Fresh Duck Necks

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Suitable for all breeds.

All dogs should be supervised with bones.

1kg of frozen meaty duck necks in a sealed bag. Ideal for a treat meal every now and then, or a tasty snack for the larger dog!

Ensure this product is completely defrosted before serving.

Typical analysis as fed:
  • Moisture: 67.8%
  • Protein: 17.2%,
  • Fat: 17.5%,
  • Ash (inorganic matter): 2.6%,
  • Fibre: 0.4%
Useful Information
  • Moisture – the natural presence found in the ingredients
  • Protein – are biological molecules consisting of one or more chains of amino acids
  • Fat – includes all fats: saturated fats, trans fats, and the unsaturated fats, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated
  • Ash (inorganic matter) – is the inorganic residue remaining after the water and organic matter have been removed
  • Fibre – the term given to the indigestible part of food

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

56 reviews for Fresh Duck Necks

  1. Anonymous

  2. Kate Drake

  3. Sally Parsons

    Fantastic value
    My jacks devour this with gusto, they love munching on these.
    Been reluctant to give my tiny one bones as she has a pallet issue, but she easily handles half a neck

  4. Jackie Barker

    The duck necks are very good value for money and I would have scored a 4+ but I don’t like the fact that you have to nearly defrost them all to be able to actually break one off as they come all frozen together and then refreeze them.

  5. Cheryl

    My dog absolutely loves your duck necks.
    Ordering is simple, it is well packaged and delivery is prompt. We are both happy!

  6. Name Not Provided

    Great treat for my GSD

  7. Name Not Provided

    And so easy!! Just drop the bag on the floor and they mostly separate. Our freezer is in the garage so the floor is concrete. Occasionally I do hit the unopened bag with a hammer to help separate the more stubborn bags but it really isn’t the problem portrayed in some of the other reviews! Our dog loves one as a treat and I usually order a couple of bags when ordering his usual dinner. He is only a 20 kg dog and takes them whole for a chew and a chomp. They don’t last long.

  8. Angie

    My Bertie the Victorian bulldog switched to nutriment raw a couple of weeks ago and is absolutely loving his new diet modifications. I bought the duck necks for him as a treat but just like with all of his food, they are gone in seconds and I’m sure this isn’t really the purpose of them. But he loves them and he hasn’t regurgitated any of them so he must be chewing what he needs to chew! I’m with some of the others who’ve reviewed this product though regarding packaging them individually or in small amounts. I’m not great with handling all of this stuff so when they are defrosting , that’s all of them defrosting. But then I suppose there will be added cost and more waste packaging.
    Love nutriment, and your customer service. Rang up for some advice when we were getting started and it was exactly the help I needed!

  9. Name Not Provided

    My dog loves these. She has two with her breakfast. I defrost and keep in a container in the fridge and are still nice and fresh. Excellent!

  10. Julie Norman

    The Necks were all frozen in a lump so had to be semi defrosted to separate! It would help if they had been frozen separately then put in the bag.

  11. Name Not Provided

    I am the dogs best friend when these appear but you need to be aware that unless you are Goliath you wont be able to separate them unless you use the defrost on the microwave for a couple of minutes

  12. Name Not Provided

    My girl was weaned on raw and is 3 years old now. These are the best duck necks I have been able to source. This is her favourite treat, she loves them. They are nice and fresh and quite meaty.

  13. Anya

    My dog goes crazy for the Duck necks, this is why we will keep on adding them to our order. we used to buy turkey necks but the dog didnt like them. now we are getting to know the RAW food diet a bit more, we are continuously adding new treats & bones to try

  14. John Clayton

    Our puppy really enjoyed this product the only suggestion I would make is if the necks could be individually wrapped so they could be defrosted individually. It would be better

  15. Alice Knowles

    Our 2 Boxers absolutely love these either as part of their daily meal or as a snack. Used to buy these from my local pet shop but they have recently stopped the 1kg bag in favour of a pack with 3! and it’s now too expensive. Delighted when I discovered the Nutriment site…placed an order on Thursday and the items duly arrived on Friday. Super product and super service what more can you ask. Will definitely be back.

  16. Karen Lewis

    when I received my order which included duck and chicken necks I was disappointed to see they had started to defrost. I put them away as soon as I got them but can now not separate them at all. I have tried separating them even with a hammer but to no avail. I have had to defrost the lot, keep them in the fridge and feed over a couple of days. Shame as my dog loves these and they are good value for money. No problem with the quality of the product whatsoever

  17. Name Not Provided

    Duck necks are my dogs’ number one favourite. I use them for recall treats, chopped into very thin slices, and both dogs come running from anywhere in the house or garden when they hear the cleaver chopping up the neck! They also love crunching a whole neck as a special meal replacement. Keeps their teeth clean and white.

  18. Sylvana

    I first bought chicken necks but they were not so popular with my dog as the ducks necks. These are much more meaty and larger and definitely a winner in my household as a frozen treat in the hot weather.

  19. Anya

    My dog goes absolutely mad for these Duck necks. As a newbie to Raw dog food diet I was abit nervouse at first as I thought my dog wouldn’t know what to do but he took to it like duck to water.
    I would definitely purchase these again

  20. Nicole

    I love the idea of dogs utilising all animal parts – after all this is what they would do in the wild. However, despite being enthusiastic about the necks and eating them – later, a small portion was vomited up – with small amounts of bone in it. I don’t have a problem with the bone per say, as it isn’t cooked bone and really shouldn’t necessarily have bother them, but one dog vomited on two occasions after having them So we’ve decided not to give them any more. They have had no problem with chicken wings though!

  21. Karen

    My dogs live them. Keeps them busy for 30 mins. Great for teeth clesming

  22. Heidi

    Great product. Quick to defrost and Lottie loves them for an extra little treat or added to her meal. Helps keep her teeth and gums healthy.

  23. Kate M

    my dogs just love the duck necks, I give them one each with their meal a couple of times a week. It is a great way to keep their teeth and gums health. The quality is excellent and consistent also great value.

  24. Sandra Ackland

    We’ve just started feeding nutriment and this was the first thing he had. He absolutely loved it and it kept him occupied for 20 minutes.

  25. Name Not Provided

    Kept new puppy quiet as anything, plus they’re great for keeping our existing dog’s teeth clean.

    Pretty gross to handle, though.

  26. Dave Lawson

    My cavaliers really like these and always look forward to them

  27. Deezel The Doberman

    I have a 7 month old doberman and he gets two of these every other day with dinner, he goes mad for them, always the first thing to go!

  28. Jude

    Great treat for my Havanese, I use half a neck at a time as a meal replacement.. They are good for her teeth, and she really loves them.
    The only down side is that they are in quite large packs and I need to separate them. Not easy when frozen, and then cut it in half as my dog is small. The 2 halves must be then used quickly and they are not a complete meal so can only be given as a treat. This is why I’ve given only 4 stars. If they could be offered in smaller packs (individually wrapped?), I would pay a little more……

  29. Name Not Provided

    Dogs can’t get enough

  30. Philippa Marrow

    Big meaty duck necks. The dogs love them.

  31. Prema

    Feed it to my 5 month old Akita who firstly tried to bury it in the garden because it was ‘her precious’ ! When she finally ate it she savoured every morsel and took her time in eating it. I think it’s her favourite treat. Highly recommended!

  32. Barbara

    My dogs love these, they are big and meaty – a lovely treat. I let them defrost slightly then repack them in twos. Very good value for money.

  33. Jan

    My lurcher loves these ducks necks, I tell him to eat them slowly and make them last a bit longer but he just can’t!!

  34. Woodys Mum

    I find these to be of a really good size with lots on them (I never knew duck necks were so big!). The first batch i had, i separated and put in individual freezer bags, the second delivery i didn’t as i ran out of bags. Really no need to wrap individually as they separate very easily when you need one.
    My dog loves them and tolerates them much better than chicken.

  35. Di

    … They are great but should be frozen individually as its a nuisance having to defrost a large amount rather than taking one out as you need it. Good product though.

  36. Name Not Provided

    Recieved a pack of duck necks today and immediately defrosted a couple, they are altogether but easy enough to separate I found. Anyway a big “paws up” from Monty, Lily and 9 week old Oscar who had a wonderful time crunching and chewing his way through half a neck.
    Thanks for another great value product!

  37. Name Not Provided

    A nice selection with lots of flesh

  38. Alison L

    Our dogs love these necks. They are nice and chunky. The small dogs get half each with their raw meals and the big dog gets one. Excellent alternative to chicken or just for a change. Nice and meaty.

  39. Catriona

    It’s a bit of a pain to have to partially defrost to separate them when they first arrive, but apart from that I have no problems with them. They are a good size, with a fair amount of meat on. Great for a varied diet!

  40. Name Not Provided

    Never had these before,they are great,our dog just scoffs them down frozen,would reccomend

  41. Anthony

    Our dog loves these, i was suprised at how big they were! Great

  42. Sharon Williams

    They come in a kilo bag which is around 15 necks, but they are all frozen together which is a real pain. I partially defrost then split into threes and re freeze – but I wish I didn’t have to.
    My Cavachons love them though, and they are very reasonably priced. Good product overall.

  43. Name Not Provided

    Only problem with the bones necks etc is all frozen together hard t seperate be nice if packed individually 🙂 other than that he loves them!

  44. Mrs Obbm

    Our little Ellie had never come across anything quite like raw duck necks before & at first wasn’t quite sure how to tackle it. However, it was taken out into the garden (the best place from my point of view!) to be enjoyed in private and after over an hour of concentrated gnawing, it was completely gone. My only suggestion would be for Nutirment to separate out the necks using greaseproof (or similar) paper before bundling them into a bag for freezing. Obviously only 1 neck is fed at a time and it’s really difficult to separate them once they’re frozen.

  45. Name Not Provided

    My Westie absolutely loves the duck necks and just the right size. x

  46. Name Not Provided

    My dogs love these! Mine tend to bolt their food as quickly as possible, so these necks give them something to chew on and savour.

  47. Name Not Provided

    Meaty, popular product, new to our dog but eaten enthusiastically.

  48. Stuart Taylor

    This is a great product – my dogs love them. The only gripe I have is that they come all packed together, so they’re frozen together and impossible to part. The only solution is to defrost them in one go, but they would go off before my girls could eat them all. It would be great if they came cling-filmed in lots of 3-4 so that you could just defrost as required.

  49. Catherine Coombs

    My Westies have these duck necks for breakfast. They love them, never leaving a scrap. ..speaks volumes

  50. Julie

    These are truly the biggest, meatiest, juiciest necks I have seen!
    A little too big for pup at the mo but Perry (Lab) loves them as a lunch time snack or as part of his supper.

  51. Carol Dix

    My Pharoah hound loves this and wolfs them done in minutes, great value for money

  52. Carole

    Really happy with the product – as mentioned by someone else, it is a bit of a pain that they’re packed in bundles, but to get round that I simply defrosted and roasted them so I could re-freeze in smaller packs of 3.

  53. Anne Griffiths

    Excellent. All the dogs loved them

  54. Name Not Provided

    Really happy with this product. I usually give my Lhasa Apso dog lamb rib bones after his lunch time walk. This is a lovely alternative. He liked it immediately.

    The only downside is that you have to breakdown 1kg package into individual bones and repack for freezing while bones are still frozen and this is not easy and very messy. It would be much more convenient if bones were somehow separated before being frozen. But, I suppose, it will push the cost up.

    I definitely buy again.

  55. Kate

    Brilliant for both my old boy, who simply swallows chicken necks whole, and for my 5 month old puppy who spends an hour chewing and playing with his happily. Have lots of meat on them too so wasn’t worried about bones with the pup. Really good value for money as there are easily six meals per dog in the pack ( one per dog per meal) so really pleased.

  56. Bert’S Mum

    I usually feed a mix of either Duck wing/Turkey Neck and mince mix …………………Bertie normally eats the mince mix first then the boney meat…………………….NOT with these Duck Necks………………………they are eaten FIRST………………………just the right size and obviously delicious………………..will be ordering more!!!!!!

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