5kg Cat Box

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A selection of Nutriment’s complete raw cat food, in 500g trays. Our cat food starter packs are an easy and convenient pack size that gives your cat the chance to try a variety of proteins. Delivery not included. Maximum of 2 per order.

Suitable for all breeds

Online offer only!

A starter pack consisting of 5kgs of mixed complete formulas for cats.

Our starter box contains:

Please Note: If we are out of stock of certain flavours, the starter pack will be made with a selection of the flavours in stock. Otherwise this box comes as standard. Requests for substitute products will not be fulfilled. If you wish to place an order excluding a certain variety you will need to put your own order together.

For more details on the products, please click on the flavours. Online orders only.

Please Note: The difference in price between our Cat Starter Pack and Dog Starter Packs is due to Cat Food being VATable, whereas our Working Dog Food is VAT free.

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Weight 5 kg

66 reviews for 5kg Cat Box

  1. Norskwood

    I’m always keen to try a new raw food for the cats. I’ve been raw feeding since 2004 when I had to make my own. In recent years I’ve been able to buy it, which has been a mixed blessing as while some raw foods are great, some aren’t so good. Sadly, this falls into the latter. I was dubious when I saw Salmon in the box- in my experience (I breed Norwegian Forest Cats and have quite a few!), my cats just don’t like Salmon. This was no different, only the kittens were willing to have a try and even they weren’t keen. I rarely feed beef, but this went down a little better as did the chicken, but the consistency is very mushy and they weren’t as happy to finish it off as they would Purrform or Nurturing by Nature raw foods. Perhaps the company would be better served if they used meats that cats would kill and eat in the wild, and then not mince the texture out of it. I’m not sure. I tried mixing it with some Purrform Rabbit (one of their favourites) but it still had to be thrown out. My boys refused to touch it, and in this current freezing weather, they’ve been eating far more than usual. It’s a real shame as I’d have liked to have been able to buy a different food to offer more choice. I’ll stick to Purrform and Nurturing by Nature for now.

  2. Anne

    This lasts our cat all month and there are a couple of others pinching it, none of them are keen on the salmon one but this was the first try at chicken and it was a hit!! Really fills them up and makes their fur extra soft. I won’t feed them anything else and all the preparation is worth it because it is a bit of a hassle as it is in a large frozen block, I just let it go a bit soft, chop it into daily chunks while its still quite frozen and take it out I advance to get the chill off. Good if you want to put food out in advance as they won’t eat it frozen and it takes a while to defrost.

  3. Anna

    I started my cat on raw after she had long running urine problems and the vet advised to try a new diet. They advised specialist diet but my dogs are raw fed so thought I would try raw first. I stopped all the medication as soon as I started the raw and it was amazing. From the first day she has not had any symptoms, she is happy, more sociable, her coat looks amazing. It really is amazing. She loves all the flavours. Raw is definitely best

  4. Name Not Provided

    I have a 3 year old and a 5 month old savannah who have both been on raw the entire life. We have always used Purrform with success but feel it is overpriced so thought we would give this a go. Sadly neither will touch it. Had the same failure with Natural instinct. I am guessing it’s the additives both put in it, purrform has none.

  5. Dannii

    I love this box. My cats are not so keen on the salmon but defo worth the try as it doesn’t break the bank. And gives you an idea which flavours your cats will eat.

  6. Name Not Provided

    I chose Nutriment based on the reviews and got the starter pack to test the varieties. My cats took to it very well and given a choice between this, their normal and normal dry, they went for this first. There is no smell at all. Deforsting it in the fridge overnight means that it may still be a little frozen in the morning but this is not a bad thing, as a drop of warm water will sort that out.

  7. Tasha

    This was a great starter box to try after making the decision to put my old fella on a raw diet as we got to try out every flavour. Super fast delivery and parcel and produce was in perfect condition. Highly recommended!

  8. Name Not Provided

    I’ve had my adopted Norwegian Forest Cats on a predominantly raw diet for a few months, and purchased the trial pack to give them some variety. Unfortunately, neither would touch any of the 3 flavours – sniffing it, but not even willing to lick it. I then passed on the remaining packs, still frozen, to a local cat shelter. Only one of their cats was willing to eat small amounts of one of the flavours. I’ve seen this food recommended by some NFC breeders, but I’m really sad to say, I couldn’t recommend it, even for cats already on a raw diet.

  9. Denise B

    I started my 15 year old cat on raw food after he was diagnosed with diabetes. It took quite a while to wean him onto this raw diet. Initialy he wouldn’t touch the Nutriment. I had started by introducing raw turkey mince to his previous wet food, then went onto thirds of previous food, turkey mince and Nutriment, then half and half turkey mince and Nutriment and finally just Nutriment. At the moment we are just managing the diabetes without injecting insulin, which is great.
    The downside to this food is that it comes in blocks too large to let the whole thing defrost. I cut about 4 blocks into portions when it arrived and was a bit softer, but after that it is a case of a large knife and a wooden mallet to break it up!

  10. Name Not Provided

    Shockingly excellent delivery. I’ve ordered raw food for my dogs before and the delivery times are hit and miss, nutriment sent tracking info and the delivery time was much faster than expected. Delivery aside, my cats are loving it even the fussy one is quite liking the salmon version, I do have to remember to bring it to room temp before giving to them they’re not keen on fridge temp food.

  11. Sula

    My two 6 month old kitties have been on raw food since they started eating solids so they are very used to it.
    Unfortunately the quality of the chicken mince I was getting from another supplier originally was not up to scratch for cats (probably fine for dogs), but the packaging/mince grind size/bone content was not good.
    After one of the kitties had to go to the vets for GI issues I turned to Nutriment after their great advice over email.
    I am hugely pleased that both my 2 love this! The mince is very fine, which they definitely prefer. I will probably add in some meaty bones as they get bigger as treats.
    Chicken they eat as normal, I tried them on the beef yesterday and I’ve never seen food disappear so quickly! Now they have a little screeching fit every time I hold the black plastic containers (Siamese eh).
    Yet to try the fish.
    Very happy Nutriment and will be ordering again as a regular customer.

  12. Jannette

    My two Bengal cats will eat the chicken and beef flavours providing i put some tomato sauce on them. But they turn their whiskers up at the Salmon variety!

  13. Ferne Greaves

    My cat refuses to eat this food. I have bought from purrform before and that is proper raw meat that my Birman loves. This food looks nothing like. Id like to know how they differ as they state the same offal and bone etc.

  14. Stevie

    I ordered the starter pack which contained only chicken. Unfortunately neither of my cats like it. I didnt give them a choice but after 2 days of not eating I gave in and fed them their usual cat food. Im really disappointed.

  15. Romy Mathews

    Order was easy to place, arrived promptly and was still frozen. Good method to find out what my cat would or would not eat. She loves the chicken, the beef is okay, but won’t look at the salmon.
    I have two comments to make though:
    – in future I will have to pay for delivery costs because I shall have to place chicken/beef orders. Which should I become a regular customer, which I intend, does not seem fair.
    – the size of the packs is large for one cat – I don’t want to risk spoiling the product by allowing it to thaw to divide and then refreeze, could 250 g not be divided at the factory?

  16. Martin

    This is my first experience with raw food. It seems very good & the cat liked it & converted to it straight away without any problems. The 500g tubs are quite large for a single cat so I chopped to 1/4 size before storing in freezer.

  17. Abby

    My two young cats have a strain of cat flu, and to prevent me having to have them on antibiotics constantly for eye and mouth problems – I looked for a food cure. It’s not a cure but they have been so much better and their coats don’t moult as badly! Bonus! They really don’t like salmon but will eat it, if it’s that or starve!

  18. David

    In recent months I have found the quality of Nutriment cat food to have dropped,
    More regularly I’m finding that the packets contain rotten meat or if not already rotten it goes off in a day or two even though left in the fridge after defrosted (we get one pack out at a time)
    If this continues to be the case I shall be changing my supplier

  19. Name Not Provided

    I like the idea of this but sadly my cats will not touch the food at all.
    They are quite large boxes too.
    The fish was a bit odd as it seemed to leach a bit in the bowl.

  20. Catherine

    Great product to start cats on raw. Would like to see more variety and chunks of meat for them to chew on. I am also uncomfortable with the packaging although I appreciate that a frozen product needs to be delivered frozen! My cats don’t like the fish.

  21. Chantelle Hall

    Sadly, my cat won’t touch any of the products from this range, she does seems a little fiat though

  22. C Rees

    My cat has a long standing coat problem of unknown aetiology. As part of trying to work out if its behavioural or dietary related, I put him on a raw food diet. I tried another make at first………..it was an epic battle of 14 days in which he got a lot thinner. Hopes were not high when I ordered the Nutriment – but joy of joys; as long as I feed him a little at a time – it goes down a treat.

  23. Jmd

    The polystyrene box arrived quickly and safely. Great that it can be delivered to my doorstep, as I have been buying similar frozen food from my vet. My cats love the beef and chicken, but not so keen on the fish.

  24. Paola

    I asked could the fish be replaced for meat as mine dont eat fish..was told it would be requested but still came with fish..if she would of said no..i wouldnt have ordered it!

  25. R.B.

    This is the second 5kg box we have purchased, and our kitten is only 14 weeks old!
    He absolutely loves the food, and I’m positive it has contributed massively to such a healthy and glowing kitten.
    The company itself are great, I had an issue with my first order, Nutriment rang me up and swapped a few bits over for no extra charge.
    An ethical company, will have my custom for a long time to come.
    Thanks x

  26. Name Not Provided

    Unfortunately I have been using another raw food supplier and decided to try Nutriment as it is a lot cheaper. Anyway it seems the old addage ‘you get what you pay for’ applies. There is too much offal in the products and it doesn’t smell or even look very fresh and is also very finely minced basically making it too mushy. My cats who are used to eating raw reluctantly ate the chicken but refused point blank to eat any of the others even when I mixed with their other food. I know change in diet has to be done slowly but I will be going back to my other supplier who produces very good quality frozen raw in pouches. Will be donating remainder of Nutriment to cat charity.

  27. Name Not Provided

    I was very happy when i received my nutriment order, great packaging, everything was still frozen. Its easy to store and you grt more in each tub than i realised. My cats were a bit unsure of it at first but are now getting there but i am very happy that i have found this stuff because i resent feeding them all the commercial rubbish so now i feel better about what i am feeding them knowing it will only do them good not harm. They dont seem as keen on the chicken as they are the beef but they still eat it. My only suggestion would be to introduce new flavours, i would love to see rabbit being offered, for variety but also as this is very close to a cats natural diet, plus other brands offer this but i am overall very happy and will be ordering more.

  28. Name Not Provided

    My cat liked the beef, was a bit unsure about the chicken but would eventually eat it but wouldn’t touch the salmon. I notice several other people say their cats wouldn’t eat the salmon either..maybe you might think about changing it or adding another flavour?
    Also, it would be really useful if there was a smaller size for those of us with a single cat…I was having to throw quite a bit away as the meat goes off before my cat can eat it.
    So, a partial success, but because of the sizes and the salmon failure I had to throw away about half the order…wasteful and expensive!

  29. Andrea

    Unfortunately 4 cats turned their noses up at this , they will eat the chicken reluctantly if there is nothing else on offer. It was a big waste of money for me, perhaps I will put it out for the strays 🙁
    Another raw company seems to have the balance right and good value for money as twin packs, so I will be sticking to that.

  30. Jacquie Stewart

    After having dietary problems with my Sphynx cats I tried Nutriment and all problems ceased. Recommend it highly
    Great delivery times. Can rely on fab service

  31. Natalie

    This would be great without the salmon.

  32. Emma Nicholson

    My 2 bengals love this product, I have in the past made my own which worked but when we were away they had to have pouches of which are full of crap and ok for the short term. Then i came across Nutriment with them doing the hard work for you and they can’t get enough of it, however they don’t seem to like the salmon of which i have noticed quite a few people saying the same. They try it but then leave it and won’t at all costs eat it! Maybe Nutriment can look at what they put in it as the other flavours seem to go down pretty well, thanks Nutriment I most certainly will be purchasing every month for my kitties!

  33. Amanda Mc

    I did a fair bit of reading before I committed to a brand (I was previously making up my own raw diet for several years); it’s important to me that the animals products used are from those treated as kindly as possible and that the resulting diet is natural and full of goodness. Nutrient looked good to me! I have one ten year old cat who was already fed raw, he moved to this seamlessly. My other cat had never been fed raw, at 13 she took about three days to convert fully. Can’t recommend feeding raw enough; you see such a difference in the look and health of your cat and as if that wasn’t enough; litter smells are greatly reduced! My two definitely favour beef so I’m glad this box has a good mix so they don’t get a chance to become too fussy. The size of portions means that my two cats get two days out of each packet which is perfect. Our only preference would be for the packages to be available sin smaller sizes for cats – if you had a single cat you’d struggle to get through it. We sometimes struggle with the salmon; I think it might be a bit richer as they don’t seem to get through it as quickly. All in all, highly recommended by Marley and Missy!

  34. Name Not Provided

    I have a lot of cats and some take to raw better than others. However none of them like the Salmon which surprises Mr as they eat fresh salmon.

    My issue is with the delivery company who took it to the wrong address. Eventually late in the evening they retrieved the box and brought it to my door. I had asked for them to leave it in a certain safe place. They did not. The box had been opened and so had the polystyrene inner boxes. I will continue to use Nutriment when they sort out the delivery company.

  35. Name Not Provided

    Since we put him on raw food he has certainly acted and looked great. his coat is brilliant and he is longer being ill after the dry food / specially formulated food for sensitive cats….. Its a bit of a pain to keep cutting up but its working.

  36. Name Not Provided

    Luckily, our almost two year old cat seems to really enjoy all three varieties. I mixed it half and half with his usual wet food at first to wean him onto it. I knocked one star off as a whole 500g tub is too much to defrost as it goes off in the fridge before it is finished, so we have resorted to trying to chop it up while frozen into meal size portions and defrost 2 each day so that it is as fresh as possible. Not ideal and quite dangerous to do with a sharp knife. Also wish they had rabbit or lamb flavour just to mix up his meal times a bit more, but that is a minor issue.

  37. Name Not Provided

    Changed kittens on to nutriment from cheap kibble and they can’t get enough of it. So far they have had the chicken and salmon versions. Obviously tastes great to them.
    No diarrhoea experienced with the switch either which is clearly a bonus.


  38. Linda Madden

    Both my cats absolutely love Nutriment raw food, however they both took an instant dislike to the Salmon, which mean’t I had to throw away three containers, what a waste of money! I will be buying more but will omit the salmon on my next order

  39. J Crow

    Since feeding my cat this nutriment he has stopped being a terrible teenager (he’s actually 8) and calmed down, no longer demanding more food. that must mean he is satisfied. It feels really good to know that I am feeding him something that has got good ingredients and not packed with sugar (I guess hence why he has calmed down and not been so demanding).

    I am very impressed with the service too, order and then it arrives very quickly and packed well.

  40. Charlotte Bailey-Goode

    Recently switched my 4 cats to nutriment all of them love ift and you can see improvements in all of them!! Will be placing my 2nd order soon.

  41. June Pocock

    I have two British Shorthair kittens who have had a raw diet from weaning.
    The previous company’s standards were a bit variable so decided to give Nutriment a go.
    They seem to like the Beef & Chicken, but as I suspected, they are not keen on the Salmon, but will order again. Would like to see a Rabbit variety if possible?
    For the reviewer that complained about the large packs: A good idea is to let a pack defrost enough so you can cut it into the required portion size and then refreeze it.

  42. Name Not Provided

    We have recently swapped to nutriment from
    Another well known brand after concerns about
    The quality of the food. Cats are getting used to the new flavours offered from nutriment and we are happy with the quality and service 🙂

  43. Fiona

    My three Abyssinians are cautious but becoming more enthusiastic as they work their way through the Cat Starter Pack. I’m still getting used to food management: keeping it fresh v serving it at room temperature, and also exactly how much to give them. I’m going to see how we all feel by the time we get to the end of the starter packs, but I really hope they’ll take to it completely. It isn’t smelly and I know it’s healthy so I’m very optimistic.

  44. Sam

    My cat is new to raw food (though she’s always liked raw chicken and fish) and is enjoying the salmon, which I have mixed with tinned tuna to gently introduce her. She doesn’t seem to like the chicken very much and I haven’t tried the beef yet. But why are the packs so big? If you only have one cat there’s a lot of waste, so I am now looking into other companies which provide smaller amounts, as although it’s good value per kilo, if you’re throwing lots away it’s not such a good deal. One other point – after giving an hour time slot for delivery, the courier was over an hour late and having stayed in specifically I had to go out so the package had to be left on the doorstep.

  45. Zach

    Great selection here, my cat is not keen on the salmon, but likes the beef and LOVES the chicken. Overall high standard of food. I like the packaging, the brand image is new, dynamic and practical. The customer service team are fantastic, I’ve had to speak to them regarding the order and they were only too happy to help.Will be ordering my monthly supplies through the website and specifically the 5KG cat box as its great value with FREE shipping!

  46. Julie Haggan

    Happy cats and extremely happy owner as Nutriment has been the best value complete raw food I have purchased and it has gone down a treat with four of my cats. One is still proving difficult but I will persevere. My only criticism concerns the size of the containers. At the moment my cats have to plough their way through a whole box of one flavour before changing to a different one. I tried cutting a block in half with my electric carving knife but it wouldn’t touch it so I had to defrost the whole pack. Ideally I would like to ring the changes and give them different varieties throughout the day. If the packs could be split in half it would be a perfect solution.

  47. Caroline

    My cats seem to really like the chicken and beef meat but haven’t tried the salmon yet.

    The food is good quality and the service/delivery was very good. However, I agree with most of the other customer comments that the trays are far too big for cats. Please please listen to your reviewers and provide the cat food in smaller sizes or in bitesize chunks. Otherwise, I will have to revert back to using the other raw food company I used to use which provides their raw food in small bite size chunks (much more convenient). The size of the trays is the only thing letting this product down so I hope changing this can be considered.

  48. Michele

    Cats, being notoriously difficult, are reluctant to eat this so far but the dog is eating it for them. They are hooked on the tinned junk food but I will not give in easily.

  49. Liz

    My cats usually eat raw in chunks – chicken, liver, heart, rabbit. I tried them on Nutriment, which has taken them some time to get used to. The ingredients give me confidence I am feeding them a quality product. I am looking forward to seeing the effects in their overall health and well-being.

  50. Gabyferri

    I bought this starter pack as I’d been wanting to change my cat’s diet to raw for a while, so this was perfect to try it out. I was expecting a bit of a fight from my cat, who’s 9 y.o. and always had “normal cat food”, but to my surprise she loved it straight away and all the meats/fish, so I am definitely happy with it. The service was fantastic and I think the price is great too! All in all absolutely satisfied and would def recommend it!

  51. Laura Manning Jones

    I am a Siberian cat breeder and I recently gained a recommendation for Nutriment from a fellow reputable breeder of selkirk rex cats. She has always fed her cats and kittens on raw food.
    I bought the cat starter pack and it arrived quickly and in accordance to the text message i received regarding the delivery time from the company.
    The product was packaged well.
    I started my siberian cats with the chicken variety and both cats and kittens tucked in and cleaned the plates.
    The beef variety went the same. The salmon flavour was not so tasty for them but one of my stud boys polished that off.
    The product is excellent. There is bone in the product but it is minimal and small enough for the cats to masticate.
    There are no bone splinters which made me very confident to feed my kittens on the product too.
    I cant believe how well my litter of kittens have grown on this food. I feed three times daily and leave a grain free dry kitten food inbetween but they seem to wait for me to bring their raw food to them. They hardly eat the dry food.
    Stools are firm and less pungent in all my cats.

    I am definately going to buy more. I am lucky enough to be accepted on the breeder scheme and get discount on my orders.

    At last i feel i have found a food that i am happy to give my cats and kittens without the worry of additives and preservatives.

  52. Mo Waghorn

    My two aged cats are quite fussy eaters . I introduced this 5 days ago mixing it with their commercial brand as we were coming to the end of the box , they now have it twice a day and I can honestly say they appear to enjoy every mouthful, and the dishes are licked clean, and I mean clean , something they have never done . I will review again in a couple of months . One of my cats has renal failure so I will keep an eye on his weight if it drops then I will have to go back to the renal diet , but at the moment he is enjoying his dinners.
    A shame they don’t make mouse flavour!!,!,

  53. Paula

    I am delighted to find a product both that my cat likes and I am happy feeding, due to no fillers. Much cheaper than supermarket cat food too, in the long run.

  54. Katie H

    8yr old moggy diagnosed with pancreatitis a couple of years ago, not only loves this but, critically, can keep it down. She vomited at least once a day on her vet-prescribed Royal Canin For sensitive stomachs. So that’s a win. She won’t touch the salmon but the stray living in the garden will so the starter pack works well for us.

    I gave 4 stars because – is it only me? – but what a total FAFF!! I have to saw each pack into 6 segments when they arrive, put back in boxes, remove one segment at a time with enough time to defrost (so night before in separate container) divide in two for AM and PM feed. … This is super NOT convenient. Am I missing something here? Seems a lot of money for such a hassle.

    I imagine the packaging is designed with dogs in mind.

  55. Name Not Provided

    Yes…2 of my cats who still like raw love it…Would absolutely feed all of the time…Just a shame its so much more than the dog food..which is soooo similar?? So don’t understand that one..so financaially not that viable unfortunately…But otherwise a wonderful product…would prefer a few bigger bits in possibly just to chew on..But can’t knock it…Is great..apart from difference in price to the dog food…Which is a shame…

  56. Name Not Provided

    A nice lady in a local store gave me a sample of your food and a glowing review of your service and knowledge (Pets in Town – Tunbridge Wells, I hope you’ll be stocked there soon!), and based upon that, I ordered a starter pack. I was a bit worried about the food as I was out all day when it was delivered, but the packaging is brilliant at keeping it cold, the package wasn’t even cold to the touch on the outside, and the cat’s been chasing the foam beads around the house for a week, so he’s happy. One of the individual packs had a crack in the top, I guess plastic gets brittle when cold but no other problems. The food is great, I’d been looking around for a cheap way to feed the cats good food and I think this might just be it. I’ve been feeding average supermarket cans due to cost, but they are happy on so much less food with your product that I think it’ll only work out about 50p a day more (for two huge maine coon cross cats). It also doesn’t smell like cat food! Win! The cats are adjusting, chicken was an instant win, beef is being warmed to, and fish required some mixing of old food… but they’re getting there. Rather like Daily Mail readers, they don’t like change. I’d love it if this was stocked locally – there’s not that much room in my freezer for big packs. It would also be great if there was some rabbit or other small stuff variety as if I’m going down this raw feeding route it would be nice to be able to recreate what they’d most likely encounter if they fed themselves rather than making me do all the work. I doubt they’d be able to take down a cow, even if they were working together, actually, having said that, I doubt they could take down a mouse given that there are approximately 5 days a year when they view the weather as suitable for outdoor activities.

  57. Cleo, Loki And Tozi

    We three furry tyrants have been eating raw for a few years and Nutriment was recommended to our human slave. It arrived the day after she ordered it, so we got to try it really quickly.

    The meat is finer ground than our previous brand of raw, so easier for us to eat with our tiny teeth – and we don’t want to put too much effort into it. We all really love the beef and chicken, and were surprised to find we liked the salmon too, as we’re not really keen on fish generally.

    Human-creature tells us it’s much cheaper than the previous brand we had, but we don’t care about that. We just like to wake up to a good meal before settling down to a really good sleep again – yawn!

  58. Sue

    Unfortunately I have only given 1 star but this is only because my three cats would not eat it at all.
    The ordering, delivery, packaging were all excellent, I didn’t realise it was frozen and therefore had to take some to a family member to put in the freezer.
    Had my cats liked the food I would probably have given 5 stars.

  59. Sharon

    So glad that they are cleaning their plates in one sitting – they are clearly loving it! And it’s fantastic that I can give them a raw complete diet without having to go through the hassle and grossness of preparing meat and offal and bones, which undoubtedly wouldn’t have all the other little ingredients that make it so healthy for cats. Brilliant!

  60. Name Not Provided

    My 14 year old cat took to nutriment straight away. I fed only the chicken for the first week and then introduced the beef and salmon. I sometimes mix beef or salmon with the chicken to give my cat a slightly different flavour. She seems to enjoy all flavours.
    Had a slight problem with delivery but this was sorted straight away.
    This was the first time I fed/ordered from nutriment and will certainly continue to feed it to my cat.

  61. Jane A-C

    Cats love it. Turned up with a couple of the plastic trays cracked and one quite smashed on top, had to pick out shards of plastic before defrosting. Wasn’t a problem as it was still frozen on arrival, notified company but no reply.

  62. Name Not Provided

    I’m very happy with this product my cats aged 2 and 15 absolutely love it! They are very contented and it works out very reasonably priced. I wish people realised how much sugar and lack of meat is in the supermarket food. Been a vegetarian myself your food smells so much better than the tinned stuff. Well done!:-)

  63. Lisa

    My cats would not even try it they had a smell and totally ignored it!

  64. Name Not Provided

    My three cats love the meat, I have tried other raw foods and they can be picky but loved this. Sadly they weren’t too keen on the salmon. Excellent way to buy this food as you get a variety and even better it includes postage! I will definitely be ordering again.

  65. Widget & Gizmo’S Mummy.

    Delivery was fast and I was notified that it would be delivered before 12:00 which meant I could plan my day. The goods were delivered in very good packaging and we’re perfectly frozen. Both my boys love the food they are not keen on the fish but they LOVE the meat. Will be using again !

  66. Name Not Provided

    I used to feed my cat a well-known pet food brand readily available in supermarkets but he often wouldn’t eat it and I ended up throwing more away than he ate. When I got a new puppy I decided to feed her raw and was concerned that she might eat the cat’s food that he’d left. I therefore looked into the costs of the feeding the cat raw as well. I was amazed to find it was no more expensive than the supermarket pouches and it is much better value as he eats it all up most of the time. The starter pack makes it even better value.

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