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Raw Puppy Treats

Nutriment's extensive and diverse selection of quality raw puppy treats will provide something for all tastes, no matter what breed of puppy you have. From chicken wing tips to venison marrow bones, the carefully selected array of natural treats provides additional nutrition and a mix of flavours and textures that young dogs will love.

Use our puppy treats as rewards for good training sessions, obedience and occasionally just to show your four-legged friend a little extra love. There's nothing processed or unnatural in any of our products, so you can spoil your puppy with the occasional treat without worrying about problems such as obesity or diet related health issues.

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The Benefits of Raw Puppy Treats?

Experience a variety of tastes and textures

The world is exciting to young dogs and as anybody who has spent time with a puppy will tell you, there aren't many things they don't enjoy chewing. Bones, chew sticks and meaty snacks like turkey hearts allow young dogs to get accustomed to different flavours and textures while also giving them a healthy and tasty snack.

Strengthen Teeth and Gums

Though all dogs must be supervised when enjoying things like bones or chew sticks, chewing on firm textures can be a good way for dogs to improve the strength of their teeth. Unlike softer, meat-based dog food that is usually served in a bowl, raw puppy treats that are comprised of solid material provide more of a challenge to young dogs.

Rewards and Training

Training can be a difficult time for some owners but using raw puppy treats as a reward for things like learning to sit, remain in certain areas of the house or other fundamental behaviours is often a good way to foster obedience. The first year of a dog's life is a critical stage in its development and rewards can play a significant part in the way they learn to obey commands.

Protein and Fibre

All dogs need protein and fibre to remain healthy and this applies to puppies as well. Though a balanced, regular feeding routine is essential, using raw treats instead of processed snacks is a good way of providing additional nutrients.

Suitable for all sizes

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and Nutriment's range of puppy treats caters for all breeds. For larger animals, products like turkey necks or lamb ribs will be a good choice as they are substantial enough to last for a while. For smaller canines chicken hearts and fish flatties will provide a little energy boost as well as lot of joy.

Motor skills and coordination

Allowing puppies to enjoy natural treats like bones can help them develop strength in their legs and paws. Holding things still while they gnaw on them will help to connect them with their primal instincts while simultaneously providing them with a treat. It’s also a great work out for the jaw, so puppies tend to have a nice sleep after a good chew.

Health Benefits

Just like humans, a dog's health heavily depends on what they eat. Many cheaper foods and treats contain a lot of bulking or filler material that doesn't provide much in the way of nutrition. Nutriment's products contain nothing but the finest, natural ingredients which means you don't have to worry about toxins or low-quality processed elements in your pet's food. Raw food and treats can promote a range of health benefits including improved appearance of the fur and skin as well as increased energy and vitality.

Allergies & Intolerances

Some dogs can be allergic to the additives or preservatives that are included in mass produced food. Though you should always consult your vet if you have any concerns, nutriment always uses natural ingredients, meaning there is far less chance of your furry friend suffering an unpleasant reaction to any of our products.

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