Chicken Bones for Dogs

Our carefully selected Chicken bones for dogs are more than a tasty treat. Raw bones for dogs from Nutriment provide a number of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and healthy properties that your little dog needs to be healthy. Omega 6 fatty acids improve your dog’s coat, while naturally occurring glucosamine helps maintain bone and joint health. This can be especially helpful as your dog ages and certain health issues become more prominent, such as arthritis and sore joints.

As a lean meat, chicken can provide these beneficial nutrients and protein without the worry of excessive fats, whilst still offering a good source of energy for your pet.

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Showing all 4 results

Is it safe to feed dogs chicken bones?

Whilst many dog owners advise against feeding chicken bones, it is a safe feeding options providing the correct bone for your dog is chosen. Raw, non-weight bearing bones are fairly soft, so can be digested easily whilst offering a bit of a crunchy texture. Cooked bones, regardless of the protein source, have a different structure. They become more brittle and sharper, so have a high risk of splintering and should never be fed to your dog. Check out our blog for advice on how to select the right bone for your dog.

Extra Benefits to Raw Chicken Bones for Dogs

Giving your dog natural bones to chew on has a lot of benefits over commercial bones and treats.

Improved Coat

Your dog detoxes a lot of their waste through their skin. When you are using commercial pet foods and treats for dogs, your dog has a lot of extra waste that will detox through their skin. Heavily used ingredients such as grains and fillers can cause excessive grease and oils to seep onto your dog’s coat.

Fewer Trips to the Vet’s Office

While trips to the veterinarian’s office are unavoidable in the life of any pet, it does not have to be something your family does all the time. Preventive care is the best way to ensure that your pets are not coming down with certain health issues. Preventive care starts with a healthy and nutritious diet that gives your pet’s body the right nutrients, vitamins, and minerals dogs and cats need to stay healthy and strong, which can be easily found in a proper raw feeding schedule for your dog.