Marrow Bones

Marrow Bones

High-quality raw marrow bones are a highly beneficial part of raw feeding which supports your dog nutritionally, physically and mentally, whilst appealing to their primitive nature. Dogs are natural hunters, and although domesticated dogs may not need to hunt for food, they still have an instinctive craving to chew and gnaw, which releases endorphins and promotes feelings of comfort and ease.

Nutriment’s natural raw marrow bones are high-quality and 100% British. Free from fillers, preservatives and grains commonly found in commercially available dog bones, our raw marrow bones for dogs perfectly complement the fundamental principles of raw feeding. Recommended by our in-house canine nutritionists, these nutritional and enjoyable raw marrow bones are perfect as occasional treats and training aids. Feeding marrow bones to your dog not only provides essential fats, calcium, vitamins and minerals but also supports overall health, clean teeth, healthy gums and absolute food enjoyment.

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Can dogs eat marrow bones?

Biologically appropriate foods, treats and bones are always first choice when it comes to canine health. Synthetic, processed dog chews and bones can contain potentially harmful and artificial ingredients and preservatives, and risk splintering which can cause serious harm to your dog. Raw, marrow bones for dogs provide great mental stimulation, contribute to optimal health and are a low-fat, lean source of protein and other nutrients.

Our raw marrow bones come in several sizes to suit all breeds of dog. A large raw marrow bone provides a long lasting and satisfying chew to satisfy large dog breeds. Smaller marrow bones, available in packs of 2, are designed for your smaller breed dog to handle, hold and chew.

Raw bones are much softer than cooked alternatives. When cooked, the structure of bone itself changes and becomes brittle, leading to increased incidences of splintering. Because of this, you should never feed your dog cooked bones.

You should always supervise your dog with marrow bones.

Benefits of treating dogs with natural raw bones and treats

Our raw marrow bones are covered in pieces of great tasting, nutritious raw meat, providing huge enjoyment and nutrition to dogs. By chewing meat covered raw marrow bones, dogs get essential proteins, amino acids, calcium and phosphorus to help support their digestive system. Frozen to retain their nutritional profile and freshness, raw marrow bones support oral health by helping to clean teeth, especially the hard-to-reach teeth in the back of your dog's mouth. The challenge of getting to the marrow in the middle of a bone will provide stimulation to all your dog’s senses, as well as a boost of extra nutrition. Other great benefits of giving your dog natural raw marrow bones include:

Supplying essential nutrients

Raw, fresh marrow bones are packed with healthy protein, minerals such as calcium and fatty acids to support strong bones and contribute to brain function. When fed alongside a core, raw diet from Nutriment, you are giving your dog the best dietary support to maintain ideal mental and physical health.

Giving them new sensations and challenges

Dogs get great pleasure from gaining different sensory experiences from their food, and a varied diet ensures that dogs remain interested in their meals and treats. As well as being greatly stimulating, dogs purely enjoy the challenges of ripping meat off of a bone, working for the marrow inside and the different textures of specialty raw dog bones and chews. Raw marrow bones are also great for keeping up energy levels, bonding with your dog and boosting their nutrient intake.

Help distract dogs from negative behaviours

Feeding natural, raw marrow bones are a fantastic way to keep your dog’s attention and distract from unwanted behaviours. Concentrating your dog’s desire to scratch, bit, chew and gnaw on a healthy, raw marrow bone is a great way of stimulating your dog, reinforcing positive behaviour and supporting their health all at the same time.

Raw marrow bones are a smart supplement

Alongside a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) diet, giving your dog raw marrow bones is not only fun and exciting for your dog, but also a great way to supply extra nutrients such as protein, calcium, phosphorus, amino acids, essential fatty acids and minerals. This means more energy, vitality and motivation for good behaviour. It’s also a great way to support oral, digestive and skin health.