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Lamb Bones for Dogs

Nutriment's Lamb bones for dogs provide your furry friend with a great raw dog treat, an exciting meal time and a host of nutrients to help support various parts of their body.

Chewing on bones will help keep teeth and gums healthy by breaking away surface plaque as well as releasing endorphins or ‘happy chemicals’ in the brain. We have a wide range of different bones, from different protein sources, to offer options for all breeds, sizes and ages.

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What Are the Benefits of Raw Feeding?

Switching from commercial food to a raw feeding diet can do great things for your cat's or dog’s whole body.

Better Stools

Commercial pet foods contain a lot of extra things that dogs and cats don't need and their bodies actually can't process well. This leaves a lot of extra waste that has to go somewhere. The largest portion of that waste will be expelled through your pet's faeces. When you switch to a raw diet (or BARF, biologically appropriate raw food) for your cat or dog, you will notice a noticeable decrease in the amount of poo your cat leaves in the litter box or you pick up from your dog on their walk. This is due to more of the food actually being utilised by the body and not being converted to waste. As an added bonus, the stools will also be less odorous.

Better Skin and Coat Health

Another way that both cats and dogs will expel waste is by detoxing through their skin. When feeding a processed diet it is more likely that your cat or dog will expel oils and grease through their skin, resulting in drab looking coats that can be oily to the touch and smelly.

You can easily avoid all of this with raw foods and lamb bones for dogs. With no chemicals, additives, or wasteful by-products, you will see a more brilliant coat that is soft to the touch and smells fresher.

Increased Digestion Efficiency

Both dogs and cats have a smaller digestive system than you do. This allows them to process their food more efficiently and absorb it into their bodies. By nutrients being accessible and easily absorbed into the body you can be assured your dog or cat is getting all of the nutrients they require from a well-balanced raw food like Nutriment.
Better Teeth and Gums

Dental care is more important to our pets than most people realise. Poor oral health can lead to painful symptoms and diseases that can require serious medical intervention. Dry kibble and treats are seen to simulate the way dogs and cats chew on bones. Unfortunately, this doesn't work out that way, plus you have starchy processed foods that stick to your pet's teeth and allow bad germs and bacteria to grow.

Nutriment Raw foods have been formulated with finely ground of bone in them. These tiny bits of bone are safe for your dog and cat to eat and work as scrubbers to clean away the surface plaque and tartar on teeth and gums. Since our raw food has no processed ingredients in it, the food will not stick to teeth to make things worse.

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