Nutriment Sponsoring Team England at World Agility Open Championships

The object of agility is to negotiate a full course of equipment performed in the correct order and direction defined by a set of numbers.
An electronic timing system records the speed the dog completes the course. The fastest dog to complete the course without error, wins.
Agility is suitable for many types of dog, but is physically demanding and requires thoughtful training to promote understanding and fitness. The correct nutrition is a critical part of ensuring dogs can compete at the highest level and to the best of their abilities. World Agility Open Championships (WAO) Team England 2018 are proudly sponsored by
Nutriment Raw who provide an optimum diet to support the canine athlete.

WAO Team England

Team England members were selected through a combination of ‘win on’ events and consideration of agility achievements throughout the last competition season. The team have attended a series of training days to refine the skills required for the various events. The support and camaraderie within the team is fantastic and the team training days help to foster this. The event is now imminent and the team are excited to put their preparation into action.

World Agility Open Championships (WAO) 2018:

Team England will be competing at the 2018 WAO from 18 to 20 May at KNHS in Ermelo, The Netherlands. WAO is an annual international event designed to showcase the highest level of agility training, human/canine partnership and athleticism. It enables all dogs; mixed breed or pedigree, to compete at an international level in the sport.

There are 4 height divisions to ensure similar sizes of dogs are competing against one another. This year 33 countries will compete for 4 World Championship titles, 3 individual and 1 team.

The Events


The Pentathlon is a test of consistency with 2 rounds of Agility, 2 rounds of Jumping, and 1 Speedstakes. The combined results from the 5 classes determine the Individual Pentathlon World Champion for each height.


The Biathlon is a fast paced event with 1 Agility round followed by 1 Jumping round. The combined results will determine the Biathlon World Champion for each height.


The Games Championship is test of strategy and skill with 1 Snooker round followed by 1 round of ‘Gamblers’. The goal of Gamblers is to accumulate as many points as possible within the allotted time, and then make a calculated decision which “gamble” sequence to perform to earn the most bonus points. The object of Snooker is to earn as many points as possible within the course time. Each piece of equipment completed successfully has a value attached. The combined results of the two classes determine the Games World Champion.

National Team Competition

The Team competition is a pentathlon with 2 rounds of Agility, 2 rounds of Jumping, and a Speedstakes relay. The relay team has 4 dogs, representing each jump height. Three dogs per team run in the preceding Agility and Jumping rounds. The combined results from the 5 classes determine the Team World Champion.

The whole event will be available to watch online, 4 Legged Flix will be streaming LIVE starting with team practice and the Opening Ceremonies on Thursday 17 May. The Live Stream can be found at