Puppy Starter Pack (5kg)

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Nutriment’s puppy starter pack includes everything young dogs need to get the best start in life. Each pack contains 5kg of enriched raw dog food that comes in handy 500g trays for easy portion control. These puppy packs are ideal for breeders who want to provide their pups the perfect balance of complex nutrients they require for healthy development as well as new puppy owners. Free from low quality additives, the high meat content means that your puppy can get all of the essential proteins, fats and minerals they need to fuel their busy, active lives.

Our raw puppy food packs offer all of the macro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed to promote healthy growth and development. All of our raw food is grain free, gluten free and free from other known ingredients that can cause potential health problems in young dogs. Made from a selection of high-quality meat, vegetables and offal to ensure your pets get nothing but healthy, nutritious food in the early stages of their lives.


Comes with 5kgs of complete puppy formula.

Online offer only!

Our starter box contains:

Maximum of 2 per order.

The Benefits of Nutriment’s Puppy Starter Packs


Along with regular exercise, vaccinations, grooming and bedding, a good quality source of food is essential for young pups. Rather than buying lots of separate types of food, choosing a well-balanced, nutrient rich option such as Nutriment’s puppy starter pack means you’re able to feed your pup quality food without constantly having to go shopping. For breeders, filling up multiple food bowls is easy with the handy 500 gram packs and each portion contains enough moisture, protein and fat to give each puppy enough nutrients to stay healthy and active.

Custom made for young dogs

After the initial weaning period is over, breeders often use a paste to get their young dogs used to eating solid food. This is when they feed a weaning paste (up to 6 weeks). Our puppy starter packs are designed for the next stage in the dog’s development and each portion of food is enriched with vitamins to help fuel their growing bodies. As any puppy breeder will tell you, young dogs are often very active and use a great deal of energy, so it’s important to make sure they have enough sustenance. With Nutriment’s raw food products, there’s nothing artificial included, so you can have the peace of mind that comes with giving your pets the best available diet.

How Long Should I Use Puppy Starter Packs For?

Generally, vets recommend that you use puppy food for one year, before switching to standard adult dog food. There is, however, no rule with raw feeding as puppies gain the additional nutrients through being fed 4 to 6% of their current ideal bodyweight, compared to adults at 2 to 3%. In the first year of a dog’s life, a significant amount of growth and development takes place, which means that diet (and correct portions) is critical. If animals don’t get the nutrients their bodies need in the early stages of their lives, this can lead to potential health problems.

How much should I feed my puppy?

Puppies usually need to be fed 3 times a day up to 6 months, so it’s a good idea to separate the allocated days food in to smaller, equal portions. As they get older and begin to grow, the number of feeding times per day can be reduced to two and the amount of food they eat in each sitting can be steadily increased. It is recommended to do this slowly as large portion sizes can potentially lead to excess weight gain. When your puppy is fully grown you will then need to gradually reduce the amount fed to 2 to 3% of their current ideal bodyweight.


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Weight 5 kg

256 reviews for Puppy Starter Pack (5kg)

  1. Sabina

    I have a 12 week old Cocker Spaniel puppy, who arrived with us on kibble, he had terrible runny poo and would go up to 8 hours without eating and wouldn’t even entertain his food.

    I made the decision immediately to switch to raw and Nutriment was my go-to!
    WHAT.A.DIFFERENCE! It has completely transformed him, He absolutely loves it, shiny coat, and scooping poo has become an easy task!
    I can’t wait to watch him grow on Nutriment!

  2. Kate Drake

  3. Elaine Wells

    My puppy has been on this food for a week now. Literally just switched straight over to it. He has been absolutely fine and really enjoys it. I am giving it 4 stars as the only gripe I had is when it arrived ( at 6.30pm on a very hot day) there were a couple of defrosted boxes which I had to throw away.

  4. Name Not Provided

    Our 13 week old jug puppy loves this food. She’s a lot more ‘regular” and the mess is easier to clean up if she misses the pads.

  5. Gaz

    My puppy loves this food, jumps around the kitchen as I prepare it, he has a lovely shiny coat & his stomach has settled since moving on to this. The only thing I’d say is my puppy,a staffy requires quite a bit more food than what is stated on the packing. Can’t wait for him to move on to the adult range now

  6. Sue

    We have continued to feed our puppy on this product as advised by the breeder. He eats it without any issues. His coat is lovely, soft and in excellent condition and people are commenting on what a lovely dog he is.
    An excellent add on when feeding with nutriment products is that the dog waste is much smaller than if feeding on biscuits.
    The product arrives in an insulated box to ensure the boxes are still frozen. Fast delivery with no issues.

  7. Name Not Provided

    We moved our puppy onto this food at 5 weeks after she had developed constipation on a dry diet. Very healthy and energetic puppy since with no more problems. Easy to order, store and feed to her. Also, dog poo but easier to pick up and deal with on a raw diet – huge bonus!

  8. Heidi

    After getting our puppy I decided to switch him to raw and after reading about various products I decided Nutriment would be the best food for us to start with. It was easy to order and it was delivered quickly. I like the update emails sent about my delivery and getting an hour slot when the food is being delivered. Miles, our puppy, absolutely loves the food and literally eats it in seconds. I even had to get a slow feeder for him as was getting worried he was eating it too quickly. As others have said with raw, no more horrible smelly poops which can only be a good thing.

  9. Shelley

    came quickly and very well packaged to ensure that it stayed frozen .my puppy loves this food and after doing lots of research raw feed is definitely the way to go for a healthier pooch

  10. Name Not Provided

    Ordered online bit more expensive than in my local shop but more convenient than going and carrying it all home. Packaged really well and delivery was first class. Would definitely recommend it

  11. Debbie

    I ordered the puppy pack and my order came the very next day, very good service and value.
    My puppy loves the food and cannot get enough he totally clears his bowl.
    Will be ordering more…

  12. Charlie

    Has completely transformed my border collie puppy, no more runny stools or trips to the vet worrying why his stools always loose on dry food. He has a shiny coat, firm stools and is the happiest he has been since arriving with us. This food is fantastic and I would fully recommend it.

  13. Maggie

    Convenient way to give your puppy the best nutrition

  14. Jamie

    The food is great my dog loves it, was told nex day delivery but wasnt made aware off products not being shipped over christmas period i ordered my food on the 20th of decemeber and only got it today a whole 2 weeks later and all i got was sorry we didnt make you aware.

  15. Name Not Provided

    I’m new to raw feeding, so can relax knowing my puppy is getting a balanced diet. Great delivery service, frozen to the door.

  16. L Whitehouse

    Our puppy Dexter loved it, his waste has been regular and firm…its a great product and excellent value for money.

  17. Jo R

    I have a very fussy cockapoo puppy. After trying various different food options (and types) my trainer recommended trying her on nutriment. She absolutely loves it! She’s happier and calmer in herself too, and I’m so much happier she’s not turning her nose up at dinner any more! I just wish I’d known about it sooner.

  18. Amandat

    I leanred that my new puppy was being weaned on raw food and it filled me with dread. When I was directed to the Nutriment website to order in what he was weaned on I was surprised and impressed. The food comes frozen and ready to serve once defrosted, it is filled with goodness not just from meat products but also veggies and other added nutrients. My Vet is impressed with the growth and condition of my puppy and I wioll never change. I can’t wait to try him on new favours as he gets older and past the puppy stage.

  19. Christy

    since being on nutrient the puppies that I’m weaning are looking great. They aren’t bloated and the poo smell In my house with 11 puppies has gone down considerably. high recommend the starter pack as it’s such good value.

  20. Susan

    Puppy seems to be thriving on this, always wants more!

  21. Kathryn

    Have been using Nutriment since the day we brought our puppy home. She always eats well and has done from day one. Great service and fast delivery make it so easy to use. Would highly recommend.

  22. Jane Amel

    My daschund who is a fussy eater eats all his food and licks the plate clean every time . Great stuff.

  23. Dawn

    We own a fussy/delicate stomach 6month old cockapoo we were recommended this product by our local petshop six weeks ago and she adores it, healthy solid poos, happy, healthy and bouncy pup. Never used Raw food before and its so easy and cheaper than most top kibble foods. Clean bowl every meal never any waste.

  24. Liam Connelly

    Put in an order on these packs in the morning, its waiting for me when i get home the next day. My frenchie has only ever had Raw, but so far so good may cost more than the kibble but they will enjoy it and has loads of heath benefits for the price its really worth it!

  25. Amanda

    When I was told that my puppy was weaned on Nutriment raw food I was horrified at the thought of having to feed him raw. But, having seen the product and how much he loves it and how healthy he is, I would not change. I am looking forward to when he moves on to adult food and I can try some new flavours for him.

  26. Name Not Provided

    Reared my puppies nutrient very impressed with nutrient

  27. William

    Great product , convenient, great service .

  28. Rocco The Westie

    one month in and the pup is still as keen as ever on his raw food , bouncing around the kitchen as soon as the tub is out of the fridge

  29. Name Not Provided

    After researching copious amounts of raw food companies Nutriment came highly recommended! So far so good Minnie the 8 week old Westie has been inhaling her food, poo is nice & solid etc delivery was received quickly & still defrosted.

  30. Alison Meech

    My puppy clears her plate every time, she is a Cavapoo and now 11 months old. Excellent value and extremely fast delivery.

  31. Gill Newton

    I have reared my last three litters of Standard Poodles on puppy weaning food and then at six weeks of age onto the next stage raw product from Nutriment. All my puppies have really thrived so well on this raw feeding which contains what they need in their diet at an early age. I would recommend this to all breeders / dog owners for their puppies and dogs. A great product!

  32. Mark Smith

    I have 3 border collies,the eldest is the fussiest eater,she now loves meal times,empty bowls all round.

  33. Amy Nash

    fantastic Although as i do a large order it should automatically correct price as cheaper to buy 10 tubs as already acheives free delivery on size of order

  34. Name Not Provided

    I ordered on Monday afternoon before the 2pm cut off, and whilst I was initially disappointed to not receive my order on Tuesday, I tracked my order on Wednesday and it arrived perfectly frozen. I was fully expecting the contents to be defrosted, however this was not the case. Great packaging. The product deserves the 5 stars as my puppy loves it, however please set realistic expectations of delivery on your website.

  35. Rebecca Cregeen

    Great food, quick delivery.

  36. Dexter

    It’s comparable to similar products but I can buy this locally, so I will continue to do so little and often as I have very limited storage.

  37. Lucy

    Blue loves his mealtimes never a scrap left in the bowl

  38. Mrs Baker

    I was really pleased with my first delivery of the puppy formula. Changed 10 week pup straight onto this and she loved it straight away. Easy to store and defrost. Packaged well in a large polystyrene box which I had asked to leave out whilst I popped out. Even though it had been delivered approx 30mins before I found it to be still totally frozen.
    However 2nd time of ordering similar situation, I found the product to be packaged poorly. Looked like the containers of food had just been thrown in. Some without their cardboard sleeves. Had obviously been defrosted for a while, bloody juices at the bottom of the box. There was no extra polystyrene pieces added inside as before so likely to have contributed to poor quality of product on delivery. 2 very different experiences but has put me off ordering straight from nutriment again.

  39. Fiona Quint

    My dogs have never been healthier since feeding raw. Nutriment is first class, top quality grub for your best friend and the best start in life for puppies. I highly recommend it.

  40. Judith

    puppies all enjoy it so no dissenters. Puppies thrive putting on body weight, fewer motions so they are cleaner.. My puppies have been given it for a number of year, excellent product. Good next day service well packaged.

  41. Mike

    Very good service,and always ready to give advice,will be moving up to adult feed when Boris is no longer a puppy.
    Packaging it very good,just remember to think ahead,as the food takes a good 24 hours to defrost

  42. C Searle

    Just introduced Nutriment Puppy starter pack to my nine week old cocker spaniel, he loves it! Disappeared from his bowl in about ten seconds flat! Delicious ingredients, apart from minced chicken with bones (healthier for dogs’ insides than pure meat ) all kinds of vegetables like kale and butternut squash to introduce puppy’s taste buds to essential nutrients.

  43. Name Not Provided

    Convenient & easy to use. Our whippets thrive on it.
    Beautiful coats, no wind & small poos!

  44. Sarah Christie

    Nutriment take all the guess work out of a raw food diet which has enabled me to get my puppy started on raw from day one. It is quite wet which makes it very easy to eat and digest and Bella wolfs it down in 2 minutes! She really loves it, while I have peace of mind that she is getting all she needs, nutrition-wise.

    A very good product. Thank you.

  45. Name Not Provided

    Having fed my older dog on Nutriment, I fully expected my puppy to be just as enthusiastic. Unfortunately she really does not like it. She’s a border collie x poodle, aged 8 weeks, and had been fed a tinned commercial dog food prior to coming to me. I will try again as she gets a little older

  46. Charlotte Mc

    two frenchies, both pups and both love this food! made a straight swap and had no tummy issues whatsoever
    great for me too as I don’t find it smells and easily dished out. also really like the cartons it comes in, keeps everything clean. agree with some comments below that the cardboard sleeves and non-recyclable packaging seem wasteful.
    biggest issue for me and the only reason i haven’t given more stars is that twice my order arrived several days late and my last order still hasn’t arrived! also doesn’t help you have no contact page as i’d like a refund please! also off putting as i’ve lost confidence in reordering off yourselves which is a shame as we were all happy with nutriment

  47. Catherine Sheehan

    Yum yum yum in my puppy’s yum! My 15 week old springer absolutely guzzles this down! She loves the stuff and is coming on a treat! No runny poos, great coat, healthy teeth and no dog breath! Andvrest in the fact that this is full of goodness!

  48. Hattie

    Product is great – really happy with it. The only thing is all the packaging that comes with it. I don’t know how this could be addressed but it’s a shame that there is so much – especially the bits that can’t be recycled. Also the card sleeves – I take them off immediately so they’re not necessary for me.

  49. Sarah Christie

    I’m so thankful for the Complete puppy range which takes the guesswork out of raw diets and my puppy Cockapoo loves it. She had been weaned onto dry biscuit food by her breeder but I put her straight onto raw as soon as I got her home. She wolfs it down and is full of beans! I add my own veggie mix to it and so far so good. I love the fact that Nutriment has all the ingredients a pup needs, including bone. Thank you very much!!

  50. Name Not Provided

    My dachshund puppy is flourishing on this food. I will certainly stick with it.

  51. Name Not Provided

    My puppy was on complete dry food but it wasn’t agreeing with her completely and she seemed to force herself to eat it rather than enjoy.

    She loves this raw food, back to rushing for her food bowl.

    Really handy packs, looks great quality, doesn’t smell at all. Her tummy is totally settled again and very happy puppy.

    Only small thing…the pack takes a good 24 hrs to properly defrost so plan as you need to

  52. Raphael H M Santos

    My comment is purely based on the smell: it is awfull !! At least the raw food for the puppies.
    Not sure if my puppy likes it either.

  53. Mono Sandhu

    My Rhodesian Ridgeback has been on this since she was 8 weeks old, She loves it, never leaves any.

  54. R Findlay

    We tried this puppy food for our 3 months old cocker spaniel puppy after our 3 year old dog was doing very well on the adult Nutriment. She loves it and is thriving. Deliveries are prompt and you are kept informed of progress. I would thoroughly recommend both the adult dog and puppy raw food.

  55. Kiran Jass

    our puppy loves this – it’s the next step after weaning – only thing I would say is I should of ordered less in the second batch – as our puppy is developing so is his taste buds and this is now not as interesting as other food he is getting access to

  56. Name Not Provided

    I switched our Cockapoo puppy to Nutriment on the recommendation of her groomer. Nala was having difficulty putting on weight and her food seemed to go straight through her. She’d initially had kibble and then we’d switched her to tinned wet food – both of which were expensive high quality products recommended by our vet, but the problem persisted. We went cold turkey when switching her to Nutriment Puppy Formula and the difference was absolutely incredible. From that moment on she hasn’t had another sloppy poo ever, and she’s putting on weight. We also noticed straight away the extra energy and shine on her coat. After weeks of agonising over what was wrong with our puppy we are relieved and delighted to have found the Nutriment Raw Diet.

  57. Kate

    Great food our dog loves it. Her parents are fed on it and they look fit and healthy so we will be keeping our puppy on it.

  58. Name Not Provided

    I have been purchasing this food for my cocker spaniel puppy for nearly two months and he still gets extremely excited when he knows i’m weighing it out for him. He sometimes cries when he’s eaten his bowl because he loves it so much. I’ve had so many compliments on his coat, temperament and other things that i’m sure are a direct result of this food.
    I will be using the Nutriment range for the rest of my boys life

  59. Name Not Provided

    The item arrived quickly and was well packaged. For some reason I was expecting a variety of flavours but there is actually just one type of flavour for puppies. I was a bit concerned that my puppy might not like the flavour and I would be stuck with a freezer full of unuseable food. To begin with he wasn’t keen on it. He used wolf his previous food down, but with this he would take a small mouthful and then go away for half an hr and come back and take another. This wasn’t ideal as I don’t like leaving raw food sitting out for hours. My second concern was that based on the serving size recommendations on the pack he only needed a quarter of a pack per day which meant that the food needed to last in the fridge for 4 days. I couldn’t find any info on the website to indicate whether that was safe or not. I emailed the company but haven’t got a response. He has been having the food for a week now and has eventually got used to the taste and is eating it quicker. He was having some digestive problems with his previous food, which have now cleared up so am very happy about this and will continue to give him nutriment food, but looking forward to trying different flavours.

  60. Linda Young

    Started my 2 cocker spaniels on Nutriment puppy food as the previous complete didn’t agree with them. So far this has been well received by my dogs and is great value for money. I have now purchased the chubbs and will continue on this for the foreseeable future. Well done Nutriment keep up the good work.

  61. Karen Smith

    I emails the currier to say deliver on a Friday the emails back to say the would. Food delivered on a Tuesday just thrown over my gate. By the time I saw it it was a Thursday night and all defrosted and smelled terrible!! Put in the bin!!

    Won’t be ordering again as it could have poisoned my puppy!

  62. Name Not Provided

    My little puppy adores this food!!!! He enjoys it so much he sometimes whimpers when its all gone. I am most definitely going to keep him on nutriment for the rest of his lovely exciteable life

  63. Alison

    Love this puppy food and will continue to use. It is much better than the competitor brand of raw food that breeder started our puppy on which was too mushy and puppy just licked it and got bored. This has much meatier texture (but still fine for young, small puppy) and the ingredients are, in my view better balanced. Excellent delivery and website information. Would have given 5 stars except that I hate excessive packaging. Its unnecessary and totally annoying. Obviously the outer packaging has to be what it is as it slows defrosting if you’re out when its delivered. Its the plastic tubs and flashy cardboard sleeves I find unnecessary. Simple plastic would be better and cheaper and allow for 250g packs to be an option which would be much more convenient for small breed puppies.

  64. Parker Frenchie

    We changed our French Bulldog’s diet to Nutriment after a month or so of going backwards and forwards to the vets with various skin and stomach problems. He was very under weight and after a couple of months of him being on this he is now at his ideal weight and has had no loose stools since.
    Can’t praise Nutriment enough!!!

  65. Rowena

    I wanted to raw feed my new puppy but was put off by the idea of having to handle unappetising raw meat. Having been sent a trial box, I was thrilled to find Nutriment’s puppy food beautifully packaged and surprisingly appetising in appearance. My puppy seems to enjoy it and is thriving. Now I order when I am down to my last couple of packs in the freezer and the food arrives quickly so I never run out. Great service and great product.

  66. S Jackson

    My dog has been on the balanced puppy food since we brought her home and she is thriving on it (now 4.5 months). The only problem I have is dividing it into meal sized portions, would be easier to use if it was divided into 50 or 100g chunks, so I don’t have to defrost the whole tray before I need it.

  67. Name Not Provided

    Carried on using this product as breeder had fed pups on this. Very pleased with it. If ordered before 11am I get delivery next day. Any queries just ring up, and they sort you out no problem. Pup loves it, gone in seconds and no tummy problems. Shall stay with this and progress to adult when older.

  68. Stuart Hardie

    This food was recommended to me by a friend and I’m glad it was, my pup eats every but of food at every meal and it’s just so easy to prepare – Defrost and Serve.

    I plan to continue with this food and then move onto adult as he gets older.

    I can’t recommend highly enough.

  69. Name Not Provided

    Puppy pack is a great idea, I had a voucher for one from the breeder but prior to that I purchased one myself. Only qualm with it is that it’s cheaper to buy them separately than it is in this kit. I emailed querying this a couple of weeks ago but no one got back to me. The food is great though my lab puppy loves the stuff

  70. Natalie

    After trying all the shelf bought branded regular puppy food with very little success for our 3m old pup. I was told to try nutriment.
    He totally enjoyed it. Previously it had been hard to get him to eat much and when he did eat we had trouble at the other end too… From the very first meal everything was easier. He now wolfs down every meal and no problems with his tummy either. Both such a relief.
    The look he gave me when i had to give him something different as i had forgotten to defrost his food was priceless!!

  71. Lauren

    Recommended by our breeder. Our puppy seems to like it and is happy and healthy. Quick delivery as well. Value for money for a quality product.

  72. Kerry

    Our 10 week old leonberger loves it! No funny tummy, no mess, easy storage and quick delivery- can’t fault it!

  73. Michelle

    We’ve had allergy problems with our pug puppy so this was the 4th different food we tried for him, luckily he cant get enough and his poo is solid and his coat looking better. Only criticism is we would like smaller trays.

  74. Gemma Mackinnon

    Delivery didnt take very long considering we are in the highlands and it usually takes afew extra days. Packaged good and still cold and slightly frozen so could put some straight in freezer and afee defrosted ready for the morning. The delivery was a reasonable time in the morning. Would recommended and use again.

  75. Gemma Mackinnon

    Delivery didnt take very long considering we are in the highlands and it usually takes afew extra days. Packaged good and still cold and slightly frozen so could put some straight in freezer and afee defrosted ready for the morning. The delivery was a reasonable time in the morning. Would recommended and use again.

  76. Name Not Provided

    My 8 month old had what I thought was a bad digestion, but on switching his food to Nutriment he is producing very firm stools. What a relief.

  77. Deborah Weightman

    Took to this food likes ducks to water. No sloppy mess to pick up , just solid stools from day one.

  78. Lynda B

    We were recommended a raw diet by the puppy trainer. Our 17 week old puppy loves this and it is much healthier for her.
    Comes excellently packaged in easy to store boxes.
    Will certainly continue to feed our dog this product.

  79. Lin

    My new Italian apinone puppy just adores this food, I admit to hating how it smells but that doesn’t bother him!
    He does good regular stools which is great! All in all great food for a growing pup!

  80. Mrs E Nicholson

    My bulldog loves this food, really convenient packs and the puppy pack is fab as its a set price which is really good value.

  81. Julie Mccoy

    Changes to this when my new pup was 9 wks. He absolutely loves it. Good small poo’s. Easy to use/feed. Delivery fantastic. Very pleased

  82. Name Not Provided

    Our 14 week old Cockapoo loves it. She licks the bowl clean every time and then looks for more. She seems healthy with a nice glossy coat and smaller and less stools than when she had some kibble meals also (Breeder fed both in a day so we could then choose) Seems Ruby has chosen for us!
    Delivery is very good one hour slot next day so long as you order before midday Thurs or you have to wait until the following Tues which we fell foul of and had to hunt a local stockist !

  83. Emma Law

    When we picked up our pup at ten weeks she was on a medium quality kibble and showed no interest in it at all. We had to add chicken to get her nose in, and she was only eating half of the recommended amount, if that. We’d researched raw, and wanted a decent complete to start us off. Ordered the puppy pack and even though it was a bank holiday it only took a few days to arrive, although was a day later than specified. We find the packs quite hard to open and I’ve cut myself a couple of times, maybe the tubs are easier. It’s also not an exact science portioning it out as it’s quite mushy. However, the main thing is that our puppy loves it and wolfs it down in seconds. She has lots of energy, a good coat and small, firm and fairly odourless poos which was a real selling point for raw for us! We’re looking forward to progressing onto the adult versions in due course, and try her with some different flavours. Great product.

  84. Laura Heathcote

    My puppy loves this and his coat is so glossy it always gets comments from people.
    Delivery is always on time and very speedy too.
    No complaints at all with this product; very reasonably priced.

  85. Name Not Provided

    My puppy likes Nutriment and after trying her on a different brand gor a change but upset her stomach, ive now decided to stick with what she likes and is good.

  86. Name Not Provided

    My six month old bulldog loves her puppy food from Nutriment! The vet advised us against a raw diet, so we reluctantly changed her food. We had a month of constant diarrhea, but within 3 days of being back on her Nutriment food, she was back to normal and her coat was shiny again.

    We’re never changing food again!

  87. Name Not Provided

    I started my 16 week old puppy on this two weeks ago and she absolutely loves it. So much so that she has started barking at me to feed her quicker……do you have a training department;-)

  88. Name Not Provided

    I wasn’t too sure about raw food at first, my previous dogs have always had dry food. However the breeder of my new puppy started him on Nutriment Puppy formula and he just loves it, he is growing into a strong healthy boy. Hopefully soon moving him onto the adult food.

  89. Name Not Provided

    Our six month old cross Yorkist/Maltese loves the puppy formula , she is healthy and happy and wolfs her meals with no toilet problems , so we feel it is just right for her , one happy pooch

  90. Chris Masters

    So, I guess all I can go on is a) whether my pooch eats and likes the food b) is it good for her and c) customer service (after all while I might not eat Nutriment, I do like to have some interaction and get a feel for a company).

    A) well if I could upload a picture of her empty bowl each time I had fed her I would – testament enough

  91. Name Not Provided

    Food is great, my lab puppy loves it. I’ve knocked a star off as the tubs are very hard to open.

  92. Graeme Lawrence

    Our frenchie vinnie was a little runny and we were feeding him cooked chicken and dry food .
    Since changing to nutriment he has better consistency with toilet and eats his food with gusto.
    We are very happy with this product

  93. Julie Yates

    Brilliant food, as I knew it would be. Our 4 year old Westie loves his, and our new puppy has made a great start with the Puppy formula!

  94. Name Not Provided

    Our Frenchie was getting awfully picky about his dry food. We wanted to switch to raw but first attempt (Nature’s Menu) wasn’t great, he couldn’t process the brown rice and it came straight back out. We have now changed to Nutriment (puppy formula) and Frank LOVES dinner time, licks his bowl sparkly clean! 500g tubs are very practical for us.

  95. Name Not Provided

    I have a 5 month old lab who is totally in love with her food now. She used to pick at her kibble so it’s lovely to see her enjoying her meals. I usually give her some in her bowl and the rest in a Kong to make it last slightly longer!

  96. Jeremy

    My pup falls on this food, and I am confident that the raw element and the natural ingredients, from my research, are providing him with real benefit

  97. Name Not Provided

    our puppy genuinely loves this product, noticeably prefers this product when compared to others who produce raw food. Ordered 40 packs at 500grams and no regrets having used an alternative initially as I had not appreciated the difference in raw foods

  98. Samantha

    Put Toby my Westie straight on this at 8 weeks old and he wolfs it down, don’t think it touches the sides. His poos are less smelly and solid. Nutriment is the way to go

  99. Name Not Provided

    My pug puppy adores this food, he will not eat anything else.

  100. Name Not Provided

    This product takes all the guess work out of what to feed my puppy and includes good nutrition.

  101. Name Not Provided

    I brought my new puppy home at the weekend. I had already decided I wanted to try raw feeding, so had my stock of Nutriment puppy in the freezer already.
    I kept him on the breeder’s recommended kibble feed for the first day, then swapped him straight over to Nutriment on day 2. For the first meal I had to sprinkle some of the breeder’s kibble on top, as initially he didn’t seem to recognise it as something to eat, but now he just eats it happily and without hesitation.
    It has been wonderful at firming up the poops, which are now smaller, firmer and very easily picked up..

  102. Name Not Provided

    Great product, hassle free delivery and well packaged. Our Lab loves it.

  103. Lisa

    After bringing Sonny home at 10 weeks old I noticed he had a pot belly and poohs all the time. A friend recommended raw feeding and nutriment and I placed an order. It came quickly and after defrosting it I started him on it. Well what a difference! The belly went and poohs were solid. He absolutely loves it and I would not feed him anything else now.

  104. Jane Minikin

    My Cocker puppies love it. Good next step from the weaning food. Easy to store and defrost. Useful reusable trays. Puppies putting on weight well. A good product to pass on to my puppies new owners.

  105. Jane Minikin

    My Cocker puppies love it. Good next step from the weaning food. Easy to store and defrost. Useful reusable trays. Puppies putting on weight well. A good product to pass on to my puppies new owners.

  106. Name Not Provided

    My little dog loves this. I’m happy because I know only good quality food goes into every pack.

  107. Name Not Provided

    My little dog loves this. I’m happy because I know only good quality food goes into every pouch.

  108. Lisa

    Really pleased. Our pup loves it, and definitely prefers it to kibble. Both ordering and delivery were quick and easy.

  109. Mike Reid

    Our Cockapoo puppy was really fussy when it came to her food. We started her on very good dry food but she did not want to know anything about it. We tried everything from adding gravy to mixing it with wet food etc. Everything we tried she would eat a couple of times and then get fed up with it. It came to the point where she would hardly eat for days. She was getting really skinny. We also tried another raw food which she ate for a week or so but got tired of that as well… We decided to try Nutriment. And boy does she LOVE it!!!

    When it comes to feeding time she jumps around and can’t wait for her food. Literally licks the bowl clean every time. Not once has she left anything in her bowl. She’s looking healthy and her coat is beautiful! The product also looks so much better than the previous raw food we tried. It looks like quality! Can’t recommend it enough. Happy puppy, very happy owners!!

  110. Emma

    After a month of encouraging my puppy to eat her kibble and swapping one dry food for another to find one she liked, I decided to try a raw diet. The change was instant and remarkable. Puppy now gets excited about meal times, gobbles her food in seconds, and looks at me for more. Her near constant itching has stopped, and bad breath is a thing of the past. Poos are regular, firm, and surprisingly non-smelly. Nutriment is worth every penny.

    In addition, delivery was speedy. I was impressed to be given an hour delivery slot, and the packaging was very well done and kept the food frozen until it reached me. I really can’t find fault.

  111. Mr & Mrs Beatty

    Recommended nutriment by the breeders who feed the dogs on a raw diet. Tried this for our new puppy and he seems to love it and nearly always leave a clean bowl. The food is made up of all the nutrients a growing puppy needs.

  112. Maureen Scrine

    My puppy has been fed on your puppy mix since 10 weeks old….she loves it , has a beautiful coat and is fit and healthy….no more upset tummies! The quality of the ingredients and texture are great.

  113. Jackie Baker

    I have a 5mth old daxi and if was a real struggle to get him to eat his dry biscuits. I joined a sausage dog page and nutriment came highly recommended. I ordered the puppy pack and my litle fella loves it – even barks at meal times when I go to fridge, he clears bowl. Comes so well packed am very impressed and have also recommended this to others. Thank you for great service and giving my fur baby yummy meals.

  114. Cathy P.

    My gorgeous toy Poodle

  115. Sandra

    Great product sorted my puppies upset tummy out after 2 days. Never used raw before but I must say I’m very impressed with nutriment puppie.Will definitely carry on using it.

  116. Kate Howse

    My dogs absolutely love the raw diet and switching to this was an excellent move. Pups also thrive on this diet. Nine bowls all licked clean. Would highly recommend

  117. Name Not Provided

    great product convenient and gives the right amount of food to my puppy. He loves this food and seems to do well on it.

  118. Susan

    Five stars for a well balanced, reasonably priced, raw formula. We haven’t fully transitioned yet but he is very enthusiastic about the new menu

  119. Sarah

    What a product my puppys been fed nutriment since weaning and he loves it were now on puppy formula 🙂 great formula. Great company brilliant delivery if you have any queries really happy to help

  120. Anita Hagon

    Just trying my pooches on raw food and advised to use your products. Really great and sorted their stomach upset out a treat

  121. Amy

    My Frenchie absolutely LOVES Nutriment. Firstly had him on Natures Menu and had some tummy upset. I changed him onto Nutriment and the PetPlus with his evening meal and I will never look back. Coat is glossy and thick, breath is nice smelling and is very lively and never sluggish after eating. If you’re questioning whether to get it or not – don’t! It’s the best thing we’ve ever done!

  122. Margaret Emery

    I have fed my puppy raw since 9 weeks but I was with a competitor. It was hit and miss if it was eaten and saw good reviews about Nutriment in FB and made the switch. I am so pleased. Every meal is demolished. Good quality ingredients. Trust the brand. If you’re thinking about swapping or starting then go for it!!

  123. Lisa

    Great service and great product.

  124. Clare

    My friend recommended me this food for my puppy who has not taken to any puppy food given until I fed him this brand. He loves it!
    My fussy 1 1/2 year old has started to eat it now which I was very surprised at! So now I’m happy to be ordering both puppy and adult packs.
    I love the fact no waste, value for money, I know what my dog is eating is healthy and to top it off so easy to prepare for meal times. No mess and two happy hounds.
    Thanks so much, defiantly recommend it.
    Delivery fast and well packed

  125. Claire

    Haven’t fed to the puppy yet as she’s not arriving until next week but the food arrived in good time (3 days) and was well packaged. It was a bit disappointing that the delivery company left it on the doorstep in the rain instead of the shed as asked but that’s not necessarily the pet food companies fault, just an observation.
    We look forward to using this company for a long time if the pup likes the food as I’ve heard very good things about the health benefits from dog friendly friends.

  126. Chris Russell

    Our cocker spaniel Dillon has been on nutriment raw since birth. The breeder recommended nutriment raw to us and at first I decided to go with a high street dry complete mix. It didn’t agree with him, he had smelly diorhia and lots of them. I ordered my first starter puppy pack and it arrived the day after. Omg he loves it. The diorhia stopped overnight, His coat is beautiful soft and shiny he only does 1 -2 solid poops a day and believe me when I say this, they don’t smell. Everyone who regularly see him including the vet comment on how he’s developing and ask what I feed him.I give him a 500g tub a day. We will keep him on this brand forever if its up to us. I can’t recommend this product enough.

  127. Ray

    Bought the 6 weeks + puppy 5kg starter pack. Sam loves it and licks his bowl spotless., which he as not done with other wet and dry foods. He looks more energetic and the vet said he is in top condition, so I cannot praise the food enough.
    The food arrived in a cardboard box and I opened it to find another thermal polystyrene box inside, which kept the food frozen during transit, so I put it straight into the freezer. Just needs to be defrosted prior to use and looks as fresh as the day it was prepared. How good is that!

  128. Caroline

    I started my cavalier puppy on Nutriment when he was approximately 10 1/2 weeks old. By this time I had him for almost 2 weeks and he just grazed. He sometimes turned his nose up at what I put down for him and wouldn’t eat anything. I was worried to say the least especially since he was only a pup. The minute I gave him his first Nutriment meal he scoffed it down in seconds and I’ve never looked back. He loves mealtimes, licks his bowl til it sparkles and would eat a lot more if I allowed him to. His coat is beautiful, glossy and so soft! He is the picture of health which makes me a very happy human mummy.

  129. Alice

    We don’t have much freezer space so it’s just the right amount to fill the space we have. Good value as it includes postage. Nice mix without too much veg added as fillers. Far superior than that of pet shops. Dog waste is low (poos!) dog loves it!

  130. Vonnie And Tricky-Woo

    My fussy four month old Cavalier pup has gone from picking and I goring his meals to sitting like a crufts champion waiting for his dinner! Not one morsel is wasted. Happy contented little fella with boundless energy. Lovely grub.

  131. Name Not Provided

    I was recommended nutriment by a friend, I had tried natures menu but my pup used to leave the rice and what he did eat wasn’t digested. I put him straight onto nutriment and he eats every bit, he licks the bowl clean every time and keeps going back to see if there is any left. I can’t wait to try all the other flavours. His coat is shiny and he his a happy pup, no problems with his stools

  132. Alisa Atkins

    Great puppy diet taking all the effort out of preparing your puppies food. It’s perfectly balanced so I know my puppy is getting the best start in life. Despatch and delivery were also spot on. Thank you Nutriment.

  133. Name Not Provided

    My Cocker Spaniel loves this meat and looks fantastic on it highly recommend

  134. Emma

    I never write reviews but I am so impressed with both the quality of the food and the amazing staff that are on the end of the phones I felt I had to. My French bulldog puppies who had very irritated tummies on shop bought kibble are absolutely thriving on this. They pass no more than 2 solid stools a day and bowls are literally licked to death following every meal. They have had the best start with nutriment and I really hope their new owners will continue

  135. Natalie

    Fast delivery and very good puppy packs
    Convenient & easy way of feeding my dogs with the best nutrition

  136. Name Not Provided

    Good stuff but I have to saw them in half for my Havanese

  137. Name Not Provided

    has literally all the best ingredients you could ask for, loads of meat and superfoods content! My 9 month pug loves it!

  138. Lou Ella Mele

    I came home with my puppy and the food the breeder insist I keep him on. After a few days of settling in he just wasn’t eating very well and was suffering from diarrhea.
    My groomer recommended that I start feeding him a raw diet and give it a week or so. Immediately he loved it and within a couple of days his movements were hard and normal.
    This food is convienent for me and he is doing so well on it…I will definitely be recommending it to friends

  139. Name Not Provided

    Good product but could be packaged in smaller portions for smaller dogs . I have to chop the blocks into half . Half a block is enough for my Havanese puppy at 10 weeks . She loves it .

  140. Name Not Provided

    Good product but could be packaged in smaller portions for smaller dogs . I have to chop the blocks into half . Half a block is enough for my Havanese puppy at 10 weeks .

  141. Name Not Provided

    I tried my 12 week old English Setter puppy on this after recommendations from several friends. He had turned into a picky eater, was not interested in his kibble and minced beef, and I was concerned he was not getting enough good nutrition to meet his growth needs. It took a couple of days for him to get used to it and I have to serve it slightly warm (!) but he eats it all and so reassuring to have a clean bowl. I mix a little terrier meal with it although I know it’s not necessary. Only down side – for me – it smells horrible!!!

  142. Name Not Provided

    Great complete food for puppies
    Well packaged and easy to store when defrosting

  143. Christine Olliver And Rufus

    our puppy is eating better and seems much calmer on this lovely food he did not really like the kibble.
    Delivery service for Nutriment is totally reliable I will definitely continue feeding him on Nutriment

  144. Name Not Provided

    Our puppy seemed to be allergic to dry kibble foods so on advice from friends we tried nutrient puppy changed him slowly to this food and his symptoms of itchy irritated skin have gone

  145. Name Not Provided

    Our puppy seemed to be allergic to dry kibble foods so on advice from friends we tried nutrient puppy changed him slowly to this food and his symptoms of itchy irritated skin have gone

  146. L Jones

    I moved my boys onto this food when I first brought them home from the breeder. The effect on their little tums was immediate and although this food is quite costly it is worth every penny to have healthy happy pups

  147. Name Not Provided

    This is the best food for my pug!.

  148. Name Not Provided

    Switched from natures menu to nutriment, the quality is brilliant, it’s complete so I know my pug is getting all the nutrients she needs.

    10 packs of 500gs worth the money and easy to store

  149. Name Not Provided

    Swapped out French bulldog puppy onto nutriment when her kibble bag that she came home from the breeder with was gone. She would always eat her kibble but not with much interest. However, now she wolfs down her meals every time. She loves nutriment! Also her horrendous farts have stopped and her poo is much nicer, not diamond hard like it was with the kibble.

  150. Kerry S

    My cockerpoo puppy has been on this product for 2 weeks now. He has calmed down immensely so much so I decided to cancel having him castrated. His breath smells better and his coat is already shining. He licks the bowl everytime! I have found a supplier 5 mins from where I work so I will not have any delivery charges. Fab! x

  151. Vivienne Brookd

    This is the first puppy that I have raw feed from 10 weeks old. The food is very quickly delivered in easy size packs . Bulk buying is more economic and I’m really impressed by the ease of ordering and delivery. I have now moved my adult dogs to adult mix.

  152. Name Not Provided

    Our puppy is getting all the right nutriments to help him grow. He loves it and it does not smell. Happy dog and owners!

  153. Shirley Gore

    was recommended this as my puppy cam e with skin complaint skin is much better now and he really enjoys, would highly recommend to any dog owner. fantastic door to door service as well my delivery guy is great and always ask after my pup xxx

  154. Jon Humphries

    Having read the reviews we looked forward to receiving our first consignment of Nutriment Puppy food, Unfortunately our dog was not impressed and won’t eat it.If we don’t give her anything else she will eventually eat some but only if we entice her by putting treats on top. I,m sure the product is very good but not for us so I’m afraid I can only rate it as I have.

  155. Lena Dawson

    We were recommended by our breeder to give our Gordon Setter nutriment raw. We had not had a dog for many years and were nervous of what raw entailed. Nutriment Puppy starter packs took all the guesswork out and we have an absolutely fabulous healthy dog because of it. Cannot recommend highly enough. Thank you Nutriment!

  156. Mrs Dosanjh

    Our pup has taken to this raw formula beautifully! He always demolishes his meals. We are very happy!

  157. Vivienne Brooks

    He eats everything and his digestion is great

  158. Name Not Provided



  159. Tracy

    My puppy absolutely loves this food his diarrhoea has also stopped since being on this food.

  160. Philippa Marrow

    The Nutriment puppy food is wonderful. My cavalier king charles spaniel puppy gobbles it up. He is growing well, has a beautiful coat and lots of energy. It looks good, smells good and does them good. Well done Nutriment

  161. Prema

    We decided to make the shift from kibble (mixed with cooked meat/fish) to raw and my Akita puppy is loving her food! She’s also growing fast and I feel confident that she’s getting the right nutrition from Nutriment . While it’s quite a pricey option we feel it’s worth a few sacrifices for the peace of mind it brings us that our lovely pup is going to grow up strong & healthy. 🙂 Highly re comes this product!

  162. Debbie

    Excellent, great food , well packaged and fast delivery and great value for money. Both me and the dogs are very happy

  163. Tg

    I have originally visited my puppy when she was 4 weeks old. I then found out that the breeder will be feeding my puppy a chopped up raw chicken wings when she’s a bit older.

    When I got home I started my research about raw food.
    After reading a lot of comments and visiting forums, we then decided on Nutriment.

    My puppy is always excited when she knows its her meal time and she always licks the bowl clean.

    Her stool is small and not smelly at all. No bad breath and no smelly wind. Her coat is really soft. Overall I highly recommend Nutriment.

    She gives us unconditional love so why not give her the best of everything in return.

  164. Janey

    My 13 week old Vizsla puppy loved this right from the first time I offered her some. She is a thriving, happy, energetic little thing and seems to grow daily. Very pleased with this ptoduct.

  165. Name Not Provided

    My miniature schnauzer was on a mix of Turkey, tripe and offal but I found it a bind to measure and mix. Changed her to this puppy food a week ago. She seems to enjoy it just as much and it’s far easier for me. Quite expensive option but she’ll stay on it for as long as I can afford it.

  166. Name Not Provided

    Within one day of using this food my puppy had gone from a bloated, low energy puppy into some one full of beans and generally a different dog. I would highly recommend this food, she is happier, her coat is shinier and her stools have improved dramatically.

  167. Sue Mercer

    Dora, my 7 month old cockapoo, loves her Nutriment puppy meals. I know I’m feeding her the best I can. (An added advantage is compact, non smelly poops!). Thanks

  168. Em Hicks

    Winnie has been fed Nutriment puppy from 10 weeks old. She looks so healthy & her coat is so shiny. I feel completely confident she is getting the exact nutrients she needs., whilst it is easy & u messy to use s a raw meal. The team are great and always on hand to give quick advice over the phone regarding feeding amounts & ordering is simple followed by quick delivery. Satisfied owner & a shiny content glowing puppy!

  169. Name Not Provided

    Took our Parson Russel pup a couple of days to get used to it. Now it’s a case of blink and you miss it!
    Ordering is easy and delivery prompt. Highly recommended.

  170. Anita Wickham

    My puppy was fed on breeder’s Food and it was too rich so transferred her onto this. Always recommended.

  171. Helen Manley

    We have a 5 month old Bull Terrier and this food is perfect for him. He is sensitive to some pet foods but nutrient is keeping him healthy and happy. There are only good quality ingredients in Nutriment and opinion amongst my friends with dogs is that it is the best on the market.

  172. Name Not Provided

    Firstly my French bulldog loves this food and I love it as his poohs are small and hard brilliant

  173. Helen

    My dog is a border collie and she loves the food – wolfs it down. It’s a bit weird putting dog food in the freezer and the product is a bit bulky and bloody, but you get used to it. I like the ingredients of the food, it looks just like a tasty oblong beef burger! I just wish it was a bit cheaper, but it doesn’t seem possible to have this kind of quality food without the bit price-y price. So we feed her dry food from a different brand as well, which makes the Nutriment food last longer. The food always arrives quickly (within 2 days of ordering) and has always been securely packaged.

  174. Sharon Moore

    We changed our french bulldog puppy from royal canin breed specific to this food. We noticed a difference with his bowels instantly! No more fowl smell!! The second huge improvement is his coat. It is shiny and very soft, people have commented on it when they’ve stroked him on walks. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend nutriment. The service is great too, next day delivery, and free with the starter pack.

  175. Elise

    My 14 week old weimaraner pup absolutely adores her Nutriment! It’s is literally gone in seconds. She appears to be doing extremely well on this raw feed and her coat is gorgeous and very shiny. She always looks forward to meal times 🙂
    Highly reccommend!

  176. Name Not Provided

    Wouldn’t put my pooch on any other food this food is the best!

  177. L Jones

    I have never fed my dogs raw before but my two labradoodle puppies both had upset tummies on the dry food the breeder was using. They tried the raw puppy food last night and what a difference a day makes. They took seconds to demolish their food and were so much calmer after they had eaten. Both of their tummies seem settled this afternoon. Thanks to nutriment from two very happy boys.

  178. Kevin S

    I grew tired of having to disguise Lenny’s (miniture Dachshund) kibble. He was on a quality UK made product with a high meat content rated very favourably by allaboutdogfood.co.uk but soon turned his nose up at it. Since we switched to Nutriment raw he licks the bowl clean without the need for me to ‘sweeten the deal’.
    Nutriment raw scores 5.0 out of 5.0 on the above website, I would highly recommend all dog owners to take a look and decide for yourself.
    I feel good knowing I feed Lenny such a quality food.

  179. Susan

    I first started feeding this to my 5mth old Lhasa apso, he’d had sloppy poo and itchy skin issues since he came to us at 10wks old. He took to this food straightaway and I’m happy to report that he is now producing nice, small, non smelly, easy to pick up poo. His scratching is much reduced and I hope to see even more improvement as he continues on this food.
    We recently adopted a 6mth old Shih tzu/Lhasa cross who’d been on a diet of Pedigree chum and Wagg. It took 3 days of sniffing the bowl and walking away before he finally started eating raw. I held firm and offered the raw twice a day and took it away calmly when he refused to eat. He’s loving it now. I’m so pleased I didn’t panic about his initial refusal to eat.

  180. Sharon

    This is my first time feeding raw food, it was recommended and my 10 week old Gsd really enjoys it. I am very pleased with the quality of the produce, the timeliness of delivery and the food was well packed and still frozen.
    My only comment would be if there could be different puppy varieties

  181. Jan Adams

    My puppy really enjoyed and it is good for her

  182. Debbie Penrose

    As in the headline changing him from kibble to raw is the best thing i done. He is a lot calmer within himself and poo’s firm and a lot smaller. He gobbles down his feed and always reminds me of feeding time now. No more buying wet food to mix through kibble to get him to eat it. As i said best thing i ever done ?

  183. Pam Melding

    I have always fed my dogs raw food. I lost my dog just before Xmas and I bought a new puppy 10 days ago. I was advised to feed the pup on Royal Canin puppy food and the breeder gave me a weeks supply. The pup wouldn’t touch it for two days. I bought a new pack and she still wouldn’t touch it. In desperation I defrosted some of my deceased dogs leftover Nurtiment aand gave it to the pup mixed with the puppy biscuits. She started to eat. I ordered a puppy pack from Nutriment and she scoffs the lot as soon as it is put down. Now she is looking good, obviously thriving and will continue with puppy formula until she is full grown then back on Nutriment adult. The endorsement comes from Pixie my puppy; clean dishes every meal within seconds.

  184. Missbriss

    Having just got our seven week puppy I was unsure how he would react to moving to raw food from kibble. I had been advised to move him “cold turkey” (pun intended!). He took to it straight away and never leaves a morsel. It’s also much easier to pick up after him than when he arrived. One very happy puppy!

  185. Cole And Vicky

    Tank our 14 week old Bulldog puppy loves this. Like the other reviews i could not recommend this enough. Clearing up in the garden is no issue after he has eaten this.

    Great product and great company.

  186. Name Not Provided

    My 8 week old boxer was grazing her kibble. After a family member recommended nutriment I read over the reviews and decided to give it a go! I was not disappointed, poppy loves her new food! Every meal time her bowl is licked clean! I am very happy with this product and would highly recommend giving it a go!

  187. Jason

    When my pack of food came, the first thing i saw was the realy nice packageing. it may seem a bit meh to comment o but i have orderd frozen food from outher places (for dog and human) and the packageing here is the best i have seen. everything was packed well and nothing was damaged.

    as for the food, well i cant say what it tastes like but my baby loves it, i am haveing to feed him more than the reccomended ammount though, but he is growing extremley fast, right now he is on 1KG per day, Pricey but right now its worth it to give my guy the best start in life as i am not 100% confident in my homemade food.

    he wolfs it down extremly quickly and his solds are well just that solid and good.
    i can tell how bad normal petfood is when i treat him a bisket or 2 and they diy the colour of his poop different colours

    anyway great food 5/5 and a price to match

  188. Missie’S Mum

    Finally made the move to a raw diet for my ten month old Bichon x Jack Russell. Having been a bit of a picky eater, she now can’t wait for me to put her bowl down, moving it all around the kitchen until she has licked it clean! Tried to give her Eden kibble in the morning and Nutriment in the afternoon but once she had tasted the raw she refused the kibble! Excellent food!

  189. Daniel

    Great pack, excellent value and even better with free shipping!

    My pup loves this food and he’s so glossy and takes his time with his food now instead of just wolfing it down!

    Highly recommended!
    Great service from Nutriment as well!

  190. Name Not Provided

    great product, My puppy is thriving on this, Excellent Customer Service would highly recommend anyone to try this.

  191. Tarra Rooke

    Great product. My puppy is thriving on this product. Excellent quality and the service provided by Nutriment is brilliant. Delivery came only a couple of days after I ordered this product. Very happy with it.

  192. Name Not Provided

    Delivery is excellent and my puppy loves it

  193. Name Not Provided

    We have two 5-month-old Airedale puppies and they love Nutriment Puppy food. They try to start eating before the bowls are on the floor and don’t move until the bowls are completely licked clean. After a brief visit to the garden they happily lay down and sleep, giving me a couple of hours of peace and quiet. An additional benefit is that clearing up after their garden visit is much easier. Your delivery system is terrific – we receive our order long before the email arrives to say it had been dispatched!

  194. Joanne Weatherson

    I currently use the puppy formula our libby seems to love it. I order online and it’s delivered within two days (and thats because I miss the cut off time) the product comes very well packed and still frozen as if I’d just took it out the freezer.

  195. Name Not Provided

    Our toy poodle LOVES THIS STUFF!
    He digests it very well (small and firm and no wind:)
    Super product
    Many thanks

  196. Name Not Provided


  197. Damien

    My 10 week old French Bulldog Nelly absolutely loves it!!!
    Delivered 24 hours after ordering. Highly recommend Nutriment.

  198. Lizzy Snd Gladys

    Our puppy Gladys is 4 months old, and thriving on her new raw diet! Buying this whole starter pack is a great way to make sure she gets what she needs !

  199. Jane Gizbert

    Dilly is 10 weeks old and has been on the puppy food for a week. She is crazy about it and runs around in circles when I’m preparing her bowl.

  200. Diane Gill

    This food is fantasic food for dogs. I highly reccomened nutrment food to anyone. Its jam packed full of good natural ingredients. Fast brilliant free delivery service. xx

  201. Name Not Provided

    Great product

  202. Jan Ruddick

    Brilliant product which my puppy loved and great speedy service too

  203. Name Not Provided

    My puppy stands on her hind legs to try to reach the container at meal time – she loves it so much. An excellent product. It keeps for 4 to 5 days in the fridge.

  204. Name Not Provided

    It keeps fresh in fridge for 3 – 4 days if you defrost it in the fridge. My puppy has been fed on it from 6 weeks and it suits her . It’s expensive but as long as she loves it then it is worth it. She has a lovely shiny coat and is very healthy.

  205. Name Not Provided

    Exactly as described, well packaged to ensure product remains frozen.

  206. Dawn Parkes

    First time we have tried this and being new to raw feeding, this is perfect. He empties his dish at meal times. Will be ordering more.

  207. Dave

    Fantastic food for the puppies

  208. Name Not Provided

    Easy, efficient and hassle free

    Puppy loves his food

  209. Name Not Provided

    Just starting feeding nutriment. I bred the litter and they were raised on the diet. She is enjoying the food. Very pleased with the quality.

  210. Name Not Provided

    My puppy has only been on this raw diet for 5 days, but it seems to suit him well and he absolutely adores it.

  211. Rachel

    Our 14 week mini Dachshund loves the raw puppy food from Nutriment.
    He had been weaned on to raw food by the breeder, who explained to us the benefits of feeding a raw diet – but I will admit I had my doubts about whether we would stick with it in the long term.
    We have just received our second delivery and I have been pleased and surprised at how easy it has been to follow the raw diet. The deliveries have been convenient and the food arrives in good condition, still frozen.
    We’ve got in the habit of weighing and portioning out the food, and our puppy gets very excited when he sees it come out of the fridge ready for his meal!
    Toilet training is less messy as any accidents inside are very easy to clean up, his poo is hard and compact. His coat is lovely and shiny.
    I think the Nutriment food is good value for the quality in comparison with dry food. The food is well packaged which makes it easy to store and not at all disgusting to handle – there is no smell or mess.
    Really happy with the product and service from Nutriment so far, looking forward to moving up the the adult food as he grows up!

  212. David Phillips

    My boxer Reg loves this puppy formula.
    I did a lot of research before choosing his food, he always eats every last bit. It is more of a fuss when it feeding time because it’s raw food but that’s it. Can’t fault the price as the ingredients are of a high quality and like most things you pay for what you get. delivery is second to none. I will be recommending.

  213. Name Not Provided

    My 11 week old lurcher loves it and has been fed on it since she was weaned.

  214. Diane Nivern

    Our 10 wk old mini smooth dachsund had been weaned onto Royal Canin by breeder but seemed disinterested in it unless it was mixed with meat.
    From the very first meal of Nurriment Puppy Woody has polished off every mouthful. He looks excited and wags his tail as I serve it.
    Our 7 yr old Lab has to be quick to eat his now as Woody runs round to see if he’s left any. Stools well formed, neat and inoffensive.
    Woody’s coat is gleaming. He’s full of energy and gaining weight and growing beautifully.
    Our Lab has started on the adult meal now too. He doesn’t moult now and stools firm and well formed. Very pleased and impressed.
    I’d recommend it to clients and friends.

  215. Name Not Provided

    I have a 5 month chocolate lab who really struggled on quality kibble. He’s been on the Nutriment raw puppy food for 2 weeks and the difference is amazing – his coat is softer and shinier, he doesn’t smell as bad, he is bouncier and doesn’t suffer from wind! It’s great for us too as his poos are harder so we can pick up easily and nowhere near as smelly as when he was on kibble! I cannot recommend highly enough.

  216. S Collins

    We have been feeding our 9 week Rottweiler on this for 10 days now and she is thriving. She can’t get enough and we are very happy with this product, as is she!

  217. Karen

    My puppy loves this food and even his poo is nicer to pick up after him xx

  218. D Moss

    Decided to use Nutriment as I wanted to feed our new puppy on raw and it came highly recommended any a friend. Our welsh springer pup absolutely loves it and on her last check up the vet said she was looking great.

  219. Sam Oldfield

    Our 3 month old cockapoo loves this food. We got is as recomended by our breaded and have carried on feeding this as the dog eats every last bit.

  220. Gil Elgar

    My 10 month old cockapoo absolutely adores the puppy food. She can hardly wait once I open the fridge and wolfs it down almost before I can even put the box back. It arrived frozen, on time. A great product.

  221. E Mitchell

    Been feeding my 14 week old Scottie this since he was 8 weeks. So far so good he loves it gets so excited at dinner time he runs round in circles! Had to invest in an anti gulp bowl as I have never seen anything eat so fast.

  222. Eileen

    He loves it, cleans the bowl in seconds lol can see a really amazing difference in his flatulence problems , everyone can lol ordering and receiving was simple and stress free and customer service was great when I had questions very personal

    Thank you

  223. Hazel Dyer

    Great product! Arrived really quickly and still frozen. As it was a raw food I was expecting it to have a slightly unpleasant smell but it doesn’t at all! In fact It smells better than biscuits! The only problem I have is that I have a small puppy and I am throwing away half of the 500grams pots as he isn’t eating all of it before I get a new one out the freezer. I understand a bugger puppy would eat that much though. Maybe it would be good if you did a smaller puppy starter pack eg 250grams. Still rated it 5 stars though as I think it is a great food!

  224. Margaret

    I have an incredibly fussy Cavalier King Charles x poodle puppy. She turns her nose up at anything that is fed to her more than once. She’s had Nutriment puppy every day for 5 days now – and so far is clearing her bowl every time!!!! I’ve not noticed any changes in her behaviour or appearance yet – she’s a healthy, 6 month old though , so I wasn’t really expecting to see anything to change . I’m just happy she is enjoying food that is good for her.

  225. Karen

    Looks lovely and fresh when defrosted, new puppy loved it, will be buying more but a shame there are no suppliers in the area although the delivery is pretty good and packed very well so it’s not a problem to order direct. Never fed raw before but would never go back to kibble, it’s just as easy and convenient if buying in this form and easy enough to add in other raw foods once you have the confidence

  226. Bob

    bought the puppy pack as a trial since my new boxer pup was a bit choosey with his food.he loved it so much and so does our other dog that we placed another order straight away for 20 of the 1.4 kg packs.now as soon as they see the packs they go mad!!.one fat bellied pup and one happy owner

  227. Anne

    After 2 very small meals as my pup is tiny, her stools went from sloppy to solid. One happy owner and one happy pup, she loves it too.
    The only problem I’m going to have is having to defrost splitting contents and re freezing because there is no way she can get through a carton before it goes off.

  228. Tina Burnett

    This is my first dog, a young puppy terrier…she seemed totally uninterested in most of the standards posh puppy foods I tried….but the raw food went down a treat and I hope it will stay that way. i have only given 4 stars because Im a novice at this and don’t want to mislead with my words. but she seems to enjoy it mostly. I think the raw meaty smell is probably more appetising for her than the more ‘humanised’ cooked stuff…as good as it probably is. i expect every dog has different tastes and needs….but so far so good.

  229. Tina

    This is my first dog, a young puppy terrier…she seemed totally uninterested in most of the standards posh puppy foods I tried….but the raw food went down a treat and I hope it will stay that way. she seems to enjoy it mostly. I think the raw meaty smell is probably more appetising for her than the more ‘humanised’ cooked stuff…as good as some of it probably is. i expect every dog has different tastes and needs….but so far so good.

  230. Name Not Provided

    I would recommend raw feeding and especially Nutriment to anyone about to bring home a new puppy.

  231. Wendy Hughes

    My 18 week old pup was grazing but since buying nutriment he’s eating properly loves the food and he is very happy and healthy

  232. Name Not Provided

    my puppy is a pug and hates kibble- he is a fussy pug! loves this raw food – he’s had natures menu but this is far more popular! he’s always excited when I go near the fridge! it does smell a bit but worth it as he loves it- I’d recommended hand washing your serving spoon!

  233. Natalie Robinson

    Recently switched our puppy to raw and nutriment was highly recommended! I now know why, our once fussy pooch, who has always been disinterested in her food now can’t get enough! Customer service at nutriment is also second to none thank you guys so much

  234. Name Not Provided

    We adopted Alfie a 5 month staffy cross three weeks ago from our local shelter.
    He came with a supply of commercial puppy biscuits for us to wean him onto our own choice of food. For three days Alfie refused to eat his biscuits; we were desperate so we searched the internet for alternatives and came across articles on raw diets for dogs. We were a little worried about getting the balance right so searched for already mixed food and thankfully found nutriment. We got the puppy starter pack and bought some chicken wings from our local butcher. Wow Alfie thought he had just found heaven!!!! he bounced around when he smelt the raw meat, ate it in a flash and licked his bowl until it shone. He has been on it now for just over 2 weeks and everyone comments on how shiny his coat is also his coat has no odour and his poops are tiny and none smelly. Thank you nutriment for a brilliant, fantastic product!!!!! I have now ordered necks, chicken carcases and lots of your treats, I only feel sad that we did not find out about raw feeding for our other dogs over the past twenty years.
    Thank you again for providing such a convenient, quality product that helps take the worry out of getting a balanced diet for our beautiful friends and also for a fast and helpful service.

  235. Name Not Provided

    Very pleased. The quality is very good. I do think maybe money could be saved to the customer if not so much was spent on packaging.

  236. Paul

    Cooper loves it so much he will no longer eat the dry food. Gone in seconds

  237. Jo

    I feel that nutriment takes all the worry put of raw feeding especially with pippies. I have. 10 week old and. 14 month german shepherds and there both on it.

  238. Cheryl Williams

    My 4 month old puppy had constant diarrhea, I tried everything that the vet recommended but nothing worked so I spoke to my dog trainer Chantal Karyta (CK9 Training) and she recommended that I put him onto Nutriment Raw Puppy Formula , which I did and it did the trick. His poos are great – lol. I won’t feed him anything else. I highly recommend feeding this food diarrhea or not.

  239. Name Not Provided

    I have finally decided to switch my 5 months old pug to raw food and I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND NUTRIMENT TO EVERYBODY! I was a bit converned how is he gonna cope with that, but all my worries gone away! He loves it and after few days he finally stopped scratching himself. Also the poos are smaller and firmer. Delivery is fast and packaging is great. The only thing that regret is that I should order it much faster and start feeding him raw from the begining! Really good food, thank you.

  240. Name Not Provided

    My 5 month old cockapoo loves this food. Eats all with no fuss and no tummy troubles either.

  241. Name Not Provided

    Eats all with enjoyment. No tummy troubles and full of energy.

  242. Mrs Shaw

    After doing extensive research around raw diets, I decided to so the best thing possible for my puppy and give her the diet that nature intended.

    I knew that changing food was not going to be the easiest task, but had read up on how to do this successfully and followed the advice given by many dog behaviour experts online.

    I had tried my dog on another brand of raw food which I purchased from my local pet store and although she didn’t wolf it down, it was something which I thought in time she would get used to, and afterall, nutriment is supposed to be one of the best on the market so might taste even better….. Wrong!!….

    My dog point blank refused to eat any of the food and by the third day of my puppy starving herself to the point where she was making herself ill, I decided enough was enough and resorted back to her organic cooked food.

    I now have a freezer full of raw meat that I cannot use and in order to get a refund, I would have to return by same day courier which is more expensive than the refund I would receive!

    There is no warning on the nutriment website that not all dogs take to this diet.

    If you are trying this for the first time please just buy one or two packs to test the water first!

  243. Lyn Williams

    We have a new border terrier puppy, nine weeks old. She wouldn’t eat the dry food that the breeder gave me, whether it was dry, mixed with wet food, soaked or anything. I was aware that wet food is basically junk… so as a novice dog owner was rather worried. She took to Nutriment puppy food immediately, and is now doing really well. Customer service were wonderful, both informative and reassuring, and were happy to answer some really novice questions as well as the obvious ones relating directly to the product. I feel confident that the food is complete, I don’t have to calculate or mix anything, and Katie absolutely loves it. The only “problem” is that she always looks for second helpings! The vet wasn’t supportive, telling me I would have to pick out the bone, and that we would catch salmonella from raw food….. duh. I suppose dog nutrition forms a miniscule part of their training….

    Service, delivery, packaging all excellent. I have recommended it to my friend, who feeds her 7yr old border/jack cross on a well known cheap wet food…. I hope she changes too.

    The only suggestion I would make… some kind of measure would be appreciated. My scales don’t seem to be accurate enough for her tiny meals, and dividing by eye is a bit rough and ready. Some kind of 50g scoop perhaps?

  244. Name Not Provided

    After trying several raw food makes I discovered Nutriment. This is a good solid food which the puppy really seems to like, unlike some of the makes I’ve tried before.

    The starter pack is good value for money and is delivered next day. My only concern is the delivery company which insists on leaving the box on the doorstep in full sun even when I’m at home.

  245. Name Not Provided

    My twelve week old miniature poodle has been on this since he was 8 weeks old. He absolutely loves it. Cant recommend enough

  246. Name Not Provided

    After trying a multitude of prescription diets for our sensitive puppy, we were directed towards the raw diet…. After extensive research we came across nutriment. So far, so good!!!! I’d recommend this to anyone….

  247. Ceeveetee

    Just received my third batch of the Puppy starter box and on first opening it I thought they’d got my order incorrect. On double checking the website it seems the puppy starter box has changed from 5x puppy tubs + 5x various adult flavours to now just having 10x puppy tubs. I liked the flavour variety my pup had but, to be fair, he’s not complaining one jot and still wolfs it down! He’s 5months now so I’ll more than likely transfer him to the adult mix box when he’s got through this order. Easy to store, easy to serve, great value, dog loves it!

  248. Name Not Provided

    Fantastic next day delivery and at an unbeatable price. Our Eurasier was fed raw food by the breeder and we have continued the same since he joined us at eight weeks. He is coming on leaps and bounds and looks to be thriving on Nutriment.
    The handy 500g containers make feeding just as easy as ‘conventional’ dog food from a tin but with the added benefit of being real, quality food. You just need to remember to defrost the food in plenty of time.

  249. Andy

    This is the first pet we have fed on nutriment food, and we have found that she loves every last drop, and her coat seems to be very soft and silky . We will keep useing nutriment food as long as she likes it

  250. Virginia Lee

    My 4-month-old Norfolk Terrier puppy has been on Nutriment puppy food from 12 weeks, which was when I found out about it. I am very impressed with the effect it has had on her steady growth, her glossy coat, and her general strong and healthy development. I would certainly recommend it, especially for small-breed puppies with tiny teeth, which may have problems crunching up even puppy-sized pelleted feed. It’s good to know what is in it, and to feel she is getting the best possible natural, complete nutrition.
    It isn’t the most convenient or pleasant way to feed a dog, in some respects. A pack of 10 X 500gram packets occupies a whole shelf, out of four, in our freezer, which requires some reorganisation. As she doesn’t eat a whole packet at one go, I need to get out the next one, leave it to defrost enough to be able to slice it up into smaller portions with a serrated bread knife, and then refreeze these. At first she was eating only one eighth of a pack a day, but now she has a pack every three days. Also I have to remember to get out the next day’s food to defrost overnight. It doesn’t smell very pleasant to a human nose, and when defrosted there is a pool of blood at the bottom to stir into the rest, not a very nice task really. Also, when visiting friends I can imagine some might not be too keen to have it in their fridge. To be honest, the puppy does prefer chicken, when she can get it, though she eats Nutriment readily when hungry. This particular puppy is not very food-orientated, however, compared with the previous two Norfolks we have raised, who were little ‘dustbins!’
    I shall certainly keep her on Nutriment at least until she is fully grown, though as she gets older I may get her used to a good-quality pelleted food as well, so that going on holiday with her will be more convenient.
    Delivery of the food is fantastically fast and efficient. I have had two packs so far, both have arrived next day by tracked carrier, from an afternoon midweek order. It comes in an outer cardboard box and an inner polystyrene box for insulation, which is worth saving for transporting food etc if you have a picnic! F

  251. Suzanna

    The order came the very next day after ordering, very swift and easy. I just got my puppy golden retriever on Saturday, I have been mixing the dry food she was on with a little of this each time, slowly introducing it to her to be her full diet. She loves it as I expected.
    I like that this is just like other raw foods but with the added supplements they need to keep healthy.
    Its easy to use, I shall be keeping her on Nutriment for the rest of her life if all goes well!

  252. Ceeveetee

    Fast delivery, great selection, easy to store and easy to serve. My pup loves all the flavours, we took him off kibble as soon as we got him and he’s had no adverse effects whatsoever. Good value in my opinion, I recommend to all that will listen!

  253. Name Not Provided

    I’ve been feeding my 10 week old Labrador puppy Nutriment raw food for a week now, mixing it 50/50 with the kibble she has been on since she was weaned by her breeder. I’ve been concerned about the quality of the kibble she is on and the more general concerns about kibble food in the round. Her rather lack lustre eating (bearing in mind she’s a Labrador) and rave reviews from 2 friends led me to try her on a Nutriment raw food diet. Its been a great success; the raw food is easy to use, doesn’t smell and is evidently a huge improvement given that she eats all the Nutriment first before turning her attention to the remaining kibble. I will slowly increase the ratio of raw food to kibble over the next few weeks with the aim of removing kibble completely. The delivery service from Nutriment was also first class, arriving within 24 hrs of placing the order.

  254. Name Not Provided

    On top of the excellent service and speedy delivery provided by Nutriment, I think this product is excellent value for money. Our miniature dachshund loves the meat that we give to him along with his dry food (mixed together), and it appears to keep him happy and healthy. What more could we want?! 🙂

  255. Name Not Provided

    Our 14 week old Basset is enjoying his puppy food every bit as much as his older sister loves her adult food. He can’t wait for each meal! Has helped massively with house training as well as he isn’t drinking so much now not on dry food.

  256. Miriam

    My rather scrawny 10 week old SBT puppy with a very dull coat has become a super bouncy stocky shiny happy boy at 13 weeks old! He LOVES this food and has it frozen in a kong for a treat as well as his daily meals. He is going from strength to strength : )

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