Duck Bones for Dogs

Here at Nutriment, we pride ourselves on providing high quality, delicious and healthy Duck Bones for Dogs. By feeding our frozen bones you are avoiding any fillers, preservatives and grains, commonly found in many dog chews and bones on the market. Feeding raw bones helps with cleaning teeth and maintenance of healthy gums.

In addition, raw bones are much softer than cooked alternatives. When cooked, the structure of bone itself changes and becomes brittle, leading to increased incidences of splintering. Therefore, cooked bones should never be fed. By feeding carefully selected raw bones your dog can safely enjoy the benefits, such as a release of endorphins with our raw duck bones for dogs.

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What Benefits Will Raw Duck Provide My Pet?

Duck is packed with micronutrients, vitamins and minerals that will make your dog happy and keep his body healthy. In addition, feeding whole raw bones releases endorphins, the happy hormone, through the action of chewing.

Good Source of Protein

Your dog needs a good source of high-quality protein in his diet. Protein is important to help support a number of bodily functions for your pet such as repairing and building muscle and other tissue, form new skin, grow hair, and much more. Having a good source of protein for your pet is vital to their well-being and health.

Variety of Flavours

Since protein is so important to the everyday life of your dog, it is important that you find a healthy way to include it in your pet’s diet. Traditionally, the most commonly used protein sources are from chicken and beef. Today more and more protein sources, such as duck, are becoming more readily available and affordable for pet owners. This is important because, much like us humans, variety is key to make sure all nutritional requirements are met. Your dog may also get bored of eating the same thing every single day. Add some variety to your dog’s mealtimes with a variety of raw meats.

Raw Duck Benefits

While the duck meat itself has a wide-ranging array of benefits, feeding your dog a raw food diet also comes with a number of benefits that you simply will not find in commercial dog food and treats.

Your dog’s digestive system is considerably smaller than ours, allowing them to efficiently process their food. The additional ingredients in commercial dog foods can cause issues with this digestive system as they are harder for dogs to handle. These issues can cause health problems like vomiting and diarrhoea, but with raw ingredients, your dog can easily process the food.

This brings us to another benefit of a raw food diet – your dog’s stools. All of those extra ingredients and fillers in commercial dog foods and treats cannot be processed efficiently by your dog’s body. This is turned into waste in the form of faeces. With raw food, more of the food is utilised by your canine’s body and less is being sent out through their rear end. You will also notice less of an odour with your dog’s poop when you feed natural, biologically appropriate and raw ingredients.

Many Other Nutrients

You will find a lot of strong B-vitamins like niacin and pyridoxine packed into every pack of duck bones for dogs that you order. Immune system boosters like zinc and selenium can also be found in raw duck bones along with Omega 3 fatty acids which will provide your dog with healthy skin and coat.