5kg Adult Starter

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A selection of Nutriment’s complete raw dog food, in 500g trays. Our dog food starter packs are an easy and convenient pack size that gives your dog the chance to try a variety of proteins. Delivery not included. Maximum of 2 per order.

Working Dog – Suitable for all breeds

Online offer only!

A starter pack consisting of 5kgs of mixed complete formulas for dogs.

Our starter box contains:

Please Note: If we are out of stock of certain flavours, the starter pack will be made with a selection of the flavours in stock. Otherwise this box comes as standard. Requests for substitute products will not be fulfilled. If you wish to place an order excluding a certain variety you will need to put your own order together.

For more details on the products, please click on the flavours. Online orders only.

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Weight 5 kg

536 reviews for 5kg Adult Starter

  1. Adam M.

    Great food, great value for money and fast delivery. My dogs coat is so much better, toilet habits are so much better and he loves it.

  2. Valmai

    Great choice

  3. Alice Smith

    Had my dog on this for years now, about time I left a review. As soon as we put him on this he stopped having itchy skin. He isn’t very interested in food, and this was the first food I had seen him excited to eat, he was probably about 4 at the time. Now he is a really healthy 10 year old dog. People are always surprised at his age, as he acts like a 2 year old. I put his health down to this food. His poo turns pale and disintegrate after a day which I understand demonstrates that there is no junk in the food.
    Over the years I have had just 2 issues with deliveries, which is clearly very few, but each time Nutriment have dealt really quickly and really nicely with the issues. Great company, great food. And no, I don’t work for them πŸ™‚

  4. Francesca Bailey

    I have been feeding nutriment for the last two months after my basset hound was diagnosed with ibs over a year ago we tried everything but it didn’t work nutriment is the only thing that has worked and he absolutely loves it he is much happier and loves meal times now.

  5. Joanne

    Just started my JRT on Nutriment it has now been around 1month and she is loving it. She has gone from a picky eater who would pick at her kibble throughout the day to getting excited at meal times and finishing each bowl straight away. Already seeing a difference in her coat and she no longer has weepy eyes. Nutriment Team are so helpful at answering all my questions!

  6. Megan

    My dog loves Nutriment! She does so well on it – better than the other raw brands I’ve tried! This was great to get her started on Nutriment πŸ™‚

  7. Paul Byrne

    Just taken on a rescue who was being fed this. Setting up account ordering and delivery were spot on. Leo loves it and whilst it is new to me I have already seen a big difference in the lesser amount of waste I now need to pick up. Quite surprised he is a lot bigger than our old lass. She was on natures menu but not the raw stuff.
    Very pleased so far and just ordered another starter pack to tide us over whilst we free up or get new freezer space.

  8. Maureen

    Super box so that you can try a good range of the different types of foods and see which your dog likes.

  9. Tina. Gibbs@Btinternet . Com

    Food always arrives in great condition . Company very helpful with queries, and best of all the dog loves it.

  10. Gayna

    My dog enjoyed this

  11. Susan Rumens

    This is what dogs should be eating , not artificial food, my dogs love it ,healthy,shiny coat etc , from a human point of view, low odour and firm poo…..

  12. Anonymous

    On receiving my food I found it to be packed securely. I found the quality to be really good and all my dogs love it.

  13. Anonymous

    After trying almost every other type of dog food and chatting to friends, I decided to try my girl on Nutriment.
    (note to self

  14. Nicola Bownes

    I got this as my starter kit in order to try different flavours. The dogs were picky at first but I think that is due to the texture rather than the flavour having always had a complete food which is crunchy. After two days of not eating much I partially zapped it in the microwave for 30 seconds just to make it cling together and they ate it immediately. I will decrease the time as they become used to it but so far so good.

  15. Anonymous

    Fussy pooch loved it! Makes meal times sooo much better now as she gobbles it down!

  16. Lucy Barnett

    I was actually sent the wrong product, I ordered the adult starter pack and received the puppy starter pack. I was unable to find a telephone number to call to report this and as the food is frozen I decided the best thing to do was to keep it.

  17. Alyson

    My dog has been fed a raw diet since she was weaned and she looks awesome. Her coat is soft and shiny, her eyes are bright and her teeth are clean. I have tried other raw products, but always come back to Nutriment.

  18. Natalie

    I posted a previous review stating that my dog wouldnt take to this product and I was wasting it, now he is wolfing it down and seems quite happy with the food so my advice is to stick with it and hopefully after they get acquainted with this food they start to enjoy it

  19. Dawn Pitchford

    My dog started on the puppy food and has moved onto the adult version. She has chicken wings for breakfast and Nutriment in the evening, perfect combo! This is an excellent product giving superb results but please, please, please can you use recycling friendly packaging?

  20. Claire

    Let me start by saying: I am not someone whom normally writes a review but felt I had to on this occasion. My mothers labrador has always had stomach problems as she was an ex breeding bitch and not given the best start. She is now elderly and had lost a huge amount of weight and we were started to loose hope as she could not hold down any of the other dog foods or chicken and rice we had previously tried. I decided it couldn’t hurt to as a last resort try Nutriment! To say we are glad we did is an understatement, our Labrador has been so well, bright and finally managing to have a firm poo (disgusting topic I know) and retain goodness from her diet. We now have all four of our dogs on this and hope the quality will long continue. It’s a gold * from us.

  21. Charlie

    My order was easy to place and arrived within 2 days. My dog loves the raw food having previously been on dry kibble which she was fussy with and having endless problems with her anal glands. Beven on nutriment raw for 1 week, has firm stools and not a sign of any scooting. Fantastic food it’s the answer I’ve been looking for!

  22. Susan Ford

    I was recommended this product by a Poodle Charity Group -Poodle Fun Day- I started feeding my 2 miniature Poodles a year ago, 9 year old and 1 year old. Both were stopped kibble and tinned and cooked chicken overnight and no problems whatsoever , they cry for their food. I acquired a 3 year old toy poodle a few months ago and put her on it straight away – she too loves it. Thank you Nutriment .
    When I first ordered it I phoned and the lady I spoke to was very knowledgeable and helpful.

  23. Geraldine Harris

    My dog absolutely loves this food from the very first bowl he is there waiting for his food. His coat is in excellent condition. His eyes are bright and he is more alert. Fully recommend this food which is so full of goodness for your dog.

  24. Alison Barbara Naughton

    Smooth transition from puppy food. No upset tummies. My dog loves this food and he looks amazing.

  25. Jackie Barker

    I love this product as the food is quality, great value for money, packaging and delivery is excellent and is an ideal quantity to fit in my freezer.

  26. Kelvin Martin

    I was given the idea of nutriment by our Barking Mad franchisee, she has her dog on it and swears by it. Sparky has a problem with Tartar on her teeth, despite daily brushing by me, also a very poor undercoat for a parson, which means I can’t have her stripped as she ends up bald, but looks shabby when the top coat grows so long, i was advised by a homeopathic pharmacy that raw food would certainly help the teeth issue and could well help get her a denser coat, so, i ordered the starter pack, I didn’t worry that it was for working dogs as she is such busy little bee, her work is chasing many squirrels as she can in a day, so i figured she needed the energy.
    It’s too early to asses the health benefits as we are only on to the 3rd pack, but boy does she love it, she is dancing around me as I’m putting it in her bowl, something she never did on dry food, and i bought the best on the market, so we are sticking with it, i don’ think I would be forgiven if I didn’t!

  27. Andrea Jackson

    Very happy with the starter pack. Switched my 11 year old rescue terrier from dried food to this and he loves it!
    Will definitely be ordering more.

  28. Anonymous

    Delivered in good condition. Easy to feed & my 2 small dogs love it.

  29. Kayleigh

    Excellent quality my 3 dogs love this. I believe this is one of the best raw foods on the market. Next day delivery packaged well. Great variety of food on the adult starter pack. Will be buying again

  30. Sarah

    Really good food
    My dogs love it & are quite fussy so pleased they like it
    Will definitely order more ‘ really fast delivery too
    Thank you

  31. Penny White

    After trying my little black rescue dog on many different of “good quality” tins of dog food from the supermarket, she was still sniffing it and turning away. Quite a worry, considering she’d been out in the woods on her own for at least 3 weeks in November and should have been ravenous.

    Eventually, we tried her on Nutriment and she wolfed it down! Within a few weeks, her health was much improved and her coat was glossy. Sorted!

    When we got our second dog from Romania, we transitioned him on to Nutriment as well. He is now also the picture of health.

    If you want the best for your dog, choose Nutriment. It’s high quality, easy to store and handle and is delivered promptly. In addition, customer service is superb. Thank you, Nutriment-people!!

  32. Lou

    I buy this regularly as it includes p&p and is just the right amount for our freezer and bank account (as far as I know other raw retailers do not offer this).

  33. Tim Smith

    Ordered a starter pack which arrived promptly so excellent customer service.
    However it has given all 3 dogs sickness and diarrhea for some reason. Could be more to do with the dogs than the product but have had to throw the other 7 packs in the bin.

  34. Anonymous

    Easy to use, good delivery, dog loves, it cuts down on wind! But all the packs in the adult starter pack were for working dogs. And mine certainly isn’t!

  35. Anonymous

    My dog loves this food. It comes well packaged and conveniently frozen. So easy to defrost and feed. The service through the website is great, easy to use, food is delivered very quickly.

  36. Erika

    I got this product as recommended, as my dog prefers human food. Except aldi moist balls (not healthy)recommendedry picky. ive tried many brands of dry and she refuses. I got this and its easy to use but i will need bigger freezer. She tried salmon at first. She would only eat if spoon feed and belched alot (ashume she wasnt keen) i then tried the beef bit smelly but she woofed it down and bought me the bowl. Chicken wasnt struck same with duck but i pinged it in the micro for a minute (squashed down) and she soon packed that away. Yay! She has been on it a week and shes got alot more energy, her coat feels softer, shes put on a kilo (good she was bit ribby for a basset x ) and noticed water consumption has halved, she drank alot before. I am pleased defo worth getting the starter to see if interested. If not theres plenty of rescue center’s that would be grateful.

  37. Anonymous

    My two dogs love the raw food it’s packaging is quality & the contents are easy to serve! They can’t get enough!

  38. Cat

    My dogs absolutely love this, I’m only on the 3rd pack from the starter pack and already its made a huge difference to my dogs’ health. One of my dogs can eat absolutely anything while the other has a really sensitive stomach and any type of dog food gives her diarrhoea, so i’ve been trying to find something they both can eat and this is perfect. No more upset stomachs!! Thank you very much. Will definitely be buying this going forward πŸ™‚

  39. Leanne Rawlings

    Would be great to have individual pieces or smaller runs as sometimes I have to waste some as it goes off.

  40. Anonymous

    My 4 month old Labrador was fed on the kibble the breeder had used but she would never relish her feeds and in the end I left it down and she grazed. I am trying nutriment with a little kibble at the moment and her average time is 5 minutes! She loves all of the flavours in the starter pack

  41. Charlotte

    I’ve been buying nutriment raw since the start of the year And my Vinnie loves it. The delivery is quick and the food is great quality.

  42. Carolyn

    I have fed raw for the last 30 years and my dogs have always done very well on it…. my vets would wait a long time to get rich from my dogs!

    Having read the reviews I thought I would try both Adult and the Adult Starter Pack…..

    The food arrived promptly, was very well packed and was much easier to stack in my freezer than the food I usually use It took the dogs (Pointers) a couple of days to get used to the different texture of the meat but they are now quite happy with it…

    My only complaint would be the plastic containers and the fact that my Council dont recycle black plastic!

  43. Pippa Coates

    This is the first time my 4 year old pug Teddy has had anything except cooked chicken and dog biscuits in her life so this was massive. First day she looked at with distain and lay by her empty dish (after I had put it back in the fridge) most of the day. Next day I flash-fried it and put little bits of chicken on it and she wolfed it down.

    So now she’s eating it completely raw and her bowel movements are perfect, and she’s so energetic too.

    So thanks so much from Pippa and her Paleo pug

  44. Anonymous

    I have a small breed which means that 5oo gram will last 3 days. I would give 5 star rating if the product was supplied in cubes.

  45. Anonymous

    Excellent product. Dog loves it. Easy ordering. Would recommend

  46. Anonymous

    Animals love it and it’s great value for money.
    Loses a star for its packaging though as it’s often very very difficult to prise the lid off the tubs.

  47. Anonymous

    Comes in easy packs so easy to use with no waste.

  48. Jackie Barker

    Great product, good variety and my dog loves it. I like the pack also because I have limited freezer space so this is ideal and good value for money.

  49. Emma

    I went for the starter pack mainly because the free delivery on a small order helped a lot.
    My dog loves all the flavour but does seem less keen on the duck. This means when I do my big order for her I can make sure I miss that one.
    It’s a shame that you don’t get more discount on larger orders or a regular customer discount.
    The food itself comes well packaged although hard to open- better than too easy I suppose!
    I will be ordering more. My dog has been so much happier on the raw diet, no more dried food for her.

  50. Anonymous

    I always buy starter parks for my Saffi. As she only eats 200g per day, they give her a good variety for several weeks. She likes the meals best semi frozen. The fact that the beef has no none allow me to give her a raw chicken wing on beef days.

  51. Susan Rumens

    Dogs are carnivores , their digestive system is not particularly adapted to dry food, this raw food packed with the right amount of vitamins etc is brilliant, my shih tzu loves it, his weight is normal and my vet has told me he is very healthy,added to the fact he adores it ….it’s easy to thaw out,and doesn’t make a mess ….

  52. Angela Scoltock

    fantastic value, ideal size package to fit in fridge, good selection of flavours, my 2 year old cocker spaniel just loves the salmon one

  53. Laura

    This starter pack contains a great variety of flavours. I was really impressed with the delivery arrangements and packaging and my 2 year old pug goes mad at each meal time.

  54. Anonymous

    My cocker spaniel just loves the food. Her bowl is cleared as quickly as the food is put down

  55. Carla

    I have now switched my 2 spaniels onto a raw diet for 8 weeks now and have to say it’s was a very good choice on my behalf,they are fed another well known raw product and they are very keen to eat it…great…so I thought I would give nutriment raw a tasting session…
    Needless to say they just go silly for their breakfast and tea…there is a lot more substance to it, easy and convienient to defrost in its own little plastic pot,
    I brought the starter pack…so far everything has been demolished, clean bowls allround (not that they never were. They are spaniels)
    Happy owner, Happy pooches, smaller poops,calmer dogs overall, think their favourite is the salmon one….less summer scratching , that is the biggest differance/improvement, and calmer dogs that will settle so much quicker in the evening instead of bouncing off the walls…

  56. Rosemary Jones

    Couldn’t believe how quickly my 10year old rescue poodle inhaled this amazing food. He didn’t stop to eat it by the time I had turned my back it was gone. I am hoping that he and I can manage to get him to loose a bit of weight by giving him the correct amount for the weight he should be and not the weight he is. Onward and upward. Thank you so much. Will try some of the treats too or the dog will anyway.

  57. Kelly Beardsley

    We have had Gracie our 14 month old pug on the nutriement raw diet for a week now and reaping the benefits. In total we have tried 5 different types of high quality kibble for Gracie including green dog and wait wrights grain free before switching to raw. I like the ease of the tubs and the minced product. Being new to raw I was unsure of creating my own raw meals and found nutriement meals took away the worry of getting the right balance but the benefits of raw. I had read so much about raw feeding and the benefits but was dubious to be honest but even after a day of feeding nutriment Gracie seemed more alert yet calmer, her stools were down from 5 a day on wainwright’s to just 2 and so much smaller! Her eyes were less gunky and looked wider and brighter. Looking forward to trying some of the treats from nutriment.

  58. Anonymous

    So pleased with switching to raw. My westie loves it and licks her kios every time I prepare the food. Delivery is always fast too. Excellent products!

  59. Andy Cochrane

    Our new rescue dog was losing weight due to his sensitive stomach and every food we tried was running through him. We bought the starter pack via a recommendation from a family member and within 48 hours his stools had become solid and within the week he had gained weight and his coat had improved. He wolfs down every flavour and and is full of energy.
    Will be buying the full pack and switching to it permanently . Excellent product.

  60. Steph Bailey

    brilliant my dogs love the food fast delivery just brill

  61. Andy Cochrane

    Our new rescue dog was losing weight due to his sensitive stomach and every food we tried was running through him. We bought the starter pack via a recommendation from a family member and within 48 hours his stools had become solid and within the week he had gained weight and his coat had improved. He wolfs down every flavour and and is full of energy.
    Will be buying the full pack and switching to it permanently . Excellent product.

  62. Laura

    Really disappointed at my pup’s reaction to it. She literally wouldn’t entertain even going near it. I suspect it’s due to the veg and offal in it. She LOVES her plain mince.

  63. Jackie Barker

    I find the quality and variety of the starter pack to be excellent, the quantity per pack (10) is ideal for me as I have limited freezer space. The packaging is excellent and as it’s free postage what’s not to like? The great thing is my dog loves it and is very healthy on it.Gr

  64. Tracy

    My dog of 8 months has never been enthusiastic about meal times. Kibble often sitting in the dish all day untouched.
    Now I have a bouncing boy who can’t get enough of his food.
    Excellently packed, easy to defrost and prepare into separate meals. Cannot recommend enough. Delivered on a day of your choice and texted with a delivery time window of an hour. Perfect

  65. Jvdb

    A great way to try all the flavours before committing to an order. My fussy dog is wading his way through them and we will be placing an order very soon!

  66. Anonymous

    My dog loves it, she’s jumping for excitement as soon as I take it out of the fridge. Wouldn’t change it . Nest thing I done she’s so happy and her coat is glossy and beautiful

  67. Bridget Greenwood

    I know that I feed my dog better than I feed myself or my children

  68. Anonymous

    Always wanted to switch to raw feeding my dogs but was put off by the “preparing raw food”that’s involved plus some off my dogs are extremely sensitive. Nutriment was recommended to me and im so pleased with the results,-my dogs absolutely love it…their coats are shining,one dog has finally put on some weight,he was always on the skinny side. No more smellie dog farts and smaller poos to pick up,-no sensitive tummy issues eather.
    Highly recommendable

  69. Zara Morgan

    My dogs went loopy when they had their first sniff of nutriment. The ideal reaction from my point of view. You see they are very fussy and my male dog had an awful habit of just trying to bury his kibble instead of eating it. In fact the only way I could get them to eat their kibble was to put it in a treat ball. This was a high end food and so I was confused. Then nutriment was recommended and when I learned about it I couldn’t wait to order. Now my little ones go crazy as soon as their food bowls are touched. They can’t wait for their meals and they eat every single bit. No mess no fuss and no burying. It’s heaven and the starter pack provides an amazing variety of flavours. I recommend everybody to try this. It’s seriously changed my dogs life’s for the better in every way!

  70. Jennifer Bodman

    Have spent a fortune on dried and raw foods but would not eat any of them since introducing Nutriment she is happy and eating well . No more fussy meal times

  71. Anonymous

    The product itself is great. My 2 beagles seem to love it and my boy, who has a very sensitive stomach, has had no adverse reactions at all. We are looking to continue with raw feeding. Only negative thing is the delivery was left in a very hot porch. They didn’t bother knocking on the door even though people were home at the time and there were cars in the driveway so there is no way they could have thought otherwise. It was lucky we saw it else it would have all defrosted.

  72. Rachel

    I have fed raw for a long time but was recommended to use Nutriment by a friend who gave me a tub. My 5 went mad for it and so I ordered the Starter which had a good mix of all the different types. I have since put another order in and will review the different types as I feed them.

    I am now only feeding Nutriment – it’s fantastic and my 5 pugs look very good on it. It’s an easy way to make sure your dogs are getting excellent nutrition and easy to serve and defrost.

    No smell so I can get away with putting it in the bottom of the human indoor fridge which makes life a lot easier but my pugs know it’s there and make a dive for the tub.

  73. Anonymous

    Easy to order, value for money and prompt delivery. The dogs love it, especially the older ones who were becoming bored with their kibble diet.

  74. Pamela Weir

    I have just started my racing whippets on this food and so far good success they love the food bowls all licked clean I am now waiting to see what diffence their performance is on the track

  75. Sarah B

    My westie has always been a very picky eater, which stems from illness and major liver surgery as a puppy. He’s well now, but his eating habits were driving me mad. I’d tried dry food, quality wet food, a mixture, just about every brand, but most of them he’d nibble at under sufferance, or frequently would bring up his food after reluctantly eating. I didn’t hold out much hope for raw, but tried as a last resort. It’s been over a week now and he LOVES IT! Every meal has been eaten enthusiastically and it’s stayed down. This was meant to be! I can’t tell you how DELIGHTED I am that after 4 years, we’ve found a food he adores and is good for him. Am hoping it will help with his itchy skin too.

  76. Janice

    Nutriment is a great company to deal with and delivery is excellent. There is a good variety of flavours in the Starter Pack and I tack on about 4 others and the delivery is still free.

  77. Anonymous

    Just started my two labs on Nutriment and so far a great success. I haven’t tried all the packs yet hence only four stars given but I am sure it will be five stars when I have. My dogs can’t believe their luck! Tails wag like crazy while they are waiting and dishes are licked clean each time. Delivery was very prompt and great packaging. Arrived with every pack solidly frozen.

  78. S. Jones

    I have been feeding my dogs raw food for about 3 years having read and heard a lot of good things about the results others have had. My dogs were over weight and lacked the energy and the fun spirit they had as puppies. One dog was 18months old and the other was 4yrs old. The 4yr old was a very fussy eater and sometimes didn’t eat for up to 3 days and was still a bit over weight as we offered her all sorts of unsuitable food to encourage her to eat. I had always believed that a speyed bitch was always going to put on weight as this was a theory I had heard from others. I decided to try raw and weigh the meals so they got the correct amount each day and not a guess at what looked right. Immediately they ate it with enthusiasm and the fussy one was still licking the bowl long after it was empty. They gradually lost the excess weight, became more active and much more lively in every way. I used to make the food up myself, mixing the minced meat with ground vegetables but recently got a third dog so couldn’t really find the time to make up a couple of weeks worth at a time and freeze it. I was recommended to try Nutriment so looked at the ingredients and delivery and decided to try it. I ordered it one day and it arrived the next in a polystyrene box inside a cardboard box, frozen and in plastic containers with a sleeve showing the flavour and whether adult or puppy food. The containers fit nicely in my freezer without being difficult to find amongst the human food and it’s so well packaged that there is no worry about contamination. My dogs were happy about the change from homemade and I still have healthy, lively dogs that don’t seem to be ageing any more. An even bigger bonus is that their poo is tiny and solid as their bodies use all the food so there is very little waste to come out the other end!
    Ordering is so easy online or by telephone, Nutriment is excellent food and if you are unsure how much to feed your dogs or you want advice if your dog is over, or under weight, phone and they will advise you as they know what they are talking about.
    If you change from a non raw to Nutriment raw you won’t regret it as you will have a happier, healthier dog. I have told a lot of people about the benefits of feeding their dogs raw food and some have tried it and not looked back but some say they ‘can’t be bothered when all they need to do is tip some kibble in a bowl’ If you love your dogs and want them to be healthy and happy spending less than 5 minutes a day weighing out the raw shouldn’t be difficult.

  79. Anonymous

    Excellent product and delivery service. Took time for the dog to get used to the change to raw food but now seems to love it. Worth persevering.

  80. Bryony Turford

    Changed my dogs from dog biscuits & tinned dog meat to nutriment & bought this to give them a trial run, I wasn’t disappointed! A great pack with a mix of flavours at a reasonable price! My dogs are loving nutriment so I’ll definitely be ordering more!

  81. Mrs Mandy Tuck

    Well where do I start a friend of mine recommended Nutriment for Leo my 11 yr old Boxer
    It’s only been one week and what a difference it’s made He absolutely loves it He seems to enjoy every one of the many varieties
    I no it’s early days but knowing him we’ve never experienced him woofing it down so quick
    It was a bit of a shock when we first opened it seeing the blood but I can honestly say it doesn’t smell unpleasant
    We’ve just ordered another batch and I’m so positive he will carry on loving it
    Thank You to sue my friend and Nutriment carry on the good work x

  82. Emma

    My dog loves these complete meals but, unfortunately when it was delivered two of the pack had already defrosted and the others showed signs of defrosting.
    I contacted Nutriment to advise them, but as of yet I am still waiting on a reply. I was not able to use both pack and had to waste some of them.
    I won’t be buying them again online due to the delivery issues but I will by from my local pet store.

  83. Mrs Worrall

    Ordered my starter pack on Monday and it arrived the next day. I have 2small Bichon cross Lhasa’s, 1 fussy eater !! The minute I opened the pack they were interested, fussy eater loves each has flavour so far. Highly recommended and I’m not disappointed.

  84. Jackie Barker

    Very good product. Good variety of flavours which my dog enjoys, the starter pack is ideal if you have limited freezer space and very good value for money.

  85. Mary Mcleod

    Fast delivery. Well packaged. Good looking product. Dog loves it.

  86. Dave

    After the reviews and a recommendation by a friend, we decided to give it a go. We tried everything from mixing it with real chicken to hiding treats in the middle, our dog just would not go near it. We’ll keep persevering, but already two packs have ended up in the bin, and I don’t have hope for the rest.

    Got to say it does look disgusting when it comes out the pack !

  87. Richard Clayton (Owner Of Ghyll)

    Ghyll the Border Collie says “I have always been a fussy eater, most of my food has been fairly tasteless. This stuff is brilliant, real food, just like my ancestors ate but no hunting needed. Delivered right to my paws. I love it!”

  88. Lorraine Maguire

    I have 9 dogs who for the past couple of years have been on a raw diet, tried nutrient and they love it, will be changing their diet to this !

  89. Mahuelitegardens@Gmail.Com

    Order was here, well packaged and still completely frozen.

  90. Laura Eaton

    My dog has been on the raw food for 4 months, and the Nutriment range is by far the best. The starter pack is excellent value for money, and customer service is second to none. I ordered Sun eve, the goods were here Tues morning.
    My dog is very happy and loves all flavour’s (except Salmon

  91. Jenny Hemming

    The food came well packaged, in fact, very difficult to get lids off, but, unfortunately, my dig didn,t like the texture. He woukd eat some if I hand fed him, and go to his dish, but not once did he pick any from the dish. I think he prefers something more chunkey and chewy. I,m sure this is an excellent product if the dog will eat it.

  92. Anonymous

    Having read great reviews on Nutriment I bought the starter pack. Good variety and great packaging and delivery. Unfortunately my dog just didn’t eat them…not even a mouthful πŸ™ She seems to prefer raw minces with chunks/texture whereas Nutriment is more a thick puree. Each one also has several supplements like sea kelp or coconut oil all good but I do wonder if that’s also what put her off.

  93. Anonymous

    I have a toy cockapoodle who has always been fed a raw diet & fairly fussy and I find it difficult to keep the weight on her. She has been on this food for a week and a half now & loves it & has put on weight!! Wooohoo!! Thank you!

  94. Jay Sinclair-Pearson

    My French bulldog Thor has a very sensitive tummy and we have tried many different types of foods, but with nutriment he has never been better, from his soft fur to his healthy stools, brilliant food!

  95. Claire Gough

    Really easy to use – good variety of flavours and my dog absolutely loves it! My only grumble is the tubs can be a little difficult to open but I’ve found if you squeeze the sides the lid pops off

  96. M G Hodder

    My dog has had all sorts of allergy problems which seems to be lessened feeding raw, he loves this complete meal. Only negative is i would prefer less chicken in the pack as it seems to trigger his itching.

  97. Jen

    Our Westie who’s 19 months can’t get though of this raw food. Never have I seen her lick her mouth when it’s her feeding time. From dry kibble to this has changed her eating habits and her coat is already so much thicker and glossier after 1 month on raw! Amazing food and will continue to buy for her. Thanks Nutriment!

  98. Jessica

    Since switching to Nutriment my 2 year old cockapoo loves mealtimes! No more issues with trying different types of kibble that he would eat or wet food mixes. His energy levels seem more even too.

  99. Anonymous

    My Saffi loves your food and can’t wait while I prepare it. I like the handy 500g containers as she has 2 meals of 100g per day, so they are very easy to divide up. She eats it semi frozen as she prefers it slightly chunky.

  100. Kerrie Stickings

    Have finally found a food my fussy dog enjoys and clears the bowl each time. Good quality food and good value for money. Would recommend and buy again.
    Quick delivery received next day. Thankyou.

  101. Lesa Wilkins

    My 8 mth old Vizsla loves your food!!! he was introduced to natural instinct raw at an early age but lost interest in all flavours so we put him on Cannigans kibble for a while(he liked it!) we wanted him back on raw and someone recommended nutriment!!! best recommendation ever!! Only flavour he’s not keen on is salmon(obviously doesn’t like fish!!!)ha ha!
    Keep on producing.

  102. Aaln Walters

    Nice selection of flavours for your dog to try. Handy sized 500g tubs.

  103. Anonymous

    My dog Toluela seems to love the food ,no messing or leaving food for the first time in the six years we have had her.

  104. Sandy Reygan

    I had my 6 month old sheltie on Country Hunter by Natures Menu. Still could not get the poos right. Changed to Nutriment absolutely perfect in every way and not as costly. Highly recommend these products. Came the next day perfectly packed too! Her Coat shines like Glass.

  105. Rosemary

    After months of half-heartedly eating his good quality kibble, his 1st nutriment meal went down without touching the sides! And mealtimes have become an exciting part of his day. Very impressed how quickly starter pack arrived here in Scotland (2 days).

  106. Shirley Taylor

    Great balanced diet, dogs love it.

  107. Anonymous

    Very pleased with the food and service from Nutriment. Recommended.

  108. Natalie Thompson

    Since switching to nutriment raw my dog has got down to his optimum weight (after struggling with weight issues forever) and is healthy and happy.
    He LOVES his dinner and eats it in about 2 seconds (no exaggeration).
    I order the starter pack because it is free postage which makes this extremely good value for money and living by myself, every penny counts!!!!

    Beef is his favourite!!!

  109. Dace

    One of the products had big smell, gave to my dog and he suffered next day with big tummy problems.

  110. Anonymous

    After trying many of the best kibbles available I finally decided to try raw. This was the best decision. My dog on kibble food was under weight, sensitive stomach with soft stools. He didn’t enjoy eating it. Now he can’t get enough of his raw food. He’s a healthier weight and his stools are firm. He’s a much happier dog. My dog loves all the flavours and variety he gets with Nutriment. Highly recommend this food and raw feeding.

  111. Anonymous

    Arrived promptly. My dog loves itD

  112. Jane

    Delivered promptly,well packaged. Both my dogs enjoyed all packets of food and I was impressed but haven’t made my mind up whether to continue with the nutrimemt or to start my own raw diet .

  113. Denise W

    Ordering was easy and delivery prompt. The actual product is brilliant and the dogs loved it. However not so keen on the polystyrene boxes the food is delivered in. The plastics trays are recyclable and those I can deal with but the thought of trying to find somewhere to take the polystyrene boxes, which would be numerous for one large and two medium sized dogs means I won’t be ordering again. I really don’t want to be adding to landfill if can’t recycle. If there was some way the boxes could be collected and reused when the next order was delivered then I would happily use the product on a regular basis.

  114. Lou

    I love this pack as there is a good variety in it and it’s good value. Nothing gets wasted.

  115. Helen C

    Got the starter pack to see what my dog’s reaction would be. No problem changing from dry to raw. However he really didn’t fancy the duck product. He wasn’t given anything else and after missing breakfast eventually got hungry enough to eat it and accepted the next meal without fuss!

  116. Sarah

    Milo loves the food, he does a little dance when he sees me getting food out of fridge. So easy as it has everything a dogs needs so I don’t have to worry he’s not getting enough of something.

  117. Anonymous

    The chicken is slimmy and like it has no texture , my boy wouldn’t touch it, as with the beef, he likes the duck so far as not tried the turkey or salmon. Given all chicken away

  118. Fiona

    I put my puppy onto Nutriment the day after we brought him home and we’ve never looked back. The switch over was simple, and he loves the food.
    As advised by the Nutriment team, I switched him to the adult version at 4 months, and bought the 5kg starter pack to get a variety of flavours to try. He is loving all the new varieties.
    The only one he’s not been wild about is the salmon – he ate the first portion, threw up the second, and refused the third – although I will try him again with it at a later date, as this may have been caused by some external factor.
    I certainly do not regret switching to the raw food, I love the convenience and outstanding service Nutriment provides. My pup loves the food, and is thriving on it, so we’d never consider using anything else!

  119. Susan Wilde

    So far the dogs seem happy to eat the products in the starter pack. I did not receive an email telling me the hour slot in which delivery would be made, fortunately we were in the house.

  120. Penny

    I have a very underweight Pyrenean mountain dog. For five years we’ve been trying every tinned food and kibble to try to get him to eat, but he has turned his nose up at everything. We tried Nutriment wth him and he loves it. He’s been keen on all the flavours, and his stomach has settled easily on it. We are absolutely thrilled.

  121. Mr A Peters

    I was told my delivery was scheduled for last Tuesday and this was confirmed via tracking. Took delivery Wednesday at approx 15:00 with most already defrosted.
    Not happy to use so had to buy more from my local supplier. You need to sort out your transporters as also did not have a text/email advising of time slot as I should have.

  122. Zara_Lewis@Icloud.Com

    I brought an 11 month old pug puppy over the weekend. She was on Wagg dog food, and clearly hated the stuff! She fussed over meal times and hardly ate a thing. I was advised by a friend, who has 2 pugs of her own, to try raw dog food and she recommended nutriment. I thought why not! Sure it may work out a little more expensive, but this starter pack should last my pug around 45 days! The first meal I gave her was the chicken, and she didn’t stop for a breath! The whole bowl was empty. I can’t comment on how well this food effects overall health, but the happiness from my pug was evident from the first sniff of her bowl! I am one very happy customer and I shall be recommending to EVERYONE I know with dogs!

  123. Donna

    I ordered the starter pack as wanting to switch my Rhodesian Ridgeback from dry food in an attempt to see if resolves an unknown allergy. I have just re-ordered as my boy is loving his new diet. I have never seen him so exited about mealtime. Fingers crossed that it helps him!
    Transition has not caused him any tummy upset and generally gone really well.

  124. Getaldine Winter

    My Westie is adjusting to this food. i am
    Still mixing it with ever reducing parts cat food!’
    She didn’t like it to begin but does now 5 days in. Cat eats it too!! I’m going to stick with it as other dog foods scare me !!

  125. Pat

    I have a very fussy cockapoo he will eat food for a few months and then goes completely off it. Thought I would try him on raw,after lots of research I decided on Nutriment. The starter pack was ideal and he has eaten all that he has been given so far. Not sure he will eat the salmon as he doesn’t seem to like fish, but we will see. Very impressed with the quality and the starter pack is a good introduction to the food. Customer service and delivery have been 1st class, so glad I chose Nutriment.

  126. Marie

    This was my first order, well I wasn’t disappointed. The order was shipped and delivery the very next day and I was given a time in which they would deliver. The food is excellent my doggie loves it and we have just changed over to raw, she can’t get enough. Would recommend to anyone so impressed.

  127. Anonymous

    I chose to swap to raw for my GSD as his coat was looking really dull and scruffy and had heard really good things about raw feeding. After a lot of research i chose to go with Nutriment due to the good reviews i had read. I have to say i am really pleased i did. They really helped me with the questions i had and even though i had a problem with the initial delivery it was sorted out the same day for me. The food itself is going down very well and he jumps up for his bowl which he has never ever done. His coat feels and looks much better and he has only been on it for just over a week!!!!!!!!!! Really glad i made the change

  128. Anonymous

    Superb my miniature schnauzer had digestive problems before introducing him to Nutriment !!! No longer he loves it as do we now he s a happier dog!!! I tell everyone about this product it’s truly amazing.

  129. Angela

    I have one fussy rescue dog who doesn’t like anything other than the chicken and the turkey Nutriment. Buying the starter pack means the other two can enjoy the whole range.

  130. Coppertone

    I have bought Nutriment Raw for my 2 Dogs up until last Winter but changed to another very good tinned & dried brand, due to my Summer living circumstances – tinned & dried food being easier to store.
    However, my dogs coats deteriorated, they started scratching & many times they just looked at their meals, looked up at me & walked away! Obviously did not like the tinned at all. So, I bought another small freezer to travel with me & have now gone back on to Nutriment Raw again & both dogs coats are much better, their scratching is diminishing, they have more energy & they appear almost back to their usual healthy selves. Their stools are back to being solid & less frequent again.
    Both dogs are back to sitting at my feet eagerly waiting for their meals & really enjoying every mouthful.
    Not the cheapest of foods, but definitely has to be one of the best. Delivery is good & food still frozen on arrival. I cannot recommend Nutriment enough.

  131. Anonymous

    My westie is loving the different flavours ( especially salmon )
    Will be ordering more

  132. Anonymous

    Unfortunatly my very fussy cockerpoo is just not taking to it.

  133. Anonymous

    Angus loves this food. Previously he would take his time over meals, now he wolfs in down. The variety allows us to vary his meals every few days, so he doesn’t get bored of it. The 500g tubs are perfect for defrosting and using over a few days. Will keep using this.

  134. Sue Lemmon

    Beagle that eats anything including his own poop would.t touch it nor would my mastiff,tried mixing and coaxing them after a week had to give all away

  135. Anonymous

    Excellent value. My Kerry Blue and Soft Coated Wheaten have never looked so good. They always enjoy every meal.

  136. Anonymous

    Great product and the dogs love the food. Great value for money and quick delivery

  137. Sheila Scott

    Mocha is a 3 year old spaniel. She has always been fed on dry food but her stools were erratic. We were made aware of the product through our daughter who has recently acquired a puppy. The observations on the advantages on using Nutriment raw were positive. We therefore ordered the starter pack to test. The ordering process was easy and communications were good between the company and on delivery schedule. Although early on experience we have found that Mochas stools are solid and of less frequency. She is a little bit more alert but too early to comment on coat.

  138. Claire

    My Cockapoo has always been fussy about food and could take it or leave it, so far on Nutriment he is loving it, gets excited when I ask if he wants dinner / tea and clean, licked bowl every meal. The different flavours are a huge bonus and seems to enjoy all them so far. Can you re-order the starter pack on a regular basis or is it just that a starter pack? The reason I ask is I love the variety and 5kg is perfect amount for storage, the 10kg variety which I have seen will be a struggle to get in freezer and makes it a little more expensive to order them in singles?.
    Really pleased overall

  139. Carol S

    I generally do diy raw food but now and again I like to give them a change of variety. I chose Nutriment because it is first class quality. Tonight my two Shih Tzu’s have tucked into the Duck variety and I had two clean bowls in a couple of minutes.

  140. Lucy

    After trying various kibbles and not interested in her food our sons advised us of nutriment. We bought the starter pack and from her first taste it is a resounding hit. All flavours going down well, she can hardly wait for the bowl to go down. It is so good seeing her enjoying her food. Thankyou nutriment from some very happy customers.

  141. Michelle Ludford

    Dog loved it but I didn’t like the smell
    It was horrible. Cats loved it too

  142. Steph

    My labrador was on kibble for the first 6 months of her life and when we changed her dog food due to loose stools there was a difference straight away. She had comments on her lovely shiny black coat and she never had a doggie smell. It is good to know I an feeding her the best food I can buy.

  143. Wendy Hill

    My girl developed Liver problems at 10mths old and have through feeding raw and vegetables got her to just over 4 yrs old. I have hunted high and low trying various other sites for chicken that had bone small enough to not harm her. (She is a small Papillon). I was advised by a friend to try her Nutriment (Duck flavour) and was immediately impressed at how small the bone content was in it. Without further ado, I ordered the Complete Starter packs and have not looked back since. She absolutely loves it and the bonus – was able to give her a good variety of different proteins and flavours. Thank you very much for a great company.

  144. Julie

    My two dogs have had upset tummy all their lives, on and off. I had heard of raw dog food before but never tried, but after the last episode of them being unwell I decided to give raw food a go. They love it and everything is better than normal! No more diarrhoea or soft stools and they seem happier within themselves. Great product, easy to serve up, well packaged and still frozen on delivery! Will be buying from again.

  145. Michelle Ludford

    My dog has a shiny healthy coat
    Loads of energy
    Very healthy, was unsure at first but I don’t eat tinned food so why should my dog?

  146. Anonymous

    I purchased this pack as our first foray in raw feeding. I was very impressed, the delivery came next day as promised and was well packed and still frozen. Good variety and although uncertain at first, Willow is loving all the flavours she has tried.
    No complaints so far and would recommend to anyone.

  147. Rob Mann

    When we recieved the package beautifully packaged, and posted but when defrosted first meal and put it down for my dog, he simply turned his nose up to it!! It smelt awful and had to grow it away in the end

  148. Marion

    The starter pack is i great way of trying a balance raw diet without fuss. My dogs love it and can barely wait from me to weigh it out into their bowls.

  149. Gem Kage & Amy

    Great package would like to see a cheeky venison or other flavour thrown in occasionally

  150. Suzanne Barlow

    I usually buy frozen dog food from a local supplier so I know nutriment but it’s a long journey to drive. Thought I’d try you and have it delivered. Very happy with the whole process . Will definitely buy from you again. My cocker loves her dinners. The starter pack has an assortment of meats. I couldn’t tell you her favourite as she woofs them all down.!

  151. Andy

    This is a great to test the food and your dog to see if agrees with your dog to to see if your dog likes it, and I have to admit 1 of my dog is very fussy and get bored quickly but with the range you can spread it out so there only eat 1 flavour a week to a week and a half I never seen my dog like and eat his dinner so quick in four year would recommend it any time it dose take a bit longer to defrost but if you get 3 day worth in the fridge and then just replace it every day it’s ok, delivers are very good your kepted up to date all the way and comes in cool box

  152. Janis Middleton

    My dog a bitch Shih Tzu was a really fussy eater until I was recommended Nutriment by a friend who saw her leave her dinner with her nose in the air. Since starting on Nutriment 3 years ago she hasn’t looked back. When we take her to be groomed we are asked ” what are you feeding her on?” She is so healthy and her coat grows so quickly! Plus she can’t wait for her dinner, licking her lips, running round in circles all excited. She loves Nutriment can’t praise it enough!

  153. Karen

    I buy this as not confident in DIY. My dogs love it. Skin and fur is 5*.
    Free delivery and lasts about a month for two small dogd

  154. Heidi

    My Lottie had been losing weight due to not eating. She’d been on kibble and wet dog food but had lost all interest in them. I was advised to try a raw feed diet and nutrient raw for the best food products. It’s been the best move I’ve made. Lottie is so excited for mealtimes and the food is gobbled up in no time.

  155. Anonymous

    The food is great. My dog loves it and I’m convinced this diet has helped to keep his hair soft and shiny. People comment all the time how healthy and happy he looks. Also the raw diet keeps his poos solid, neat and easy to pick up. My father recently looked after him and even said ‘his poos are a pleasure to pick up’ πŸ˜‰

    Agreed with other comments that the lid is annoying though. It’s my only complaint. It’s really hard to get off and I often end up throwing half the food across the kitchen with the force it takes to get it off. Raw meat juices are not ideal splashed across the kitchen counter! πŸ™

    5 out of 5 for content though. Could just do with a new packaging design.

    Just a note if you’re deciding between flavours for you dog, the beef really stinks πŸ™

  156. Vicky.

    The food seems fine and my dog loves it. My only problem is the lid on the containers is hard to take off everytime. I know it needs to seal properly but it is difficult to take off.

  157. Anonymous

    I have a dog with a sensitive tummy and has been on Royal Canin Sensitivity diet since she was a puppy. I have tried other foods but usually diarrhoea is the result. So I was anxious about trying this but a number of our FB group Cheshire Dachshunds had tried with their dogs with similar sensitive stomachs with good results. Bella has been on it a week. She loves it and no ill effects. So far so good. Really pleased to give her something natural.

  158. Gem Kage N Amy

    My 2 love this food I cannot rate it any higher

  159. F. Weatherstone

    I used to use dry food, but I have never looked back since changing his diet to Nutriment, Bentley loves it (sometimes he goes off the salmon) and i dont mind picking up his poo, it’s completely changed to how it used to be on kibble lol. I use the starter packs which is ideal for me to store in the mini freezer and easy to pack in cool bag if going out.

  160. Anonymous

    We where advised to try feeding our dog raw from a Facebook help page. Our dog suffers with itchy skin and constant reoccurring ear infections…we are only 5 days in but he is itching nearly as much and seems so full of life… I advise everyone to use this food.

  161. Trish

    My dogs love Nutriment, it’s convenient to feed and neatly packaged. Ordering is easy and delivery is quick. I fed this to my older dog from the start on recommendation from his breeder and I now feed my new pup Nutriment too . They both have beautiful coats and are full of energy. The starter packs have a good variety in them and don’t take up too much room in the freezer . They both really love meal times and never leave anything .

  162. Janelle

    Our 10 month old puppy gets so excited to eat his meals now, he really enjoys them! We meal prep when the boxes arrive and have used the nifty black boxes with days written on them. Then we just defrost a couple of days at a time to keep them fresh. He absolutely loves them and bought the next load just 2 days in.

  163. Angela Mckenna

    My Bailey loves Nutriment he was such a fussy eater before trying it. Great good quality product, his coat is lovely and glossy and he doesn’t get weepy anymore.

  164. Helen

    My 2 dachshunds absolutely love this food and it is so easy to divide up and share between them.
    For once my fussy sausage even barked excitedly for her tea the other night.
    I will definitely continue to feed them on nutriment.

  165. Maggie

    Fantastic food … full tummy enjoys every mouthful does my Barney x

  166. Lesley

    The food came well packaged and the dogs loved it ,bit mushy in my opinion but certainly the dogs were not put off by this !my only thing was the black tubs really hard to get into but at least didn’t leak .

  167. Jill Crittenden Cir

    Both my Labradors LOVE this product.

  168. Gran Anne

    At last our cockapoo eats a bowl of food as soon as it is put down. We are half way through the starter pack and haven’t yet found a flavour she doesn’t like. I was reluctant to change from kibble but did so because she is underweight and, given that she is now eating properly, we are hoping she soon reaches her correct weight.

  169. Anonymous

    Brilliant & fast delivery, very happy with service.
    My husky is a fussy eater & had started to go off the raw food, after being recommended to this food, I thought I’d try my fusspot on it & he loves it *****

  170. Claire. Happy Cockapoo Mum.

    Lola is 19months old and has struggled to enjoy any food I’ve put down for her. She has a very sensitive tummy and will often have bad stools.
    Well, she LOVES the food so far. I’m in transition from old to new. But so far she has eaten everything I’ve put down. And licked the bowl clean !!!
    I knew this was the way to go when I noticed just how much she loved her raw cow bone, so I’m glad my friend said to try it.
    Obviously it is more expensive than her usual food , but I can honestly say that watching her enjoy it so much and how it has so far settled her tummy is worth every penny.
    The delivery was quick. And food arrived still frozen. Which is great if I end up leaving it to the last minute to order her next lot.
    I bought the starter pack which give you a varied flavour of meals. And so far so good, she’s enjoyed the ones I’ve put down.
    I would recommend this. Especially to the sensitive tummys out there.

  171. Erika

    I’ve already written a review when I first purchased and put my dogs on nutriment they’ve now been on raw for 2 months so thought I’d update….. I’m amazed by the power of raw food diet. Fabulous fabulous fabulous results in my Fox terrier with allergies he’s like a different dog skins almost clear no scratching and resembles zebedee at feeding get times not only do the love this food but it’s great for them. They have boundless energy and are health and happy and look fitter and leaner. Cannot recommend this food enough I’ll never be switching to anything gets else it’s a godsend

  172. Rebecca

    Really pleased up to now, dogs not so keen on the salmon but otherwise seems good value for money.
    Glad I listened to the recommendations, just wish I could find somewhere nearer to me to buy from as the postage costs will be steep when buying regularly.

  173. Anonymous

    Changed to raw food 2 weeks ago . Ordered the starter pack from nutriment and it has turned out to be by far the most popular wit my 3 dogs. My one fussy dog now loves her food and can’t wait to eat it. Very prompt delivery too, will definitely be re-ordering.

  174. Sarah Jane

    So my puppy ( staffy ) suffered bad hair loss after using pedigree she has permanent anxiety also from it. She wouldn’t eat at all. Changed to raw food was the best decision of my life. No chemicals no artificial colours, real meat it’s brilliant makes a wonderful difference she isn’t so anxious anymore, her hair and appetite had returned after a week. She ate it straight away. Can’t thank this company enough. Didn’t realise how bad normal dog food brands were until checking online best decision I ever made I know exactly what goes into the food it’s wonderful thank you so much! Highly highly recommended no health problems, no toxic, no dangers. Very very satisfied dog owner

  175. Anonymous

    I’ve been feeding my dog Nutriment for about a week now. My dog loves it.

  176. Sandra Ackland

    Ordered the starter pack last week so we are new to this. Easy ordering, great delivery service, nice secure packaging and our dog loves it!! What more can you ask for!

  177. Gen

    I was really impressed by the product, it arrived within a couple of days of me ordering, the courier had followed the delivery instructions, the food was packaged brilliantly and still frozen solid when I came home. But most importantly my Shepherdx couldn’t get enough of it! Now he gets excited when he hears the freezer door open! I loved how easy it was to use and that it’s a completely balanced meal, the smell was bearable too unlike some other raw foods on the market. Would thoroughly recommend Nutriment.

  178. Gail

    I have a Hungarian Wirehaired Vizla bitch who is nearly two now who will eat for a day or two then go for days without touching anything so is perminately skinny.I have been feeding her raw tripe beef and chicken but if I added anything like vitamins to it she won’t touch it,a friend who shows Miniature Pinchers recommended trying nutriment so I have and am amazed to say that she has eaten every pack I have given her,the only downside to this product is the cost of shipping on top of an already fairly expensive pack price

  179. Anonymous

    Very easy to order and comes well packaged. My Westie has been having Nutriment for a month now and loves the food She seems to have loads more energy than she had on her previous food and it’s been great to see as she has been seriously ill for the last year. I would definitely recommend it.

  180. David Cullum

    We moved our spaniel onto Nutriment and found it to be the ideal food for her. She is much more healthy, loves the taste and the output is much “nicer” to deal with. I would recommend the starter pack if thinking of changing so that your dog gets a good mix of flavours.

  181. Ann

    So happy I’ve finally found the perfect food for my three Shih Tzu, they love their dinners now, it’s devoured in seconds, they have loved all the different meals in the starter pack. The money I have wasted on trying different kibbles for them is unreal, you try getting something they will all eat, it just didn’t work out. I tried cooking fresh meat and veg for them which they enjoyed, however at the back of my mind I worried that I wasn’t getting the balance right for all the nutrients they needed, talk about making a rod for your own back. One of my dogs is a puppy mill dog who has very poor dentition and he struggled with kibble, so it’s perfect for him. All in all I’m a happy fur baby mum, and I’m happy to have found a local Nutriment stockist who has everything I need to keep my dogs in dinners..Thank you Nutriment

  182. Wendy Draper

    The starter pack has been amazing for my dog as he has different variations of good to try and I can figure out which is is best , upto now it’s all of them , his diet is so much better and he looks better for it his coat looks so much better and he enjoys meal times. Best quality product.

  183. Anonymous

    We have two daughters who both feed their dogs on Nutrient . We have a five month old mini schnauzer puppy, which we had fed on a mixture of raw meat and kibble. On the advice of the lady from Nutriment we put him straight onto it, and within a week got him down to two meals a day. He loves all flavours, and seems to have so much more energy. Will have no hesitation keeping him on Nutriment, one only has to look at the ingredients and their percentages to know it’s quality dog food.

  184. Debs

    Wow! I was very happy as I have a very allergic dog who is fussy. I have struggled to find a food she will eat but she is eager to eat ALL of the nutriment flavours. She also has more energy less wind and tiny poop so we are all winning.
    She hasn’t been on it long enough to tell if it will help with her allergies yet but she loves it.
    Customer support is the best too.updated about orders regular. The food is well packaged and packed well so it’s frozen properly till it got to me. I would recommend this food for any dog. We have tried a few raw completes and this is amazing.

  185. Tess

    My dog Buddy absolutely loves his food from Nutriment. I love the fact that it’s mixed flavours in the starter pack and he thoroughly enjoys all of them!

  186. Jenna Marsh

    This product is fantastic, so much so I wish I had made the change sooner. It is easy to use and my dog has eaten every scrap of the ones she has tried so far. Which is a miracle as she was a very fussy eater before going onto raw. Communications were great and had no issues. Packaging is fantastic as was still frozen eventhough it was left at a neighbours as we were out. Can not rate this enough.

  187. Erika

    Was recommended nutriment by a friend and so far so good. The delivery was brilliant after reading some reviews I was slightly worried but I honestly can’t fault it . I received a text with an estimated time of arrival and it was spot on. The packaging was fine and it was soon portioned up and in the freezer ready to go. I have 2 wire Fox terriers but one has allergies and is prone to ear infections. They have been on the food only a week and I can start to see a difference in the colouration of his ears and his skin on his body is showing signs of improvement. I’ve tried everything so far and this food is the only thing that is showing to make any difference. As for there enthusiasm at meal times I’ve never seen them so excitable they love it and so far haven’t found a flavour they don’t like. I was very sceptical over trying raw diet having heard so many mixed reviews on many sites but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend nutriment so far it’s been a godsend and I will definitely be placing another order and hopefully lotus skin allergy will just keep improving

  188. Anonymous

    My dog eats every bit and appears happy & healthy. He was slightly overweight but has actually lost a little with more exercise and this food.

  189. Linda Mclaughlin

    My dog was suffering from digestive problems and a swollen tummy and the vet couldn’t find a cause. I was feeding her Bakers. She has now been on Nutriment for 2 months and is like a different dog. No more health problems and a flat tummy. Definitely recommend Nutriment for anyone considering raw feeding.

  190. Vanessa

    We have a jack Russell 18 m old who is fussy 1 minute he’ll eat next turns away I’d tried umpteen different varieties of food thus is the only 1 he absolutely clears the bowl.
    Will be ordering more thank you.

  191. Stanners.

    We have two small dogs and this product, Starter Packs 5kg, is perfect, each pack lasts at least 2 days, the dogs love it and there is a lot less mess to pick up with the raw feed. Free delivery also means better value.
    Thanks Nutriment.

  192. Veronica

    Very good value. My dogs seem to enjoy the food.
    I wish the cardboard sleeves were not obligatory!

  193. Anonymous

    Arrived quickly well packaged my cockerpoo has been on raw diet since I got her she’s just 1 but hasn’t gulped this down like normal.

  194. Paul O’Donnell

    This is a fantastic product. I have a 3 year old staff who is the fussiest dog ever and barely eats anything. I decided to give the raw diet a bash and thank God I did as he absolutely loves it. He can’t get enough.

  195. Dave Lawson

    Always find its delivered on time and easy to store and use.

  196. Lorraine Johnson

    I have just gradually introduced raw food to Brie. She’s my deaf white boxer rescue who has allergies so I’m hoping this will help. Wether it helps get her itching under control or not, she absolutely loves it!! Slobber strings and bubbles everywhere when I’m serving it up at meal times!

  197. Anonymous

    Looks a great product, unfortunately courier delivered to an out building and product had defrosted by the time I found it so as it was frozen I could only keep two packets and had to waste it. Perhaps sending it not previously frozen would be helpful to avoid this for anyone else.

  198. Anonymous

    Looks a great product, unfortunately courier delivered to an out building and product had defrosted by the time I found it so as it was frozen I could only keep two packets and had to waste it. Perhaps sending it not previously frozen would be helpful to avoid this for anyone else.

  199. Kay Mitchell

    I have today changed this review to be 5 Stars instead of 1 Star purely because of the amazing customer service that I have received after writing my original review below. I have been contacted today by Nutriment who have been so understanding of the situation with my dog and his bad reaction. I have been offered a refund and am totally Gobsmacked with their fabulous Customer Service – well done Nutriment! Your Website, packaging, delivery and customer service are great, sadly this product appears not to be for my dog but I will continue to order the hearts from you. Thanks so much for responding to me so promptly.

    This was my original review of Nutriment –

    I bought 10 kg of nutriment which was delivered on Monday (3rd November), I fed the Duck Nutriment to my dog on the Wednesday night (5th November) mixed with some of his normal offal. He was not at all keen to eat it which is very unusual. He is always fed raw, meat, bone and offal. About 12 hours after eating the Nutriment he started to itch, this progressively got worse. He ended up at the Vets, he was bright red, very hot and itching all over, his pads were also extremely hot and itchy. He was in a real state and didn’t know what to do with himself at all. The vet told me not to change his food again and gave him an injection of Colvasone 50ml. He is now back on his usual meat, bone and offal but I now have a lot of Nutriment that I dare not feed to him again just in case – it will cost money to return this for a refund so what is the point, I may as well give it to a Charity. I also ordered some Turkey Hearts and Liver Chews, these are brilliant thank you. Nutriment – I have the receipt from the Vets if you would like to see this.

  200. Anonymous

    It is so much easier to give my dogs raw knowing it is all balanced and prepared for me, with excellent quality produce and most importantly my dogs love it.

  201. Virginia Lee

    I’m sorry to say that my 2-year-old Norfolk Terrier bitch simply will not eat this food!
    I gave her Nutriment for a few weeks as a puppy, because I believed it to be the best quality food available, but she rapidly went off it, and I changed her back to a quality pelleted product which she ate enthusiastically, as the basis for a varied diet supplemented daily with some raw minced beef or chicken, plus vegetables.
    She is a healthy and lively dog, the correct weight for her size, not at all a fussy feeder, has never been indulged, and will eat anything with enthusiasm, so I wanted to try Nutriment again, now she is adult, to see if she had grown out of her previous aversion, as I would like to be able to feed it. She was very suspicious of the chicken, which I introduced gradually over three days, mixed in with some of her usual food, and evidently didn’t like the soft texture and/or the taste/ smell. By the third day she was leaving half of her portion, again unheard-of. Today I started on a turkey pack, which she would not touch at all, in fact when I put her bowl down, she ran out of the kitchen with her tail down and hid under a chair! So, after she had made her feelings perfectly clear, I gave her some ‘normal’ food, which went down in a few seconds flat, in the usual way.
    I have regretfully concluded that Nutriment is not for us. At least I shall have the bottom shelf of my freezer back in use, once I’ve worked out what on earth to do with the remaining 8 and a half uneaten packs. Of course, no food suits every dog, but I found it to be a sloppy mush, soggy to handle, with nothing to chew or crunch. I had assumed that the Adult food would have more texture than the Puppy pack, but this is not the case and I don’t think this can be very good for a dog’s teeth. Also, I disliked the smell of the food, once defrosted, very unpleasant.
    I’m sorry to post such a negative review, but I did send my comments several days ago to the management team at Nutriment Customer Services, but have had no reply. I shall be interests to see whether this review actually makes it on to the Nutriment website unedited.

  202. Pip

    My two fuzzy terriers love this food. Great to find something they like at last. Good service too.

  203. Nia

    We’ve been through it with our little French Bulldog boy Cash – he suffers from an incredibly sensitive stomach and nothing we were trying for him was working. Even the vet recommended dry kibble for sensitive dogs was not agreeing with him. He was also starting to turn his nose up at any dry food we were putting down for him. We just had a very stubborn, squirty-bummed and farty little man on our hands!

    After some research into raw food diets and the benefits we purchased the Nutriment adult starter pack and Holy firm stools!

    This stuff, in our eyes, (the eyes of fed up bum-wipers) is a miracle product. Cash has 100% improved since putting him on Nutriment; his stools are firm, he will now usually have 1-2 poos a day instead of the 4-5 he was having on dry food and he is so excited about meal times again.

    Will continue to use Nutriment as it is a stellar product at agreat value. The service is also fantastic.

    No more bum wiping!

  204. Jill And Elvis

    I have never had my pets on a raw food diet until I got my French bull dog elvis and the breeder recommended this and nutriment.. Elvis absolutely loves his food, and to be fair he probably eats better than me =) Although his butt really stinks but I’m not sure if that’s just a French bull dog thing ha..

  205. Steve

    We’ve recently decided to feed our 3 year old cocker spaniel a raw food diet as he’s generally turned his nose up at the kibble he’s been fed since a puppy. We’ve always been careful to choose a good quality grain free kibble but the quality of the starter pack is great and a perfect introduction to what’s on offer. We’re slowly weaning him off the kibble over a few weeks. So far so good, the variety is fantastic and he actually looks forward to mealtimes and clears his bowl in one sitting. We’ll definately be continuing with the raw food diet and he’s losing some excess weight in the meantime.

  206. Linda P

    My dog has been raw fed for the last 12 months. I was using complete nuggets but found the consistency very sloppy and the percentages of bone etc didn’t seem to differ between the varying meats so I thought I would try Nutriment and I won’t be going back to my previous brand
    The food is easier to handle, hardly any odour, not sloppy, dog loves it, poos are firmer and don’t contain any whole veg!

  207. Karen

    Tried others but my dog only eats nutriment. And looks good on it

  208. Theresa Wilson

    I’ve always fed my dogs the complete dry food type products, such as Arden Grange or James Wellbeloved.

    I did some research about raw food diets for dogs and the whole concept appealed to me. So when Baylee my new beagle pup joined our household, my breezed recommended Nutriment. So she and my other 7 yr old beagle were started on Nutriment. They both love it, the starter pack is fab as they get a bit of variety and more importantly their weight is spot on. Also my 7 yr old had issues with her anal glands, that’s all much healthier now.

    Great product, easy to use website and nice company to deal with.

  209. Manni

    My dog lives the food really nutritious and full of goodness

  210. Kevin

    Just start our dog nuriment got to Say he seems to like it his not doing no 2 so much now and they are lot better then when on dry food and u order online and they get it to u so quick so much so I order cat food about 4 days before dry food order dog food later came 2daya before cat food

  211. Melanie

    This starter pack is great. Bailey loves it and we like the fact he gets a variety of flavours for excellent value. Fits nicely in the freezer and lasts him quite a while as he’s a little one.

    Our last order unfortunately arrived completely defrosted as it had been held up in the post, we phoned up and Nutriment had a new pack sent to us the same day and it arrived the very next day. Perfect customer service. I recommend Nutriment to anyone tempted to try raw food!

  212. D

    Really happy with my first purchase of Nutriment. The boxes are very convenient, and my mini schnauzer is in love with the variety of flavours! I have been looking for raw food that provides my dog with all the essential nutrients, and Nutriment ticks all the boxes!

  213. Vicky

    My Alaskan malamute has had issues with eye discolouration-we presumed from her diet not being right. We decided to try feeding her raw. We tried a number of different suppliers but she would only eat nutriment…in fact she loves every nutriment flavour. She already has more energy, her coat is shinier and she has gained a bit of weight. Also, the pigment around her eyes has started to go darker again which is amazing news

  214. Rachael

    The adult started pack was a brilliant way to try this food. With a variety of flavours. My border collie loves it and as its in a 500g packs its convenient to use just one tub a day. I split it into 3 meals a day which suits.

  215. Anonymous

    Excellent quality dog food with a good choice of flavours

  216. Simon

    Just moved onto the adult after our Cockapoo enjoyed the Puppy Formula. Great selection of flavours that will help us choose our little girl’s favourites next time.

  217. Anonymous

    Lovely idea to have a starter pack. My boys really liked the beef and salmon so will be reordering these. Only slight worry was that the products had started to defrost when I received them. Box too big for quantity ordered.

  218. Ann Knight

    Our springer spaniel was a little fussy with his food before we found you. He now enjoys al of his meals and looks in tip top condition

  219. Anonymous

    My dogs love nutriment and the starter pack has a good choice. All the hard work is done for you and you can feed it knowing it is healthy and well balanced

  220. Julie Wood

    Excellent delivery service. Top quality food.

  221. David Reed

    Our dog Katy loves this raw food, will buy in bulk to save money a third off.

  222. Anonymous

    I bought the start pack for my 4 dogs.

    During the evening, they all had such bad wind, they had to go to their beds.

    I was not impressed the next morning as their room was covered in loose poops.

    I tried again for a couple of days, reducing the amount and mixing it with chicken and bone mince, but alas, same problem the next morning.

    I wont be using this brand again and will just throw away the remainder of the start pack.

  223. Anonymous

    I have ordered the starter packs on a few occasions as I think they give a great range of flavours and 10 packs is ideal to fit in the freezer. However on this occasion I was surprised to receive some senior trays and some low purine trays. I phoned nutriment who explained these wouldn’t cause any harm to my dog and had been put in as replacements. Not ideal and would put me off ordering if it happened again but otherwise great product and my dogs happy!!

  224. Sarah

    I discovered Nutriment from a Facebook group I belong The Yorkshire Dachshund Group . A lot of the members use and recommend it and I now know why , the quality of the ingredients, the service from the company and it all comes at an affordable price. Dexters loves it

  225. Rach Parry

    My dog wasn’t eating anything I put in front of her, from the best to the Supermarket own brands I tried it all. A friend told me to try this as it worked for her dog and if my dog didn’t take to it she would buy it off me. Well the starter pack arrived and I started off with the salmon, it didn’t touch the sides and her bowl looked like it had never been used. She used to stick her nose up at beef stuff so thought she wouldn’t go for the beef in the mixed pack. How wrong, she loved it, so far there isn’t really any flavour she’s not eaten so am proper chuffed. Have gone on to order the 10kg mixed pack.

  226. Shaun Richman

    We recently got a 2nd cocker spaniel to be with our 4 year old cocker. The pup was brought up on nutrient so decided to change my older dog onto it. Well they can’t wait for feeding time now. They love it. The only issue we have with the product is that sometimes it’s very difficult to open the packs. The little tabs on the packet are just that bit too small and in the end we have to prise the lid off with a knife. A small price to pay though for such a great product.

  227. Anonymous

    Great value for money my girls enjoy all the flavours 2nd time I’ve bought it and will be buying it again

  228. Jenny Lancaster

    This is such a great food,it has all the nutrients,veg,meat,vitamins etc etc for your dog in one easy meal.
    My guys love it,and I will defo order some more.
    I am so glad I found you,you were recommended by my friend and I have already recommended you to my friends and family.

  229. Pam

    My Cocker Spaniel has had gut problems for most of his 4 years of life and been on and off antibiotics for 2 years or so. He had poo and blood tests but nothing significant showed up. My son suggested I try a raw food diet and since feeding him on Nutriment, the only time Toby has had a problem was with the beef. I think the starter pack is great value and so far not had a problem with delivery. The courier company send texts to let me know when the pack is arriving and knock on the door so haven’t had a problem and consider it very good service. For anyone out there with a pet with health problems I’d say, don’t wait give it a try.

  230. Webster

    I ordered the food online on the Thursday morning before the cut off time in order to get the food delivered to my work the following day before the Bank Holiday weekend. The food delivery had not arrived by 4pm so I rang Nutriment Raw company to query the delivery. I was subsequently told the courier had delivered to the wrong address, when I asked where it was delivered I was told an address about 25 mins away.
    The staff member did offer to get a shipment out for delivery the following day, however I was going away for the Bank Holiday that evening and had house viewing appointments on the Saturday so was not in a position to wait in for a AM delivery. I therefore had to wait for the food to be shipped out on the Tuesday for delivery on Wednesday. It turned up on the Wednesday afternoon 6 days after being ordered. The address given first time around was correct and I have had previous deliveries there from Nutriment.
    The other 2 issues I have had with deliveries was the frozen food being left outside my front door in bright sunshine on both occasions, in fact one time I was actually at home and the courier did not even wait for me to open the front door before they drove away. I was not impressed with the food being delivered to the wrong address when everything I did was correct and in good time.

  231. Jean Grant

    My dogs loved their Nutriment food. They have been eating raw food for several months now and although the other makes were OK I feel Nutriment is better balanced and is great value for money. Extra bonus that I did not have to pay for the delivery and received texts telling me when it would be delivered so didn’t have to stay in all day waiting for it. Will definitely be feeding both my dogs Nutriment in future. Excellent food , great variety and good value for money.

  232. D Mcdermott

    Very impressed with the whole process. My lad absolutely loves the food. I’m even happy with the price. Will be ordering regularly.

  233. Ian

    My dog loves it, this is the second time round we’ve fed raw. With nutrient starter pack, it’s so much easier. Every things done for you, and my dog loves all the flavours and it’s great value. When she’s finished this pack we will be ordering chubs next time.

  234. Lynn

    We found out about Nutriment through the All About Dog food web site that rates it as 5*. We have been using it now for over a year. It is convenient, we like the proportions of the ingredients and the recyclable containers. Delivery is swift.

  235. Jackie

    I ordered a starter pack for an adult dog as our vet recommended this company to try raw food.

    It wasn’t clear at all from the info on the website that the entire starter back is high energy food specifically for working dogs. I have since discovered after some searching around the website that there are other options for smaller less active dogs. We are now having to get through 5kilos of this food before ordering the correct stuff.

    Also the original order was sent to the incorrect address and then re-directed to us, so was completely defrosted by the time it arrived 5 days later and we had to dispose of it all and all the packaging.

  236. Emma Cook

    Really good value for money my dog likes all the flavours will be buying it again once I’ve made room in my freezer

  237. Anonymous

    This is a good pack to buy if you are new to feeding Nutriment as it contains a good selection of products to try. I purchased this for my first order based on recommendation of the food by my breeder, and my Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy likes all flavours equally. The only negative comment I have is directed at the salmon variant, although my puppy liked it we didn’t appreciate being licked several hours later as it smelt like fish!

  238. Anonymous

    feed my dogs on this as it’s very good.

  239. Pauline

    Jazz is a highland white (Westie) he was 2yrs old in April 2015, had spent most of his life in a cage & been used as a stud. He became part of our family just over 2 months ago & it was like having a puppy, everything was new, scary & exciting. Downside he was slightly underweight & had been given cheap food. After reading so many good reviews about raw feeding I was keen to try but not so happy with him eating raw bones etc. I was told to try Nutriment & I week on Jazz has taken too it, I’m already seeing changes, he’s looking healthy, happy, calmer. His teeth are cleaner, he doesn’t have smelly breath, his deposits are much firmer, smaller & they don’t smell. No wind, no rumbling tum or bringing up bile in the morning. So glad we changed to Nutriment & looking forward to having a happy, healthy boy for many years to come. Thank you

  240. Natalie Thompson

    My dog loves all the flavours and this makes feeding raw so easy!
    Peace of mind knowing my boy is getting better food than I am!!!

  241. Linda Martin

    As usual Benjy enjoys all your flavours, without any more ‘tummy’ troubles. Delivery also as usual great. Just one little minus I find it really difficult to get into your new black containers – I prefered your white ones – sorry!

  242. Andrea Foster

    Got two dogs and one if them is really fussy. However he is beginning to eat more regularly since we have introduced this food to him.
    Good value cost is competitively priced in comparison to other raw food suppliers.

    Will definitely be keeping my two dogs on this diet.

  243. Katherine Wells

    You can tell how good a product nutrient is by the 5 empty bowls my dachshunds leave, they haven’t been on it for long but so far so good

  244. Katie

    My 2 Toy Poodles absolutely love this stuff. I ordered this pack as there is a wide variety and they aren’t picky about flavor. I have never seen them enjoy food so much. My only concern is with the guidelines on how much to feed your dog. I don’t think it is enough so I have been giving mine a little bit more. So far, there has been no drastic change in weight so I don’t think it is doing them any harm

  245. Michelle

    Have ordered this more than once due to ease and variety. 10 days worth of food for 2 westies, and it can fit in half an average freezer tray. Made the transition to raw very simple.

  246. Billie

    My dog loves this food, he never fails to eat it all. He suffered from a skin allergy and is so much better after having this food for only a matter of weeks. I don’t waste my money on dried food anymore and as its all balanced for me, I just have to serve it up without having to add anything else. I would recommend this dog food as an easy way to feed a raw diet.

  247. Charlotte

    The nutriment products are great. My dog loves them. The only issue I have is that packaging. The old packaging (the white ones) were easy to open and close. The new black packaging is difficult to open and put the lid back on. I much prefer the old packaging.

  248. Anonymous

    I was recommended this as a way of introducing my youngster to raw fed diet to try and help her put weight on. This was she can try the different flavours and I now know which ones she loves and which are her least favourite. I can now order in larger quantities the flavours she likes…..highly recommend this method of trial

  249. Poppy’S Guardian

    Delivered frozen for free, looks and smells good and seems to taste great, too. 21 months old Lhasa Apso / Scottish Terrier Poppy had no problems making the transition from kibble (which gave her tartar on her teeth) to raw food. She absolutely loves this stuff and already shows signs of having more energy. Her guardian , who usually tends to be a bit overly concerned regarding hygiene and cleanliness , happily reports that this food makes feeding time rather easy and completely mess free. Poppy’s ideal weight is somewhere between 7.7 and 7.9 kg and since she enjoys long and frequent walkies, she apparently needs nearer 3% her weight in food than 2. We are still figuring out how to best accommodate this, but alternating feeding a 500g tray in 3 days with giving her the next one in 2 days, seems to work. Poppy has a delicate tummy and to avoid her throwing up acid, she needs to be fed roughly every 5 hours. Using freeze dried raw treats for this makes raw feeding much easier than anticipated.

  250. Karen Lewis

    Just finished Dr. W Jean Dodds/ DR Laverdure’s book on Canine Nutrigenomics and what they recommend for optimum health in our best friend is in this food.
    can’t fault it at all and have recommended it to others who raw feed.
    Thank you for taking the worry out of raw feeding my dog, it is as complete as you could wish. Shall be ordering again next week!

  251. Clare Kerr

    Can’t give 5 stars just yet as only through half the pack… So far so good.. the food is easy to store and is easy to portion control.

    So far so good with my Frenchie, he is not eating his feet as much, his coat feels softer, he is starting to smell better in his creases…

    I spoke to Miriam about my dogs condition and she tailored the starter pack specific for my dog, so very happy with the service!

    Will be looking to continue with Nutriment if louis continues to enjoy it… He is always after more.. But I think thats because he is enjoying much more than kibble… And he is testing me to see if I cave and give him extra!

  252. Angela Daniels

    Have a Springer, nearly 12, and 2 rescue dogs from Portugal. The rescues have been on Nutriment from the start and my Springer loves it as well

  253. Patricia Hiscock

    My two Labradors have tried a variety of raw foods including some made by a very good local butcher! However Nutriment seems to satisfy my dogs better than the rest! Tho being Labradors they always want more! The delivery service is excellent and the website easy to use!

  254. Ann Knight

    We have been feeding our Springer Spaniel a raw diet for a few years now, as hew as so fussy about what he ate and we wasted so much.
    Since using your foods, we haven’t looked back. We now have a happy, healthy dog who also looks amazing. Thank you. Also find getting this pack, gives him the variety he enjoys

  255. Anonymous

    My dog and I love this food. Its real, nutritious, yummy food and the service and delivery is incredibly good.

  256. Alison Fields

    Our dog loves nutrient. The problem we had this order is that the order was more defrosted than we would have liked. When the delivery company offered to delay our delivery by one day (via text) we accepted , assuming the nutrient would be kept frozen overnight. It does not seem like it was and I don’t think they should be offering delayed delivery unless they keep it frozen

  257. Anonymous

    My dog and her temporary housemate absolutely love Nutriment. They lick their bowls clean and look forward to their meal times. A huge change from a kibble diet which they seemed to loathe.

    Their poo has greatly improved and their coats seem softer. Delivery is quick and efficient..

    My only dislike is the smell of the beef…. its horrendous! !

  258. Mrs Sam Veal

    What can I say, they just love thier food, even my very picky chihuahua x griffon eats every little morsel. The starter pack is great value, I usually order two packs which supplies us for ten days. We have a second fridge, so it’s all stored in there and slowly defrosts.

  259. Lesley

    I have been so excited about moving our miniature poodles to a raw diet so was very disappointed to find that only one of them actually likes it. One of them wouldn’t eat it at all, the second one seemed to like it for a few days – a breakthrough I thought as she is a poor eater and this was being wolfed down – but then she refused it too. The third one loves it!

  260. Carl Baller

    Since switching to Nutriment Pet Food our King Charles Cavalier, Charlie, has seem to have developed a new lease of life and enjoys the variety of choice he is now offered.

  261. Margaret Cummings

    Fed my barney this starter pack from 6 months old he is a happy healthy dog and loves his food . I also add a couple of pks of tripe with it as he wont eat the duck straight so i mix it. Brilliant value a great mix and as i am a pensioner i apreciate there is free postage on the food . Will keep him on this as he loves it . Also i know he is getting the right balance of nutriments and bone . Its better thsn diy raw as i know he had everything he needs x

  262. Anonymous

    My dachshund wouldn’t touch it – tried every variety in the starter pack and she turned her nose up at them all without even tasting. Passed them on to my sister for her dog and they went down a treat. No accounting for taste I guess!

  263. Pip

    Very happy we have changed to raw, our Frenchie has been on it for awhile & it definitely has made a difference to her being abit smelly sometimes. We put our spaniel on it now aswell, they both love all the different varieties. Delivery is usually only days just make sure you have enough in your freezer while your waiting also remember to take them out in time. Our two have been in kennels only for a week but making sure the kennel had freezing facilities & taking enough packs for their stay can be interesting.

  264. Jazzmine

    Purchased the starter pack. Excellent as gives chance to try out different flavours. My dog loves it. Already her coat is better and her overall condition and energy is great will definitely stay with this food

  265. Janet

    Great value, excellent service. Rosie my 8 month old cocker spaniel loves the food, she looks really healthy and her coat is soft and silky

  266. Anonymous

    Parcel came when expected. This was my dogs first experience of raw food so wasn’t sure what to expect! There were a few strange faces when he tried his first meal which was chicken and he took a long time to eat it but now after nearly a week he can’t wait for dinner and it’s gone in seconds!
    So far he has tried chicken, beef and turkey and after just a couple of days you could see the difference in what we were clearing up in the garden, am hoping that with time will also help his skin problems. Will definitely be ordering again

  267. Sharon Clemit

    My little boy sunny has just started the raw food and loves it. Its convenient, easy to use and the price is right. The service we received from ordering to delivery was excellent. We will definitely be using this diet long term

  268. Ann Knight

    I think this pack of food is great. After normally having the 2.4 k sausages,find these packs are more handy both to pack in the freezer. Also the amount is just right for one day.
    Our dog , a Springer spaniel looks amazing on Nutriment . Thank you

  269. Amanda B

    After turning his nose up at kibble a few months ago we ordered the starter pack and ventured down the raw path. I have to say he enjoys each of the varieties and whizzes out of bed for breakfast Good value and he is thriving on it.

  270. Anonymous

    My pup loves all the f;formulas given to her even though she can’t have the chicken due to the allergies she have. You guys are great for accodmating her needs and be ordering more again.

  271. Anonymous

    Before using Nutriment my Cavaliers were fussy eaters, now they clear their dishes every time

  272. Tracy

    I have always fed my dogs raw, so didn’t need to be sold on the benefits. However, since it has been a while since I had a dog and my newest furry friend is a rescue and has therefore had a (for me) questionable dietary history, I thought I would err on the side of caution and try him on a starter pack from Nutriment. Brilliant results – he loves all the flavours supplied and has started to gain a little muscle and has a gorgeous shiny coat with no flaky skin!! Highly recommended…so much so that I have just ordered more!

  273. Sylvia Glanville-Hughes

    This might not be the cheapest way to feed dogs but the service and the food are excellent. I have fed raw for the last 15 years and this is a very easy way of giving a wide range of different protein sources for minimal effort. My middle-aged curly coated retriever loves every one (I haven’t yet found anything that she won’t eat) and does very well on them, but more surprisingly, my little papillon eats them too. He was incredibly fussy and would only eat minced beef and chicken wings, but after a few days of persuading him to try a tiny piece of Nutriment each day together with his preferred food, he suddenly realised that he is a normal dog after all and has wolfed down every variety since. He even ate the salmon mix, the first time he has eaten fish in his life. I’m delighted and he is putting on weight at last.

  274. Linsey

    Our dog is an extremely fussy eater with a sensitive stomach. This starter pack is a great way to try it out without investing too much money. The food hasn’t upset his stomach and we’ve been able to find out that he will only eat two of the flavours sent. We’ve just ordered more of his preferred flavours and will stick with this brand for the foreseeable future.

  275. Steve Webster

    I have ordered online numerous times, the only issue I have had in the past was couriers leaving the box of frozen food slap bang outside my front door in the blazing sun.
    However, this time I had the box delivered to my work, it arrived around 1130am and I got home with it about 6.30pm. I immediately unpacked it and found one tub placed directly on top of the polystyrene chips and that it was not frozen or even cold. I went through the remaining tubs and found one more which was half defrosted.
    I emailed Nutriment and they rang me the following day to apologise and offered to put 2 tubs on my next order to cover the issue.

  276. Anonymous

    Efforts are made to accommodate delivery needs, e.g. A ‘delivery within the hour’ text and a special instructions option at time of purchase. The first time I purchased this special instruction was flouted, i.e. Goods were delivered in the evening when I had requested before midday, this time it was fine.
    My only suggestion is that the ‘never cook’ warning should be more visible/ accessible, i.e. It is only on the web pages.

  277. Carol Gee

    We found this food after researching on raw food websites and found that many people recommended this food above other major raw diets. We are now regular customers and our fussy lurcher is now a very happy eater. We buy the starter packs which works out very economical. Ordering is very simple and the website is easy to navigate and delivery is extremely quick. Would highly recommend this food. Great ingredients and so good for those people who are thinking of moving on to a raw diet but don’t have the confidence to go it alone. My lurcher has never looked better and his smelly breath/bad teeth have really improved too. Don’t dither about – just order the food – it’s simply the best!!

  278. Leon’S Mum

    My dog has been on a raw food diet for some time. I made his meals up myself so I thought I would try Nutriment as it was complete and therefore convenient. My dog loves it all and the ingredients include all sorts of goodies. The starter packs are best value in my view as shipping is free and I live in N Ireland. The pack took two days to get here but was still frozen so no problems there. I have marked it down by one star because I think is expensive compared to making meals up yourself, but it can’t be beaten for handiness. I will be buying again, particularly when my dog is being looked after by my daughter as it makes things easier for her.

  279. Barbara

    I have fed raw since reading Give Your Dog a Bone, I decided to try Nutriment and it has made feeding raw so easy, it is an excellent food and very reasonably priced and my dogs love it.

  280. Chloe

    Our Basset Fauve absolutely loves all of these tasty meals. We have been buying them now for around 6 months and couldn’t be happier. Its great knowing exactly what your feeding your dog and that is good for them, and they are so affordable compared to other meat meals. My initial worry was the fact they were frozen and the logistics of this, but you soon get into a routine of defrosting. Order now and you won’t look back!

  281. Maureen

    I am just reintroducing my boy back to Nutriments products. He has put on several kilos on normal food in the last 12 months and this is an excellent way for him to get used to all the different flavours. It is a great variety pack.

  282. Anonymous

    Initially our dog wouldn’t eat it but after warming it up he did. However, I do think an alert about not heating/ cooking would be helpful ON THE BOx not just on the website. Luckily I was alerted before any real harm (this was my initial contingency when he wouldn’t eat it.

  283. Carol

    Our dog has thoroughy enjoyed all the flavours offered in the starter pack. His coat has developed a beautiful shine and his teeth are better than ever (He used to suffer badly with gingivitis). His poos are smaller and firmer and much easier to deal with. He is a very picky eater and we have tried a few different products but the nutriment diet is by far his favourite.

  284. Anonymous

    My dog has moved to adult food from puppy and has had it for two days now. She has had the chicken complete meal and can’t wait for me to dish it out before she devours it. So far, so good….

  285. Sylvia

    My dachshund (Fifi) was putting on weight and yet I was not over feeding her and she had plenty of exercise. I read about raw food on various sites but was unsure about it.

    Fifi has been on Nutriment now for about eight months and is looking much leaner and healthier. She loves the food and we always order the Starter Pack so that we can have a variety of choices.

    I see the comments about delivery and I had issues at first but once I spoke with Nutriment these have been sorted.

  286. Suzie Bannister

    Arrives in tip top, excellently packaged and completely frozen. The food is such good quality and Jaxson just loves all the varieties. Buying the starter packs is a much much better more cost effective way of purchasing! Highly recommended to all.

  287. Andrea Keally

    My 7 month cockapoo loves this he’s been on it for 2 months now and wolfs the lot down

  288. Manni

    Excellent product been feeding for my dog about a year now and seen a great impact on her health and energy levels. Healthy and great price with nice variety@

  289. Anonymous

    Our little French Bulldog Kobi had tried multiple different foods after being advised against a raw diet from our Vet. She was regularly becoming ill with diarrhoea until she started the nutriment diet. We began her with the puppy food, and she’s now on the adult food, since starting the diet, she’s had no issues what-so-ever, her bowel movements are firm and regular, and her energy levels are perfect.

    I could not recommend this food highly enough to anyone contemplating trying it! Customer service is also excellent and the food is delivered really quickly – an excellent service all round!

  290. Wf8 3Be

    My dog is a really fussy eater so we thought we would try nutriment. Once again though she just sniffed it and walked away. However so did my daughter’s dog who would usually eat anything.

  291. Anonymous

    My Frenchie has been on this for awhile now & loves all the different tastes, now giving it to my Sprocker & she loves it to. Defiantly makes a difference to the flatulance & smell which was pretty bad, very happy dogs & owners.

  292. Anonymous

    Before using nutriment my 1 year old westie had tummy problems and loose and runny poops. His stomach used to make noises in the night but since changing to raw even in 5 days of feeding it he’s a lot better.

  293. Karen W

    My dog loves nutriment food and has been having it a while but recently the delivery has become very poor and not been delivered in the time slot which meant it was left outside and the top layer had defrosted. Telephoned to explain what had happened but the guy didn’t seem bothered that it was raw food that had defrosted – threw away 4 cartons and was worried about bacteria etc. will continue to raw feed but if next delivery is the same I will use different company

  294. Barbara

    We started FinlaY on his new food about 5 weeks ago he loves it and his skin is so much better. He is so happy now no more kibble for him nutriment is the best all dogs should have it his eyes are clear his ears no more infections. On wards and up for us. Thank you Nutrmient. Even my sister is on it now the American version All provide her dogs also love it.

  295. Sue

    We love Nutriment but ordering is very tricky. I placed an order on a Thursday but its wasn’t processed until the Monday and so arrived on the Wednesday. My friend in the next town placed her order on the Monday and got it on the Tuesday. She ordered 4 days after me but got her delivery before me. Another friend had a similar issue a few weeks ago. Why do some orders come next-day and others take nearly a week? It makes it hard to know when to re-order. I even called to chase mine up and was told someone would call me back but nobody did.

  296. Anonymous

    After reading the reviews, I decided to purchase the starter pack for my food fussy 8 year old rescue Shih tzu. I was a little wary as she has been known to refuse to eat recommended wet dog food and flatly refuses to eat any dry dog food. It’s early days but after smelling the turkey and walking away she came back to her dish and ate the lot. It seems she prefers salmon to turkey and I’ll keep this in mind for a new order. As other people have said, her stools improved by day 3 but again too soon to comment on any improvement to her coat …. or behaviour! Recommended to a friend who has a lab with a sensitive stomach.

  297. Anonymous

    My little dog was a really fussy eater and wasted a lot of dog food until I was introduced to Nutriment by a friend. She absolutely loves it . She waits in anticipation for every meal and because of Nutriment is in excellent condition. I find it is a very economic food as a pack lasts for 5 days and it keeps nice and fresh in the fridge.
    I was talking to someone recently who was telling me his dog was very fussy the same as mine was. I recommended Nutriment and when I next saw him he told me he ordered a starter pack and his dog ” loves it” .
    I can’t praise Nutriment enough.

  298. Janis

    My little dog was a really fussy eater and wasted a lot of dog food until I was introduced to Nutriment by a friend. She absolutely loves it . She waits in anticipation for every meal and because of Nutriment is in excellent condition. I find it is a very economic food as a pack lasts for 5 days and it keeps nice and fresh in the fridge.
    I was talking to someone recently who was telling me his dog was very fussy the same as mine was. I recommended Nutriment and when I next saw him he told me he ordered a starter pack and his dog ” loves it” .
    I can’t praise Nutriment enough.

  299. Gillian & Tilly

    …and excellent for my mini dachshund!
    I find the packaging easy to serve from and it keeps the meat nice and fresh in the fridge inbetween meals .
    Ordering and delivery is the easiest ever! I’m not good at keeping track of my freezer contents, so I can get down to the very last pack and know I’m pretty much guaranteed next day delivery. I honestly can’t imagine going anywhere else or feeding my dog anything else. We are very happy customers πŸ™‚

  300. Anonymous

    Our Ridgeback polishes it off in minutes – gets her stamp of approval!

  301. Kath

    The starter is excellent as you get variety .

  302. C Brewer

    Great food product, I was recommended nutriment by another Pug owner and have found it fantastic. My pug loves it and can’t get enough. The best thing is that her ‘wind’ has stopped! Would recommend this to everyone. I really wished they sold it in the supermarket or pet shops as I quite often nearly run out. I just also say that if you order early to mid week it arrives the next day, I can’t fault the product or the company at all.

  303. Sue

    Jessie has been a picky eater since we had her, hardly ever finished a bowl of food off, since getting nutriment she has eaten every little bit so far. Delivery was quick and phone advice excellent.

  304. Mrs E Munn

    Been gifted with a beautiful eight month dog who is fed on BARF, found you online and ordered starter pack. Delivered next day and Loki loved every meal, Thank you

  305. Teresa

    A great a selection of flavours. Good quality food that has totally won over my dogs (one was a very picky eater!). Brilliant. I wouldn’t go back to dry food and I don’t think my dogs would let me!

  306. Anonymous

    very happy with this product, both my two cavaliers and my two fostered cavaliers thoroughly enjoy it.

  307. Kath

    Happy dog, happy owner. No fussing preparing meals just weigh portions out bag them and hey presto done. Good variety so plenty of flavours for him to enjoy. So far so good, haven’t come across one he doesn’t like yet (saying that, he is a Beagle).

  308. Alli Evans

    Slightly dubious …. never fed a raw diet to my dogs before. Elsie is a newly-acquired rescue from the RSPCA, we think husky/german shepherd/collie? One of a kind and, as always, love of my life….! Having considered all options for the move from puppy to adult food, fell upon this brand and the “raw” diet. On opening the sample tub, pleasantly surprised not to see a raw chicken looking at me…….. really quite bearable mince-like goo. Elsie has never eaten her dinner so quickly, or licked her lips so much! We are now 4 days in, she loves it, and I love it! She looks better than ever! Great telephone advice on the phone – cannot recommend this food/company enough! Thank you!

  309. Anonymous

    Dog loved the turkey but wouldn’t eat the duck. I think it was too much like a pate. Not decided about long term yet.

  310. Anonymous

    My minature dachund has suffered from yeast infections in her paws and ears and wet underarms since a pup she’s 3 this year. After a week on Raw she’s like a new dog! Her breath is fresher her skin is better and she seems happier.
    The food arrived in the hour time slot still frozen. She doesn’t like the salmon but that could be preference.

  311. Rachel Warby

    I will be buying again, think a monthly starter pack for small, medium & large dogs would be good to do?

  312. Margaret

    Brilliant good choice of different foods no postage costs which makes it really good value for money.

  313. Jess

    Our Frenchie love the the starter pack, she gets bored eating the same food each day. She loves all the different flavours, thank you for making such a wonderful products.

  314. Dani

    Great value for money good variety and can order with great easy perfect product

  315. Sarah, Daisy And Saffy

    Dogs loved it, not a scrap left, so far all flavours good, yet to try the salmon!

  316. Karen

    Can’t fault nutriment from the ordering which is easy to the quick delivery but mostly the fact my dog now ears his dinner immediately and is wagging his tail waiting for it. I am glad I changed to raw feeding as it was awful not seeing him eat his kibble, now its a joy at meal times. Only thing is I wish postage was bit less as would like to order different flavours but it works out better to order the starter pack.

  317. Karen Jones

    I have two dogs, a elderly terrier and a young rescue dog, I feed both my dogs on Nutriment and I could not ask for better food. The quality & price is very good value and both my dogs are in great health. I also like the free delivery on starter packs, the savings I make means I can buy some extra tubs of food for my dogs

  318. Mr A Byrne

    dogs absolutely love it, put them straight on it no problems what so ever, only down side is I would change your couriers [ uk mail rubbish ]

  319. Steph

    Was recommended this by a friend. Ordered it and my dog started to eat it then spat it out. Tried again later and he just pushed his bowl away. Sold it on to my friend who recommended it. I don’t doubt it’s good stuff. But as said not for every dog especially mine.

  320. Anonymous

    I have a fussy eater and could not get my dog to eat any food other than cooked chicken! Obviously I knew that this was not healthy for my pooch as he was not getting all the nutrients that he should have to keep him healthy. Nutriment was recommended by a Dachshund forum that I am a member of so I thought I would give it a try. It was my last hope and I didn’t really expect him to eat it. I am pleased to say that I was completely wrong and he eats every last bit of it and even licks his bowl all around the kitchen floor! I would recommend this product to anyone. I am now a very happy dog owner knowing that my beloved is getting an excellent complete meal.

  321. Dawn

    So glad I tried your product both my dogs love it.

  322. Dawn

    So glad I tried your product both my dogs love it.

  323. Anonymous

    Would definitely recommend this product. It’s easily divided up to serve at different meal times and doesn’t produce too much of an odour

  324. Nick Wild

    My dog has a really sensitive stomach and for those of you who have to deal with hunting for foods they can eat and clearing up the mess if you get it wrong, you’ll understand how thrilled I was that he was okay with Nutriment.

    The other problem is that he’s fussy, we’ve tried all the tricks to get him to eat but none worked, but he ate this food straight away. We bought the starter pack to try the various recipes and he loved all but the Salmon. Considering he’s half poodle and half lab, you’d think being two water dogs that he’d love fish but he won’t eat it.

    The quality is fantastic and thankfully there is no offensive smell! Which is a MASSIVE plus.

    Thanks Nutriment

  325. Kerry

    After a trip to the Vets with a dog with an upset tummy we got talking about food and on recommendation from the Vet looked at the Nutriment site. Changing from Kibble to Raw (having previous experience of feeding a barf diet) was something I didn’t think I could do due to my work commitments and routine however this starter pack has been brilliant.
    Following the feeding guidelines, I give Holly a portion in the morning and a portion in the evening and she’s taken to the change with ease – licking the bowl ridiculously clean. The package arrived, boxed and still frozen on time, popped everything in the freezer apart from the first tub – went for chicken – which I put in the fridge to fully defrost. The boxes are 500g which lasts Holly 1.5 days and on the second feed from the tub, I get the next tub out to start defrosting overnight. It’s easy, the dog loves it and it’s so much better for her and very convenient for me. Brilliant!

  326. Anonymous

    I was recommended this food as my rosie was turning into a bit of a diva when it came to dinner time, as soon as I gave her the food she was literally smiling at me. Happy and content now!

  327. Nikki

    Ive been making my dogs a complete raw food at home until i was told about nutriment.

    This is a brilliant intro to raw if you are just starting or like me were not finding enough ours in the day to make home made. The trays are handy and stack well in the freezer

    My dogs beg for dinner time with raw. Having it all premade is now just as convenient as tinned but so much better for them.

    Switching to raw cured my westies itchy skin (he was already on hypoallergenic holistic food and still itchy) he is now soft glossy and happy. It has also helped my rescue dachshund overcome health problems and even his hyperactivity has calmed down . People often stop me to comment on their wonderful coats.

    I’ll be moving up to chubs on my next order.

  328. Janis

    My Shih Tzu is just over two years old now. I was really struggling to feed her from day one. Last summer a friend who saw her leave a full plate full of dog food asked if I had tried her on Nutriment. I ordered a starter pack and she hasn’t looked back. I was very sceptical about giving her raw food but there have been no problem s and she loves it. Licking her lips in anticipation at meal times. Nutriment is also very economical as one 500 gram pack lasts around 5 days.
    I recommended Nutriment to a friend who was getting a young puppy and the feedback I have had from her is all positive.

  329. Christine

    After trying various foods all of which my dog rejected after one or two goes, I am so very happy to say after a week on Nutriment, my dog can’t get enough and eats as soon as the food is put down

  330. Anonymous

    I started feeding my Pug, sid, nutriment 4 months ago after a recommendation. I am amazed at how great the food is! He absolutely loves it and prances around the kitchen waiting for it! It has reduced his smell in both his mouth and rear end! He poos a lot less, his coat is super soft and silky! I highly recommend it!

  331. Barbara

    Since 5 weeks I have a rescue dog. He was used to dry food. Therefore I started to feed him ‘Taste of the Wild’. This food he did not like at all unless I mixed it with self-cooked food. Anyway, I wanted to feed him raw food – feeling a bit overwhelmed how to do it correctly. Now I use the ready made Nutriment raw dog food (+ a meaty bone twice per week for his teeth) and he finishes his bowl happily.

  332. Liz

    Nutriment is a really convenient way of giving your dog a good diet. I know he is getting everything he needs. I can see the difference in his coat and poos!

  333. Karen Beck

    Very impressed with the food, delivery is hassle free…. email the night before and a txt on morning of delivery day to ensure someone available to receive package.
    My dogs love it, Dolly my rottweiler barges through to get to her bowl, and she’s not food driven at all, Bert my Old Boy has a new spring in his step and zest for life, Captain Chaos my pug is only a young whippersnapper anyway but there’s a vast improvement in his poop, it’s harder and less of it.
    And I’ve now found a local supplier who I’m yet to visit, but at least I know they’re there, I messaged nutriment via Facebook regarding local retailer and they replied very promptly with full address and phone number.
    To sum up….. 1 very satisfied customer and 3 VERY SATISFIED pups.

  334. Chelle

    excellent product,my lot love this food.
    would recommend.Delivery excellent

  335. Paul Simmons

    We have been using nutriment since we got our cockapoo, in fact it was recommended by the breeder, Lucy is thriving on this food, we have recently started on the adult food and she loves it. The food uses the best quality ingredients for a raw diet food. Lucy has a lovely coat and the food nourishes her as expected. The food is pure and designed for the dogs needs. We love it !

  336. Sharon

    I have been feeding raw for nearly 4 years but have always worried that the mix I give is not quite right. This product is great and I have noticed my dog seems more bouncy since starting on it. Plus he loves it and goes back quite a few times to lick the bowl.

  337. Sue

    I have never seen such enthusiasm about food from my two little ones. I thought it would be messy and smelly but it’s not so I’m happy too. The starter pack lasts 25 days for us due to the small size of my dogs so its hard to justify buying anything else. A starter pack per month is fine, I just wish we got to choose the mix of flavours.

  338. Yuki

    My dog used to suffer with terrible diarrhea (7/8 times at least every other day) before I started to use this raw meat diet. She has since never had diarrhea and loves eating it, although her least favourite is salmon. Being a Jack Russell x Pug she’s only a small dog. I buy one of these starter packs every month and it lasts the whole month so it’s a good price too πŸ™‚

  339. S Akin

    Dylan my Daschund loves this product and his coat is so shinny .Very happy healthy dog…

  340. Pip

    One Frenchie that can’t wait to get to her bowl & clears it, she did have abit of a funny tummy for a day but I think that was my own fault for not intruducing the new diet slowly enough. Tried the chicken & beef so far will be interested to see if the duck is a hit. Have heard a lot about the raw diet so wanted to see if the difference is as marked as people have said. Vet check next week so see if they spot any difference. So far so good Quick delivery good chioce of flavours & very convenient easy to store packs.

  341. C Raymond

    this product is very good , but unfortunatly my dachshund doesnt nit want to eat it so have a freezer full of dog food ,
    its not the product its my dog πŸ™

  342. Katrina

    Ive had my puppy on raw since he was little but found some frozen bought from local pet shops varied in quality. Have to say this starter pack is an excellent introduction, he loved all the flavours except for one, which is the only reason i gave 4 stars – he would not even look at the duck?? I thought it looked quite appetising! We are just ready to place our next order.

  343. Anne Waugh

    My dog has always been a fussy eater. I have tried 3 different types of kibble and he still would walk away so decided I try raw feeding. I was recommended Nutriment by people on the British Cockapoo Society Facebook page so decided to give it a go. The order arrived in super quick time and, although I have only had time to try 3 flavours, Biggles (my dog) practically pushes past me to get to his food – result! He has not had any reaction to the food, his digestion seems fine so, all in all, I am very happy, it is lovely to be able to get into a proper feeding routine – long may it continue, thank you Nutriment.

  344. Anonymous

    Alfie has just started the starter pack and so far has enjoyed the chicken and salmon packs. I was impressed by the number of packs we received and the very quick delivery. I had always wanted to try raw but was put off by the fiddliness. The pre- prepared packs are perfect and I shall certainly be ordering more.

  345. Anonymous

    Changing over to this food has been a massive success. I personally love the range that they get through the starter pack, however my fussy border collie is taking her πŸ™‚

  346. Karen

    Changed my 3 onto nutriment when it was recommended by a friend…. The difference is for all to see, my 10 yr old lad is like a spring chicken….. even my son noticed and said “what have you don’t to bert” my other 2 are loving it too…. less poop……… what a winner!!!

  347. Anonymous

    This is the first Nutriment my Cavaliers have had, they seem to be loving it clean dishes all round.

  348. Anonymous

    I changed to a raw diet on the recommendation of my dogs rehab centre.

    She was quite a fussy Westie with allergies to kibble and some foods with derivatives in them.

    She sniffed at the dish suspiciously then wolfed the lot down! We have had deliveries of Nutriment for nearly 6 months now. She eats less , it costs less and less comes out oof her back end. Her itches have stopped as well.

    I buy the starter packs as a nice variety of meatas is provided, she doesn’t really relish the duck flavour so it is substituted with no fuss.

    I recommend Raw feeding to all my friends and to her normal Vet.

    Excellent service and I will continue as long as I have dogs..32

  349. Anonymous

    Charlie the Cavalier just loves all the flavours in the starter pack and starts drooling when I put his snood on to keep his long ears out of his food. Takes him two seconds to eat it. Happy dog. The order arrived within 48 hours of ordering so I was happy too. Good to know there is a lot of good stuff in the food.

  350. Margaret

    Had my dog on it for about 9 months . Loves the food and the delivery is really quick . Its with yoou in one to two days . Great service .

  351. Catriona

    I’ve had my dog on raw for a few years now, but just changed over to nutriment as it has all the added extras. The delivery was here within 2 days, and got a text that morning to give me a time, which was brilliant! Ollie loves it and it’s much easier for me too, as I don’t have to keep changing his diet to make sure he gets all his vitamins!

  352. Janet

    I wasn’t sure about putting pippa on raw food but thought I’d give it a go. I put it her bowl and left it to get to room temperature on the kitchen side, and it must have smelt amazing as she stared at It the whole time until I gave it to her. It was gone in seconds and it’s been the same every meal time. The one positive I’ll mention is that her breath doesn’t smell anymore. Wish I’d done this years ago.
    The delivery of this product was quick and easy.

  353. Caz

    This is the first time I have given my dogs Nutriment, but they absolutely love it. They try and get so close to the tub while I am decanting it into their bowls. It is too soon to comment on their coat and health, but I shall be ordering some more soon.

  354. Sheila B

    I find this complete dog food the real deal ! I am so impressed with the quality ingredients and the way my two dogs devour it down

  355. Mrs C Eggison

    Totally love the site and the the dog loves it to she’s smacking her lips waiting for her dinner xx

  356. Ja Ruddick

    My dogs LOVED Nutirment and will definitely be keeping them on it now i have changed to raw. Great service too, thanks

  357. Anonymous

    My dog is such a fussy eater, I used to have to mix wet and dry as she only likes wet food. I tried this and she loves it!

  358. Michele

    My dog has been enjoying the product. He finds licking it is the easiest way to eat it. I got a starter pack so I could see which flavours he would prefer. He says he is not into the chicken or turkey loves all the other flavours. I tried some myself to see what it tastes like. I wouldn’t be able to eat it due to the . Gritty bone texture. Good for Bob though. I had been a bit worried it would not be good for his teeth if it were smooth but it isn’t smooth really. Love the packaging. Fits neatly into my freezer drawers.

  359. Bev Barker

    Overall very happy with the food, my dogs love all of it and there’s nothing left!
    Love the amount of veg and herbs that are added and the packaging is A+
    I place order and is normally with me within a couple of days.
    Very happy customer.

  360. Margaret Unwin

    The Papillons licked their dishes clean,so will have to order more..Great food and delivered the next day

  361. Margaret Unwin

    Ordered one day, delivered the next day.Dogs licked the dishes clean,so i think i must get them more.

  362. Anonymous

    Started my pup on raw and was recommended nutriment for a complete meal as this is what I was looking for. However dotty wouldn’t touch the chicken, ate a tiny bit of duck but liked the beef. So unfortunately don’t think this will be the food for dotty.

  363. Suzie

    Our puppy Claude loved his nutriment. We felt relaxed knowing his nutritional needs were being addressed.

  364. Anonymous

    My two fur babies absolutely love this food! I’ve been feeding them raw for a while now but Nutriment is so much cheaper than the competitor I was using and has more healthy stuff in it. The text updates on my delivery were also super useful. The tubs are great, less mess and less washing up! Overall – great, just put in my second order and will recommend to anyone.

  365. Denise

    We buy the starter packs as all 3 of our dachshunds love the food . It comes with a good selection of flavours and no delivery charge!

  366. Barbara Taylor

    After spending a fortune on food Arnold would not eat my groomer recommended this and problems solved!

  367. Anonymous

    I’ve used nutriment raw for just over a month now and I can honestly say I will never go back. Rosie (miniature schnauzer) was quite fussy when it came to kibble, I’d put it down for her and she’d turn her nose up and walk away, not eating it until tea time. I was so stressed, worried she wast eating enough, always changing brands trying to find the one she liked best including Royal canin and Canaghan’s but she just wasn’t keen. I was re commended nutriment raw by some fellow schnauzer owners and haven’t looked back, although it’s still early on she’s so much happier. Cleans the bowl as soon as it’s put down for her, her coat is so glossy and it’s so easy and convenient. It’s delivered to your door still frozen, just pop it all in the freezer and take one out at a time when t needs defrosting. Voila!!!

  368. Loo Loo

    I want to feed my dogs the best and Nutriment IS the best. Great delivery service, fab product that my dogs love.

  369. Anonymous

    Absolutely love this dog food, the ingredients are healthy and balanced, my dog wont stop drooling as soon as he sees the packaging and he eats it with great gusto every time. Delivery is super speedy and price is reasonable. Dog and humans are very happy!

  370. Francesca Warwick

    Absolutely lightening delivery time and the products suit my staffy down to the ground. Fantastic. Will be using these products forever.

  371. Aneira – Perfect Paws

    Having been recommended to feed my two Bichon Frise a raw diet to combat skin problems and constant chewing of feet etc, I purchased the Starter Pack of Nutriment. My usually somewhat fussy dogs absolutely loved it! . . . . and the skin sensitivity issues seem to have gone away too. Furthermore, the service – from the advice received on the phone to the speed of delivery and quality of packaging is first class. I run a dog and cat grooming business and now highly recommend Nutriment to all my customers.

  372. Anonymous

    Recommended and decided to try this for my labradoodle. Quick delivery, well packaged. My dog loves this! Easy to work out amount required and well packaged.

  373. Mrs C Eggison

    I will continue to use these as they are easy and very good

  374. Anonymous

    Easy and simple in every way to order, delivery and to feed. The dogs love it and look fit and healthy. I like they can have variety in one order with little fuss.

  375. Anonymous

    Ordered Adult Dog Starter pack but received Working Dog pack so not really suitable for a small Cockapoo. No reply to my email about this received.

  376. Anonymous

    I like the ingredients; they’re very good quality, I(my dogs included) don’t like how mushy this particular ground food is and I don’t like that the packaging isn’t recyclable. I’m glad I gave it a try and I think it’s a very good value, especially with free shipping.

  377. Melanie. Amber And Maisie

    A fabulously convenient way to buy raw! All percentages worked out for you and delivered free to your door, usually the next day. Both my two love it and that means I’m confident they are getting absolutely all the nutrition they need! With no waste It’s good on the purse as well. Oh and the bull pizzles are a favourite also.

  378. Marguerite Fleming

    On a recommendation from a friend, I had a trial of two samples of Nutriment for my youngest two dogs. I then tried a starter pack with varieties of beef, duck, turkey, salmon and chicken. Both young dogs are loving the food, the small tubs are excellent as I can defrost just enough for a day or two without worrying about spoiling. The dogs are eating properly, actually chewing their food instead of gulping and I must say the improvement to their digestive system in terms of ‘output’ has been marked. Very pleased with the complete nature of the food, as it assures me the dogs are getting what they need. Very pleased.

  379. Jade

    My chug likes it.
    Not tried salmin or duck yet.
    this does last more than one month for my chug

  380. Anonymous

    got this to try for my rottweiller he loves it no problems wat so ever

  381. Jo Jenkins

    I’ve been looking for an easy solution to feeding my Cairn a quality meal which he will eat and I think this is it. The food is gone in minutes whereby it was picked at and left before with other products. The packaging is user friendly as one tub does four meals. The web page takes some exploring though and isn’t as clear as it could be- didn’t find the page about ordering and delivery info until after my order arrived and I had sent two emails. Nevertheless I will be reordering as it’s ticking all the boxes for us both in terms of an excellent meal for my dog and ease of use for me.

  382. Anna Melland Davis

    I started my Sprocker onto a raw diet recently, using the Nutriment starter pack. The size of the product is ideal for me as he has 500g per day (half of a pack per meal) You can see the meat and vegetables mixed up in it and know the additional ingredients are all good for him too. He eats his food with great enjoyment and then licks the bowl twice afterwards to make sure he hasn’t missed any!

  383. Sl Jones

    I recently decided to start feeding my 1 year old cockapoo on a raw diet since reading the benfits. I was advised to try Nutriment. Ollie now enjoys his food and eats all within minute rather than going back and for to dried food. The starter pack gave me a good range of products to try and he loved all of them. Very happy with the size of the containers and easy to store. Such a great price, would recommend to anyone wanting to start a raw diet

  384. Tanya Manser

    For the first time in his life, my dog is asking for more dinner πŸ™‚ Having tried other raw food and been disappointed, both with the quality and smell, I am absolutely delighted to have found nutriment.

  385. Anonymous

    The starter packs are an excellent buy for the smaller dog, offering variety and easy to handle packs.
    Excellent service, price and delivery, top it all the dog loves it x

  386. Anonymous

    This is the first raw food I have tried. Looks like a good meal. One dog likes it one doesn’t. Only thing that puts me off is the blood which isn’t much just like in a tray of mince.

  387. Elizabeth Thomas

    Miss Tess has gobbled up all her food greedily so far and I am happy that she is getting complete nutrition and no nasties from it.

  388. Anonymous

    Product arrived next day, well packaged. My dog loves it and it has certainly improved his digestion. Too early to see all other supposed benefits. Starter pack is a great idea!

  389. Anonymous

    Incredibly fast delivery and arrived well packaged.
    My dogs tried to break into it as I was unpacking so obviously smelt good!
    Great to have mix of different meats so dogs get to try them all.
    My dogs have gone from not being interested in eating to hanging out in the kitchen hoping it’s that time again!
    In less than a week their fur is softer so I cannot wait to start seeing more benefits over time.
    So pleased, just wish I’d found Nutriment sooner!

  390. Anonymous

    I have wanted to switch to raw food for ages but thought it would be complicated and difficult.
    It’s been so easy. My dog loves all the different flavours. He hasn’t shown so much interest in food since he was a puppy.
    Easy to store, easy to feed and the ordering and delivery service was seamless.
    Will be recommending to everyone I know.

  391. Anonymous

    Liked the idea and thought the product good – very prompt delivery too. Sadly though it gave my dog an upset tummy πŸ™ Worth checking it suits your dog before buying it in quantity

  392. Anonymous

    The idea of a starter pack giving a good variety is excellent and contained sufficient food to establish whether my dog took to it or not. Luckily she did!

  393. Anonymous

    I love Nutriment and my cocker spaniel loves it even more! With limited freezer space the starter packs are just the right quantity for our freezer and I love that there is no delivery charge for these. Delivery has always been spot on time and always thoroughly frozen still. Thank you Nutriment for your excellent products and service.

  394. Rebecca Mckay

    I cannot believe how much my 2 miniature dachshunds love this food! The quality of service & product is excellent! Seeing them get so excited at mealtimes is very rewarding, to see them so happy makes my day! I couldn’t think of giving them anything other than nutriment.

  395. Vikki

    I’ve been feeding my labrador puppy on a high quality grain free kibble since she first arrived home. I decided to switch to raw feeding for a variety of reasons and thought I’d give nutriment a go after reading some good reviews about it. Since switching to her new diet the difference in Molly is amazing- soft glossy coat, lots of energy and best of all she loves it. She used to sit quietly whilst I was preparing her dinner but now as soon as I open a pack of nutriment she starts whining with excitement! So it definitely gets a paws up from her. I also find it surprisingly easy to feed- it’s just a matter of remembering to get a pack out of the freezer the day before. It stores well in the fridge and the 500g tub is easy to open and portion up. I will be ordering some more food from you soon!

  396. Anonymous

    I was dubious about feeding her raw food. It would smell, it would not have the vitamins needs, it would be messy.
    No, Nutriment has negated all these doubts. It is easy to serve, 1 tray lasts 2.5 days so stores well in the fridge, it is clean, does not smell of raw meat but best of all she loves it.
    She has lost weight, her coat and skin are great and she has regained her joie de vie.
    As a Westie owner I know about the allergies and skin problems they can suffer from but no more do we have them.
    Happy owner even happier dog

  397. Anonymous

    I was impressed with service and the standard and quality of the food, packaging and delivery service.

  398. John

    Works out at 80p a day which is 50p a day cheaper than the kibble and meat I was feeding my whippet. He absolutely loves it as well so I’ll be sticking with Nutrimemt from now on. Great turnaround on delivery times also. No faults at all so far.

  399. Pamela

    My order came the next day after ordering very pleased :). We’ve been using this food for almost 2 weeks now and I’m extremely happy with the results so far. My Westie can’t eat Wheat, Corn, Soya or Rice so finding a food that was suitable was getting difficult. We found a grain free option but unfortunately that didnt work and her paws and ears got worse whilst eating it. Since using this her ears have cleared up and she is no longer chewing at her paws. I am very happy with this food and will continue to use it in the future.

  400. Sheila

    After reading a lot of reviews about how well dogs were doing on nutriment I decided to swap my 9yr old very fussy Westie over to it. I ordered the starter pack and it came very quickly and well packaged. I had bought some raw food frozen from Pets at home thinking that if she wouldn’t eat it a big pack would be a waste. The quality of Nutriment is far superior. She absolutely loves it, licks the bowl clean every meal. She is 10kg in weight so giving her 2 meals of 100g. It doesn’t seem much but her weight has kept steady and I haven’t got kibble hiding all over the house!!

  401. Anonymous

    Recommended to me by Cheshire Dachshund group on facebook and I am so glad I took their advice. My 1yr old mini dachshund and my fussy ancient yorkie both love this and get really excited now at mealtimes, they never leave a scrap, which is a quite novel for the yorkie who has always been a fussy eater. The dachshunds coat is even glossier than normal and if it is possible for dogs to glow, then they are positively glowing! It is excellent value for money for such a top quality product and I will be passing on my own recommendations to family and friends. Thank you Judith, Tiny & Minnie xxx

  402. Anonymous

    Recommended to me by Cheshire Dachshund group on facebook and I am so glad I took their advice. My 1yr old mini dachshund and my fussy ancient yorkie both love this and get really excited now at mealtimes, they never leave a scrap, which is a quite novel for the yorkie who has always been a fussy eater. The dachshunds coat is even glossier than normal and if it is possible for dogs to glow, then they are positively glowing! It is excellent value for money for such a top quality product and I will be passing on my own recommendations to family and friends. Thank you Judith, Tiny & Minnie xxx

  403. Amanda

    I have 3 very fussy king charles cavalier s they have been raw feeding for over a year but the raw food I was buying was very smelly and messy I was recommended nutrient by a breeder as I am a breeder myself I ordered it online the starter pack and it was at my house 8.30 the next morning the starter pk has lots of lovely flavours and they are packaged in nice boxes I love it has kidneys and liver in it as my dogs will not eat them on there own I also think nutrient is great as it has every think in the food to make sure your animals have healthy coats teeth bones ect I would recommend anyone who wants to try raw try nutrient you will not be dissapointed

  404. Mrs P Robinson

    Having been recommended Nutriment, by a friend, I was very dubious as to whether this Raw Food diet would make any difference to our Shar pei. She ‘itches’ for England & her coat was dry. She also had problems with her internal anal glands (niiiiice !) & was having to get the vet to empty them every 6 weeks or so. WOW – this Nutriment starter pack has made a difference after only 1 week ! She has stopped ‘scooting’ – her coat is getting a shine & she absolutely loves this food πŸ™‚ Put these little tubs straight into the freezer & defrost when required. So pleased she is only getting quality pure ingredients – no additives. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!

  405. Chris Wyatt

    The parcel of frozen dog food was well packaged..it arrived at my neighbours at 9am..the parcel was too big for my neighbour to put in fridge/freezer. it was left on his hall floor..i arrived home at 4pm collected from neighbour undid parcel un hey presto the goods were still frozen…due to excellent packaging…My Westie loves this food (starter pack) i find it as many good ingredients to help with many issues dogs get from time to time…good value for the price and also free postage…I’d like to thank Margaret Cummings for the recommendation to your products…would deffo recommend nutriment raw food for your furry friends…HISTORY

  406. Lesley

    Bought Nutriment starter pack for my elderly JR and she loves it.

  407. Paddy

    Our fussy Jack Russell’s are at last all eating the same food – two grown-ups and two puppies all happy four-leggeds!

  408. Jacqueline Macmillan

    We have a rescue German Shepherd and over the last 8 months have tried everything to get her to eat (not knowing what she was originally fed on and whether it was good for her or not) ….. at last we have found something she actually gets excited over and will jump up to get!! Got the starter pack and she is eating everything with no problems – thanks you Nutriment for solving our problem eater…

  409. Anonymous

    Have been using Nutriment now for a few months and love the variety offered in this starter pack. My 9month Wheaten Terrier can’t wait for his meals and never leaves a scrap. Highly recommend.

  410. Jane Harris

    My Westie is 10, and just of late her skin has got really bad, every time I read about Westies and curing this skin issue it led back to Raw Feeding. I’ve tried various routes for Molly’s skin, but nothing has worked. So I started reading about Raw Feeding and as I was utterly bewildered I noticed Nutriment did an adult starter pack, this appealed to me. So I ordered it and within a few days my order arrived! It was packed securely in a polystyrene box inside the outer cardboard box. I opened it and started unpacking all the tubs of food!! I was so excited to try it that I left one tub out for her tea. I put it down gingerly for her – mixed with some of her biscuits- just in case- but I needn’t have worried she loves it! Molly used to have one meal a day, now I try and give her two meals as recommended and she’s just loving it! Like my title, every meal is now finished off with an empty bowl licked clean! I just need to fathom out what’s the right amount for her! I don’t want her getting pudgy now! Lol

  411. Maggie Jordan

    As always, the food is amazing, Sealea Blue helps me unload it, the 500g size is perfect for us because she has 100g twice a day, so I can easily portion it out without hacking at my fingers ….. We have tried the chubs…. Don’t think fingers and your food really go together!!

    So again, thank you Nutriment.

    Maggie and Sealea Blue

  412. Karin

    I have been wanting to feed my dog a raw food diet for a while, but have been overwhelmed by all the info out there. After doing a bit of research, Nutriment kept popping up with great reviews so thought I’d give it a go. My 2 year old cocker spaniel loves it! She has always been picky about her food, but this she ate with no hesitation. I am currently feeding it to her for breakfast and she has her usual kibble for dinner until that’s run out. But even the one meal a day for 5 days so far, I have noticed a change in how shiny her coat is! I can’t wait until she is on it full time. I would highly recommend Nutriment to anyone considering raw food. The delivery was also very quick and not too much excess packaging. I just need to work out what to do with the polystyrene cool box and polystyrene nuggets. That’s the only downside. Would be great if I could buy it locally.

  413. Helen

    I thought I’d give nutriment a go as my young dog had been on kibble and really wasn’t eating well at all, only enough to keep her going….just. I’m so glad I tried nutriment, I only ordered that starter pack last week and she has only tried two of the varieties (turkey and beef), but she gobbles it down like there’s no tomorrow and really looks forward to her meals. Her coat is so much softer too and I’ve had comments on how lovely her coat looks. I’ve recommended it to my friends. Would have given it 5 stars but because its early days with it I felt like I couldn’t, but so far so good!

  414. Carol Murray

    My two Border Collies are now 1 year old and had been on kibble as pups. I came across Nutriment whilst researching quality adult dog food on the internet. The reviews were all positive so I decided to try it . I am now a convert and wish I had fed Nutriment to my pups from the beginning. Both dogs love the food and I was amazed at how little waste ( poo) there was ( also low odour compared to when they were on a kibble diet)

  415. Anonymous

    If my two Dachshunds could type they would rave about their dinner! I love the ease of ordering and quickness of delivery as well as having happy, contended well fed dogs.

  416. Anonymous

    Very pleased with quality of food. We have put in a bigger order straight away. Good variety of products that so far don’t have that “slaughter house” look to them. We may not always be able to afford such a high quality product, but we feel at least we are getting good value for money.

  417. Helen Innes

    First impressions last & the next day delivery and great packaging was a good start. Then came the taste test….one of my Westies Willo lapped it up from day one. Her sister Holly took a couple weeks to get used to it but now she laps it up too. One thing we have noticed is the pair of them no longer look for food from our plate at mealtimes. They seem content with the Nutriment they have just eaten. I am a very happy dog mum with 2 happy Westies πŸ™‚

  418. Helen Lewis

    Real good food, really good prices and such a fast delivery.
    I wouldn’t feed my dog anything else, plus she loves it

  419. Lesley Balding

    I started Charlie on Nutriment puppy formula and soon move to the adult formula for more variety. Charlie loves it. Mummy loves it too, because we have nice little poos.
    The staff are well informed, helpful and very friendly. great next day delivery too

    Thank you Nutriment

  420. James Hood

    Since we have had are lucky he has been a very picky eater he is 14 months old now it has been 1 big headache,
    We have tried every type of pet food to no avail then when we realised its all full of junk like eating Mc Donald’s every day,
    So we changed to home cooked which is very time consuming and in the end he was not eating much of that to he is so fussy and stubborn,
    So we done a Google search for the best all in one dog food and it returned with Nutriment Raw as a new company which is highly rated I was not to sure but I tried it because I did not no what else to do,
    Well here we are he loves it and after he has eaten it he gives a little belch then is really happy and rolls around very excited and stools are perfect and no wind,
    But on the odd occasion he still wont eat that but put it in a non stick wok with no oil for 1 to 2 mins so its the same as medium rare and he will scoff in in a min,
    We are now all happy we have found a product he likes Nutriment Raw its a great pet food and there service is 1st class,
    We Highly Recommend Nutriment 5 Stars.

  421. Jean

    I’ve been feeding vets essentials to my shih tzu for just over a year and have recently changed to nutriment, she seems to love it. I’ve only given her chicken and beef so far but will try them all. I bought the starter pack it seemed the best way to try them.

  422. Anonymous

    We had tried most things with our fussy dog tried nutrient after seeing them at pet show pack arrived and the dog has never left a clean bowl yet all flavour even salmon which he would never touch from a tin he appears healthier coat glossy and fresh breath compared to dry and tinned wet food can’t recommend enough

  423. Janette Biggs

    Wanted to Change my 13 yr old dog to a Raw diet for some time but was apprehensive , but after hearing good things about nutriment I ordered the starter pack last week, well my dog absolutely loves it , he is looking for his breakfast and dinner earlier than usual, no stomach upsets at all, so easy to use, so glad I’ve done it, and have put in another order πŸ™‚ very happy dog

  424. Elaine

    This dog food is amazing! My three dogs are thriving on it! Excellent customer service too!

  425. Barbara

    Wow – what a difference in mealtimes! Our 8-month old Ellie (a rescue) has gone from being picky & not particularly keen on her food, to being so enthusiastic that she almost licks the pattern off her bowl! She’d eat twice her allowance if I let her! She’s equally keen on all the different varieties so this starter box is ideal. I can’t rate this product highly enough – it’s such an amazing find. Thank you.

  426. Chris Perry

    This is the second time that Ive bought the Adult Starter Pack for my puppy (now nine months old). He prefers Nutriment to his dry food and Nutriment seems to suit him well (his poos are usually firm and quite small – though I feed him half the recommended amount of Nutriment and half the recommended amount of a dry food, so it’s not all down to Nutriment). I will be buying Nutriment again. I have a suggestion: Nutriment (the company) could increase the price of the Adult Starter Packs slightly and make them equal-weighted (2xchicken 2xturkey 2xbeef 2xduck 2xsalmon). Im imagining my puppy might like more variety away from the chicken and turkey.

  427. Anonymous

    Having used many raw food companies I can honestly say this is the best food I’ve ever had!
    The packaging is brilliant, the food was delivered the next day and was still frozen even on a hot day
    I can’t fault the food or company
    Thank you

  428. Frank Roberts

    Having acquired a young (9 months) Papillon, he quickly developed terrible problems of sickness and diarrhoea, even feeding so-called quality food that we have used for years for our dogs. We decided to try Nutriment after reading about it and reviewing it online. The result has been truly amazing. The sickness has stopped, and his bowel movements have reduced and are completely under his control. Our other dog, a Cavalier, who we thought to be perfectly fine, is also producing much less and less unpleasant faeces.

    It is now abundantly clear to me that the foods that we have used before contain an awful excess of undigestible (and worse) rubbish, and that the logic behind feeding raw food is undeniable.

  429. Anonymous

    My puppy and my 2 year old cockapoo’s love the raw food diet. They clean the bowls, their stomachs are good and they are healthy, they have both been on raw food since they were both pup’s.

  430. Anonymous

    Eddie is not entirely new to raw food. He had it once before but after a period of time refused to eat it. So back we went to kibble and wet food. Last week I decided to try raw food again, so ordered a starter box for adult dogs. I was impressed by the quick delivery and the packaging. The fodd looked good as I liked the way it was packaged, it made it easy to divide. So far so positive! Eddie won’t eat it. I have succumbed to putting a bit of wet food in but he still only eats half of the 100gms he gets twice a dsy at best. Help. What do I do? I know raw is best for him, he’s a rescue .Aged 8 when we got him, now 10&1/2. I don’t want to put him back on his previous diet, fortunately a few days on less won’t hurt him. He is rather podgy. So, full marks to Nutriment not many to Eddie.

  431. Karen Pepper

    Brilliant. Best thin I ever did for my doggies. Less sloppy poop. Less poop overall. Lots of energy. Clean bowls, Glossy coats, Bright eyes. Intelligent behaviour. Nutriment is the very best. Would not change for anything.

  432. Matthew

    Great product, my dog loves it and it doesn’t bake him bloated!

  433. Corrina Mchale

    My dog is new to raw feeding – he is a westie with skin problems associated with the breed. After several recommendations, I tried the starter pack. He absolutely loved it and wolfed it down, licking his bowl clean! After just a day, I noticed that his stomach was more settled; no rumbling noises, no wind. His bowel movements also improved straight away – less frequent, smaller, and more compact. After a couple of days, I have noticed that his skin appears better. he is not scratching anywhere near as much as before and doesn’t seem to experience the discomfort he had before. I will be sticking with Nutriment from now on and will include dig treats in my next order too!

  434. Linda

    Benjy is a fussy eater with a sensitive stomach, I was recommended to try this by a friend and am thrilled to say so far he loves it and it suits his tum. What could be better?

  435. Sarah Tomlins

    My 2 year old welsh terrier has spent most of his short life with diarrohea. We have tried numerous different dog foods, dried and wet.but nothing stopped the constant stream of runny poos! He was wary of it to start- the smell of blood perhaps? I always have to cook any bones we get from the butchers before he will eat them.
    Now he loves it! I admit I have to microwave it a bit to take the edge off the ‘rawness’ of it- but best of all his stools are firm a s they should be and he generally appears much happier. A great product, certainly more natural than all the other stuff on the market.

  436. Anonymous

    Easy to order and quick delivery. Today was the first time my two small dogs tried Nutriment. Finished up with two clean dishes, so that must mean that they approve. They are now looking forward to trying the other flavours.

  437. Anonymous

    My little Westie was putting on weight, had some pain and mobility problems and I was told by my vet to reduce her food intake down to 50% of what she was used to. her coat was poor, she was unhappy and she did not want to do anything as a result, and she didn’t lose weight.
    She is training to be a support dog so it is vital she is a full health.
    I was recommended to change her over to a raw food diet and I was sceptical but thought I would try it as I was very unhappy about her dry food only diet the vet said to do.
    2.5 weeks in she is fully on raw food and she looks good, she is lively, alert and her coat shines. She has gained shape rather than lost weight .
    Highly recommend the diet and food

  438. Lindsay Nunn

    My dogs love this, they recognise the sound of the drawer it’s kept in the fridge & will next to me in no time knowing it’s time for dinner!

    They had occasional upset stomachs on processes food which we don’t have now & clearing the garden is no longer a stomach churning exercise.

    Our smaller dog seems to have calmed down a lot since eating the food & they both have such lovely shiny coats.

  439. Gary Doran

    This food is fantastic. The packaging is smart and functional. Easy to store, defrost, dispense and dispose of. Brewster loved all the food, so the starter pack gives your dog the chance to try before you bulk buy.

  440. Carol F

    My 8 month old Border Terrier started refusing his dry food and would sometimes vomit in the morning. I read about fresh raw feeding on the comparison website so thought was worth giving it a go. The company were very helpful, advising on type and amount of food and I placed an order. The package arrived within a couple of days, the food is well presented and pleasant to serve. After some initial sniffing and tasting, the bowl was licked clean and we haven’t looked back since, Mr F loves every flavour and he licks his lips when I am dishing up his food. He no longer vomits in the morning, his stools are smaller and he isn’t windy! bonus!

  441. Rcollins

    What a fab idea to sell a starter pack. It gives your pup the chance to try various flavours before buying in bulk. Our dog has been on the raw meat diet since 8wks old and at a year old we’ve never looked back. The salmon one seems to be favourite so far!

  442. Dawn Simmonds

    My dog has food allergies and I have struggled to find the right food for her
    But not any more my dog has improved so much since she has been eating
    A raw food diet no more trips to vet for special shampoo and antibiotics
    The raw food is amazing and my ridgeback Harley loves it her coat is gleaming
    And she has a spring in her step she’s so much happier thank you so much for making this
    Amazing food by the way she loves the beef and the salmon

  443. Vickie And Isa

    Tried the starter pack on the recommendation of a friend. Arrived the next day exactly as promised. Packaging was brilliant – seems a shame not to re-use it. My girl loves the food. Each variety I have tried so far she just goes crazy for. If there were a pattern on her dish I am sure she would have licked it off the amount of time she spends checking to make sure there is none left.

  444. Mrs C Eggison

    Only been on raw for a year but my Lola loves this stuff every one of them

  445. Ellie & Sweep

    Changed my 2 year old Westie to a raw food diet after reading recommendations on a Westie Facebook group. He absolutely loves the food and I have noticed a definite change in his fur. I read about the difference to expect in the small size & lack of smell of his stools but I was shocked with difference. No going back to tinned food & kibble for my boy! Excellent fast service, good value for money & fantastic packaging ensuring the food stays frozen.

  446. Glenda

    I’m so glad that I discovered Nutriment, my Westie has suffered with skin problems for the past year or so, I’ve tried so many foods and none seemed to help his skin, plus he would just have a sniff & even when he did eat it he would never eat it all. He’s been on Nutriment for nearly two weeks now & this is the first time he’s ever cleared his dish (talk about gone in 60 seconds, more like 30).
    His skin is vastly improved and he has stopped scratching and licking, his steroid tablet has been reduced to the minimum dose and I’m slowly weaning him off it, hopefully it will be a thing of the past, also his coat is lovely and shiny and in top condition.
    Thank you Nutriment, just placed another order.

  447. Fiona And Jack

    Have been searching for raw food for a while and found it very expensive compared to what I was paying for dog food. Nutriment works financially and the dog loves it and he his much more relaxed and chilled and enjoys eating now.

  448. Holly

    I honestly couldn’t fault the food, but unfortunately my two beasts prefer it slightly coarser. Nutriment is nearer to a meat paste which is great for smaller dogs, puppies and the oldies, but my boxweiler and great dane cross like a little bit more bite. So unfortunately we’ll be going back to our old brand. However, if nutriment came out with another meal type that was more of a mince style I would certainly try it again!

  449. Linda

    I found this website by accident, after doing a search on dog foods. My Afghan Hound never ate his dry dog food, and after purchasing Nutriment, he is now eating, and he loves it! His coat seems to be getting better as well. Thank you!

  450. Steven Webster

    My little Lewis has been eating Nutriment products for the last4-5 months. When I previously fed him canned food he would quite often leave it. With Nutriment he eats it all up and his coat has taken on a lovely shine. I would recommend the Starter food as your animal can try the different varieties.

  451. Dr Terry Salter

    Excellent value dog food. A good variety of quality food that my 14 year old Australian Terrier loves. With free delivery, this is excellent value!

  452. Joanna King

    My year old gsd was previously fed on what we thought was a high quality kibble – she’s got issues with itchy skin and this has recently spread to her ears. We decided to go back to basics to try and avoid huge vet fees so her diet was the first step. I did some research on BARF and having neither the time nor energy to prepare it myself I opted for the next best thing! She’s like a different dog after a week! Her skin is still a little dodgy but I’m hoping that’s now going to clear over time but the biggest difference has been her appetite! She was reluctant to eat before and if we left it her food would hang around for hours. Not so now, she hears us call “dinner” and she’s sat, ready and waiting! Also must say, I’m pretty happy about how it’s changed her poo

  453. Jill

    Our 2 year old Jack Russell has always been a very fussy eater, some day not eating at all. A Facebook friend happened to mention Nutriment and said her fussy dog wolfed it down so thought I’d try it. I was a bit dubious about what it would look like but it’s just all minced up so is absolutely fine ! My dog sniffed it and walked away, ….. but then he walked back and polished it all off !!! He loves it. What a relief. This is the way forward from now on. Thank you !!!!

  454. Anonymous

    Great pack of 10 foods maybe a little more variety to much turkey and chicken other than that cant fault it

  455. Sue Shinks

    I have been feeding my whippets raw for about a year now and have tried everything. Two of my dogs will eat anything but one is fussy. I ordered the Nutriment starter pack as it had a variety of flavours and was great value for money. I also liked the fact that it came in 500g packs. Delivery was quick and free! The first flavour I tried was beef. As soon as I opened the tub I was joined by three eager whippets! My fussy girl ate with great enthusiasm which was wonderful to see. Next we tried chicken which went down just as well. Tomorrow is duck and I’m hoping for the same reaction. Either way I know that I have at least two flavours that she will eat! Very impressed with my first but definitely not last order from Nutriment. Thank you

  456. Sarah

    I have a weinmaraner cross staffy fourteen month old puppy and I can honestly say he has never cleaned the bowl as quick as he does with Nutriment. Prior to Nutriment he was fed a good brand of kibble which I researched on the web but his breakfast would still be there at 3pm. He loves Nutriment and eats it as soon as it is put down, for once in his life he is actually eating the recommended amount for his weight. If anyone has any doubts about feeding your dog raw food, try it out, you won’t be disappointed. Thank you Nutriment for great food. My only warning is you have to have a large freezer to store it all if you wish to get free delivery after the starter pack.

  457. Louise Eden

    Heard so many good reports about Nutriment that I thought I would change from my usual supplier as I was also unhappy with their managerial shenanigans. My little Welsh Terrier is thoroughly enjoying her new menu so we are both happy. I purchased the starter pack, but my first order will be going through shortly.

    Thank you Nutriment for your lovely customer service too! :-))

  458. Anonymous

    purchased the starter pack to try this on my girls, both dogs loved it. Would say in the space of few days,I seen such a difference in them. Bowls clean every time and its a race to get to where food is put down for them

  459. Anonymous

    I have a very picky little dog and ordered the starter pack expecting part of it to be rejected. So far we’ve tried the chicken, beef and salmon and he can’t get enough – literally licks the bowl clean each mealtime and looks around for more. I’m delighted and will definitely be ordering more again soon.

  460. Mrs Brierley.

    I bought the starter pack for my fussy girl, shame to say she didn’t eat it, I really wanted her on quality food so will persevere, excellent customer service when I phoned to ask about the food, quality food, quality service just one extra fussy dog.

  461. Patricia Carter

    I recently ordered the starter pack as an introduction to this brand – I had been feeding another well-known raw food. I’ve fed my dogs raw since they were 13 months old [they are 4 and 1/2 now] and, although my dogs did well on the other food, they absolutely love this one! They both jump around excitedly when I get the pack out of the fridge and linger at their bowl long after the food has gone – their poos are smaller which indicates they are getting more out of this food. I had been buying all of the other good stuff [kelp, coconut oil, bilberry powder etc] to put on to their previous raw food so I love that its already included in Nutriment. To be honest, I bought the additional stuff after I read the Nutriment ingredient list – then I thought why not just buy the complete food! The starter pack is a really good introduction to Nutriment so I can thoroughly recommend trying that first. Luckily my dogs love it all so I’m not restricted to what I can feed them. Fabulous food!!

  462. S Veal

    I’ve recently changed to Nutriment from another similar brand and have also tried another brand which my dogs hated so much when it made one of my dogs sick none of them showed any interest in clearing bit up!

    I like the 500g packs as there is enough to split between my dogs for one meal.

    My only complaint is the delivery. I requested the box to be left at my back door. I eventually found it upside down over our driveway gate, at the hinged end, so obviously just dropped there. Not helpful when I find the box very heavy to carry and at the same time suffering a bad chest infection.

  463. Pauline & Cato

    Having tried and tested various different types of raw diet for my boy, this one passed with flying colours. He couldn’t wait for the bowl to be put down, as soon as it was his head was down and nothing could distract him until the bowl was clean. The food itself was well presented, easy to deal with, no mess and very little smell. Having now tried the starter pack we will definitely be ordered more.

  464. Melanie Mann

    Began with a Starter Pack to get some weight on my 20 mth old Papillon bitch Tilly. She loves it and so do all the others ! I am now on my 2nd order and am thrilled that Tilly has quickly gained weight and condition and last week at the Papillon Club CH Show she won the Reserve CC ! Thanks to Nutriment for a great product and customer service. If smaller packs aren’t an option what about dividing the tray in half so there are two smaller blocks ?

  465. Karen Hare

    Dogs all enjoyed this product. Found it very palatable and good reactions all around with regard to stomach health. A bit too early to say what longer term benefits there may be

  466. Anonymous

    Great value packs. My puppy loves the variety and is growing beautifully on this excellent product.

  467. Hannah

    I only changed my 20 month old terrier onto Nutriment 6 days ago and already I can’t believe the difference in her,mainly in her poo,before feeding Nutriment it wasn’t great (slimy,smelly and a lot of it) now it’s small,well formed and hardly smells at all,that alone tells me it’s already doing her body good,I expect to see more positive changes in her over the coming weeks and months!
    I cannot fault the quality of Nutriment or the results it produces,the only thing that would make this product better would be smaller pack sizes for smaller dogs.

  468. Anonymous

    Can’t fault the quality and price of this product. I always order the starter packs as it gives a good mix of flavours. My dogs LOVE this food and look great on it….shiny coats and less stinky bottoms!
    Thank you Nutriment.

  469. Sarah

    I have two mixed breed rescue terriers, one that is very picky – the other eats anything. Both of them love this product, which I am still mixing with their dried food to introduce slowly. I am not so sure about the 2-3% of body weight but will wait and see when they are on it entirely as they eat it very quickly and could easily eat more.
    Quick delivery and all still nicely frozen as well packaged.
    Very happy so far

  470. S Martin

    My French Bulldog adores this raw food diet. I find buying the starter pack every time great value for money. Best thing I ever did for him…. He looks great, his poop is small and easy to pick up with a tissue (nice!) and is less “windy!!”
    Customer Service is fantastic too, gets delivered frozen a couple of days after you order. And any questions/queries you have are answered quickly and thoroughly. Great stuff!

  471. Julie

    All my three boys are enjoying the starter pack many thanks for such fantastic food. πŸ™‚ x

  472. Mrs C Eggison

    My dog is extremely happy on this mutriment she’s licking her lips waiting for it x

  473. Gina

    Started my cavalier King Charles spaniel on this as I was having trouble getting him to eat his normal food. He was on nature diet, but there is only one variety in the puppy formula and he got bored and refused to eat it. He also had very loose stools which is no fun to pick up! Since he started this raw food, he hasn’t looked back. He has enjoyed all the flavours so far, although I do alternate them as I don’t want him getting bored again. His stools are much firmer now too. So far so good, if he continues to like this food, then I will have to buy a small chest freezer to store it, but that is a small price to pay for a happy and contented little dog.

  474. Anonymous

    My strange dog (welsh terrier) doesn’t eat much, I try lots of different foods as he seems to like new things then gets bored of them and has always been underweight. Tried this and it is the first time ever, that I have seen him ask for food. He eats it all most of the time, and has finally started to get into normal weight range (he is 6 years old) – it is great to finally see him enjoy his meals.

    Plus the starter pack saves me some money, delivery is usually next day, and the box it is packed in keeps it frozen even on summer days.

  475. Happy Lhasa Mummy

    After starting my Lhasa Apso pup on a Hypo allergenic complete dry food I thought he would be happy with it lifelong, unfortunately once he turned 6 months he became very fussy so I introduced a commercial wet food to mix in the dry. Unfortunately it didn’t agree and he started to be lethargic, had diarrhoea, rough coat and constantly scratching. I did some internet research and came across Nutriment and the many excellent reviews it had received from happy dog owners, some with similar problems to my Teddi. I decided to order the starter pack for him to try and after him being on it 1 week I am starting to notice a huge difference and he seems soooo much happier. I can’t recommend this raw food enough. I will never be going back to dry or commercial again, thank you Nutriment

  476. Sandra

    We ordered the starter pack so we could find out which ones our 5 year old westie preferred. Well she like all the ones she has tried so far!! Chicken turkey beef, it’s astonishing how little poo there is now!! No more sausage factory (in one end out the other!) no smelly diahorea. We changed on advise from more experienced owners and are very glad we did. We are supported by our vet who is interested in following our story. Really wish we had started her on it from the beginning. I would say to any dog owner Go on and try it you won’t look back. And you furry friend will be all the better for it.

  477. Sean Gyselings

    I bought the starter pack for my 10 month old frenchie. He was previously on a very close rivals version. He loves all the flavours he’s tried so far. (Beef, Turkey and chicken). He sits waiting for his food and his mouth is watering every time. He always leaves a clean bowl. The ingredients are top quality and I would recommend it to anyone, which is what i have done on several French bulldog groups on Facebook.

  478. Mrs H.

    This food is absolutely the best and the advice on the helpline is second to none. My 9 month old Goldendoodle just gobbled it up and has loved all flavours. So easy and I know that my puppy is getting the best Nutrition. Thank you Nutriment!

  479. Allison Jones

    My 2 yorkies love this food. They scoff it down and hang about looking for seconds. My youngest yorkie Daisy was such a fussy eater, but no more! What a joy to not have to worry about what is best for them. They have voted with their feet or rather their mouths πŸ™‚

  480. Anonymous

    Great variety in the starter pack. I have just transferred my 2 Tibetan terriers on to raw food, they are much calmer even after 2days, amazing.

  481. Sarah

    I fed my 3 year old Jack Russell cross on raw for some while when she was young but the sharp bones in chicken tended to make her sick as she threw them down with no chewing. It was never a problem as she would regurgitate and rechew a couple of times but after doing this on our bed more than once I lapsed into the convenience of supermarket tins again.
    Then a few weeks ago we took on two rescue shelties. Their digestion seemed very poor on the kibble they were send with and no better on tins. As they have very fluffy undertails the runny poo was not at all nice and they both smelt bad. With 4 dogs in the house now the garden was just a dog toilet, despite picking up every day. I then remembered the tiny little chalk sticks our other dog produced on raw and by complete accident stumbled on a recommendation for nutriment.
    The starter pack was quickly delivered in such lovely cool box packaging it seemed a shame not to return it! The food was still perfectly frozen.
    I have now fed it to all but my very old dog for 3 days now. The dogs love it and it is gone in class seconds! There is no more regurgitating chicken necks on ourbed and no more having to worry about what to add to give them a balanced diet. The two rescue dogs’ diarrhoea cleared up immediately after weeks of trouble.
    I will try the rest of the flavours (well not personally, though they do look a bit like ready meals so I wouldn’t put it past hubby) and then will put in a massive order. It’s affordable too – so much I think I need another freezer in case the price goes up!

  482. Ruth Smith

    I couldn’t believe how my dogs took to this food, they have only had raw tripe before but I wanted to feed a complete raw diet but was afraid of the bones etc. Nutriment have solved this by mincing it and it is so good and fresh my didn’t have a problem and dived straight in.
    Their output is much better too …. and much less to pick up!!

    Thankyou Nutriment!

  483. Sarah

    Starter pack arrived still hard frozen despite being over 24 hours in transit – impressive for such a small quantity of food. My cocker spaniels love the food, their coats gleam, the skin on my itchy boy is softer and more supple and they are all calmer – and that’s just after one week of feeding Nutriment!
    Would love to see the addition of rabbit variety, my allergic lad cannot eat chicken or lamb so is limited to turkey, duck and beef.
    Have just placed another order and was impressed to find Nutriment works out cheaper than the similar product I have been feeding – well done Nutriment!

  484. R Taylor

    After lots of debating over the best method to feed my 18 month old pug I decided to go for nutriment as it seemed the most convenient way. I wasn’t disappointed from ordering, to delivery to the final product everything has been 5 star. Percy pug thoroughly enjoys his meals his coat is looking so healthy and he has so much more energy. I would not hesitate to recommend nutriment as a product and as a company

  485. Gina

    After going off his dry food my cockapoo has taken to this raw food no problem and finds it delicious. He eats up no messing and his poos are much better. The Starter pack provides a good variety of flavours ~ so no boredom.

  486. Jane B, Oxfordshire

    We purchased the 5kg starter pack for our extremely fussy working cocker. She had previously been fed on the Natural Instinct bone-in mince. However she has loved every single Nutriment flavour and is thriving on it! Her coat is looking great, her eyes are lovely and clear and she is bouncing around, full of the joys of spring. The service was great, product delivered the next day – superb. I am about to place a further order.

  487. Dani

    Just recently switched my dog over to this, after struggling to get him to eat at all – he now wolfs this down and cleans his bowl! His coat and muscle tone is infinitely better since we switched him !

  488. Anita G Gowing

    Neither of my dogs would eat this. My pup will normally eat anything, but the texture of this food is just not appetising in my opinion. It is very wet & soggy.

  489. Jennifer Young

    Only recently introduced to Nutriment ( recommended by a friend ) Found the Factory Outlet Store very helpful too. Delivery very prompt the next day, well packaged. My Dog Scrappy loves the food, I’ve already noticed a difference in him, his coat is softer and has a shine to it, bright eyed and calmer. Put this down to the oils in the food, such lovely ingredients in the foods. He so enjoys his mealtimes and chases the bowl round the kitchen when he’s finished, licking the pattern off the bowl ! Just so convenient to use too.

  490. Jac Bryant

    My GSD cross is, at 5 years old, finally looking forward to his food!! He’s always been a really picky eater and so we made the decision to switch to a raw diet – Nutriment has been a godsend! Raw feeding is a bit of a minefield when you first start it and I didnt really know how to go about it. I was recommended to try the Nutriment and can honestly say I have no regrets at all. Ordering is so easy and delivery is quick and really efficient. ‘Duke’ says thank you!!

  491. Angie Warring

    I found that most of the varieties are fine but the salmon one was very wet.
    Will be ordering again

  492. Mark West

    Our 4 year old Springer Spaniel loves this food and we are comfortable in the knowledge that she is getting a very healthy diet which she deserves

  493. Anonymous

    Our dog has been eating raw food for about one month and already he looks much healthier. At breakfast time when we let him out of his cage, instead of coming to us for a bit of fussing, he races to his bowl and stations himself there until food is produced.

  494. Becky Stephens

    My Cockapoo is such a fussy little thing!! This is the first food I have found that he absolutely demolishes!! πŸ™‚ won’t be moving away from it!!

  495. Karen Parrott

    This is the first time I ve fed my mini schnauzer on a raw diet, he is 6 Years old and loves the food and can t wait to eat it, I tried one other make just for a week but this one definitely is an improvement in terms of quality of product. I shall be continuing with the Nutriment diet. I ordered the starter pack the delivery arrived really well packaged and next day.

  496. Jenna Logan

    Never fed RAW before but have been thinking of trying it for a long time. After feeding Eden for the past year, our dogs seemed to get a bit bored of their food, but I was reluctant to try a wet food and was too nervous to try raw for fear of getting the balance wrong and having to spend ages preparing meals for them from scratch but loved the idea of it and of course want what’s best for my dog. Then I discovered Nutriment! What a fantastic concept, preparing all the meals for you and sending them to you and all you have to do is defrost and serve! Very happy customer! PS: the starter packs are a great idea, you get to try all the flavours – our dogs wolf the food down and give a big paws up to every flavour! Customer service is 5 stars aswell, the lovely lady on the phone answered all my queries and explained everything to me (being a complete newbie to raw) faultless!

  497. Carole

    ….unfortunately my cocker spaniel, Lily, doesn’t seem to like any of them, even though she’s been on a raw meat diet for some time. I’ll keep trying though….

  498. Adam Baxter

    I have wanted to get my two dogs, Louis and Lily on a raw diet for some time now. Louis is a border terrier/chihuahua cross and Lily is a staffie cross. I have always known the importance of a good diet and hot vital good nutrition is for the health of our dogs. After trying various raw products I started to give up. Either one or both of my dogs didn’t seem to like the food or it used to upset their stomachs too much to persevere. We were paying a small fortune trying to give them the quality of food they needed.

    After speaking to Louise Glazebrook at the Darling Dog Company about your food, we decided to give it one more go!! We will never look back!

    They both absolutely love the food, both already seem to have healthier stomachs and they can’t wait for their meal times! Their energy levels and coats seem better after even a small amount of time.

    You definitely have two new lifelong customers.

    From all of us,

    Thank you!

  499. Melanie & Rosie The Rescued Staffie

    I went for the starter pack as we are new to RAW. Nutriment was recommended&I thought it a good idea to try all of the flavours to work out if there are any our dog has a reaction to. So far so good. We have introduced slowly&all flavours seem to be going down very well. Delivery is very quick. From using the starter pack I can now order more with confidence. Will now try the venison treats&duck necks. A good idea to have this introductory pack Nutriment.

  500. Marie Black

    I’m glad to say my dogs are excited about their food again !!!:they were previously on dry food and used to eat it when they realised there wasn’t anything else. My westie seems to be doing better and not scatching as much after a few days of being on nutriment will be ordering more soon. Just wish I had a bigger freezer to order in bulk. Thanku so much

  501. Anonymous

    Despite problems with the delivery company Nutriments communication and assistance has been 5* and look forward to starting our dog on raw after very high recommendations within our agility and gundog circles

  502. Anonymous

    My two labs love meal times since switching to nutriment raw.

  503. Anonymous

    This was a very economical way to try the different varieties and my dogs have so far loved them all.
    Delivery and packing were very good but I found the packs weren’t as full as the previous similar dog food that I have been buying.

  504. Shannon

    I did a bit of research on raw feeding before ordering from Nutriment. t is great to know we are now feeding Holly a diet that is very healthy for her. She absolutely loves it! I have never seen her get this excited at meal times before and it is rather touching. Nutriment has turned this fussy eater into a complete bowl licker. For my part I wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened the dog food lid the first time. Nutriment looks like fine mince. Easy to feed, and absolutely no left overs! Thank you Nutriment. We will definitely be ordering again.

  505. Penny

    My Greyhound has been eating a raw diet for four years but she shows a definite preference for Nutriment.

  506. Jennie

    Really pleased with the starter pack, the price is good too, my Labrador absolutely loves the food and I’m going to carry on buying for them..

  507. Adam Berry

    Finally a food my dog loves, great to know the real goodness of this food and not the rubbish in normal dog food kibbles or tinned

  508. Steven Pearsall

    My border collie really loves this food !!!
    I like the idea of buying two starter packs a month ( especially with limited funds)
    Cracking food

  509. Rebecca Howell

    I run a boarding and daycare facility abd every dog clears its bowl immediately even the fussy ones. Excellent value too.

  510. Anonymous

    My 6 year old lab happily tucked into her new food.

    My 3 year old jack russell was unsure at first but that’s very typical of the breed. After a few offerings he now clears the bowl.

    the only negative thing I’ve gound is the duck really didn’t agree with my smaller dog and we had a whole day of vomiting but not the stinky canned food kind I’m used to so can’t complain. Ill avoid the duck for awhile as I think it was too rich for him.

  511. Craig

    i have 3 westies which are such fussy eaters, they won’t eat this raw, but if i cook it they wolf it down.
    i’m happy with the product and will be ordering again.

  512. Shirley

    My Shih Tzus have been on this food for a few months now and still enjoy it. I always buy starter pack as it saves me choosing different varieties for them and they always eat which ever one I choose. I am so pleased to have found a food they all enjoy.

  513. Indigo

    Tried the starter pack as we are new to raw, but have been looking for better quality kibble for some time, before I realised it was the kibble that was the problem! Our 3 cockers love it, and get quite put out when we haven’t been organised enough to get the pack out of the freezer in time and have to have kibble. I’m about to order the chubs, probably the turkey one as it is lower in protein (apart from the salmon, but other reviews on this aren’t so positive and unfortunately we didn’t have a sample of this in the pack to try). My main aim is to improve our girls’ teeth, as they are very prone to tartar, and to reduce the additives in their diet to nil. Yes the packaging is excessive, but there is a choice between the tubs for convenience, and the chubs with their minimal packaging. PS Excellent customer service!

  514. Andrew

    We decided to switch all our dogs to a raw diet after getting a new puppy and reading up on all the reviews. Previously they had been fed on a high quality kibble. Cost wise its seems to be very similar, although shipping adds a little more and it would be nice to be able to pick up the packs locally. The starter pack we had did not have any turkey or salmon in it, but has a low purine pack instead. I guess these were out of stock, it would have been nice to try them. The dogs seem to like the food, and don’t go up to the fridge on every visit to the kitchen any more for intermediate treats so I guess it fills them up until the next meal. They have also stopped eating their gravy bones, I guess only raw will do for them now!

  515. Anonymous

    My dog loves these! I’m impressed with the ingredients; delivery was good. Only downside is the recommended daily amount is not enough for my dog who eats 500g tub without any problem and still wants more so working out quite expensive. Also he hates it cold so has to be left out at room temperature to defrost and until eating. On the upside, it’s given me te confidence to make my own dog food and I won’t be touching anything I used to buy before so thank you.

  516. Sarah

    I already feed my two dogs (flatcoated retrievers) a biologically appropriate raw food diet. I bought the starter pack of Nutriment to try as it got such high ratings in a dog food survey I had read online. I was a little disappointed. (A) because there was so much packaging to dispose of and (B) because the food is ground very fine compared to the food I usually serve. My dogs are not very keen on the texture of the food and all the varieties have pretty much the same texture. They are used to coarser minced/ground meat and bone and food with different textures. So, I’m sorry to say we are not converts.
    On the plus side if you have never fed your dog raw food before this could be a very good place to start. The packaging is clean and tidy and makes the food easy to store, defrost and serve; there is no mess. And the texture is very similar to a pate or a tinned dog food so dogs used to these would switch easily.
    Raw feeding is brilliant. I don’t know anyone who has switched who would switch back!

  517. Selina Woods

    I have fed raw before but this is the first time i have used balanced meals. They are really good quality food and if you read the packaging you know exactly what you are feeding your dogs. My shepherd really likes them. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

  518. Debbie Ravenswood

    Having tried several raw food, I decided after some research to try this product and the starter pack was ideal. Delivered to my door in good time I found the packaging easy for storage in my freezer. I have a wolf Dog and raw food best suits his needs, I have noticed that this product satisfy s him the best, and he finds it hard to rush it, he really loves this food, and I love it for the cost and convenience. I will be returning for more.

  519. Dee

    My 1 year old Staffie loves this and it’s good to know she is getting a natural diet, having only just started her on this diet will have to use for a few months before I know how it affects her

  520. Madferretlady

    I decided to switch my 3yr old, will eat anything, crossbreed dog to raw after he had consistently runny poos, anal gland infection and giardia! Along with huge vet bills!
    The kibble I was giving him, although top of the range orijen, was not helping his situation. His poos would get runnier and runnier as our daily walks progressed …. and the smell was choking! So I have to say it was with much reluctance and after lots of internet searching ( I know more about dog poo than I ever thought possible!) that I decided on raw. My reluctance was because I thought it would be smelly, messy, difficult to store and still may not even help my dog, especially as our last bestest friend lived to 18 yrs on a kibble diet.
    I could have not been more wrong! The delivery was prompt, well packaged and still frozen. The boxes are easy to stack in the freezer but I am going to buy a ” dog food freezer” to keep it separate from our pizzas! I divide the 500g box into 2 meals, it’s slightly annoying that according to the weights my dog should have 540g, but I figured with treats the 40g less is not a big deal. The food itself looks lovely, you can see the bits of veg and bone in it and my dog loves it.
    I was a bit disappointed to not get the turkey in the selection, especially as it is out of stock still now that I have done my second order, so we have yet to try it.
    So far my dogs poos have been getting better and better each day, it’s only the beef so far that makes him “softer”, but I will alternate that with the ones that do have the bone so it shouldn’t be an issue.
    All in all it’s a decision well made and I cannot ever see us going back to kibble!

  521. Carol Cooper

    My two little papillons just love the beef, it is a case of not being able to get it on the floor quick enough. There is not a scrap of it left in their bowls. Would definitely recommend this product.

  522. Pat

    Have the most fussiest 2 year old Westie ever and since we had him as a pup must have tried every dog food available …. Would try it the 1st day then refuse to eat it. Nutriment has been great he has eaten every flavour of the starter pack bar the Low Purine & Phosphorus wasn’t too keen on that . Would never have thought about a raw diet but it certainly is proving that is well worth giving it a go.

  523. Marita Jones

    After just a few days raw feeding nutriment, my hyper springer spaniel is calmer, far less frantic , and is enjoying his meals. Such a relief.

  524. Wf10 2Hx

    Raw dog good is the only way to go, my dog appears to be healthier and drinking less water as I was informed would happen as normal dog meat and biscuits make your dog dring more.

  525. Anonymous

    Was feedings another well known brand but thought I would try my pug on this. ….he loves it….amazing value for money. ..and free p n p ….amazing. …

  526. Josi

    I bought this pack to introduce raw feeding to my dogs and to see if they improved with their health, coat etc. They are not poorly dogs but I wanted for them to have a healthier diet. The starter box enables one to find the favourite so to speak, and is working great, already Chicken formula is their favourite. Its great to see clean dishes and eager dogs, both of mine would leave food and graze, but now its gone! Value for money too if you work out the costs properly as dentastix are no longer needed because the food induces natural acids that will clean the teeth, You will find your dogs are full and dont beg for treats, scraps etc. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  527. Carol Sanderson

    I will soon be ordering my third order of Nutriment. I have two Shih Tzu’s who as a breed are noted for being fussy eaters. Indeed my eldest is a fussy eater but since feeding Nutriment, she rarely refuses. I have found however unlike another reviewer who’s dog would not go near it, mine seem to prefer it still a little frozen. I tend to take a pack out in the morning wait an hour or so for it to defrost enough to take out as much as they need for that evening meal and put it in a box in the fridge to continue to thaw and the rest back in the freezer. Mine then get all of it fresh. they are not keen on having it when it has been defrosted for a day or so. I repeat it again after we have had our evening meal for their breakfast the next day. It may sound like a performance but really doesn’t take long at all. That way they get their food the way they like it and I get no waste. Win win situation and two contented Shih Tzu’s. Once or twice a week they have a chicken wing for their morning feed, to help with their teeth. They have lovely clean teeth since on Nutriment, especially as a vet I saw wanted to have Tasha in for a scale and polish under a general, I may add at probably vast expense.

    My last order arrived by 9.30 am well packed.

    Nutriment will you be bringing Lamb on to your menu in the future?

  528. Sophie

    Lovely mixture of “flavours” that the doggies seem to adore. Very economical. I also get hassled by the cats for a taste, so I might have to get them the cat variety…delivery was very prompt, nice and early in the morning. A couple of lids had come off but it wasn’t an issue. Will definitely be ordering again when I have space in the freezer. Thank you :o)

  529. Shirley

    My three Shih Tzus really enjoy this food. They never lift their heads until their bowls are empty and I am pleased to have found something they all enjoy. They are fussy with one liking one food and another something else but they all like Nutriment all the different varieties in the starter pack. Packaging could be better as some of the lids are broken so that’s why only four stars. Delivery is good.

  530. Matt Manchester

    this is our second order of this product and our pug loves it… we go through a 500g pack every 2 days. The only thing that gives it a 4 star, is the packaging sometimes breaks, and there are no cardboard sleeves with this batch – which helps the lids stay on and protects it in transit I have found!

  531. Noreen

    I tried this for my rescue Shi Tzu on the advice of other Shi owners.. I wasn’t disappointed and neither was my dog. The whole process of ordering via paypal to being delivered still frozen was amazingly easy! Tia wolfs the food down, and licks the bowl clean. It is balanced and prepared , you simply defrost portion and serve. Will certainly being keeping her on this food and hope to see real changes in her condition.

  532. Brian

    I can only give this 2 stars as its well presented, delivery etc was excellent but my dog wont eat it – so maybe its just my dog not the food ?. How do you rate something in this case.
    My dog eats raw bones and loves a bit of raw meat from the butcher but he simply won’t go near this food – he smells it and simply backs away. I tried two out of the several varieties in the starter pack – defrosted and allowed a bit to warm up to room temp in his bowl, As this failed I tried to hand feed him a tiny bit as a treat he just would not go near it. I assume it must have something in it that he finds off putting as he eats almost anything else (he is half lab after all) I am unable to rate the food as he won’t eat it and I cant say why. I have since tried cooking a bit of it so as not to waste the defrosted stuff and he was quite happy to eat it then but sort of defies the whole point of it. I have no doubt it would be good for him if he ate it raw.

  533. Adam Duffill

    We have had a struggle with our GSD cross with his sensitive stomach. This got worse after he left the puppy food to adult. After trying everything dry on the UK/EU market we now buy from Canada. We mix the biscuit with wet food and we use lily’s. We read about Nutriment and thought we would try it. We are amazed. In the past we have had our dog walk away from so called foods for sensitive stomach however I have not seen a reaction from him as when gave him Nutriment. We use Orijen and Nutriment and his tummy is perfect but the best thing to watch is his sheer enjoyment eating nutriment. I have never seen a reaction like it and leaves us with the problem of what we can use for a treat. Amazing, brilliant, best food, and will voluntarily promote this product and tell all the dog walkers we meet.

  534. David Retford

    after trying various dry dog foods my 15 mth old collie girl would not eat it I was told to try a raw dog food diet and somebody on the flyball circuit suggested nutriments.co.uk to me after speaking to the advisor on the phone the lady suggested that I try the starter pack to see if she would eat it well been on it now for 5 days and the girl does a dance around me while I am putting it out she absolutely loves it feed times are such a joy up to now her poos are a lot better and her stamina seems to of improved will be ordering more very soon

  535. Anonymous

    This food is complete with added meat, offal, veg, tripe etc. Great fresh meat.

  536. Jo

    My 2 dogs love Nutriment, the starter pack gives a fab selection to see what your dogs like/dislike.

    Will be ordering chubbs next though as with my 2 the 500g tubs don’t last long.

    Brilliant product for people like myself who don’t have time to prepare from scratch, as everything is in it, then feed meaty bones, eggs, fish as necessary weekly

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