Fish Treats for Dogs

Fish Treats for Dogs

Fish is an important part of any complete, biologically appropriate raw food, or BARF, diet for dogs. High in essential nutrients such as Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats, and healthy protein, Nutriment’s in-house canine nutritionists are passionate about the benefits of fish in canine diets. Nutriment’s uncompromising approach to animal nutrition means that our natural fish treats for dogs are simply air-dried or fresh-frozen meaning maximum nutrients and health benefits, with no artificial ingredients or harmful processing methods.

Made of 100% white fish skin, from responsible sources, our fish treats for dogs are perfect as an occasional treat or a reward during training, supplementing a complete, raw dog food diet. They're completely natural, unprocessed and a wholesome way to nourish your dog, provide good dental health, maintain strong bones and a shiny coat.

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What are the benefits of raw fish treats for dogs?

No matter what your dog’s breed, age or energy level, natural, nutritional and unprocessed treats, including fish treats for dogs, contribute to a complete, nutritionally balanced and biologically appropriate diet. Nutriment’s fundamental concern is the health and happiness of animals, and this ethos applies to every single one of our animal nutrition products. A nataral, wholesome, raw diet supports your dog with the following:

Supports skin and coat health

Due to the richness in vitamins, minerals and nutrients available in raw dog food, treats and bones, you'll notice a difference in your dog's coat in its shininess, softness and manageability when combing or brushing. Dogs detox a lot of waste through their skin, so the artificial additives, preservatives, colours and dyes that are common in many processed dog foods can cause skin irritation. Nutriment’s raw foods, bones and treats, including fish treats for dogs, contain no added, biologically inappropriate ingredients meaning less scratching, rashes and skin irritation for your dog.

Supports digestive health

Raw, unprocessed, natural and carefully chosen treats and bones without any fillers or artificial ingredients are much more easily digested by your dog, supporting their digestive system and preventing unpleasant digestive symptoms such as bloating, gas, diarrhoea or smelly stools.  

Supports oral health

The nutritional qualities of our raw food and treats contribute to ideal animal oral health by strengthening the immune system against infection and creating balanced bacteria in the gut. Cleaner, whiter and healthier teeth that are free from bacteria and plaque means better overall health for your dog.

Nutrient dense treats keep dogs healthy

At Nutriment, our in-house canine nutritionists’ attention to detail is unrivalled. We ensure that all of our food and treat products contain the optimal level of macro and micronutrients, including protein, fats, vitamins and minerals to provide your dog with the optimal amount of energy, vitality, endurance and strength every day.

Fish treats for dogs you can enjoy feeding your dog 

100% natural fish treats for dogs provide something dogs love to eat, knowing that it’s wholesome, natural and healthy. Nutriment’s natural fish treats for dogs are air-dried and come in flattened, chopped, twisted and bar varieties, with frozen whole fish sprats also available. We only use 100% white fish skins in our dried fish treat products.  Raw and natural fish treats for dogs are full of protein and contain the healthy Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats that are essential in your dog’s diet.