So…you’re unsure of raw?

We get it.

It’s hard to know what’s best for our own health when it comes to food, let alone our four-legged friends. With ever-changing trends, advice and warnings when it comes to what we eat – it can be a real minefield to find what is best and what works for us.

Should we cut carbs? Is sugar the enemy? Should I go veggie? What about the different types of fat?!

One good thing for pet owners is that when it comes to our pets, optimal nutrition is


As simple as:high-quality protein sources, free from any biologically inappropriate or artificial ingredients, and raw. Just like the animal would eat in ‘nature’. Just what their digestive systems are designed to work with.

Traditional pet foods such as kibble and tinned varieties are man-made and tailored to what we as humans want and need, rather than what is nutritionally best for our pets. In most cases, this means convenient, cheap, and mass producible.

With Nutriment raw pet food, there is only one concern: animal health.


There are lots of myths about raw.

Click below to find the truth behind the myths!

When any animal (including humans) receives all the nutrition they require to live healthy and happy lifestyles, the benefits are extensive. Studies show that high quality nutrition supports both physical and mental health in pets, which ultimately encourages calm and positive behaviour. Whilst resource guarding particularly tasty food is always a possibility with animals, this isn’t just applicable to raw diets.
The digestive systems of dogs and cats are designed differently to humans. They are highly acidic and contain certain enzymes specifically to defend themselves from bacteria common in raw foods. In addition to this, UK raw pet food regulations provide a zero tolerance for salmonella. All Nutriment food products are tested for salmonella and other bacteria to the full extent required by law and we only ever use fresh meat and other ingredients fit for human consumption.
Nutriment’s raw food products are complete foods that do not require supplementation. This means that they provide all of the nutrition that pets require to live healthy and happy lives. Many of the filler products that bulk out traditional pet foods contain ingredients that dogs and cats simply do not need.
Canned dog food first became available in the 1920s (featuring horse meat), and traditional kibble was invented in the 1950s (when consumers went off the idea of horse meat). With clever marketing and a focus on convenience and cost, commercially available pet foods have been the staple diet for many household pets ever since. With 100 years of industry dominance, it’s understandable that many vets have received their education and training with a heavy focus on the benefits of commercial pet food. However, this landscape is changing for the better. Since raw pet food (following BARF guidelines) first picked up traction in the late 90s, many industry professionals have started to acknowledge the undeniable health benefits and suitability of raw pet food diets. In 2014, the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society (RFVS) was established by a group of vets to ‘promote the principles and practical aspects of species-appropriate nutrition, through education of veterinary professionals and the pet-owning public.’.
The complete opposite is true. Cooked bones become brittle and likely to splinter, causing a variety of health issues which can be lethal. Raw bones, when fed in moderation and in addition to a healthy, balanced, raw diet, provide a wealth of benefits including mental stimulation and oral hygiene.
Small dogs have just as much to gain from eating raw food as larger dogs. In this case, size really doesn’t matter! Nutriment have taken care of raw feeding for smaller breeds with our ‘Dinner for Dogs’ range, to make mealtimes even simpler.
Forget all the misconceptions you have about raw feeding. With Nutriment raw food, there’s no dripping blood, no handling cow organs, no kitchen massacre. Just high-quality, raw meat that resembles what you may cook for your everyday dinner.
It is recommended that puppies begin weaning from their mother’s milk from 3 weeks of age. At that point, weaning straight onto a raw diet is ideal to provide growing pups with all the essential nutrition that they need to develop properly. Nutriment’s specialist weaning pastes and puppy starter packs are the perfect weaning companions.
Dogs have only been eating kibble and processed dog food for the last 100 years or so. This is not enough time for their digestive systems to evolve to suit this type of food. Their fundamental nutritional requirements remain unchanged since before they were domesticated by humans (i.e. raw and protein based).
You absolutely can! You can switch from processed to raw at any stage of a dog’s life. In fact, ageing dogs benefit hugely from the additional nutritional support that raw diets provide - take a look at our specialist formulas for ageing dogs. Read our information and advice on switching to a raw diet.

Unsure how to
switch diets?

Switching your dog from processed food to raw is super easy and there is no need to worry about following special methods or guidelines when doing so.

You can simply start your new Nutriment raw food at breakfast time.


Keep it simple for you and your dog

To make it even easier, we have ready-made starter packs and mixer boxes to introduce your pup to this new style of food for the first few weeks.

Once your dog has become accustomed to his or her delicious new diet, you can go ahead and introduce raw treats and bones, to keep your dog satisfied outside of mealtimes.


Nutriment is a complete formula and does not require any supplementation.

For many dogs, a straight switch is seamless and both dog and owner never look back. However, you may notice some changes or differences, which we talk about below.


These are all perfectly normal responses to switching to a raw diet!


High-quality raw dog and cat food is nothing like tinned or kibble varieties. There is no funny smell, no greasy residue and no off-putting jelly or other squeamish ingredients.

You don’t need to worry about specialist food safety and contamination risks, you just have to remember that raw pet food contains raw meat and so requires the same sanitary treatment as the handling of any raw meat in the kitchen.

In fact ordering Nutriment raw food products is really simple...

Place order!

We pack order in
polystyrene boxes
which keeps goods
frozen for 2-3 days

We send food
via courier
(24-hour delivery)

Order arrives!
Place in freezer

and serve

Place in fridge and
use within 2-3 days

If storing your pet food in the fridge is just not possible, then Nutriment’s Leo & Wolf meatball products are the perfect solution for you. Simply remove the required number of meatballs you wish to feed your pet, allow to quickly defrost, and you can serve! No fridge storage required.


Do you make meat-based meals for yourself and your family? If so, great! You’re fully qualified to deal with raw pet food.

The truth is, serving your pet a raw meal is really no different to preparing a steak for dinner or dicing up chicken for a curry. In fact, it’s easier, because there really is no preparation involved and your hands don’t actually have to even touch any of the food – it’s simply...

The beauty of Nutriment raw food products is that we use only human-grade quality meat in each of our recipes. Each of our products is a high-quality, nutritious meat-focussed meal for your pet to enjoy and thrive on. So just make sure you approach handling your Nutriment raw food with the same guidelines as handling your raw meat for human meals.

Keep raw food
separate from cooked
meat to prevent any
contamination issues.

Ensure food is
thoroughly defrosted
before serving
(overnight is ideal).

Use a stainless-steel
bowl, if possible.
They’re easier to keep

Unserved portions of defrosted
raw food can be kept in the
fridge for 2-3 days. Beyond
this they need discarding.

Wash raw pet food contact surfaces,
utensils and hands with warm soapy
water or disinfectant spray just as
you would after cooking dinner.

Remember, you can always consult our in-house nutritionists or use our handy portion calculator to work out exactly how much food to defrost for your pet.

Is it expensIve?

Kilo-for-kilo, raw food can appear considerably more expensive than kibble. However, if you calculate the cost on a meal-for-meal basis, you will find that you need to feed less weight of raw than it’s processed counterpart.

This is for multiple reasons:

the nutritional value of raw food is so easily accessed by the body

raw food hasn’t been compromised from any heating or processing

raw food is free from weighty, unnecessary fillers such as rice and grains.

But just like a 100% British beef burger is more expensive from your local butchers than at your favourite fast-food chain, quality does come at a price.

What we can say though is this…

Our raw pet food, which is formulated by our in-house nutritionists and produced in accordance with BARF principles, supports optimal canine and feline health.

Our high-quality ingredients are carefully selected, easily digestible, and • All of our recipes are completely free from any artificial preservatives or additives, common allergens such as wheat and corn, and flavour / colour enhancers.

In short, it’s the

best nutrition

your pet can get.

What does this mean?

If your pet is receiving high-quality nutrition that satisfies all of their mental and physical needs, then they are receiving the maximum support for their health.

This means:

a reduced risk of obesity and associated diseases

reduced risk of behavioural issues that require professional assistance

reduced risk of allergy development and treatment

reduced risk of skin, coat, teeth problems that require treatment.

In short, this means a reduced risk of
costly health concerns in the long run.

Oh, and you won’t have to buy as many poo bags!

Nutriment’s fundamental aim is to provide as many pets with high-quality nutrition as possible, so that they live happy and healthy lives. As such, we are constantly striving to make our products as affordable as possible. Make sure you sign up to our mailing list to receive discounts, special offers and freebies for your four-legged friends!