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Fish Treats for Dogs

Responsible and loving pet owners strive to provide the best, tastiest and healthiest diet for their dog while making them happy. One way to do this is with fish treats for dogs. Fish are high in essential nutrients like Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats and healthy protein. Fish is an important part of any complete biologically appropriate raw dog food diet.

Our fish treats for dogs can be used as an occasional treat for dogs or puppies, as a helpful training aid to encourage excellent behaviour, or just to provide food satisfaction. Fish treats are comprised of 100 percent white fish skins from sustainable sources. They're completely natural and a wholesome way to nourish your dog, provide good dental health, maintain strong bones and a shiny coat.

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Feeding Your Dog Right for Optimum Health at Any Energy Level

Whether you have an active dog who is constantly moving, hunting, fetching or working, or a pup who enjoys the simpler things in life like napping on a comfortable couch in the sunlight, feeding them nutritional and healthy fish treats for dogs as part of their diet will make a difference. A natural, wholesome diet provides these benefits:

Healthy and Shiny Coat

You'll notice a difference in your dog's coat in its shininess, softness and manageability when combing or brushing.

Reduced Instances of Skin Allergies

All the additives, preservatives, colours and dyes that are common in many foods are not found in raw foods or in natural fish treats for dogs. This means less scratching, rashes and skin irritation for your dog. See our hypoallergenic dog food for a full range of sensitive skin dog food products.

Faster and More Thorough Digestion

Raw meats, carefully chosen natural bones, and food without fillers are more easily digested by your dog, making their digestive system healthier and better able to function properly.

Better Dental Health

Cleaner, whiter and healthier teeth that are free from bacteria and plaque mean that your dog is healthier. Bacteria that is consistently present in their system can lead to health issues throughout their body. Better overall health begins with clean teeth that are free from periodontal disease

Many discerning pet owners are switching to natural alternatives when it comes to feeding their dogs and keeping them healthier. Raw foods give dogs that extra edge that can lead to maintaining optimum health. Dogs love the exciting flavours and the textures of raw, natural dog food that keep teeth and gums healthy and give them nourishment that is packed with minerals and vitamins. Dog owners love the tail wagging, jumping with happiness that they see in their dogs when they're being fed a high quality diet.

Fish Treats for Dogs You Can Feel Good About

Completely natural fish treats for dogs let you give your companion something they'll love to eat, while you know that you're giving them a wholesome and healthy snack. Fish treats come in several forms. You can find them flattened and chopped, in bar form, whole fish sprats, and also in a twisted form. Most of these treats are created from 100 percent white fish skins.

Raw and natural fish treats are full of protein, and contain the healthy Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats that are essential in your pet's diet. Fish are caught from sustainable sources. When treats look and taste this good, even the pickiest eaters are tempted to try them.

Nutrient Dense Treats Keep Pets Healthy

Healthy treats featuring high levels of amino acids, macro nutrients, vitamins and minerals give your dog that edge when it comes to energy, vitality, endurance and strength. Amino acids ensure that your dog's body can use protein correctly and help with body functions including growth and reproduction. Macro nutrients are essential to ensure your dog gets the recommended of calories for their size and activity level. Micro nutrients refer to vitamins and minerals that help keep all of the dog's organs and things like cells functioning correctly. One look at your dog enjoying natural fish treats and you'll know that your dog is simply savouring the taste.

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