Raw Dog Treats

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Showing 17–28 of 28 results

Why Choose Nutriment’s Raw Dog Treats?

Strengthen the Bond Between Owner & Pet

Pet owners have a special bond with their animals and many people feel as if their dogs are part of the family. Treating them to something tasty can be something that makes you both feel happy. Dogs love the great taste and the excitement of being given something a little different to their usual bowl of food. Owners can also enjoy the experience of watching their pet happily eating something they don’t get to try every day.

Nutritional Value

Though Nutriment’s range of food provides everything your animals need to stay healthy, offering your canine companion occasional additional snacks from our raw dog treats range can be a great way to boost vitality and keep them healthy. All of the snacks in this range are natural, so you don’t need to worry about things like excessive weight gain or impurities that can cause health problems.

Health Benefits

Unlike cheaper, generic snacks, raw dog treats can help to improve the overall health of your animal when included as part of a balanced, nutrient rich diet. Here are just some of the benefits that owners and pets can enjoy:

  • Improved Digestion
  • Harder, more solid and less smelly stools
  • Mobility boosting, especially in older dogs
  • Increased energy
  • Combats bad breath
  • Cleaner teeth
  • Promotes healthy fur and skin

Peace of Mind

Many cheaper snacks that are made for dogs include flavour enhancing chemicals and additives that aren’t especially healthy. Choosing Nutriment’s raw dog treats means that you know exactly what you’re giving your dog so you don’t have to worry about any potentially harmful or unhealthy elements that may cause health problems in later life.


In the natural world, dogs don’t eat food from cans or packets. Giving your canine companion something like a juicy turkey hearts, flavourful fish twists or luscious lamb ribs will engage their primal instincts and fill them with joy.

Perfect at any time of day

Whether you’ve just returned from a long walk and want to replace some of that energy your pet has burned off from all that exercise or you need to distract them while you get on with something that takes up your full attention, raw dog treats are a healthy and tasty alternative to things like processed biscuits or chews. They can also be a great incentive for your pets, too. Learning to sit, stay and other essential every day behaviours is much easier when there’s a tasty little reward at the end of it all.