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Natural Dog Chews

Every dog owner loves contributing to their dog's happiness in delicious ways by offering natural dog chews. Whether you choose inspired treats like liver from beef or turkey, Veni dog chews that are 100 percent naturally air-dried venison, antler bars or 100 percent natural beef tripe sticks your dogs will wag their tails in appreciation. You'll feel good knowing that you're adding healthy raw dog treats as an addition to their biologically appropriate raw food diet.

Natural chewy treats can help you train your pup in all the positive behaviours you want them to exhibit as they satisfy their natural urges to chew. Giving your dog variety in their diet helps them physically and emotionally. Nutrients like calcium, Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fats, amino acids, vitamins and minerals help keep your dog's skin and coat healthy, helps them maintain optimal weight, and helps brain function, focus and memory.

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Meeting Basic Needs While Giving Dogs the Satisfaction of Treats

Dogs tend to be hunters and are carnivores by nature. They love nothing more than the challenges they experience when you provide natural dog chews for them to enjoy. Chewing is an act that naturally boosts endorphins and gives your dog that comfortable feeling of satisfaction. They love holding onto a chewy treat and gnawing away on it. You'll feel great about giving them a treat filled with extra supplemental vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The best benefits of providing healthy treats for dogs include:

Giving Them New Sensory Experiences

Dogs love having a different experience than what they normally get when they eat dog food from a bowl. They like the challenges of ripping meat off of a bone, licking out the marrow from inside and the different textures of speciality dog treats like fish treats or liver chews.

A Real Sense of Variety

Dogs enjoy new and tasty treats whether you're out walking with them, teaching them something new, or at home relaxing.

Healthier Teeth and Gums

Chewing on bones exercises a dog’s jaw and helps to scrape away harmful plaque and bacteria from the teeth. Chewing on natural dog chews like antler bars is great for teeth since they act as a virtual toothbrush for dogs

Many pet owners feel a real sense of satisfaction in knowing that they're giving their best friend real, delicious treats they love- especially with the health benefits our carefully selected natural dog chews offer. Our natural treats contain no fillers, artificial colours, imitation flavours, preservatives or cereals so you can be sure that you're feeding the very best!

Treats are Healthy and Natural Motivation

When you're trying to teach new concepts like sit and stay, lie down and heel, you want to use natural treats as rewards and tasty motivators. This helps reinforce positive behaviours. Dogs can be very food driven and love getting something delicious as a reward. You'll get their attention and keep it throughout your training session when there is a promise of a high value treat.

A Healthy Change from the Everyday

A variety in a dog's diet goes a long way towards maintaining their long-term happiness and good health. Typically, just like us, dogs don't want to be stuck in a routine of the usual food served in a dish every day. When you give them something challenging to eat or a natural treat that is chewy in texture, you're giving them new experiences of eating something substantial as well as delicious. When you can combine these experiences with treats that are high Omega fats, vitamins and minerals you're really giving your dog the best things in life.

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