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Marrow Bones

Dogs love variety in their diets, and when you can add meaty delights to the mix like marrow bones for dogs, they're going to be thrilled. Raw bones for dogs give them the satisfaction that comes from chewing, the challenge of getting to the marrow in the middle of a bone, and extra nutrition your dog will love. The taste will thrill all of your dog's senses, providing an excellent treat.

You can choose a large size fresh marrow bone to challenge your larger breed of dog, or a smaller fresh marrow bone for your small dogs. Feeding marrow bones to your dog not only provides essential fats, calcium, vitamins and minerals but also gives other benefits such as clean teeth, healthy gums and food enjoyment.

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Make Smart Choices in Sizes and Types of Marrow Bones

Marrow bones come in several sizes, so you want to be sure to get exactly the perfect size for your dog's breed and for their body size. A large size marrow bone provides a long-lasting and satisfying chew to please even the biggest dogs. Smaller marrow bones, in a pack of 2, are designed for your smaller breed dog to handle, hold and chew. You must supervise your dog every time you give a marrow bone for their safety and for your peace of mind. Check our blog to see how to select a suitable bone for your dog.

Raw marrow bones for dogs are always a better choice over cooked bones. Cooked bones become brittle, come with a possibility of splintering and tend to not hold the same nutritional value as raw. When raw bones are covered in pieces of tempting, nutritious meat, dogs love them even more. By chewing meat covered bones, dogs get essential proteins, amino acids, fats including monounsaturated, saturated, trans and polyunsaturated, calcium and phosphorus to help keep their digestive system healthier.

Benefits of Treating Dogs with Natural Raw Bones and Treats

Your raw marrow bones are shipped to you frozen to retain the nutritional value and freshness your dog will love. Raw bones help to clean teeth, especially the hard-to-reach teeth in the back of your dog's mouth. Other great benefits of giving your dog natural raw marrow bones include:

Supplying Essential Nutrients

Giving your dog raw marrow bones also means you're giving them healthy protein, minerals like calcium, and fatty acids to help build strong bones, lean muscle and to help with their focus and brain function.

Giving them New Sensations and Challenges

Dogs love the challenge of getting the meat off of a raw marrow bone and eventually getting to the delectable marrow

Help Distract Dogs from Negative Behaviours

If your dog has habits like chewing or scratching home furnishings and shoes, or self-destructive habits like excessive licking or chewing on their skin, raw marrow bones can help to distract them and keep them from scratching and licking and other behaviours that they may be doing out of nervousness

Dog owners love being able to make their dog happy and keep them healthy at the same time. Marrow bones and other protein and vitamin filled treats show your dog affection and give them important nutrients to help preserve their well-being.

Raw Marrow Bones are a Smart Supplement

When you're feeding your dog a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) diet, adding raw bones is not only fun and exciting for your dog, you can also help supply extra nutrients for your dog like protein, calcium, phosphorus, amino, essential fatty acids and minerals. You'll supply them with extra energy, vitality and motivation to behave the way you'd like them to behave. It's also an extra way to help bolster your dog's good health by keeping their teeth cleaner, which helps promote whole body health. Your dog will simply think they're being well-loved and spoiled while you know that you're also helping to keep them healthy for life.

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