Natural Cat Food

Natural Cat Food

For cats to live the happiest and healthiest lives possible, they must maintain nutritionally rich and wholesome diets. Nutriment’s natural cat food offers cat owners a better feeding solution for their feline companions. Our award-winning recipes are crafted with the finest raw and fresh ingredients to provide your cat with superior nourishment throughout the entirety of their lives.

Each and every one of our natural cat food recipes have been specially crafted to give your cat the flavours they crave while simultaneously delivering the targeted nutrition that they require for optimal health. At Nutriment, we understand all too well that cats can be somewhat single-minded when it comes to their dining preferences. Our frozen raw cat foods are loaded with appealing flavours, enticing aromas, and all-natural textures. We offer protein-rich natural gourmet recipes packed with real meats like duck, venison, turkey, rabbit, beef and salmon.

While we've built our reputation around our superior raw dog food formulas, we aren't a one-size-fits-all pet food provider. We know that cats deserve better dietary options as well. That's why we've invested time and research into developing a specialised range of premium raw natural cat foods. utilising natural raw feeding techniques, our cat food formulas have been crafted to effortlessly deliver protein-packed feeding solutions that give cats the nourishment that they require with a taste they adore.

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Why is raw feeding better for cats?

At Nutriment, we strive to give cats the premium nutrition that they truly deserve. That's why we utilize only the finest raw ingredients in all of our natural cat food recipes. Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods (BARF) meet the natural and unaltered food standards that domesticated animals need to maintain optimal health and energy levels.

Cats are naturally inclined to consume their meals raw. Did you know that a cat's palette develops based on the nutrients that they receive from their mother's milk? Cats will usually either be predisposed to prefer either aquatic, earthen, or avian flavours. For example, cats who have grown up familiarized with ground prey animals, such as mice, will naturally gravitate toward meats like venison, rabbit, or beef. Avian hunters will opt for turkey or duck. Aquatic palettes usually prefer salmon or tuna. This means that when your cat chooses a prey type (usually the prey that their mother dined on) their palette will forever after be attuned to those specific naturally occurring flavours.

Cats are one of nature's most efficient hunters. Carnivores through and through, cats have specialized digestive systems that are designed to eat a diet that's rich in natural protein. While some cats can survive on a diet of a dry kibble diet, this is in no way an ideal nutritional solution. Just because cats have one of the most highly-efficient livers in the animal kingdom doesn't mean that they should be deprived of the whole natural raw foods that they've been born to consume.

Advantages Offered By Nutriment’s Raw Cat Food

Feeding your cat an all-natural raw food diet can lead to numerous significant health benefits. Cat owners who've switched from processed kibble diets to our biologically appropriate raw cat food formulas have reported multiple noticeable health improvements in their feline friends. Here are just a few of the benefits that our customers have seen in their cats after switching to Nutriment’s cat food.

Improved Dental Health

Our natural raw cat foods are delicious and easy for cats to digest. This leads to better saliva flow and easy to absorb nutrition. We also include ground bone which buffs against the teeth at every meal time. Over time, this can have an enormously positive impact on a feline's dental health and breath.

Clear Skin and Eyes, Soft Fur, and a Healthy Overall Appearance

Our protein-rich raw foods offer cats the nutrition that they need for clearer skin, softer fur, and clearer eyes.

Stronger Immune System and Better Digestive Absorption

Since our raw foods are naturally designed to work in correlation with a cat's digestive enzymes, a stronger immune system is just one of the many benefits of fresh and raw cat food.

Superior Weight Control

Your cat will enjoy pre-proportioned meals that give them exactly what they need for optimal weight control; nothing more, nothing less.

Other key benefits include...

  • Fewer hairballs and less shedding
  • Increased mobility and joint health
  • Reduced allergy symptoms
  • Fewer visits to your vet
  • Healthier, less frequent, and better-smelling stools