Working Dog Food

Gun dogs, sheep dogs, hunting dogs and all breeds of canines that are used on farms can benefit from a well-balanced, raw meat diet. Nutriment’s working dog food range is perfect for dogs that spend the majority of their lives in the outdoors. Working dogs require a carefully balanced combination of energy giving nutrients and vitamins to ensure they can cope with the demands of their daily lives. In this range of raw dog food, you will find nothing but the highest quality meat, offal, fowl and fish, all of which is enriched with healthy fats, proteins and amino acids to promote vitality.

Choose from a wide selection of working dog food including salmon, lamb, beef and many more. Each pack contains everything your hard working dog needs to keep them full of energy throughout the day. There are no harmful additives or chemical flavours in any of nutriment’s products and the working dog range is designed to promote peak performance in animals that spend a lot of their time being active. The right food plays a huge part in the overall health of a dog and those that get more exercise than the average house pet benefit from a carefully controlled diet.

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Showing 1–16 of 30 results

Why Working Dog Food is Important

Working dogs have specific needs. This means they need to be given the right kind of nutrition to keep them healthy. Here are just a few of the reasons why it’s important for the owners of working canines to consider feeding them with food that’s designed for animals that spend a lot of time and energy outside of the house.

Strong bones and teeth

Working dogs are often more susceptible to injuries as they frequently come in to contact with other dogs, livestock, game and other animals. They can also spend more time in heavily wooded or overgrown areas. The inclusion of easily digested calcium, vitamins and fats, Nutriment’s working dog food can help to strengthen bones and teeth, which allows hard working canines to do their job more effectively. This is also great for overall health.

Improved coat

A dog’s coat is important, not just for aesthetics but also for practical reasons. Working dogs spend the majority of their time outdoors, which means they are exposed to the elements. The essential fats, acids and vitamins found in this range can help fur to stay glossy, thick and shiny so it can protect your dog from the cold, rain or the snow when they are out and about. The natural oils found in canine fur can be effected by things like ill health caused by poor diet so feeding your dog with good quality raw food can be a great way to combat this.

Energy and Stamina

Working dogs require a steady, long lasting supply of energy is essential. Each pack is full of high-quality raw meat and offal as well as essential fatty acids that help fuel the body during periods of intense activity. This means your dog shouldn’t run out of energy half way through the working day.

Resilience and Immunity to infections

A healthy immune system is the key to fighting infections and avoiding illness. As working dogs frequently come in to contact with other animals, they are often at a higher risk of picking up diseases and other issues that can cause health problems. Nutriment’s working dog food contains all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients busy working canines need to stay healthy and free from unnecessary health problems.