Low Purine & Phosphorus Support

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A favourite among our raw dog food range, it’s sold in 500g trays or 1.4kg chubbs (click above to select the correct size for your dog).

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Feed 2-3% of the dog’s ideal body weight per day, ideally spread over two meals.

  • A species-appropriate diet that does not contain any grains, refined carbohydrates, or high-starch ingredients
  • Contains functional foods
  • Fortified with antioxidants
  • Flavour and palatability are very high, and encourage eating in animals with decreased appetite
  • Low in fat
  • Supports kidney and liver function
  • Low sodium and magnesium content to support heart function
  • Easy to digest and gentle on the gut


Contains 75% fresh meat and bone.

British Beef Green Tripe, British Chicken with Bone, Fresh Carrots, Fresh Butternut Squash, Fresh Broccoli, Fresh Green Curly Kale, Scottish Cold Water Salmon Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Raw Sea Kelp Powder (Laminaria japonica), Bilberry Powder (Vaccinium Myrtillus),  Spirulina Powder (Spirulina platensis), Whole Milled Sesame Seeds, Wheat Germ Oil (natural vitamin E)

Why do we use these ingredients? Click here for more information

Typical analysis as fed:
  • Moisture: 73.20%
  • Protein: 12.70%,
  • Fat: 7.90%,
  • Ash (inorganic matter): 2.40%,
  • Fibre: 1.20%
  • Calcium: 0.51%
  • Phosphorus: 0.57%
  • Sodium: 0.08%
Useful Information
  • Moisture – the natural presence found in the ingredients
  • Protein – are biological molecules consisting of one or more chains of amino acids
  • Fat – includes all fats: saturated fats, trans fats, and the unsaturated fats, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated
  • Ash (inorganic matter) – is the inorganic residue remaining after the water and organic matter have been removed
  • Fibre – the term given to the indigestible part of food


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76 reviews for Low Purine & Phosphorus Support

  1. Sarah

    Fantastic food. My 13.5 year olds blood results which showed kidney disease Stage 2, have improved over the last month since I have been feeding this food. My Vets pushed standard low protein kidney food but after consulting a nutritionist I went with my gut and advice of experienced dog people and very happy with the results. Thank you Nutriment so very much.

  2. Chris W.

    The product has made a real difference to my Lakeland Terrier who suffers from seizures.The service and advice from Nutriment has been excellent.

  3. ludmila

    My dog approves it

  4. Caryn Meyer

    We never recieved your product and since have bought else where. Please send me your conformation of the shipping and address so we can sort out what has gone wrong.

    • Ryan Winwright

      Hi Caryn,

      Thank you for your message. Please can you give us a call on 01276 63554 so we can investigate?

      Many thanks,

      Team Nutriment

  5. Anonymous

  6. Jo Hicks

    Absolutely fantastic. When our raw fed dog was diagnosed with kidney disease they were so helpful and really went the extra mile for us. They even offered to liase and discuss food options with our vet and advised us on the best kind of treats for him so he didn’t have to miss out. Toby did brilliantly on the low phosphorous and purine food and wolfed it down every meal time (a common side effect was lack of appetite and weight loss but he certainly didn’t experience these on this food!) I was so pleased that he could continue to enjoy his raw diet after his diagnosis…

  7. Anonymous

    My dalmatian and Lab love this food… they clean their bowls up and they both look really healthy, shiny coat, wet nose.. they both have lost a little weight and look really fit and toned. It does stink though… i keep it in the fridge in a sealed container but it smells horrid when you feed them! They clearly think it smells wonderful!! Takes the worry out of the purine content for the Dalmatian …

  8. Anonymous

    Dogs eat this flavour particularly well

  9. Anonymous

    I’m moving my Dalmatian to raw food with mixer and veg as when we adopted him he was scratching a lot, ears inside very red and chewing bus paws. He’s doing really well on it already ears are normal colour and chewing/scratching considerably less. I feel a bit mean that he only has the choice of one ‘flavour’, but I think he doesn’t care! Whenever he sees me get the packet it of the freezer he goes bonkers – so it must taste good!

    Would like the option of a larger size please!

  10. Anonymous

    My old dog has had three operations to remove calcium oxalate stones over the past years. He also now has spondylitis so for the time he has left I have decided to take him off the specialist kibble (cardboard) and hope food this will help keep them at bay for a while whilst being more tasty and including some real food.

  11. Anonymous

    My cavalier Mumfie has pancreatitis and the advice was to feed Chappie as a very low fat diet. I tried, I honestly did but really didn’t feel it provided a complete diet and I was a devotee of raw food. Much research later I discovered zLow Purine from Nutriment. Mumfie loved it, his tummy was good on it with firm poos. I was convinced and he has been on it ever since.
    Excellent food.

  12. Anonymous

    This food is extremely fragrant and really do not like the smell but after 2 years of my jug dog been such a fussy eater – i can feel happy he eats it every time with no waste – i will never go back to kibble

  13. Anonymous

    Charley had bladder stones a few years ago and was put onto a prescription dry dog food. Whilst this helped control the stones his nutritional levels suffered and he developed an auto immune disease. Since being on this raw low purine diet he has not needed any medication for over a year! He looks and feels well and I am so grateful to nutriment for their sound advice.

  14. Anonymous

    I changed my 9 year old cavalier to this food 7 weeks ago, because she has kidney disease ( among other health problems). her kidney and phosphorous levels came back really high, i didnt want her on kidney kibble, so i thought i would switch to raw. after much searching i found nurtiment low purina low phosphorous and havent looked back, all her levels have come back down, she is enjoying it too, we have a few more problems going on, but so far she is doing well. would recommend this to anyone

  15. Anonymous

    I was sceptical and slightly worried purchasing this product as A would my girl with kidney problems eat it and B if she didn’t where did we go from here as I’m loathe to put her on a dry prescription diet
    Thankfully from day one to two weeks in she’s eaten it without any problems at all and not only eaten it but has enjoyed her food something I was worried about
    She has another blood test in two weeks time and I’m really hoping we see results
    Arrived super fast and frozen solid

  16. Anonymous

    I am very pleased with this product!
    My dog roger suffers with is
    And spinal problems.
    This product I buy control Rogers illness wonderfully ,
    It settles his stomach ,which controls is health problem with is.

  17. Anonymous

    Rated 5/5 by my Dalmatian Rasmus if cleanliness of his bowl is the measure. 3/5 by me as it was so smelly we fed him outside. So overall I’ve chosen 4/5 as a balanced assessment of the food itself. 5/5 for Value and 5/5 for service reliability. Waiting for the next order which will arrive tomorrow.

  18. Anonymous

    Having Dalmatians I wanted a raw food that was low in purine. My dogs are all raw fed so wanted something that’s easy to serve and good for them without having to worry about the purine levels. This totally fit the bill and the dogs love it.

  19. Anonymous

    My Setter Stanley was diagnosed with kidney problems, and your raw food has proved to be a godsend. He eats it readily and with the addition from time to time of renal kibble, he is doing really well. Thank you for a great product.

  20. Anonymous

    My Springer Spaniel unfortunately suffers with pancreatitis. Before her illness I raw fed using different brands but since her diagnoses I have become very aware and focused on what she eats. When nutriment low P&P was recommended to me I was over the moon that there was a raw food tailored to her illness and I can’t praise it enough! Fantastic product!

  21. Anonymous

    Having tried many low fat foods , this is by far the best.

  22. Anonymous

    Rosie has come on great since being fed nutrient , almost behaving like a puppy again

  23. Anonymous

    I love being able to give a raw food specifically for dogs with susceptibility toy pancreatitis. Only 4 * as too much packaging and almost impossible to get into the containers without a screwdriver and losing fingernails. There mist be easier containers somewhere!

  24. Anonymous

    I am very pleased with this product and it helped my dog overcome pancreatitis. We switched him from kibble to raw and we chose Nutriment.

    He has had many of the flavours and they are good quality but unfortunately some are a little high in fat for him so we rotate the low purine with another brand!

    Great food, will order again and again!

  25. Anonymous

    My little dog is so much better on this food. She loves it. would only ever feed my dog on Nutriment anyway but this low purine food has helped her thank goodness.

  26. Anonymous

    I love the fact there is a raw food specifically for dogs who are susceptible to pancreatitis. I recently swapped my dogs to raw diet and then my older Schnauzer had a second expensive bout. I feel more confident now he can cope with raw food. My only comments are both he and my toy schnauzer appear to be far hungrier on this than other raw foods.
    Can the amount of packaging be reduced and a tray which doesn’t drive me to screwdrivers, scissors or other implements to get into it be designed?

  27. Anonymous

    Totally the best product for my bulldog.

  28. Anonymous

    So thankful to find this. Old raw fed dog in renal failure. Hates tinned vet diet and was only eating if spoon fed. We where on the verge if just letting him eat normal raw food when I spotted this. Now he eats by himself and looks for more and less stess in his kidneys. Thank you.

  29. Anonymous

    My EBT diagnosed with kidney disease and pancreatitis as usual vets tried to sell overpriced prescription food I researched suitable food and so pleased to find a local pet shop selling it. My dog is thriving on this and he absolutely loves it which is a bonus he’s doing so well gas put on weight and has more energy. Please don’t ever stop this range.

  30. Anonymous

    Our vet told us that our shih tzu has liver problems and must not eat any meat ! We tried LD diet from vet and all the alternatives we could find . He wouldn’t touch any of them even if we fed him he spat them out . We then found this low purine food that says its for liver problems and he eats it and is doing really well . We are so glad we found this .

  31. Anonymous

    I didn’t feel there was enough information on the website and assumed when it said it came in trays it could be stored in a cupboard much like natures menu and natures diet which I was using and have gone back to using. If I had realised it had to be frozen and was so messy and smelly I wouldn’t have ordered it. I also emailed twice to ask about storing it and never received any reply so don’t feel the customer care was very good.

  32. Anonymous

    I have 4 dogs and one has kidney disease, when i started raw feeding in january this year i was SO happy to fond this for one of my dogs. Shes thriving on it, not only that but she eats it with such enthusiasm every single meal so it must taste amazing too! I was worried she would get bored of the same complete everyday but no. Please never discontinue this meal 🙂

  33. Anonymous

    Have only just started using this but can say the dog loves it. I am using it to alleviate some of the complications associated with the treatment for Leishmaniosis. Second order being placed in a day or so.

  34. Anonymous

    My 7 year old Labrador has pancreatitis flare ups, he’s only had one in 18 months since feeding him low purine nutriment, his ribs used to be poking out weighing only 28Kg, now he’s a stable 31kg and loloking the best he’s ever done.
    I feed him 4 meals a day of 280g/meal (1.12Kg/day)
    Only down side is it’s costing me a fortune..!

  35. Anonymous

    I recently rescued a very poorly little dog from Portugal, she only weighed 3.5 kilos. I have been feeding her this food for five weeks now and the transformation is wonderful. She is no longer skin and bone, her coat is well improved and to top it all my other two dogs like this food so a win win situation. My new little girl has liver, heart and hearing problems and is 11 years old. Thankyou Nutriment for your great food.

  36. Anonymous

    Can’t recommend enough. very good for any dog with stomach/digestive problems. Lovely shiny coats too.

  37. Anonymous

    My 14 year old very picky greyhound eats this very quickly and cleans the bowl.

    She has kidney disease so needs needs this variety. The vets tried to sell me their kidney diet food but I knew it was overpriced, full of junk and she wouldn’t eat it anyway. Cant go wrong with this for special dietary requirements

  38. Anonymous

    Have bought the purine and phosphorus Nutriment dog food as my dog has just been diagnosed with kidney disease. Did try Royal Canin renal and Hill Science but she did not like it. Gave her the Nutriment dog food and she woofed it down. So sticking with this. If the dog loves it so do I!!

  39. Anonymous

    Dog loves. Will stick with Nutriment she loves the variety and the fabulous ingredients . Happy dog and happy owner.

  40. Anonymous

    My hypothyroid dog had a high presence of crystals in his pee and was a possible kidney stone former. Since switching to nutriment and eating this food his pee has been tested again and completely clear. I’m so pleased.

  41. Anonymous

    Ever since we have started using this food I have seen a new lease of life in my border terrier and schnauzer – I would recommend this food to anyone

  42. Anonymous

    My 14 yr old Welsh sheepdog has been recently diagnosed with kidney failure and liver disease. I’ve always strived to maintain him on a natural diet so was horrified when I read the ingredients of the ‘prescription’ diet recommended by my vet. Fearing the worse and lacking no viable alternative I put him on a specialist kidney diet. The ridiculously high levels of fat and sugar, along with the toxic preservatives made my dog a shadow of his former self. Poor coat, weight gain and a generally unhappy dog. I went back to my research and eventually found nutriment, albeit it’s not an immediate Internet hit when searching for a canine kidney diet, which is why I couldn’t find it previously. I’m pleased to say that after 2 months on nutriment Dallas is back to his former self, gleaming coat, plenty of energy and smiling.
    His BUN levels are still slightly higher than I’d like but they’re coming down steadily and more importantly I have my dog back.
    Thank you nutriment

  43. Anonymous

    Misty is a Pug x Jack Russell and has had trouble settling on a food since I adopted her. She had to spend four days in the vets with severe Pancreatitis in December of 2015 and so when she came home I had to change her food. A friend of mine did some research for me and Nutriment came up with the best reviews. Luckily for me the rescue centre where I used to work had been donated some of the Low Purine food but as they had no use for it they gave it to me for Misty to try. She absolutely loved it and she has done really well on it. No problems with anal glands as on all of her other foods and she has lost almost a kilo in weight too. I wouldn’t give her anything else now.

  44. Anonymous

    I have 2 cockapoos, one is a good eater and one fussy. They both love this more than any other dog food on the market. It’s a bonus that it is so nutritional and good for them.

  45. Anonymous

    My poor wee Rosie was so poorly that she wouldn’t eat. She has failing kidneys. Now she is ‘wolfing’ back the Low Purine & Phosphorus Formula. I’m so glad I was recommended Nutriment. My vet has kept the details I printed out for her to see and says that she will recommend it too.

  46. Anonymous

    Poppy tends to throw up stomach acid when her tummy is empty, this diet food seems to help with this problem. The stuff looks and smells a bit odd to me, but Poppy definitely loves it. I just wish there was a starter box option composed of the diet stuff.

  47. Anonymous

    Our 13 year old Springer Alfie started on Nutriment low purine after a blood test revealed poor liver function. He was also starting to be a little incontinent. Five months on & the incontinence has stopped & his last blood test showed his liver function was normal. Along with this fab new diet & a daily dose of milk thistle Alfie is so much better; our little wonder dog. Its nice to know there are people who REALLY do care about your dogs health first & foremost. Thank you to all at Nutriment for your help & advice.

  48. Anonymous

    I switched one of my dogs to this food after he suffered from severe pancreatitis, he needed a low fat food. Within a week and a half his pancreatic levels had gone from being off the scales at over 2000 to 85! If it wasn’t for this food I am not sure he would be with us today. He didn’t need to loose weight but the vet did wNt him super lean and in a month he has dropped 1kg. My other dog still had chicken and salmon chubs of nutriment to use up and once they have gone both dogs will be on the low fat food (she is the chubby one who needs to slim down!)

  49. Anonymous

    At last I have found something my 15 year old Border Collie Cross will eat, after years of eating anything I gave her she became really fussy and didn’t want to eat. She wouldn’t touch the vet recommended kidney foods so the fact that she likes this food is brilliant. Hopefully she will now put back on some of the weight she lost.

  50. Anonymous

    Have been feeding this to my boxer who has been prone to pancreatitis and she has been fine. She absolutely loves it and licks the bowl clean every time.

  51. Anonymous

    As soon as the lid is off the food, my dog has his nose in the air and is eagerley waiting to eat. He loves it, his breakfast and supper is gone in moments and the bowl is licked very clean. His coat is looking healthier and he is just better all round. Thanks

  52. Anonymous

    My dog loves the food, and is eating it with great enthusiasm. Will continue to monitor his Irving ph levels and hope it improves with time with the help of this food.

  53. Anonymous

    The white lids were fairly difficult to open but the black ones are even worse.

  54. Anonymous

    When I was told my dog had kidney failure the vet put her straight on k/d, as she used it I could see any benefit at all, so I took the plunge and got this, really amazing, she has only been on it for 2weeks and her digestion has improved loads, put weight on, her anxiety seem to be slowly improving, which I as supposed at such a short time. Wen she had a check up her result were positive (still waiting for urine result) over really pleased with this product and I can tell my dog is also enjoying it.

    The only reason I didn’t give 5* is because of delivery (courier) as I waied a whole week to receive the food, I almost ran out and I can’t put her on something else whilst I wait. And when they did delivery they never knocked on the door just left it out side. So we didn’t no it was there for ages and we could of put it all away. That is the only thing that let it down for me.

  55. Anonymous

    So far so good, we have been using this product for 5 days now and already notice that my dogs coat is now smooth instead of greasy. They are also less hungry than when we were on kibble. The real test will come in a few weeks when we test their urine for crystals. It was clear when we started on it and hopefully be the same when it is checked again.

  56. Anonymous

    I have a 14 year old Cocker called Ellie and since she was a year old and rushed to the vet after being very unwell has had to have a very limited diet as she suffered really badly from stomach issues such as sickness, bloating and wind.

    We have managed through this for all of that time with the poor old girl generally eating just a bland dry dog mix.

    I recently bought a Springer and read up on food alternative and decided this was the option for my new puppy.

    We were very nervous of changing Ellie’s diet at the same time due to her digestive issues and because she’s an old girl who is not keen on change.

    Wow, What a change.

    We now feed Ellie the Senior, Low Purine & Chicken.

    She loves them all and the digestive issues are 99% better making her more active and alert,

    The family find it easier spending time with her more now, due to the remarkable change in the wind issue.

    Its been great, and had made a huge difference to a lovely old girl.

  57. Anonymous

    My dog was recently diagnosed with pancreatitis so after being prescribed the low fat kibble suggested by our vets I noticed my dog was very lethargic, generally not himself and his coat had started to look and feel very dry and almost like straw.

    A friend of mine recommended raw food, obviously I was a little sceptical but after doing some research I thought I would give it a go.

    My dog absolutely devours this food, his poos have improved massively, he has found his personality again and his coat is nice and shiny.

    the product was delivered on time, still completely frozen which did surprise me a little given that it had obviously been out the freezer for at least 24 hours.

    Very happy that my dog is himself again and it’s all thanks to nutriment.

  58. Anonymous

    Dogs love it- I love it too as it’s great for Dalmatians and is a very healthy option

  59. Anonymous

    Oscar my nearly 4 year old Boxer has Pancreatitis and has always had to have a specially adapted diet. For a little while he’d been going off of his usual complete biscuit diet and passing wind quite a lot. After a lot of digger and reading reviews I came across Nutriment (which has been greatly reviewed by a boxer rescue) I took the plunge and ordered two weeks worth. The smell is very pungent but well worth it as my boy never leaves anything and is very eager when it comes to dinner time.
    If you have a strong stomach and don’t mind feeding raw then I would highly recommend changing over as soon as possible.

    Be warned: the only critism I have is the company they use to deliver the products (UK mail) has been bad both times. One time leaving it inside my dustbin and another knocking on thr door once and not bothering to wait for an answer.

  60. Anonymous

    My dog has been much better already on this diet low purine is essential for Dalmatians and all the hard work is done by buying nutriment

  61. Anonymous

    After seeing your stand at the Pet Show I ordered on your recommendation for my Dalmatian puppy. We’ve had major issues getting consistent ‘output’ with raw up to now and were ready to give up and go back to dry. So far so good with this though! A great easy alternative to homemade and really convenient for when he goes to daycare.

  62. Anonymous

    I have been feeding my mini schnauzer Nutriment since he was around 12 weeks old and he has loved it. On the transition from puppy to adult food, I was keen to introduce the low purine food, as although my chap is as fit as a fiddle, his breed is prone to pancreatic problems, and a relative of his was quite ill with a kidney problem recently. I didn’t want to risk anything and hoped he would like the low purine as much as the other flavours he had tried.

    Well, no problems as all. He LOVES it. He is still in fabulous condition, full of good energy and is an absolute pleasure to live with. I am not sure how much of his temperament is from his parents, his environment or his food, but I for one will never change his food.

    I now order the chubbs (I can only fit 5 in my freezer) and saw them into the right weight portions for him, wrap them and pop them back in the freezer for him. Then I take out one for each meal (which can be popped into nice plastic containers to defrost in the fridge, as it is quite stinky!). I am nagged by my chap from around 5 minutes to his feeding time and once I get up, he dances around the kitchen until he has his food, which is devoured in seconds. I can’t recommend this food enough.

  63. Anonymous

    My bernese suffered an acute episode of pancreatitis almost 2 years ago. She was very poorly on a drip for 3 days. Once out of the vets she was put onto a prescription diet and I was advised that the pancreatitis would most likely happen again. A friend advised me to try Nutriment, especially the Low Purine and Phosphorous variety. My bernese adores the food and importantly The pancreatitis has so far not returned.

  64. Anonymous

    My Golden Retriever, Samson’s blood tests showed elevated creatinine and urea consistent with early stage kidney failure. Within just 2 weeks on this food we were able to get his values back within normal range. I am so relieved and will keep him on this food for the foreseeable future. It is wonderful that a healthy raw product exists which caters for this issue,

  65. Anonymous

    After my 9 year old Yorkie had to have a large stone removed from his bladder my vets warned not to raw feed him anymore. Thereafter he was on the recommended Hills Science U/D and it was awful, long list of ingredients that I didn’t understand and some I couldn’t understand why they were added in the first place. Lots of research and some fantastic advice from Raw Feeders UK on Facebook and I place an order with Nutriment. Billybob loves it, I love being able to bin the Hills Science and the ingredients are fantastic.

    Don’t delay, change today!!!!

  66. Anonymous

    We bought this after our 3year old Norfolk Terrier became very ill with what the vet thought was Liver Disease. After much investigation it was discovered that he had a large gall bladder stone which was removed along with his gall bladder. He was very close to death, but pulled through. I researched at length what would be the best possible diet for him and came across this low purine food and he absolutely loves it and is thankfully back to his old self. I would never go back to dried food.

  67. Anonymous

    Since being on this food my lhasa has been a different dog. She is happy and well although suffering from a liver shunt. I really do credit this food as being a life saver for her. She will have to have her operation but hopefully will be a little bit older and more able to cope with it rather than having it when she was a pup. And this is only possible because of this food so thank you from me and Tink

  68. Anonymous

    My 12 year old collie was diagnosed with kidney problems, I tried all the foods the vet recommended but my girl was having none of it! My younger dog is raw fed so I decided I had nothing to lose by switching my old girl to raw. I chose this obviously because of her kidneys and I am questioning why I didn’t switch her sooner!! She is like a puppy again and causing havoc with my young dog. Thank you nutriment 🙂 highly recommend this food.

  69. Anonymous

    I bought this as one of my dogs developed crystals in her urine, after speaking to the wonderful staff I decided to change from the beef and chicken forumla food for health reasons to help prevent crystals from forming again. Both my dogs are on it and both love it, I think its because its a mixture of two meats, both chicken and beef formula are they favourites. So with this food, they get both and the added benefit of being low in phosperous and purine which assists in reducing the formation of crystals. Also my Lhasa has got a little over weight so with this being lower fat it may help in him reducing his size. Can only be beneficial, highly recommended as always.

  70. Anonymous

    Our Border is a fussy eater and I thought this product may help having read other reviews. Sadly not, he wont touch it.
    I have therefore marked review neutral. But as a flag for other Border Terrier owners.

  71. Anonymous

    Hi guys, ive been meaning to write a review for ages so here goes!
    for the last 9 years Ive had the honor of owning a Beautiful Bullmastiff named marshal! i say “honor” because thats exactly whats its been, hes been my ROCK through bad times, my joy through good times, my soul mate & my protector! I could go on with a huge list of positives as long as your arm but i guess you get the drift?
    Ive always been careful in what he eats and have always fed what i thought to be Premium Food, Hes always done good on it and rarely needed trips to the vet. About 12 months ago he started to loose weight, drink gallons of water and was forever wanting to go out to wee, took him to the vets for a check up, they said it was probably age related and after a urine test said he had an infection. however he didnt seem to get better so after a long couple of months with blood tests etc it was confirmed he had Cushings Disease. He was started on vetoryl high dose which we thought was working but on his next blood test it turned out it was doing too much and if carried on his organs could just pack in! Long story short, it was a bit of a waiting game as to which dose would suit him.
    In between all this i was like a mad guy, researching the internet on K9 cushings, diet, meds, herbs etc, ANYTHING that would improve his health. i learned that there was not much could be done apart from meds and a good diet. I learned that cushings dogs should be on food with low amounts of Purine/Phosphorus in so that was my next search. Then i came across your Holy Grail food from the WhichDogFood site which i must give a massive shout out to the guy that runs that page, I’d of never known about nutriment if not for him! I was a little unsure as i’d never fed Marshal Raw food, i was currently using a freeze dried food that was apparently the next best thing to raw but was worried if he would do well on pure raw food. i ordered a few tubs of the “LOW PURINE & PHOSPHORUS FORMULA” just to try after reading up about benefits of Raw feeding!
    Gave him his first meal of it, he sniffed at it at first then wolfed the lot down. Ok, so he likes it but will it make him sick? will he have the runs? etc. I waited a few hours, No sick, no runs, dog likes it, maybe it will be ok?? Well its about 6 months or more hes been on this AMAZING food and the difference in him is AMAZING. Hes on a very low dose of Vetoryl now, His 3 monthly blood tests showed up everything was in great order, he’s put some healthy weight back on, The vets are over the moon,his patches of fur that get shaved for blood tests etc have now grown back which i never thought would happen, hes got more energy now than i ever remember him having, No more ear infections, water infections, hes so much more happy in himself! I would NEVER go back to feeding dry food, ever again! The change in my boy has been almost miraculous and im sure has give me a good few more years with him. For a 9 year old Bullmastiff with cushings you’d think he was a puppy again! THANKYOU so much for this miracle food, Its give me back my boy! We both thank you From the bottom of our hearts! xx

  72. Anonymous

    My Mini Schnauzer has been on this for the last 3 – 4 months with the object of loosing some weight. At the time of writing I don’t think she has lost any. Nevertheless she loves this food and we always get clean bowls. As Schnauzers are prone to panceatitis, then I think it is worth buying.

  73. Anonymous

    My 6-y-o English Springer Spaniel bitch has had endless urine tract infections including e-coli and crystals. Despite having been on vet’s medication and prescription diet for more than 2 years, these have still recurred, most recently in June 2013. After this latest infection and a month of strong antibiotics, she still did not ‘pick up’ – being extremely lethargic and off her food. I discovered a large lump in her abdomen a week later and, to cut a long story very short, it turned out to be an aggressive cancer in her spleen. This was removed immediately, but may have already spread – having ‘nothing to lose’ I decided to change her onto raw diet at the recommendation of some friends who use Nutriment and, 5 months on, I couldn’t be happier! She has made an excellent recovery from the major surgery and is fitter than ever – this month she qualified as a Level 2 Search & Rescue dog. Thanks to the team at Nutriment for telephone advice and help – and a great product, which is so easy to use and the dog really loves!

  74. Anonymous

    Fantastic for Health but also just scrummy anyway. This is another varitey that Hurley (Cavapoo) cannot resist, its gone by the time I have walked away from the bowl!

  75. Anonymous

    My 14 1/2 year old Labrador cross was beginning to have trouble digesting her normal raw food – every so often she would just bring up her whole meal a
    couple of hours after eating. The vet couldn’t feel anything wrong with her abdomen and she remained perky and active so I decided to try a tripe based food with lower fat content and feed her 3 times per day instead of her usual twice per day. What a difference – she loves it and hasn’t been sick since going on to Low Purine Formula! She even has energy now to chase the youngest dog round the garden a couple of times after her walk each day.
    I highly recommend this food – it’s great!

  76. Anonymous

    My 3 year old boy vizsla was struck by a snake 12 months ago which totally shut his kidneys down – after three sets of ‘last rites’ and 45 days of not eating or drinking other than via tubes, he was put on a renal tolerant diet from a well known kibble producer. It looked so bland and uninteresting and having been an ardent raw feeder, this was concerning me. Whilst my vets rule out a return to raw in the short term, I needed something closer to satisfy my boys needs.

    I duly researched the ingredients etc and used a very good dog food analysis site to compare hundreds of alternatives. The vet’s product I was using showed up very badly on that site and as Nutriment had just arrived on the scene, scores exceedingly highly and comes very well recommended, I have moved him to this to keep his blood levels at an acceptable level and hopefully manage his resultant weight gain. He loves it and looks good and I have every confidence that he will continue to improve whilst on this variety.

    The customer service from Ryan has been very good and if that continues, I will feel like a ‘cared-for’ customer – and I look forward to a long association with this producer.

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