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For All DogKind is a new breed of natural grooming shampoo products made in the UK.

They contain a natural flea deterrent and are free from any sulphates, parabens and petrochemicals.

This luxurious collection is 97% natural and contains healthy and healing benefits for every skin and coat type because every dog deserves to look, feel and smell great – naturally!

Simply Calming reinforces defences for Sensitive or puppies’ skin & coats

Pamper your young pooches and keep their fur in top condition with our sensitive range.

Our advanced fragrance-free products are kind and gentle on your dog’s skin whilst targeting the cause of any unpleasant pet odours. Formulated with a calming mix of organic ingredients this is the perfect introduction to the benefits of bathing and leaves coats revitalised and your puppy proud!

Suitable for any breed or coat texture from six weeks onward, these products can be used as frequently as required, and will encourage a healthy coat in the early stages of life.

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