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Natural Dog Treats

Nutriment’s raw natural dog treats offer your canine companion high-quality nutrition in a flavourful package, perfect for an occasional snack or as a reward during training. Our selection of scrumptious treats have no fillers or cereals to interrupt your dog's pleasure. These treats are just pure meat, offal, marrow and bones for your dog to enjoy.

Meat, bone and offal contain a vital mixture of nutrients that give your dog the stamina and vitality to run and jump through each day with plenty of vigour and happiness. Enhancing your dog's life with real meat dog treats supports their health and well-being. The flavour, smell, and texture also makes them happy and eager to be at your side.

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Long before dog treats started rolling off conveyor belts dogs enjoyed raw meat. They even got to eat the highly nutritious organs and marrow (from the bones) leftover after their humans were done. Even though dogs can digest carefully selected vegetables, their bodies are built to eat meat.

Why Raw Feeding?

Why choose raw dog treats over those that roll off of a conveyor belt? That's easy. Because raw, natural treats are better for your dog. They support the Biologically, Appropriate Raw Food diet that we recommend for all of our canine and feline customers. Plus, the sheer variety of flavours, textures, and smells will make your dog ecstatic.

  • Feeding your dog a raw diet offers a long list of benefits that many commercial diets are never going to replicate. They include:
  • Improved health
  • Healthier digestion
  • Cleaner teeth and better breath
  • Enhanced stamina and vigour
  • Shinier, healthier coats
  • Calmer demeanour

Many owners report a healthier, happier dog after just a few days on a raw diet. Long-term, dogs fed a raw diet seem to maintain their youth and vigour longer too.

Benefits of Raw Dog Treats

One of the benefits of a raw diet is the fact your canine will have smaller stools than when eating a commercial diet. A dog's body is made to digest raw meat more easily than cereals and cooked meats. As a result, you get less waste. Stools become smaller and firmer. They also tend to dry up and break apart in just a few days under sunlight, making it easier to keep the yard clean. The smell is much less offensive than the stools of dogs fed a commercial diet.

Diet is the cornerstone of health, so by feeding a raw diet your dog will be getting all the nutrients needed for maintaining optimum health. He or she is not ingesting fillers and cereals which put strain on the digestive system and promotes the growth of the wrong types of bacteria. This helps keep visits to the veterinarian to a minimum because your dog is healthier and happier.

Natural dog treats are part of the raw food movement. It makes no sense to feed your dog a healthy diet of raw food, while giving him or her a commercial treat filled with cooked grains and other ‘nasties’. Chicken necks, dried venison, and bone marrow are much better choices. With treats so filled with flavour and nutrition, your dog will never want to go back to a commercial treat again.

Nutriment's dedication to pet nutrition and health is second to none. We ensure every treat that leaves our facility is of the highest quality so your dog can enjoy the flavour and health benefits. Whether you go fresh with turkey necks or chicken wing tips, or go dried with fish twists or beef tripe, your dog is going to enjoy every tasty bite. Don't forget fresh marrow bones for special occasions!

Try a few of our treats to find your dog's favourite.

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