Spirulina – the sea vegetable no pet should be without

If there is one supplement you do not want your pet to miss out on it must really be Spirulina!

We include spirulina in all of our raw dog food Formulas (apart from the Just and Organic range) as this small alga is just so packed with important minerals and vitamins, whether you are thinking of boosting your dog’s immune system generally or have an ailing pet.

The Benefits

There has been quite a bit of research done on spirulina which says…

  • Strengthens the immune system
  •  Improves digestive health
  • Anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant properties
  •  Aids detoxification
  • May help to tackle cancers
  • Good for heart and gastrointestinal health
  • Can help with allergies
  • There is growing evidence it helps with diabetes.

Powerhouse of Vitamins & Minerals

Apart from the benefits above Spirulina is a powerhouse of essential minerals and vitamins such as vitamins B12 (linked to improved fertility) and K, thiamin, riboflavin, iron, copper, manganese, magnesium, beta-carotene and essential fatty acid (GLA) plus chlorophyll – really what more can you ask for in a small plant?

How much to give

If you do not feed our complete formulas or the Laverstoke range, but eg the Just Range or DIY most of your pets food a daily and safe dosage is 1/8 teaspoon per 5kg of bodyweight. It’s best to get powered spirulina so you can dosage correctly.