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Raw Dog Food

Have a look at our ranges of multi-award winning dog food using the finest human-grade quality ingredients

Raw Cat Food

We believe cats deserve the very best too! Cats thrive on a fresh diet, and our ranges are the perfect solution to your cat’s needs

Feeding Guides

See how much you need to feed your dog or cat each day with our handy calculator

Benefits are quickly seen when feeding your cat or dog a raw diet. Here are some of the most common benefits.

Cleaner Teeth

Fresh ingredients that promote optimal oral health

Better Digestion

Biologically appropriate foods are digested efficiently for high nutrient absorption

Less Waste

Better digestion and the exclusion of any fillers results in firmer, smaller stools

Coat and allergy benefits

Softer, shinier and very silky in just a few weeks

An Eating Experience

Feeding raw meaty bones exercises the jaw, neck, forearms and shoulders and releases endorphins

Happy Vets

Nutrition is the cornerstone to health and vitality

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Our food does not contain artificial preservatives, so it must be kept frozen to avoid expiration ahead of time.
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