Grain Free Dog Treat, Gluten Free Dog Treats

More dog owners are finding out that there are vast benefits of utilising grain free dog treats made with great care by Nutriment. A large number of dogs have or develop an intolerance to one or more of several commonly added ingredients to dog food and dog treats. These include grain and gluten. Just like us, susceptible dogs too can get extremely uncomfortable after eating these ingredients.

Signs like an upset stomach, vomiting, itchy and flaky skin, abdominal pain, intense gas, constipation, frequent diarrhoea and loss of appetite could indicate the presence of intolerance or allergic conditions. At Nutriment we only use the very best biologically appropriate ingredients, without grain or gluten. Most of our treats in fact only contain one ingredient. Our full range contains natural ingredients with nutrients essential for optimum health. We pride ourselves on using top-quality, human-grade meat, fish and offal without bulking agents or grains, in all our raw dog treats.

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Showing 1–16 of 28 results

Determine if Gluten-Free & Grain Free Dog Treats Are Needed

It is important for pet owners to assess their dog for signs of gluten or grain intolerance or allergies. If these conditions are suspected, we suggest taking the following 4 recommendations to ensure the health and well-being of their beloved pet.

1. Get Dog Assessed to Determine Allergy/Intolerance

If you suspect your dog has an intolerance or allergy to an element of the diet, like gluten or grain, you should discuss this with your vet. Tests can be done to determine if there is an allergy present, and if found, what that allergy is. Only an accurate diagnosis will ensure that all possible causes are being addressed. Our nutritionists can also advise how to feed an elimination diet by calling our head office.

2. Start Your Dog on Gluten-Free and/or Grain-Free Treats

If your dog has an allergy or shows marked symptoms of an intolerance that seems to worsen with ingestion of grain or gluten foods, address the diet as well as treats. Our gluten free dog treats and grain free dog treats are a good place to start! Look for treats with fewer ingredients. The main intention is to limit the diet and only use minimal ingredients and simple recipes. Too many additives or ingredients makes it difficult to determine the actual culprit ingredient that will need to be avoided for resolution of your dog’s discomforts.

3. Make Meal & Treat Time Fun for Your Dog

Nutriment has knowledgeable and experienced nutritionists that understand what dogs need and like. Our treats range offer a variety of intriguing textures and easily digested ingredients that are delicious enough to pass our tasting team.

4. Keep Your Dog Safe from Further Discomfort by Ensuring Gluten & Grain Sources Are Kept Away

It is so important to ensure that your dog, especially if they have a food intolerance or allergy, is kept safe from gluten and grain laden food sources. Remember to always give simple diet instructions to everyone who would have occasion to feed your dog. This includes children who love to sneak food to pets, other visiting friends, neighbours, dog sitters, groomers and veterinary staff. Some postmen and other delivery persons give treats to pets on their routes. Hang a sign where these individuals will see it or talk to them directly.

These simple yet effective measures can certainly improve a dog’s entire quality of life. Your long-suffering pet might just reward your efforts with a brighter disposition, clearer thinking and a better ability to perform normal activities again. Choose fresh and healthy Nutriment Raw dog treats to keep your dog happy, satisfied and at optimum health.