Thanks so much.

  105. Anonymous

    Recently changed from kibble to the raw and our dogs absolutely loves it. The bowl is wiped clean in minutes. The raw food comes in manageable containers and looks good quality. Our cockapoo is thriving on this stuff and fully satisfied after every meal. Would recommend trying raw food for your dog.

  106. Anonymous

    Our fur babies love this puppy food from 6 weeks
    To 2 years

  107. Anonymous

    Bought this to try for my chihuahua pup and he absolutely LOVE it. Will definitely keep buying it 🙂 brilliant service too. Had a txt to let me know what time it would be delivered on the day which was amazingly helpful

  108. Anonymous

    Finely minced, pup loves it. Looks the quality it is. Had a blip on delivery which was sorted immediately.

  109. Anonymous

    Excellent service and fantastic product I’ll never go back to supermarket brand ever really gentle on puppies little tummy my pup loves it

  110. Anonymous

    Two months ago we fetched our 10 week old cavachon puppy, Dexter. The breeder told us what to feed him,which was Beta puppy food. Well to say he wasn’t keen was an understatement . He would walk past and occasionally pick up a nugget and eat it and look as if to say “well that is bad but better than starving to death”. He had bad wind and I mean BAD and his poo was sloopy and smelly.

    I am very conscious about what I feed my family, cooking from scratch and sticking mainly to whole foods so I did some investigation. After a week of seeing Dexters sad face, i quickly realised that processed dog food is no better than human processed food. Also that there was little in processed food that would be in a dogs natural diet. I concluded that raw was the best diet for dogs. I then looked around for a quality product and from my research found Nutriment was the best out there.

    The product comes in 500g frozen containers which are very convenient. I put the food down for Dexter and he ate it so fast I did not get back to the kitchen before he had finished it . Next day my son timed him and it took 30 seconds for him to finish. He now sits and waits for his dinner to be served , looking at me longingly.

    I feel great knowing I am giving my dog a healthy diet , which as it does in humans means a long and happy life.

    Great product from people who obviously care about dogs .

    Already recommended it to my friends with dogs.

    Thank You Nutriment
    Jo Homer

  111. Anonymous

    Bracken is a 9wk old working Cocker Spaniel and absolutely loves the Nutriment Raw Complete Puppy Food! He licks the bowl clean every time 🙂
    Happy it is only full of goodness and he enjoys it so much! Couldn’t ask for more 🙂

  112. Anonymous

    This is a great product. The only problem is that it keeps disappearing!! We put some in a bowl, and just by introducing a puppy to it, it vanishes!! Our Bulldog puppies love this and it will set them up to the transition to adult raw food perfectly.

  113. Anonymous

    I used this recently for weaning my litter of 8 goldie puppies. They all took to this so easily and no problems with their digestive systems. They have lovely coats and growing really well. Can highly recommend this product.

  114. Anonymous

    Never before have I used raw food but was recommended by the breeder, excellent results no digestive problems which with dried foods I have experienced.
    Puppy very healthy and developing well.

  115. Anonymous

    Our puppy’s breeder recommended Nutriment and our puppy loves it! His coat is in great condition with a great shine. Our first delivery arrived the next day as promised, with no problems.

  116. Anonymous

    My puppy has a lovely coat and lots of energy, I have fed Nutriment to my older dogs for a couple of years, makes feeding raw so easy.

  117. Anonymous

    Both my pup and 3 year old WCS are fed on nutriment, they get excited when they see it going into their dishes and there is never anything left. The vets comment on how healthy and happy they are. I have always had dogs and never fed raw before but I am a convert now

  118. Anonymous

    This is the first time I have used this product with a whelping bitch, she seems so healthy and happy reading her first litter. I intend weaning pups on it too. Well done nutriment fab product !

  119. Anonymous

    We have two Puppies aged 12 weeks and 9 months. Both of them are at different stages of their puppyhood but Nutriment is easy to feed, has wonderful ingredients and both of them LOVE it!!!
    We feed a raw diet to our older dogs and required a raw puppy food to give them exactly what they require for growth and development. Previously, they have turned their noses’ up at other raw based puppy food but not this!

  120. Anonymous

    My whelping bitch is thriving on this , pups thriving on her milk too, plan to wean the litter on this when they are old enough, great product fantastic service what more could you ask for

  121. Anonymous

    The breeder was feeding my mini dachshund puppy Nutriment so I decided to continue. So glad I did, he absolutely loves the food, the vet says he’s in great shape and people often remark on how glossy his coat is. Am now switching my cat over to Nutriment as well. The delivery works well too, would recommend wholeheartedly.

  122. Anonymous

    We are now on our 4th order of the puppy formula for our 17 week boxer puppy and we couldn’t be happier. He is so excited when he sees his bowl and flips it over when he’s finished! We have noticed that he is more relaxed and his coat is super glossy.. We can’t wait to see the long term benefits. Mess cleaning is so much easier too compared to when he was on a dry complete brand! Ordering is simple and delivery has been spot on. I have yet to telephone directly but have found the advice on this site useful and follow Nutriment on Twitter, so guidance is always at hand.

  123. Anonymous

    Our new puppy arrived just before xmas and was already on nutriment, so we got a free puppy pack and have now made 2 more online purchases. My puppy Theo a maltese loves it

    We will definitely continue with nutrimment, excellent food, quality, and service is brilliant


  124. Anonymous

    When I got our new pup, I was told by various friends to feed raw and I was very unsure – was it fad? bit hip and trendy? new fangled idea? I had dogs as a child – all fed chappie and then onto the RCanin and they were fine?

    Hmmmm – dubious. My pup came to us on kibble and was immediately fed same kibble from breeder. Easy!

    As other reviews said, yucky poos, bloody stools, diarrohea, stinky breath… 3 trips to the vet, probiotic paste, hideous morning crate clear outs and full puppy hose squirt wash-down…. YUK! but i persevered and still fed kibble

    Puppy training class, week 3, sat us down with the absolute, no holds barred message to feed raw. So I tentatively bought some from my local supplier to give it a go, with a view to going back but we didn’t look back!

    ITS BRILLIANT! clear eyes, soft coat, neat non-stinky poo, she adores the bones, the liver chews and the puppy food – its not smelly, its appetising, its easy to use – my gorgeous gorgeous lab pup and I absolutely love it.

    Downside is freezer space for the food – but add it to your weekly shop – or like me, go and buy the smallest, cheapest [second-hand/ebay?] freeezer for the corner of the garage


  125. Anonymous

    My puppy absolutely loves dinner time! No food left (in fact it’s wolfed down in seconds) so she’s clearly delighted with the taste. I’m also delighted – little mess, easy to store and customer service has been brilliant – easy to order and reliable delivery. Fabulous all round!

  126. Anonymous

    Having reared a litter on this puppy formula last year & happy with the results I will be doing the same again with our next litter.
    The puppies love the flavour & new puppy owners who can face feeding raw take to this product fabulously

  127. Anonymous

    Great food, the puppies loved it and are doing really well on it

  128. Anonymous

    She can’t eat it fast enough! I had to buy her a ‘slo-bowl’ to stop her guzzling it down in 15 seconds – now it takes her 60! I posted a picture of her on Nutriment’s Facebook page last week. She’s a 17-week-old English Springer Spaniel so she’s bursting with energy and enthusiasm for life. She is putting on weight just fine (now up to 9.7kg) – and (within a week of starting on the Nutriment diet) has stopped the itching that she had when she arrived at 8 weeks. I couldn’t find anything that might have been causing it, except a little scurf, but it has all gone now and her coat is bright and shiny.

    I fed my previous Springer on Nutriment (Low Purine diet for urine problems) and she loved that too. I have recommended it to several friends (as well as complete strangers!) and will continue to do so.

  129. Anonymous

    We recently acquired a pup and wanted the best start for her ongoing health and growth and she came on yucky royal Canin and her stools stunk and so did her breath! We instantly put her on nutriment, tiny stools, no smell and she has the most perfect coat!!!! Would absolutely recommend to all!!!!!

  130. Anonymous

    Our lovely Frenchie Sophie has been slightly fussy with her food since we got her. Basically she’s not a fan of Kibble even the most apparently natural well know brands. Clearly Sophie is smarter than us and knew that conventional dog food was not what she wanted to eat. She’s the raw food diet especially the Nutriment Puppy formula. No sooner than we put her food bowl down the food is gone, it would take her the who day to eat her kibble. Fabulous product thank you Nutriment.

  131. Anonymous

    My gsi loves her dinner now.

  132. Anonymous

    My puppy arrived fed on a well known tinned dog food and kibble. She also arrived with very loose/bloody poop! I changed her to Origen a highly nutritious kibble but saw little change in her digestive issues. She is now nearly 8 months and has been on Nutriment for the past 4 months and she is so much better. I would never dream of not feeding her a raw diet and getting it from Nutriment makes it easy. My only critism is with the company who deliver the food as they will not leave it in my designated ‘safe’ place if I am not in unless I leave a form that needs printing off their site. As I haven’t a printer this causes me no end of difficulties.

  133. Anonymous

    I have a 14 week old Satffy puppy which I have fed on Nutriment from he was 8 weeks old. “The proof is in the eating” as they say….my puppy has gone from strength to strength with a beautiful healthy shiny coat and he’s always full on energy.

    I have every confidence that my pup is getting everything he needs from his raw diet because he is thriving, growing so fast and the lack of waste to clean up after him.

    I personally can’t fault the product or the staff who are only too eager to help when contacted. If I had to pick one negative point it would be that living in Northern Ireland I have to order from the UK which isn’t a problem however my last 2 deleveries have been late because of the courier company used by UKMAIL. Being a frozen product this results in the packages being spoilt.

    In light of that though the staff at Nutriment have sent me fresh deleveries each time at no expense to myself. Even with the delivery issues I have to rate this food product as fantastic!

  134. Anonymous

    As a breeder’s of Vizsla’s we have found this puppy food to be better than all the others available .. We feel confident we are giving our progeny the best start possible .. it has all the nutriments and good bits they need. We have a 25 week old and she has not known any other her coat is super shiny and she glows .. She is in perfect condition and its all down to Nutriment ( and breeding )

  135. Anonymous

    Gave this to my pups from 6wks and they loved it! Super shines coats and very well covered.
    I bought the tubs to give to my puppy buyers.
    Great stuff

  136. Anonymous

    Out of 30 we recd 2 broken containers, which had pieces of the plastic box in them. These had to be put in the bin. Also there were no cardboard sleeves on the plastic containers to tell you what it was. Each container had been ink stamped on the side with which type the food was but again unfortunately we could not read 1 of them and we had ordered both puppy and adult. I sent an email informing you of this but was not offered replacements or refund. It was not until I had sent 3 emails that this was done hopefully. Impressed by food but not by packaging or email response.

  137. Anonymous

    My puppy has always been on this and has always loved her food ! Fast and efficient service with ordering. Have recommended to friends with dogs who are fussy eaters and they love it too .

  138. Anonymous

    This food is great, all the ingridents are amazing I would not feed my french bulldog anything else

  139. Anonymous

    Our GSD loves this. She doesn’t wolf it down (which is a bonus), and it’s all gone by the morning. Plus her stools are first-class.

  140. Anonymous

    Puppy loves it but has reccently been poorly which could be related to his new raw diet and worming has had to be more regular

  141. Anonymous

    always been a big fan of raw feeding.
    I have tried other products but nutriment is the whole package
    quality at a fair price.
    My 5 month newfoundland X (newfipoo) is a big fan, can’t get
    enough. Keep up the good work!

  142. Anonymous

    My 11 week old Dobermann puppy loves this. Polishes it off every time. He gets so excited it’s actually becoming a problem to train him to sit and wait! We thought wed end up putting him on kibble like our older dobe but happy to keep ordering it in. He has gained weight and the vet said his coat is fantastic and he is in really good health, mainly due to his diet so far. The puppy formula is not over priced and is excellent value for money.

  143. Anonymous

    When my puppy came home he was very hit & miss as to whether he would eat the food he came home with, not something I’d of associated with a normally guzzling Golden Retreiver!
    I gradually started to switch him to Puppy formula & he would eat the raw & not the rest! He quickly went fully onto raw & is thriving on it and growing at a rate of knots.

  144. Anonymous

    We tried to wean our litter of working cocker puppies onto kibble but they were not very keen – even soaked in puppy milk. So we tried the Puppy Formula and they just love it – heads down, they eat until they finish the lot and then try and mug the slower eaters.
    We are recommending it to all our new owners and hope that they contiue with it.

  145. Anonymous

    I have used raw dog good for my 3 year lhasa apso for 5 months and the difference to her digestive system is excellent would highly recommend this product.

  146. Anonymous

    This stuff along with Natural Instinct suits my young springer down to the ground. Various kibbles did her no good at all. Highly recommended.

  147. Anonymous

    This little girlie just inhales the food always empty bowl

  148. Anonymous

    We learned about Nutriment through the allaboutdogfood website, and after our initial surprise that it arrived frozen and the 20 packs completely filled my freezer, our little puppy King Charles Cavalier absolutely loves it. Her shape is excellent, small stools and her overall activity levels are fantastic. Some inconvenience with raw versus a dry food, but happy to know she’s getting a great intake. You are what you eat.

  149. Anonymous

    Very pleased with the quality of the puppy food, doesnt go mushy and our puppy is really thriving on it. Would definite recommend to anyone considering feeding a raw diet.

  150. Anonymous

    I always intended to feed my mini schnauzer Branock raw food, so I was super lucky that our breeder was weaning her first litter onto Nutriment.
    The food is nutritionally excellent, and Branock loves it, his bowl is always clean within seconds!
    Raw feeding with Nutriment is comparable in price to feeding a good quality kibble, and just as easy as it is completely balanced.
    Nothing is too much trouble for the Nutriment staff too, which is rare in most companies these days.
    Can’t wait for Bran to be big enough to try the other varieties.

  151. Anonymous

    Have been feeding our cockapoo pup this for a few weeks now and she can’t eat it quick enough (though to be honest the same could be said of the dry food she was on before).

    The customer service is excellent and the products arrived well packaged and insulated.

  152. Anonymous

    My new ridgie puppy was weaned on this and I ordered more so as to not disrupt his diet. I had been researching raw feeding but it seemed like an expensive faff, how wrong I was. I have had ridgeback for 30 years and been very careful with diet but must say the result of feeding nutrment is fantastic, puppy is healthy, correct weight and bouncing with health.
    From 1st contact the staff were friendly and helpful seeming to genuinely care about dogs and my concerns.
    I have just received a large order and was amazed to find that it had been amended to give free postage, what exceptional customer service.
    I cannot recommend Nutriment too highly, give it a try neither you or your dog will be disappointed

  153. Anonymous

    Eats his food straight away no nonsense never leaves any and always looking for more
    Poos best ever.
    Great great product

  154. Anonymous

    Good product , however the chubb is messy and hard to portion . small containers are much better, cleaner . a large self contained container (ice cream container) would be much better for the bulk buy

  155. Anonymous

    We were feeding Mad Max dry food which he would half heartedly make last all day just going back and forth now and again. We were recommended to try him with this and what a difference, nothing ever left now he clears his bowl completely. He is also much calmer as he is not consuming all of the e numbers in other foods.

  156. Anonymous

    I started my new pup on a different raw food initially but was pointed in the direction of Nutriment and she has been reared on this ever since. She is now 6 months old and in excellent health, with a lovely coat. we’ve had no digestive problems either so overall I am very pleased with this product. I shan’t be looking anywhere else for my dogs food in the future.

  157. Anonymous

    I struggled for a few weeks to find food that my Cockapoo puppy enjoyed and now I have in nutriment. I know I am giving him the best, you can’t get better than raw! Plus he wolfs it down within seconds and enjoys it so much he looks for more. There have been quite a few headlines recently about dog food and how detrimental to a dogs health they can be. I find myself reading these articles and feeling rather smug, as I know my dog will live a long and healthy life and if that means less vet bills too, all the good!
    I love the fact that it looks good quality too, I have tried another well known raw brand but it was really mushy.
    Well done nutriment and thank you. Now I’ve found you I will be ordering for many many years.

  158. Anonymous

    I came across Nutriment by accident as I am always on the look out for a better food for all of my dogs. I have been a breeder for 10 years now, and I can honestly say that I have NEVER seen 4 week old puppies so excited and enthusiastic about their very first meal in life. In the past I mainly have used moistened down, dry puppy food, and added powdered whelping milk to the mix, and have tried other types of ready made food suitable for starting pups off weaning, but the length of time it takes the pups to start eating has depended on the litter, their size/numbers/age etc… but this is definately the first time that the pups have been so eager to eat, and at 4 weeks old, it is still quite young for weaning toy breeds, so I am very excited to see how the pups develop over the coming weeks by being fed on this raw food. It has so far only been a couple of days, but we have had clean plates every mealtime, and very happy and contented pups with round tums and squeels of delight when they see me bringing their dishes. So far so good, I will definately be continuing to use the products. Also very happy with the speed of delivery and the packaging. All in all a very good experience.. Yes as others have mentioned, I have to agree that the lids had also popped off some of my trays, but that was easily resolved, it certainly didn;t affect the food inside the trays, so not a major dilemma.

  159. Anonymous

    We have an active 5 month old border collie. He’s had digestive problems since before we got him, and after 4 different foods (including vet prescribed ones) we figured we would have to just live with the runny-poop scenario.

    Happy to report that after weaning him onto this food over 2 weeks, his stomach seems to have figured itself out.

    Can’t recommend the food enough! He really enjoys it, gives him the right amount of energy for the day, and has built his weight back up to the ideal (after digestive problems had caused him to be a tad underweight), but no larger.

    Would (and have) recommend(ed) to friends.

  160. Anonymous

    The breeder of my puppy was feeding him Nutriment and so I decided to carry on for the time being – but we may well stay with it as puppy prefers this food to anything else; bowls are licked cleaned in minutes!
    Price is reasonable for a quality product, delivery was rapid and well packed – however I do agree with other reviewers; while the sleeves are not available for the 500gram packs there should be something securing the lids in transit.

  161. Anonymous

    I have fed raw for 4 years now and always raise litters on it. I have always used other companies products to wean due to the weaning paste and sadly didn’t know about nutriment this time around until they were weaned, however we decided to try the puppy food purely for the fact it has those all important organs that are necessary in any raw diet. I love the added coconut oil too.

    My puppies scream as soon as their bowls come out as they are so excited, they seem to go into some sort of frenzie before I put the bowl down. Nothing is ever left, my puppies are happy, healthy and full of vitality.
    Having a breeder scheme is great, especially for those of us with larger numbers of dogs, it makes it a lot more affordable. The puppy packs are brilliant too and make it so much easier to convince perspective buyers to carry on with the diet.

  162. Anonymous

    Who would have expected the excitement breakfast, lunch & tea can bring to one little puppy?!?! As soon as we got our puppy home, we put her straight on the raw meat diet, no gradual change over from the dried biscuits the breeder was feeding her and her siblings, and had no problem! What with this and her training treats of raw carrot and apple, she is one contented happy puppy. So impressed with the quality of this full nutritious food, I have recommended Nutriment to several friends.
    So easy to defrost, weigh & feed, I can’t recommend this diet enough!
    Try it, you won’t look back!

  163. Anonymous

    First of all I want to say delivery time was quick and food was well packaged, apart from a few split lids. Second my Maltese pup absolutely loves this food he licks the bowl clean and waits for more!

  164. Anonymous

    My 16 week puppy has been on raw from the start but I was getting tied up with getting all the percentages right so I have opted for part nutriment and part real raw as I call it, minces, tripe, fish, egg, chunks and bones. To be honest I think my dog would eat anything as she has yet to leave a scrap in her bowl but the a nutriment looks right, smells ok and is the right price. She is gaining weight, her poops look right, becoming quite an expert on those! And she is one happy dog. I love the fact that nutriment is complete and it certainly looks a lot better than another raw complete puppy food we tried texture us much better too. I would have no hesitation in recommending both the puppy food and the service. Thank you.

  165. Anonymous

    My beautiful cockapoo puppy was having a terrible time with other foods, when I got him he was on a dry food that he just wasn’t interested in so I moved him to a high quality wet food. He loved it but it really didn’t agree with him, he was getting tummy upsets and suffering with very smelly wind. So after a bit of online research we decided to give you a try, I’m so pleased we did. He LOVES the food and gobbles it all up in seconds, every meal. Not only that, his poos are completely solid and hardly smell at all and the wind has gone. Even his coat looks and feels healthier.
    We also had some detached lids in transit but other than that minor inconvenience, I can’t fault it.

  166. Anonymous

    All my dogs are on raw so I was looking for something to wean my puppies on that was easy to serve and would not ‘scare’ the new owners. someone recommended nutriment and I must say I was very very impressed, the puppies absolutely love it and its easier than opening a tin, just defrost and serve! I usually add coconut oil or salmon oil etc. but this has everything they will ever need in their food and more! I have recommended this quite afew times and It looks very promising that the new owners will carry it on too 🙂

  167. Anonymous

    We ordered the Puppy Formula because we wanted to get our little guy onto raw as soon as possible.

    First of all, everything arrived when expected, all frozen and well packed. All I would say about the product itself, is that the 500g tubs did not have sleeves on them. Thus a fair few of the lids had popped off in transit. Not too much of a bother, but we did have to go fishing for lids in the mass of packing foam. I think a short term solution might be to rubber-band the tubs until sleeves are available.

    As for our Pup, as soon as we get the formula out of the fridge to serve, he goes loopy. We mix the formula with some PetPlus supplements for a good balance and our Pup devours the lot in short order.

    All in all I’m really happy that we moved onto Nutriment, they came recommended by other owners who are champions of raw feeding.

    I will certainly be sticking with Nutriment for the foreseeable future.

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