Healthy Raw Cat Treats

Healthy Raw Cat Treats

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Cats can be choosy, but Nutriment's range of delicious raw cat treats will be a firm favourite with your feline friend. Made from the very best natural ingredients with no additional preservatives or harmful additives, you can be sure you're offering your cat something tasty but also full of nutrients. Small enough to be enjoyed by cats, but substantial enough to provide a hearty snack, our range of delicious snacks are suitable for cats of all breeds and ages.

Along with regular feeding times, offering raw cat treats can help establish that all important connection between owner and feline. Unlike dogs, cats are generally independent animals but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy spending some quality time together with a couple of carefully selected treats. It can be a joy to watch as your pet purrs with satisfaction as they tuck in to a meaty or fishy treat. Just opening one of our quality treats will be enough to make your cat come running, full of curiosity.

What makes Raw Cat Treats so good?

Based on natural diet

Though cats have been domesticated for many years, their instincts remain. Nutriment's range of raw treats for cats are based on the kinds of food felines would eat in their natural habitat. Chicken wing tips and offal-based snacks offer a taste and texture sensation, similar to what they would experience when hunting for prey in the natural world. Unlike some of the little “gifts” your pet may bring you, Nutriment's products won't leave a mess and are designed to be easily consumed.

No wasteful packaging

Unlike some commercially packaged cat treats, Nutriment doesn’t use many unnecessary materials to ship our products. Our natural treats are environmentally-friendly and recyclable, so you can enjoy peace of mind when treating your pet.

Unique tastes and textures

Some people say they have a fussy cat, we say they are particular in their tastes. Allowing your cat to enjoy different tastes and textures can be a wonderful way to show a little extra love. All the elements that make up each raw cat treats are designed to give your pet a luxurious, indulgent and enjoyable experience. From crunchy little fish, to scrumptious chicken necks, there will be something to suit all tastes.

Add a Little Fun to the Feeding Routine

Though a balanced diet is always recommended, snacks and treats can become part of a weekly feeding routine that many pets and owners look forward to. In addition to the variety of tastes and flavours, the shape and size of the treats means they can be offered practically anywhere. Some cats even like to bat their treats around as if they are hunting. This creates a whole different experience for your pet to enjoy.

Health Benefits

Some mass-produced cat treats contain ingredients that can contribute to problems such as weight gain, immobility and poor digestion. All of Nutriment's products are created to be healthy as well as tasty. This means that even if your cat is a little overweight or suffers from one or two health issues, they can still enjoy tucking in to one of the tasty offerings from the extensive range of delicious, natural treats.

Additional Nutrition

All our raw cat treats are rich with protein, fats and other essential nutrients that cats need to stay healthy and active. Adding some of naturally tasty, bite sized treats to their regular diet can be a great way to boost their intake of essential, energy giving nutrition. Your pet will love the variety of flavours on offer and you can enjoy spoiling them with something that's not only exciting and tasty, but also great for their overall health.